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Mon 20th January, 2014

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whodatninja commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

Like he doesn't get enough money from just playing freaking video games already. These big Youtubers just come off as petty to me. So they get a smaller cut of the revenue, they get mad, even though it doesn't diminish the quality of the games at all. "Let's Plays" for $$$ is a scam.



whodatninja commented on More Details Emerge on Xenoblade Chronicles X ...:

It's too bad it's gonna have to compete with Final Fantasy XV which is surely going to get all the hype and buzz while Xenoblade will be forgotten, being a Wii U exclusive of a lesser known franchise. But us Nintendo fans all know what the best RPG of the year is gonna be! ;)



whodatninja commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

Looking forward to Pandora's Tower! I hope The Last Story is soon to follow :)

I hope we'll get some Kirby Wii games over here since Kirby seems to skip out on Europe an awful lot. I

Those are really the only Wii games (that i know of) I'd buy. Basically I'd only be interested in Wii Estore games that physically are rare, expensive or just wasn't released in Europe at all!



whodatninja commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

RIP Club Nintendo. I never had the chance to try it since it doesn't exist in Scandinavia. (outside of cheating with Hyrule Warriors' Ganon skin through the UK club)

HOPEFULLY the next iteration will be a global program and not just a select few countries.



whodatninja commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd January (Europe):

Nothing for me this week, aside from maybe Citizens of Earth, depending on how it fares review wise. The Wii U needs more RPGs! And it resembles Earthbound which is a plus!

I don't see the point in having DKCR when we already have Tropical Freeze which is superior in EVERY way.

Also, an educational game? Really Nintendo? Of all the games missing on the Virtual Console, that's the best you can do? Why not release Mario's Missing while you're at it!



whodatninja commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

That's really sad but understandable. Oh hey, it's kind of like it is in Scandinavia, where it's not Nintendo themselves that supervise but a second party known as Bergsala! At least gameing is cheaper in Denmark than Brazil...



whodatninja commented on Nintendo Download: 8th January (Europe):

Nothing really for me this week, outside of Crunchyroll (if it's available in DK) and maybe some of those cheap games. On the VC front; I wish Nintendo would just combine the Wii E-shop with the Wii U one already!