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Thu 27th Jan 2011

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Glade commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

It'll be a pain if new exclusive 3ds games are a bunch of must have titles.. I really don't want to buy a new 3ds just to play the latest games? I know a lot of people are excited and so am i but that exclusivity is a big middle finger to all those who won't be able to upgrade. Hopefully they'll work something out..



Glade commented on Talking Point: The Evolution of the 3DS:

Umm I don't see the 3DS as next gen, it's more like a bunch of ambitious current generation ideas that are slowly being added to it with each spaced out update..



Glade commented on PETA Launch Campaign Against Mario:

>>> Hours later...
MASS Tanooki killing! Children Start wearing Tanooki Suits!!!!!
PETA Told us so! Mario is a bad example for children...

lol what idiocy...



Glade commented on Iwata: We Want 3DS Sales to Show Consoles are ...:

@9 they've been stretching Mario for over 2 decades.. It's amazing that he's not six feet tall. I'm not a huge fan of him anymore but people love him just for being Mario... So I guess Mario will always sell a nintendo console..



Glade commented on Survey - 58% of Indie Devs Say Nintendo Diffic...:

Well Nintendo isn't the best when it comes to digital downloads... Umm they're kinda horrible :/ and it seems very difficult to get games on their consoles.. and even more difficult to actually get decent sales compared to that of games sold on the Android Market.. probably due to the price..



Glade commented on Talking Point: The Second Circle Pad and the 3...:

Ummm is this what they call consumerism??? They leave something out so thay you can buy it seperately or purchase an entiely new product (apple does it every year)?? Anyway... it has its uses... but it shouldn't be something required for the games coming later on... (MG3DS should have this!!) Still, so far it's only known to be used for the MH3g which MIGHT not even be localized...



Glade commented on Round Table: The Ambassador NES Games:

Hmmm well I wasn't in the NES era and I couldn't care less for these games(I still enjoy the golf game and yoshi somehow).... but well I bought my $250 3DS to play games that are either cancelled, delayed or have no plans to localize.... Seriously, I can't wait for 2011!!!



Glade commented on Capcom Talks Street Fighter X Tekken, SSFIV3D:...:

SF is getting really old really fast. I'm fed up of the constant rehashes... And this what they would prefer to bring instead of MML3. Yet I guess that if they do,a SSF4 reiteration would still sell more than MML3. At least talk about bringing something new to the table. Monster Hunter perhaps???



Glade commented on Review: Wii Play: Motion (Wii):

I'm tired of getting a bunch of minigames for the full price. Will save my money for something worth the price. (hopefully Xeno will come out else it's SS or TotA)



Glade commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

@haddyDrow same here. The only reason I even get to use the eshop is by changing the country settings on my 3ds. Still It would be nice to get a notification that I am on the ambassador program. Would be really annoyed if the compensation doesn't Apply to me or others who bought their 3ds early



Glade commented on Feature: The State of WiiWare:

I still find it was a letdown. Some titles are great but they're just a few among the many, many shovelware titles. Also the pricing for some games is really, really bad. I mean My Pkmn Ranch for 1000 points is just outrageous.. Still bought it when I was younger though...



Glade commented on Preview: Kid Icarus: Uprising:

This was the game I first wanted for my 3ds. And yep I sure as hell plan on opening it up for Christmas morning I don't mind if ground controls might be iffy... I'll adapt



Glade commented on Capcom Blames the Fans for Mega Man Legends 3 ...:

Well. What a waste. Capcom, this response is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. What a way to get more people to hate.... So much effort fans put in to this development. Then you cancel it. Then you blame the fans as well. This was bad enough for the system... but even more for you as a company..... All the more lols if they bring it out for Vita later on....



Glade commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

Great.... Capcom really know how to waste people's time. I'm really dissapointed and sorry fro all the fans who put effort in the devroom. Even the prototype version was looking awesome and would have been a day one buy for me. Well like I've said before, if they don't want to bring something out that's awesome then I'll go to the next best alternative (aka another game from another company) But seriously, This Sucks in more way than one



Glade commented on First Impressions: Heroes of Ruin:

Let's see....
Made By Square Enix, Real time Dungeon crawling RPG, Lots of content, Awesome online(so far), Voice Chat, Great skill system. Plus it's an entirely new IP. Yep, this looks like one heck of a great game



Glade commented on Talking Point: The Growing Storm of Operation ...:

Just remember. OR doesn't support boycotts,trolling or just simply being impolite in their campaign. Still there are a lot of people who can't help at being angry. Still I hope they pull through. The whole thing is a thorn in Nintendo's side but it might end in our favour (I Hope). Not to mention thet OR would be greatful if they localize the games. I know I would.