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Thu 6th February, 2014

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Hy8ogen commented on Capcom's Gearing Up For a Major Monster Hunter...:

it'll be sweaty palm time for fans of Nintendo and major rival Sony.

See boys, this is why you should own multiple platforms. Either way I am damn stoked for this event and it's news because I own both Sony and Nintendo systems. If Xbox get an exclusive mon hun game....imma flip.



Hy8ogen commented on We Have Shigeru Miyamoto To Thank For The Supe...:

If they didn't include this upgrade, I wouldn't even think about buying one. Kudos to Miyamoto!

Recently all 3DS related posts keeps turning into arguments on whether the New 3DS is worth it bla bla bla. Don't you guys have better things to do? Seriously if you don't like the system, sod off.

We have the disposable income of 200 dollars and we think it's worth it and we're enjoying it. I mean seriously you don't have to go on every thread trying to convince people that their purchases are unwise.



Hy8ogen commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@Yorumi JaxonH called out your lie, and now you're trying to spin things with FF14 to your favor? Give me a break. Settle down and have a kit kat and earl grey. Dual screen is awesome, if FF14 has dual screen, it would have probably made the gameplay much more enjoyable. But we'll never know cuz Square Enix.

@JaxonH Dude you can't win the internet. Just let it go and move on. When are we hunting again?

@Nintendobro Cuz human.



Hy8ogen commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@JaxonH They can say anything they want lol.

Nintendo sent me a prototype of the NX and gais, it's so cool. I can't reveal them to you becuz Nintendo will sue me but gais just remember, it's cool. I played it.

It's the internet Jaxon. Sometimes we just need to filter them XD



Hy8ogen commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

@rjejr Maybe he's learning a trick or two from Sony and Microsoft? *hint hint Hype hint

@GeminiSaint Wii U did surprised me. When I first fired up Nintendo Land and Pikmin 3, I was blown away. Both the PS4 and Xbone offers the exact same experience as the 7th gen. Nothing wrong with that, I love both my Wii U and PS4. Awesome consoles and super fun. Although the Wii U is failing commercially, it's still undoubtedly a very good console.



Hy8ogen commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

Wife wanted the game so I bit the bullet. Got the Mario amiibo bundle. After playing a few rounds, this is an excellent game. This game simply puts Wii party U to shame. The rounds was exciting, mini games are super fun and the most important thing is, and it was also mentioned in the review, anyone regardless of skill can enjoy this game. The pacing is spot on making the game not feeling dragged on like Wii party U.

Personally I would give this tame a 8/10. 1 for no online support, 1 for way too little board options for 70 CAD or 60 USD (bought the bundle).

@Triple-Dragon This is by no means a bad game. From what I've experience this is good party game. Heck it's the best recent party game so far. A 5 or 6 is simply way too low. I was hating on this game until I played it. It's pretty good. Definitely worth the price tag.



Hy8ogen commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

@Bolt_Strike not to be mean but you clearly have no idea how big of a project this NX platform is. A unified platform throughout all devices is gigantuan. 2016 is for sure a no way and 2017 seems a but early.

We can speculate all we want but only Nintendo's engineers know how ready this project is. You made a good point on Microsoft and Sony stealing the show and I agree on that. But I wouldnt want nintendo to rush it out because of that.

If the NX I'd what I think it is, we're looking at a whole new generation of gaming.



Hy8ogen commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

Agreed with most of your points except for 2016.

1. The Wii U is still too young to be replaced
2. The new 3Ds is barely a year old
3. Nintendo promised lots of new games for 2015 and 2016.
4. This NX unified system requires thousands of man hours to build and tested. The 2016 deadline is simply unrealistic.

I think the realistic date we can expect new systems with unified platform is late 2018 early 2019. They need to make this right and I honestly think they will.



Hy8ogen commented on Video: Mario Party 10's Bowser Party & amiibo ...:

Nintendo, listen here. It's 2015 and this game:

1. No Online
2. No online
3. No online
4. No online
5. No online.

What the hell dude? If this game had an online mode I would've bought it in a jiffy. Not to mention this game has no single player element to it whatsoever. Without these two features, meh I'll get it when we're really bored with NintendoLand and Wii Party U I guess.

Damn I really miss the original bomberman land on the PS1. That is one party game I will never forget.



Hy8ogen commented on Reminder: The Free Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate D...:

@Code-X Then just make your own room. I kick players out of my room on a constant basis. I created the room stating farming for a certain monster and some joker comes in and posted his HR quest. If you didn't care what people are focusing in that room and decided you are more important, you deserved to get kicked.

However if the person comes in and ask nicely, I might considered holding off the farm and help him out.



Hy8ogen commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

@Quorthon I respectfully disagree. Nintendo is definitely not an after thought. People who thinks Nintendo as the "other guy" are probably dude bro gamers who only plays COD and GTA V. (Nothing wrong with that, just making a point). People who actually care about gameplay, replay value, fun, unique experience will always see Nintendo as the go to platform.

To me the PS4 is the "other guy" for me to play 3rd party titles on. Really though, again that's just preference. But you're right, Nintendo used to be the dominating company in the industry, and their draconian ruling is biting them back now. (CoughSquareCough) I'm just happy Nintendo is still doing well and still making awesome games.



Hy8ogen commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

@AVahne Claiming the Vita has no games is entirely false. It has games, but none that appeal to me since I got the console counterpart. It's all about preference and it is entirely subjective. If you don't own either a ps3 or a ps4, the vita is definitely worth it.



Hy8ogen commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

@AVahne You see, I'm not a fan boy. I genuinely enjoy games and I've been wanting to get a Vita for the longest time but there was just no incentive. Games I wanna play on the Vita is on the ps3 or ps4 which I both own. If you don't own the ps3 or ps4 then it's definitely worth it. My opinion anyways.



Hy8ogen commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

@Quorthon Up until this point I have accepted the Wii U is a different machine that provides a unique experience. That is why I got a PS4 so I won't miss out of the 3rd party titles.

I think this situation is not exactly a bad thing as this gives each system an identity. But commodity games such as Fifa is not coming to the Wii U definitely sucks tho. But as a person who own the Wii U, 3DS and PS4, I'm fine with anything as I have access to all the great game :)



Hy8ogen commented on New Nintendo 3DS Undone by Dragon Quest Heroes...:

@AVahne You see this is the problem with the Vita. There just ain't many good games on there and the good games can be played on the ps4 or ps3. What's the point in owning one? The 3ds on the other has tones of excellent games and the experience is unique.

The vita is getting games, but they are forgettable. Quality is always more important than quantity. Don't let me get started with the PS4. The only games I have in it right now is COD and far cry. The recent releases has been a joke and it's very disappointing. I hope bloodborne and the upcoming gundam game will fix this.



Hy8ogen commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Shows De...:

Wow go Vita! This further proves the point that software drives hardware.

Looking forward to see Wii U's number when xenoblade X hits.

I also always wanted to try God Eater....but I'm already playing Monster Hunter 4. .....



Hy8ogen commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

@JaxonH I honestly do believe those people exist. But 99.99% of the time they aren't. Also it's pretty hard for Nintendo to differentiate between those people. However, the bringing all your games in one cart argument is kinda invalid because there is digital download.

@Chaozrush21 That's possible. But again, you're doing what is not permitted in the first place. So if you got banned because of it you can't really point at Nintendo. Don't get me wrong, my hatred passion towards region locking is second to none, but utilizing hacks simply means you are account for the consequences.