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Thu 6th February, 2014

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Hy8ogen commented on Mario Kart 8 Still Competing in Nordic Region ...:

@andrea987 I laughed way too hard on your comment. Kudos to you bro.

I personally find the game okay. It's not superb, but not bad either. It has it's certain charm to it and my wife loves it so much she neglected her Animal Crossing and Disney Magical World for a while now. So yeah the game certainly has its ways on certain demographic.

To people who are like, "I don't get this hype", "This game has nothing to do and no content except writing songs", "How is this even a game" etc, you folks have no idea what you're talking about. This game has ALOT to do and things to unlock. The Streetpass feature is also pretty neat. It is certainly a game that is worth the price tag. You kinda have to play the game to appreciate it.

I'm not a big Sim person (I only play Harvest Moon for sims), but I find this game pretty fun.



Hy8ogen commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@AdmiralThrawn You sir are a complete joke. Both PSN and XBL requires a subscription fee while Nintendo club does not require a single cent. Furthermore, once you terminate your PS+ and XBL subscription, your so called Free games goes away as well. Comparing Club Nintendo with PS+/XBL is plain stupidity.

Secondly, calling Splatoon and Miyamoto horse feces? Splatoon is critically acclaimed all over the internet as the next big thing and even Shuhei Yoshida himself even complimented Nintendo for making that game. If you want to troll, at least try harder.

Oh and don't bother to reply as I will completely ignore you. I don't usually reply to trolls, but your previous post kind of struck a nerve.

@Spartacus3765 Sounds like a solid plan! I'm currently torn between DK and G&W...hmmmmm



Hy8ogen commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@Spartacus3765 And your opinion is absolutely fine. They have better bonuses in the past and I'm disappointed that this years pales in comparison. I understand that, I really do. People have expectations, and people get disappointed.

However I am more than thrilled! This is my first year as a Plat and I'm getting DK 3DS! That is a whopping 30 dollar game reward for just BUYING video games! Yeah I don't get the limited physical items my friends got previously, but a 30 dollar game is still pretty awesome!

What I don't get is the people that is getting so riled up and upset over this. People, this is a rewards program, and IT IS FREE. Stop feeling so entitled to everything. Honestly.



Hy8ogen commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

@DarkKirby The only tablet that makes sense is the Windows Surface. The Ipad, IMO is junk. It's just a ipod touch with a bigger screen that has been marketed by geniuses who took advantage of gullible consumers.

The only tablet-like feature I want for the Gamepad is the ability to send messages properly. The current messaging system through mii verse is atrocious and painful. Before Nintendo goes into that territory, they should fix their current problems first. There is SO MUCH that needs to be improved on the Gamepad, the "Table Killer" plan can wait until all those issues are dealt with.



Hy8ogen commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:

@Raghav Nope. Look closely at the flyer, it says When the US gets it does not mean we get them as well unfortunately. There has been past deals that happened in the US, but did not happen in Canada.

I once walked into the bestbuy canada thinking the we got those deals as well. I came out disappointed :(



Hy8ogen commented on Wii U Version Of Project CARS Drops To The Bac...:

I just went from HYPEEEE down to a middle finger. My desire to buy this game is now gone and I'm sticking to GT6. Too bad, because I was really hyped for this game. Delaying the game is fine, but delaying JUST the Wii U version and not even giving us a proper date? This is just horse manure. Slightly Mad, you just lost a customer.



Hy8ogen commented on Review: Bombing Bastards (Wii U eShop):

@SanukGames You are the only game developer that I know of that gets in touch with gamers like this and I really thank you for that! I will be purchasing this game as soon as the gamepad sound is fixed! Wish you all the best and I hope this game sells well :)