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AJ_Lethal commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

When you make a petition to get a game cancelled because you don't like it, that's pretty much the point when it stops being the dev/pub problem and it starts being yours

You are within your right to be disappointed or upset, but you gotta have some degree of restraint, for God's sake.



AJ_Lethal commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

holy crap it's true

"In December 2014, Mikael Hed laidoff 110 employees after net profits halved in 2013 due to its recent games, Angry Birds Epic and Go!, which have not being that successful as past games.[24] Rovio closed its Tampere studio, moving its operations to Espoo.

Rovio Entertainment suffered from a 73% decrease in profit, earning only €10 million in 2014. Chief executive Pekka Rantala later stated that the decrease is due to the poor sales of the licensed merchandise and the by-products of Angry Birds. He also noted that "the company are unsatisfied over the result of our licensing business".[25]"



AJ_Lethal commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights The Planned Connectivi...:

@Koz @Hy8ogen Achievements are utterly meaningless in themselves. It's basically like the stupid golden star they give you in preschool. And they become even more meaningless if they are given for rather trivial stuff.

I'd rather have something like the Reward Card system of NFS Carbon (do certain tasks and you unlock stuff)



AJ_Lethal commented on Mobile Is Konami's Future, According To Presid...:

"That Need for speed is not a good example. It's basically a port"
Please show me where the game was developed in other platform than iOS/Android before first, unless you want to come up with a solipisist as hell definition of "port"

"Don't estimate the touchscreen control, Nintendo developed their games based on the input device before anything else, they are the master of interactivity. They will find a novel way to use the touchscreen that will surprise everyone!"
Have you tried to use a virtual d-pad for more than 20 minutes? Your hands get sweaty and it literally halts your inputs to a standstill. That's why the touchscreen alone can't beat traditional controllers.



AJ_Lethal commented on Nintendo Highlights Increased US Hardware Sale...:

"Yes, the Saturn did a little worse than the Dreamcast but it wasn't what buried Sega for the console Market. The Dreamcast did that."

No, Sega was already dead when they released the Dreamcast. The whole Sega CD/32X/Saturn ordeal burned through their finances and consumer trust, and the DC's R&D did also burned quite a lot of money.

Sega was pretty much edging on bankrrupcy when the DC came out and although the console itself was right, Sega couldn't sustain it when the PS2 came around and the whole thing just came apart.



AJ_Lethal commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

"I simply do not understand why anyone thinks a major corporation would want to continue applying band-aids to the massive hemorrhaging wound they have in the Wii U. Continuing with a failing product is quite simply not good business.

Continuing with the Wii U is like deliberately choosing to marginalize your company's profits. Many of you (here, on this site, etc) would no doubt quickly ask "why does Microsoft even bother with Japan?" Or have said the same about the Vita (which may well be turning a new leaf this year), but you refuse to say the same for the Wii U. (To be fair, here, the XBO is not Microsoft's most important product, and neither is the Vita for Sony. The losses they are incurring are not nearly as damaging as the public failure of the Wii U, which is the signature backbone of Nintendo's business model.)

From the business perspective, the Wii U is a rat tail in a Big Mac. The longer Nintendo sticks with this losing horse, the worse things will be for them. Again, I bought this on day one, I have loved the console, but I am facing reality here. The reality is that Nintendo needs to drop it for the good of the company."

That reasoning would be true if the Wii U was a through-and-through stinker both in itself and in sales (which isn't the case). While the Wii U is faltering in hardware sales, the software attach rate is what it justifies the continued support Nintendo gives to it (alongside the cushioning 3DS sales give). That's why they can't kill the Wii U right now: that would kill whatever console consumer base they have by doing so, it's preferable to lose some money riding it out than losing existing customers by straight up axing it since the latter is a bigger loss.



AJ_Lethal commented on Gallery: These Artistic Recreations of Women C...:

Peach: cool, but too damn OOC
Samus: totally missing the point (please tell me how you're going to shove all that obnoxious gear into her Power Suit
Great Fairy: that one is actually nice.
Chun-Li: like the Samus case above (I see that outfit actually limiting her movement)

Seriously, some people should do some basic research on characters before touching them.



AJ_Lethal commented on Game Jam Tasks Developers With Creating A Zeld...:

I'm kinda wary of the "genderbending Link" idea. Not because it's bad on itself, but the reason why its done: the people who are making the most noise with that idea its because they want to earn some "progressive points", and that's bad because they think the intention will make up for shoddy execution.



AJ_Lethal commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

We can just wait and see how the mobile side of things unfold.

Also, why people in here takes the NX as the next console like if they are some sort of clarivoyant? It's more likely to be first the 3DS successsor given the timing (2016 showing, possible 2017 release), not to mention that might be the first of Nintendo systems who share architechture and OS between console and handheld form factors.



AJ_Lethal commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

@Geonjaha I think they meant "they did it anyways, so our previous opinion holds no water"

OT: Given DeNA will be undertaking the brunt of the mobile developement, there's no reason to worry about Nintendo's handhelds and consoles: let alone if said mobile games are concieved to be advertisements to their console/handheld games.

Given how the NX is called a "platform", I expect at least a console and handheld running the in same architechture and OS, possibly both running ubiquitous ARM chips.



AJ_Lethal commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo ...:

@abbyhitter highly unlikely, if we go with Iwata's words.

The console/hybrid handheld sounds good on paper, but in reality it would be a rather compromised option, since it could be pricey for a handheld and weak for a console.

The most likely option is a family of gaming systems which comprises a console and a handheld, using similar architectures and OSs for ease and speed of developement, alongside strong connectivity.



AJ_Lethal commented on A New Fire Emblem Game Is Marching Towards The...:

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa... easy with your claims about Sakamoto, because they easily qualify as ad hominem (since you're attacking his character, and "misoginy/sexism" is the go-to slander of this day and age). Sakamoto is just a hack writer and he shouldn't touch Metroid again because of that.

Won't defend the piece of garbage of story that Other M has, but it's garbage due incomptence rather than straight up "hatred for women" and for basically crapping over our collective view of Samus.