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AJ_Lethal commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

We are talking about DICE/EA, not some random crapstain on the internet, whose "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo was pretty much burning bridges shortly after building them and those tweets are pretty much crapping on said bridge's ashes; not to mention their recent track record is rather bad.

Heck, the tweets are not even funny on itselves; they are cringeworthy.



AJ_Lethal commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Direct Pointed to Anot...:

Seems like some people are missing the point of this article. Here's the tl;dr version for you guys

No, eShop titles won't drive sales, but it will keep current Wii U owners entretained between major releases. No, Nintendo won't have a steady flow of retail titles until 2015 or so, since their new plan is just getting started.



AJ_Lethal commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

"If UbiSoft cancels the Wii-U version now (they are just using the term "delayed" to be diplomatic) they will save more money than they would earn if they finished work on the game and released it months after the other versions, to awful sales."

Wait, what? No, man: at this stage with the general delay the game suffered (and missing the 8th gen hype train when the PS4/XBO, which doesn't help at all), scrapping the Wii U version would be rather dumb since they might want to pick as many sales as they can to recoup the costs (the game is costing $70 million at this point), even Ubi said a port costs less than $1.5 million.

I mean, I don't think Watch_Dogs is in such developer hell as Aliens: CM. Ubisoft is more like Chaotic Stupid than Stupid Evil EA when it comes to releases, as explained as this guy:



AJ_Lethal commented on Satoru Iwata Talks Down Wii U Price Cut Prospe...:

Damn straight, man. Further price cuts would be counter productive unless Nintendo manages to lower production costs.

I mean, $250-275 would be the sweet spot for the Wii U IMO, but they just can't afford it to sell it at that price right now. It would be suicidal in the mid-term.



AJ_Lethal commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

Still cherry-picking and jumping to conclusions? Let me give you the tl;dr version:

Future Nintendo consoles and handhelds will use a single platform coupled with an account-based system.

I know it's on really due time to get on that, but better later than never.



AJ_Lethal commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:

@rjejr Not so fast, bucko:
1-iOS is a derivative of OSX; that's why you can get and run iOS apps in your Mac.
2-Also, people does not like Windows 8 because the UI is messy. Not to mention Android and iOS has the tablet market cornered.
3-Yeah, that's a somewhat valid concern, but that does not mean they will make the same game for 2 platforms. Instead, it could make developement easier since they would need just 1 engine to run various games.



AJ_Lethal commented on Iwata Looking To Emulate iOS And Android With ...:


"It's certainly an interesting concept; a Nintendo OS which can run on multiple hardware configurations and promises widespread compatibility, therefore allowing you to upgrade as time goes on without losing access to older software. It also ties in with Nintendo's plans to create a more robust, account-based user system — another element of Apple and Google's software which Nintendo would do well to replicate."

Selective reading too much?