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jahasnell commented on Poll: Which New Nintendo 3DS Will You be Buying?:

Another American here that wants the standard white model. I prefer the pixel density, the SNES abxy color scheme, and the face plates. I really want to hold out in hopes of it coming here eventually, but I'll probably break down and get a boring old black xl that I don't really want.



jahasnell commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

2015 is going to be an amazing year for Nintendo:

  • Yoshi's Woolly World
  • Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
  • Splatoon
  • Mario Maker
  • Star Fox U
  • Devil's Third
  • Mario Party 10
  • The Legend of Zelda U
  • Xenoblade Chronicles X
  • Continued growth of Amiibo support
  • New Nintendo 3DSs
  • Majora's Mask 3D
  • Final Fantasy Explorers
  • Codename S.T.E.A.M.
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Xenoblade Chronicles (N3DS)

Not to mention the second DLC pack for Mario Kart 8 and Mewtwo (plus more?) for Smash Bros. As well as whatever surprises they have up their sleeves...(Metroid!?)
They're also going to release their Quality of Life sleep sensor to hopefully tap into a new market. I can't wait for all the poverty Nintendo is going to create.



jahasnell commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

I think people are going to jump to conclusions based on a lack of information in this article. I'm pretty sure there was a limited MH4 edition of the New 3DS LL in Japan that came bundled with the game. If that is the case, I don't think people were choosing larger screens and better battery life, but rather a system bundled with a game.



jahasnell commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

I'm fairly certain that an LL model was bundled with Monster Hunter 4G. If that is the case it would obviously play a huge factor in the sales discrepancy between the two systems. I wouldn't be so quick to assume the new LL will continue to dominate the sales over the regular new model.



jahasnell commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I just hope that the US gets that beautiful white one this time around. We haven't been getting white handhelds lately because Nintendo claims no one likes them. I never bought a 2DS because I was waiting for the white/red version released elsewhere, and I really don't want to have to settle for another boring black or blue 3DS this time around. Those classic (albeit European and Japanese) SNES abxy buttons are beautiful. I also hope they don't give us a white one with purple buttons to pay homage to the NA SNES. Basically... I want what is pictured here.



jahasnell commented on Feature: A Cross-Platform Look At E3 2014:

GameFAQS has a poll going on right now asking who "won" E3. Much to my surprise, Nintendo is in the lead with 54% of the vote. With Sony and Microsoft well behind. I completely agree that Nintendo knocked it out of the park, but I'm surprised the GameFAQS community felt that way (as I find them to be typically very PS/XB centric). Makes me happy to see Nintendo love.



jahasnell commented on Bayonetta Download Code Included With Retail a...:

Perfect! I really didn't want to have to buy the physical version, but I absolutely would have if it was the only way to get both games. I buy all my games digitally now and have since my PS3. People fail to realize that an hdd and a disc are both just storage mediums (albeit one is ridiculously small and expensive and the other is massive and relatively cheap). The difference is if your disc breaks you're out of luck, but if your hard drive crashes you just re-download the game for free. Oh, and if you download you don't get another box to put on your crowded shelf... So there's that.



jahasnell commented on Wii U System Update 5.0.0 Now Live, Adds Quick...:

i hope that when/if they give us folders that they're not just the boring blue like the 3DS's. I want the folders to be able to have themed icons like NES or SNES or Mario or Zelda and so forth. I just don't want to ruin my pretty menu with bland, unimaginative folders.



jahasnell commented on Little Mac Arrives as a Knockout Challenger in...:

I'm super excited for Little Mac because he's a great Nintendo character, but why are people begging for so many third party characters?? To me, Smash is all about Nintendo's first party ip's kicking each other's cans. I can accept Sonic and Mega Man because of their rich history with Nintendo (as a huge rival of Mario in Sonic's case). Even Snake's inclusion in Brawl, while cool, made little sense to me as he was only in two games on Nintendo systems. Am I alone with this?



jahasnell commented on Happy Birthday, Wii U - You're One Today:

The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker HD
Pikmin 3
Zombi U
Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate
Ninja Gaiden 3
Assassin's Creed 3
Darksiders 2
Epic Mickey 2
Batman: Arkham City
Batman: Arkham Origins
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Deus Ex: Directors Cut
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Toki Tori
Toki Tori 2
Trine 2
Mighty switch force hd
Mutant mudds deluxe
Ducktales remastered
Star Wars pinball
Nano Assault
Wheel of Fortune



jahasnell commented on It's Still Not Known If Batman: Arkham Origins...:

I still plan on purchasing the Wii U version, but am disappointed in the lack of DLC. Some people are so quick to point out how poorly third party titles sell on Nintendo consoles, but fail to acknowledge the fact that many times the publisher shorthands said versions. I think the worst example recently was Mass Effect 3. How on earth are Wii U owners expected to buy that when they know that the entire trilogy was just brought to the other consoles (you know, the consoles that already have other games in the series). I avoided getting 3 just hoping we'd eventually get the trilogy. EA saw a "lack of interest" and had no reason to bring us a Wii U trilogy. I digress, but it is frustrating when developers and/or publishers offer less to certain crowds and act surprised when they don't sell as well.



jahasnell commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About The Wii U eShop:

If you have the deluxe set there essentially IS a discount on retail downloads. As long as you download one retail game, the next game will be $5 off an so on. On another note, I'd like to be able to control the menus with the pro controller. I shouldn't be able to open an app with the pro controller if I'm not able to navigate the app with that controller!!!!



jahasnell commented on Feature: Super Mario on Wii U - Crowd Pleaser ...:

I could see Nintendo bundling New Super Mario Bros. Mii with the Wii U as a strictly digital download. The basic framework for the game would already have been completed and just need a bump in resolution. It could essentially be seen for the Wii U what Face Raiders and the AR Games were for the 3DS. Probably just wishful thinking but, a new Nintendo console BUNDLED with a brand new (albeit rehashed) Mario game would go a long way.



jahasnell commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

I'm pretty sure that DSiWare games are the only ones not playable from the SD card. I've downloaded 5 Virtual Console games, both 3D Classics, the 3D Pokédex and Let's Golf 3D and play them all from the SD card. I do hope Nintendo offers an update to allow DSiWare games to be playable from the SD card because my system memory is full and I hate having to swap out the files and re-organize my library. It has honestly stopped me from buying any more DSiWare games for the time being.