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Handheld and casual nintendo fan

25, United States

I am a Nintendo fan and do most of my gaming on the handhelds due to a lot of leisure travel, backpacking, and volunteering. I especially enjoy Zelda and RPGs.

Wed 14th August, 2013

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crzysortagamer commented on Nintendo Suggests That Additional DLC for Mari...:

@abe_hikura naw I don't think so. If you did not buy any dlc for 8 then there is no difference. If you did, you will remember the extra cash you shelled out and will probably be happy to do it again. And I would almost bet money mk9 will have 10 courses to win over those aware that the game might be dlc heavy and reluctant to buy in thinking that the games is "not a full finished game"



crzysortagamer commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

Remakes used to bother me, but now that Smash and Mario Kart are already fantastic with more DLC on the way, I am with the WII U for the long haul. So if it makes them more money and they slowly trickle out some new releases, I am happy.



crzysortagamer commented on Talking Point: Mario Kart 8 DLC is a Winning F...:

@Vineleaf I kind of agree. The sonic racer games seem so, weird cause there all these random characters and Mario kart always seemed like a unique world. But I'm weak, I still buy the dlc. Also the AC characters has pulled in one of my female friends and link convinced my brother to play, and now they love it. So idk



crzysortagamer commented on First Impressions: The Addictive Futility of t...:

I need more streetpasses . Ive been in Colombia for 4 month and only have one street pass from a mexican who stayed in the same hostel as me. I feel sorry for the South Americans who actually live here. At least in the states i can swing my mcdonalds every now and then.



crzysortagamer commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

@Azikira we'll metroid doesn't have many reps, so a clone metroid prime hunter would be good because there are not many iconic characters that could be a potential fighter. making a clone with basicly the same moveset as samus would be really good as it would add another character, metroid would be represented more, development would be easier than a fresh character. But I think this is only a good idea assuming they are making several dlc characters . also in suspect the e3 will announce a new metroid



crzysortagamer commented on Fantasy Life 2 Is Skipping 3DS In Favour Of Sm...:

FL was great, a solid game. I'm not even half way done, but there's no way I could play a second one. So I agree with the phones. Let another crowd get a stab at it and maybe level five can swing around to the 3ds with that money and give us something different.