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Wed 14th August, 2013

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crzysortagamer commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Dat...:

It would suck for future Smash Wii U only owners if you were restricted to having all the DLC characters because you dont have a 3ds, but I think it would be a cool bonus for us who own both as like a "thank you" and it could possibly increase sells for those obsessed about having all the characters. Im all for them getting sales, they deserve it!



crzysortagamer commented on Super Smash Bros. on 3DS Lacks Circle Pad Pro ...:

This game is too crazy good to complain about. The 3ds is pushed so far. Have you ever though about how many calculations are instantly computed in a single second. Priority (between, smash, specials, items, assist trophies, ect, ect ect,...) damage percentages and character weight classes, item appearances, 60fps, great graphics and textures, renders, stages, there is so much going on in a single smash match. Thanks for trying, but not worried.



crzysortagamer commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

Probably wasnt covered bc hardly anyone would consider it. I mean using the dpad would makes it next to impossible to walk, light directional attack, ect. To answer your question, I looked it up on GameXplain, no you can not. You can turn off tapping up to make you jump, that is the closest thing. Youtube "gamexplain controls smash" click Q&A and skip to 18:55.



crzysortagamer commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

No, the Pro works of of wifi. So that means if they wanted to have future releases to work with the pro they would have to give the future releases c stick and wifi pro capabilities. That's really a lot of work and I dont blame them for making a New 3ds and not carrying over the Pro. Overall, its a smart move, and at worst its expected and acceptable one.



crzysortagamer commented on September's Club Nintendo Reward Details Are C...:

Naw, they are ok, but you dont want them giving away really good games. If they put a $10 buck game on there that is $10 bucks they could have make on an actual purchase. In the end, we want Nintendo making money. Them bringing in the cash means they will continue to produce good products. Though the rewards are never mind blowing, they are still a nice reward to us fans.