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Handheld and casual nintendo fan

25, United States

I am a Nintendo fan and do most of my gaming on the handhelds due to a lot of leisure travel, backpacking, and volunteering. I especially enjoy Zelda and RPGs.

Wed 14th August, 2013

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crzysortagamer commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

Eh, whatever, i mean i dont see the Wii U selling many more systems, but as a wii u owner, I dont feel let down. I mean... yeah, big deal. All I care about is having more games than i can play (for long dry seasons without releases i am into) and nintendo making money so that they will continue on.



crzysortagamer commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (Europe):

Please, Do NOT get talking phrasebook!! I got it cause I want to support learning, especially language learning, on the 3ds, but it is just so horrible. Voices are watered down, there are load times for each individual phrase, the pronunciation is off and a muddied down kind of off. The Spanish section just has a Mexican flag and says "Mexico" as if mexico it the only country that speaks Spanish. Just please don't get it.



crzysortagamer commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles Marches Onto The W...:

Random question. Does this game play in spanish. I know the original wii release could as I found on one of nintendo's online lists. But does this digital one do the same? and is it based on the language setting of the wii u or is it an in game setting? Thanks a lot for the help.



crzysortagamer commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U Bundle and Specia...:

Im a NA, but 20 bucks sounds really tempting.... however, im more about pretty games and XBC is borderline for me. Anyone else love good looking games and not sure? Honestly, games that play really well but just have spots that looks awkward really distract me, like when i watch a trailer of XBC, i cant stop staring at graphical "flaws" and I miss the main points.



crzysortagamer commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 3D (3DS):

This game is great. Granted I think its a game to get while on sale. Controls suck, but you get used to it. Sometimes its really dark, but its a stealth game and it actually adds to it. Camera sucks sometimes, but not too bad. I went from playing Blacklist to this and this is not bad The only real bad thing is there is no scoreboard to drive you to play on the hard modes, so there are real no records that I see. But if you love splinter cell and can handle a few downgrades, this game is totally worth it, in sale of course.