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I love to travel and blog about it.

Male, 32, United States

30-Something IT professional from Ohio. Currently learning German in hopes to one day move there. will guide you through tips on traveling light. Tips from train schedules to hostel reservations, I'll help you prepare for a memorable, inexpensive, and life changing trip.

Wed 21st May, 2014

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OneBagTravel commented on Guide: The Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals in...:

There will be people prepping for black Friday this week that will end up dead by the weekend. Sorry for the morbid post but every year lately it seems like a dozen or so people die from shoppers getting smash or squished for the deals.

On a lighter note, it's good to see Woody Harrelson finally buying a Wii U.



OneBagTravel commented on Mewtwo Club Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Distrib...:

Everyone is so concerned about DLC and the game isnt' even out yet.

DLC has ruined videos games in a way. Or at least made everyone look at them differently.

@ikki5 the interview was about not having DLC at launch and how everyone should chill out about DLC. They didn't say there wouldn't be DLC.

@rjejr it's content for the people that bought the 3DS or who want to pay for it later. This pokemon isn't for the base game buyers. We get 40 players in the full release. What's hard to understand?



OneBagTravel commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

He's in the same boat with the people on this site that only judge based on hardware specs. Sony has the specs by a long shot and the Vita is impressive but you wouldn't see me ploping down $250 for the thing with only a couple of games I'd be willing to play.