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I love to travel and blog about it.

Male, 33, United States

30-Something IT professional from Ohio. Currently learning German in hopes to one day move there. will guide you through tips on traveling light. Tips from train schedules to hostel reservations, I'll help you prepare for a memorable, inexpensive, and life changing trip.

Wed 21st May, 2014

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OneBagTravel commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

Just like how Mario Teaches Typing isn't in the Mushroom Kingdom canon, FF isn't in the Metroid canon. Based on the gameplay I've seen, FF feels like they took a working demo someone was hammering out and shelved and put into production. My guess is it's because the heavy hitter teams are working on NX games right now and they needed something to sell/show for E3. This reeks "throwaway title!"

Just ignore the game and move on.



OneBagTravel commented on Sega Sorry That It "Betrayed" Fans, Hopes To W...:

They went from hardware to software. Okay that's fine. Now cut out the filler and focus on 3 killer games each year. When Steve Jobs went back to Apple in 97 he pulled the plug on nearly everything and focused on a select core lineup. I'm no CEO but this feels standard when you have a company that's losing sight on what it needs to do.



OneBagTravel commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

Not to sound over dramatic here but once Wooly World and Mario Maker come out in NA should I expect any new Wii U games? Zelda is still a maybe based on the little i've seen of it and Star Fox to me isn't a definite purchase either.



OneBagTravel commented on Nintendo Seeks Improvement at E3 2016, Though ...:

I don't think anyone is looking for Nintendo to display idea concepts at E3. If they only wnat to show near to release games, why did they show 4 titles that didn't release until a year+ in 2014 like Zelda U, StarFox concept, Wooly World, and Mario Maker?