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I'm ArtwarkSwark the warkiest wark of all the Swarks around! My interests are music, story writing, making and playing games and doing voice acting and drawing comics. I love Nintendo!

Mon 9th Sep 2013

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Socar commented on Platinum Is Working On Collaborations That Hav...:

@Splatburst Well let's put it this way.

Fans were waiting for a New Metroid game. Instead, we get a spin off and that spin off has the most dislikes I've ever seen in a trailer. Its been like what 6 years?

F-Zero, a series that hasn't been around in 10 years should now just get a spin off instead of an actual game? Hey, I'm fine with the idea and I can see how that works for Platinum but you have to understand, that while it sounds creative won't satisfy the ones who waited for a brand new F-Zero game.



Socar commented on Platinum Is Working On Collaborations That Hav...:

@Splatburst Its been 10 years since F-Zero showed up and you want a spin off instead? Um...remember what happened to metroid last year?

to me, nothing from them interests me. Maybe if they make something for the 3DS, it might be possible but I don't think it'll happen.



Socar commented on Hands On: Searching for Clues in Detective Pik...:

Does anybody feel that Nintendo or Game Freak got inspired from Professor Layton? I'm actually interested in it because it sounds like its a point and click adventure game and Nintendo doing one is really interesting.

Also, just how much did the game sell?



Socar commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

Woah....that's some real matured stuff Nintendo was trying there for that mini game! Its actually a bit....creepy.

For once, I think Nintendo of America censored it right this time. Hey, I'm not complaining either way. Its just that I don't often see Nintendo games do stuff like this and I'm used to it.



Socar commented on Overheating Computers Almost Cost The World Th...:

This my friends is called passion.....a source of energy that drives you to motivation.

I kind of feel that many creators are often tired of milking their creations back and forth and just want to get away from that. But at the same time, It drives them forward I guess. Kinda like Eiji Anouma who wants to retire but can't because he aims to make the best Zelda game.



Socar commented on Capcom Is Bringing Mario Party To Japanese Arc...:

.........Nintendo and Capcom really are in good terms.....

Nintendo....why don't you buy good ole Capcom? Its the only third party dev I personally love. Sure, I only have played Mega Man and Strider but I still like them enough. Also, they made Ducktales which I like. And remember how well they handled Oracle of ages and seasons despite me not liking much in them? What about Minish cap?



Socar commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

Nintendo, Put Advance Wars, Golden Sun, Warioware, Wario Land, More Kirby, more Mario and lastly, Rhythm Heaven and you're all set!

Oh and maybe a new Pokemon game and a Zelda game would be nice for the 3DS!



Socar commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

@electrolite77 Even last year, Majora's mask didn't have any amiibo content.

You claim that Uprising doesn't force players to pay for extra content. Neither does Xenoblade Chronicles X, and majority digital games on the eshop. Oh and Triforce Heroes.....even though its not exactly a seller.

Again, it all matters on what Nintendo does with it. Since you asked what games didn't have amiibo, I mentioned two retail ones from last year. I could also mention super mario maker as it is possible to get the locked content without the amiibo but since you asked this question, I guess I have to skip it.



Socar commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Funny how nobody reflects at the GBA sales and yet they talk about the 3DS not selling well. Its obvious that if you don't have more software, you can't sell more hardware.

Last year....come on. Be cheerful. Sure, its not the best year for Nintendo but at the same time, its definitely not the worst like how everyone claims.

Fates is my anticipated game for the system and I can't wait to get both versions of the game.



Socar commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

@Grumblevolcano Still doesn't change the fact that its twice expensive than the main game.

Like I said, Nintendo right now can only make use of them and whether it sounds like a cash grab (which it isn't but anyway) or not, it doesn't look like on disc DLC. I cannot see how people are frustrated by this fact that amiibo are optional.



Socar commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

@electrolite77 @Grumblevolcano Except that Nintendo tried that for Amiibo festival and it didn't turn out right now did it. Also, that still doesn't change the fact that they are twice expensive than your typical DLC because you have to buy each individual figure to enjoy the overall experience.

Amiibo isn't like that at all. For 13$, you get bonus content and its optional if you want it or not. Nobody is telling you to get the DLC but you only.

Also, having cheaper models and the expensive ones.....really? That's the best solution. Also, having it just a figure that does nothing in the end doesn't stick out well because otherwise, there's no reason why Nintendo would have to use cheap plastic for the appeal when so many others do it better at a costlier price.

The one thing you guys are bumped about is that there will be plans to use amiibo per game from this forth and I'm telling you that while it is going to happen, its not like what you think.

For the sake of the argument, let's just say that Nintendo does force players to pay more for content you're suppose to get once you paid a price. That wouldn't matter because by the time people realize that amiibo have to be bought to play any Nintendo game, Nintendo would have to improve on the supply demand twice as much as what they are doing now which is expensive and something that Nintendo knows that if they do this, they limit to the ones who can't afford 80$ for even a handheld game.

Look, its simple, let Nintendo know that the Amiibo thing for content needs to be fixed and they will do it, simple as that. But that's not going to happen because not that many have issues with it.



Socar commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

@arronishere @electrolite77 Here's the big issue here. Nintendo now having amiibo can't simply leave amiibo because of it being a now demanded thing.

If they offered all the content at a cheaper price which is cheaper than that of the amiibo, then what's the point of having the amiibo? Everyone would most likely choose the former path simply because the amiibo are hard to find.

On the other hand, if Nintendo doesn't do much to the amiibo, then what's the whole point of getting one which is twice as expensive as a typical DLC mode?

Its a choice that Nintendo at this point made. Have you ever thought to yourself one bit that the reason they exist isn't because they are forced on you but rather because if you like a game and want more content out of it, you would be willing to spend more additional money for it because of it being the best game ever made?

Tell me, just how many games has Nintendo made use of the amiibo? like about 27 out of the hundreds of games that are out there. How many third parties have made use of amiibo knowing that they can get extra money off from Nintendo? Like barely any.

If you like a game, you have a choice of whether to get the DLC or not. I love Awakening and even though I would love to get more DLC over it, I only got one not because of my currency issues, but simply because I had enough fun with the entire content that the DLC was just an optional thing for me.

I made a choice that I don't want to get Marth amiibo just to get him in fates simply because fates alone has enough content for me to enjoy even if they are separate.

So really, what do you want Nintendo to do at this point? Because like I said earlier, its too late for them to end production of the amiibo.

Also, they release amiibo cards which are cheaper than the amiibo.



Socar commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

Many of you seem to be down about Amiibo.....I'll be honest, I'm surprised that it reached 40 million so fast within two years. But seeing as how its done, I'm not that disappointed because again, you don't need them to enjoy the full game. Its more like expanding the gameplay and that's that.

I will agree that Nintendo might have to make the amiibo cheaper which they are doing btw. But seriously, how is the amiibo a bad sign for you if it doesn't or won't bother you one bit?

I want to get Fates. Sure, getting Marth is awesome and all but its not really forcing me to get the amiibo to unlock him now is it? I can just play Fates that way I want it to be played.



Socar commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

@Bolt_Strike 1.They did do that for the Gamecube but unfortunately, I don't think that's gonna happen ever again.

2. Their games appeal to all ages. The problem with this issue is a matter of the mindset rather than it really being an issue.

Heck, they have Xenoblade and Metroid that's mature enough......what do you expect?



Socar commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

@Windy Exactly. At this point, it just makes me say why would SEGA ever want to take risks when Sonic is all that prints them the biggest cash?

Konami is screwed so even if they want to try something, its too late for that to happen.

Remember how everyone didn't like the way Wind Waker was back then? And now you have someone like me who wants a game based on that art style!



Socar commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

I'm not really interested in it, but so what? It keeps Capcom alive and that's all that matters because honestly, Capcom is a pretty good third party dev out there and is doing far better than what SEGA could wish they had done like Capcom earlier. Capcom. I may not have any interest in Capcom games besides Mega Man and Strider but if you buy them, you own all their IP's which means that nobody will ever complain that Nintendo games are Kiddie!

But.....that's never gonna happen and even if it does happen, the ones who bought Capcom games on PC, Sony and Microsoft stuff will now complain wishing them to go back third party.



Socar commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

@Bolt_Strike Little ole Bolty can't get what he wants can he?

Honestly, I doubt that Smash will come to the NX after the amount of content that this recent one has. If at all Nintendo decides to make another Smash, they would have to do it in such a way that its better than this one which will obviously take a lot of time and work.