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Drawdler commented on Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...:

Reviewer confirms no Battle Frontier but it's hinted to appear later somehow.

The thing that bothers me about the water is that it feels so much emptier than land. There isn't anything to do aside from battle trainers and wild Pokémon, with occasional island city and the rare random island. There's no puzzles or hidden items like on land, sans the route west of Pacifidlog, which is optional and doesn't excuse all the other, mostly-empty routes.
I don't know if they've added anything more interesting to explore like extra dive spots, but that could've helped without removing water or changing way you move accross the routes. Even if those didn't have extra puzzles, being on water and looking for areas that might have extra items would be more interesting.

@Porky I agree, though I love how the 3D battles and some environments look. Most of the characters looked kinda silly when the series was 2D as well, but I think it's a bit more charming and excusable there (and that they did a better job with sprites in general, but that's probably because of experience over time).



Drawdler commented on Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...:

If you are planning to trade or battle with someone on X & Y, you’ll have to adhere to the rules in your opponent’s game, which means you cannot use the new Mega Evolutions or trade Pokémon holding any of the new items. This makes a lot of sense

Didn't the DS games let you use new forms against older games, like a Sky Shaymin against Diamond/Pearl? I might be misremembering, but I thought they'd appear as their old forms but with new stats and such. Assuming that's right, the only reason I can think that isn't the case here is because of the new moves added for the cover legends (I don't think they added new moves between any other games of a gen).

These games look kinda disappointing to me. I think I'd enjoy them more than XY, but those are my least favourite Pokémon games, so that's not saying much. I'm going to wait until Christmas to get these because a couple of the new features seem cool and would probably make it worthwhile, but I've got enough of a Poké-fix and it doesn't seem marginally better.

@Ninjaboy666 They probably can't because of embargo.



Drawdler commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

To be honest, the only one I really really want is Robin and to a lesser extent, Greninja. The more I see of them, the less I want them, because it seems like new kinks with these keep coming up. Out of the currently announced ones, I think I want Bowser most, possibly Dedede- but I'm not sure if I'll buy both of those. I might buy Mario or Kirby at launch, just so I have an amiibo to play with straight away.



Drawdler commented on Amazon amiibo Pre-Orders Hint at More Retailer...:

I just realised how the center of Rosalina's wand isn't actually hollow like it should be and how her fingers are so darn thick. She definitely isn't on my to-buy list, especially because the support for Luma sticks out quite a bit.



Drawdler commented on Announcement Of "Delta Episode" Brings More Le...:

Is this really what they had to announce in CoroCoro? Maybe my expectations were too high, but I'm disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I think this sounds cool, but I expect it to be the equivalent of the Looker Missions in XY and not last very long. The extra legendaries don't suck me in, either, since I already have an almost-complete living Dex that includes all of those so I have no motivation to catch 'em (unless I reset for good IVs and nature, which I have no interest in after that stopped me progressing beyond Xerneas for weeks). SoulSilver is still my favourite Pokémon game.



Drawdler commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

Ocarina of Time can be cleared in twenty minutes, but speedrunning exploits in that game (and many others) aren't so stupidly easy. Most glitches and unpolished details aren't as blatant as those in Boom seem to be.

@BakaKnight said it perfectly. I've watched 3/4 of the game and it doesn't look like it gets much better. If anything, I think it looks worse later on, because the later enemies sponge up dozens of hits and the puzzles/platforming hardly improve.



Drawdler commented on Video: Early Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Footage...:

I'm glad that I decided to wait for reviews. Really, really glad. This looks like a huge but empty, not very polished or interesting game. Hopefully it's better later on, but what I've seen hasn't left a good impression.

I went and watched other videos of the final version with gameplay of the first full level, not the hub. Impressions stand unwavered.



Drawdler commented on Nintendo Teams Up With Loot Crate To Deliver a...:

@Jazzer94 i never realised Marth's face changed. The final version looks silly. The more I see of amiibo, the less interested I become.

I'm not going to subscribe to this, because I'm only planning to buy a couple (and I'd like to search for the best-looking ones), plus it's too expensive.



Drawdler commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

I was reading the first sentence and expected to hear about cheap difficulty with platforms disappearing and such. I assumed it was a sidescroller, didn't know it was another FB clone. There are too many popping up lately.



Drawdler commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

By the way, what about Aus distribution? Really really really hope it doesn't need StreetPass here and we have codes instead, because I get about two-three StreetPass Hits a month (usually from the same people) and doubt I'd be lucky enough to get it from someone who had it passed over to them. Also, we have no Nintendo Zones, so no relays from them.

Don't forget that in order for this to spread, you'll probably need to get a hit from someone with ORAS StreetPass activated, who has the Ticket. Even if you StreetPass someone who got a hit from another with the Ticket, you might not get it from that person, if they didn't have ORAS (and ORAS StreetPass activated) to actually receive it.

Serebii says this is also going to be given out to StreetPass Group leaders or something in the US, so at least it'll be more common there, and hopefully more people who travel can spread it to different countries.



Drawdler commented on Talking Point: The Majora's Mask 3D Reveal Sho...:

You say that like Splatoon was unsurprising and boring, or like Super Smash Bros. (with its recent hype-filled Direct) isn't a Nintendo game.

Anyway, good direct, although nothing earth-shattering. Great that single-player for Splatoon is confirmed, PAL Shovel Knight release and the Pikmin Short Films, nice to see footage of upcoming games like S.T.E.A.M., the DHD trailer was cool and MM3D was a pleasant surprise. This is far from the best Direct, though- still nice to have another good one after such a drought. I'm glad that Iwata is back and seeing Miyamoto always makes me happy.



Drawdler commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

GameFreak, Pokémon games have the option to recieve gifts via Wi-Fi, without dumb serial codes or anything. Please use that option, so that anyone with Wi-Fi can easily get the gifts, instead of making the gifts more limited and too difficult-to-get for some fans.




Drawdler commented on Review: Skylanders Trap Team (Wii U):

@JetSet To be fair, I never actually played it myself, but a lot of people who bought it complained about system lockups, freezing, etc. Others had no issues at all. But it's never good when the stability of a game is hit-or-miss and I heard a lot of people having issues with it. There was a multi-page topic about it on darkSpyro.

There was a little cut/changed content (like a hat being moved to the spot where, on other consoles, you'd teleport into another area that you'd go through to get the hat- that area was completely gone on the Wii). The guide had info on those changes.
I also heard there's an un-earnable accolade on the Wii, due to a glitch with one of the Lock Puzzles. Specifically, it's the one where you need to solve all Lock Puzzles- one of the puzzles can only be solved through the locked treasure in Woodburrow, but on the Wii version, trying to solve the lock puzzle on the treasure causes a freeze.

Again, I haven't heard similar complaints with TT- even on the XOne/PS4 versions, which Beenox also ported- though I would be cautious.
Honestly, TT generally seems glitcher than SF. I'm playing an installed XBox 360 copy and once it randomly erased data on Night Shift, once it wouldn't make a bridge out of Traptanium that I broke and once a boss fight glitched so that all I could see was the level background. Also, there's a funny glitch to access some Mystery Gates early. Still haven't had any freezes, though (but that could be because I've hardly played the game).



Drawdler commented on Review: Skylanders Trap Team (Wii U):

Ah finally you guys posted a review. T'was enjoyable to read and I agree with most of your points, though I'm disappointed there was no mention of how SWAP Force's more varied bonus modes were cut and there isn't even PVP. I think the bonus modes feel very limited (though they're nice in concept) and they don't compel me to play more; they're both very heavily focused on beating enemies, which is less interesting without SWAP Force's battle physics or score tracking and is something I already did plenty in the last few last years.
I can't help but feel disappointed with this game thanks to the lack of bonus modes and I thought the lore had more visible issues than TFB's other Skylander games. Maybe it's because I've played so much of this series already, but there isn't anything I want to tear into.

About the framerate: this seems to lag more then SWAP Force did on the XBox 360, but I haven't played the Wii U version, so I don't know how that performs (considering it was ported by Beenox- who were behind last year's awful Wii port of SWAP Force- I wouldn't set expectations too high, but I haven't heard the same amount of complaints at all).



Drawdler commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

Why is there no "not sure if buying"?

I kinda want this game based on all its praise, and because I guess physical copies are going to become very rare and expensive, but I'd feel kinda embarrased when I get it and I'd have so much trouble convincing my parents to let me get it anyway... :$



Drawdler commented on Nintendo's Quirky amiibo Video Shows How They'...:

So they officially have the coloured blocks. Sigh. I wouldn't mind if they were clear, but the yellow support Beam under Link looks awful.
But hey, after actually playing Smash I can see myself getting some amiibo and training them for the heck of it, so maybe I'll end up with more than I intended. I'll probably avoid any with coloured support beams, though.
Mainly just want the Robin amiibo.

@rjejr But what would be the point in that? You yourself don't have levels in game.
I'd like it if amiibo could also store your custom build, but I don't see any other point to playing as the amiibo since their stat boosts have an equivalent in the form of Equipment and their level couldn't affect your gameplay. Unless the level unlocked/buffed moves, which would be dumb since you couldn't practice a fighter at full potential without their amiibo (that would be horrible for competitive if it wasn't banned and would be generally annoying in general).



Drawdler commented on Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 (Wii U):

Will you review Skylanders: Trap Team, NL? I'm very curious to see your opinion on it (I have mixed feelings, myself). I decided to continue collecting Skylanders and several favourite amiibo, but I cut down on Toys To Life purchases somewhat, not getting the entire collection of Skylanders this year.

And I hardly played it, but DI2 was so eh to me. A lot of the skill trees (main thing I wanted) feel half-baked, and the playsets just feel less fun- not that last year's were a masterpiece, but they were more interesting. Maybe DI2 just isn't for me; I don't have that much time for sandbox games any more (hardly play Minecraft these days).

@Shambo There'll be an amiibo figure for every Smash fighter, and there's about 50 of them, so I think you're wrong about there being less amiibo. :P (Maybe, in comparison to Skylanders- definitely if you add Traps to the Skylanders figure count- but not compared to DI2, unless you include Power Discs.)



Drawdler commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

This is how you reveal a surprise announcement RIGHT. Character data isn't in the game and instead they're DLC so people don't datamine and ruin the reveal. Heck, his unlockable trophy even made a lot of people give up hope because it was unlocked without playing through Classic as him.

If registering both games to CN is the only way to get him, that stupidly makes him limited ~

Still want Chorus Kids



Drawdler commented on Video: Terrifying Giant Mii Heads Promote Hall...:

I can see how it'd be creepy if you took it at face value, but knowing that's just an actor in a costume (and seeing their strange movements), it's awesomely cheesy to Mii. :P I mean, just look at how Count Mii salutes at 0:37.

@lamco Nope. :)
@Hero-of-WiiU I like their voices in MK7 too. I'm a huge Mii fan and kinda disappointed that they're completely unusable in Smash online.



Drawdler commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

@Grumblevolcano I don't mean adding natures/abilities/the later IV and EV systems in, I mean somehow changing how the data was stored or making a potential transfer to Gen VI program "translate" a Pokémon so it works like it would in the later gens. Like I said, pipe dream, just thought it was a cool idea if they did come to VC because you could continue using Pokémon you got from them.
I don't see an issue with savestates though. I know it's kind of hard to ignore they're there, but if someone wants to play the game like it was originally made, there wouldn't be anything stopping them from ignoring savestates.



Drawdler commented on Two Pokémon Game Boy Color Titles Dated For N...:

Oh my god. Imagine if they released RBY/GSC on the eShop and changed things a bit so that you could transfer Pokémon from them to XY/ORAS. I know those games have a different IV/EV system and no abilities/natures set, so that would muck transferring, but I can dream...



Drawdler commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

@Hero-of-WiiU No, by next gen it should be higher than that because textures, models etc. will be made more complex and require even more space.

I just heard about this game and looked it up. Fell in love with how it looked and the gameplay concept... Then I heard about the dumb controls. </3