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ChuJelly commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

I agree with Aonuma. I feel like a Link that speaks to the point of expressing independent developed thought (as in, outside of reactionary sounds or words like WW Link's "C'mon!") would ruin how it feels to play as the character and his "individuality". If Link ever did speak, he wouldn't feel much like Link to me anymore and it'd feel less like the player's adventure. It's cool in parodies and official comics and such, but it doesn't belong in the games for the player's experience.
I feel like the Zelda team should maybe consider adding more voice-acting to other characters, though. Not to the point of giving every line of NPC dialogue voices, but just in key cutscenes and such. I'm not too sure about the idea myself either, but I feel if they executed it well and didn't over-do it it could be good.



ChuJelly commented on The Official Fire Emblem Fates Site is Now Liv...:

Of note, the website doesn't mention the "Skinship" amie thing in the My Castle or Support sections on the Gameplay page despite listing nearly every other feature, making Kotaku's claims of its removal more believable for those who doubt them. I guess it's still a possibility that it's still in, but I heavily doubt it. I've always thought it'd be removed for many different reasons and it won't be missed very much by me.

Anyways, I've got the special edition pre-ordered, and will probably be going Nohr first! It sounds more like a classic Fire Emblem experience to me, and I like difficulty.



ChuJelly commented on Bayonetta 2 to Have a Standalone North America...:

@Luna_110 Yeah, I've mostly given up on getting them both physically since this near confirms no reprint of them both, so I might just settle for getting the first digitally (for now, at least....) if I find no simpler option. I'll try to get the second physically at least, though. I can hide things easy enough and I'll actually be able to get that for a fair price with the rerelease.



ChuJelly commented on Bayonetta 2 to Have a Standalone North America...:

I hate how hard it's been for me to get Bayonetta 1 and 2. I've wanted it practically since release, but as I'm a high schooler living in a Conservative Christian home, the idea of an M-rated sexual game with demons.... did not fly with them, even if I only want it for the action and because it gets such amazing ratings. Could never buy it. 17 now and I can legally buy this game myself and just hide it from them until college, but only Bayonetta 2 is being reprinted.... dang it, Nintendo, so close. I just want those two games physically without paying a premium eBay price



ChuJelly commented on Video: Hudson's Abandoned R&D Lab Still Has It...:

This is very depressing. I may not have been a kid of the 8-bit era, but I've always fondly remembered Hudson, as I'm a big fan of the Bomberman series and others by them. It's so sad to look at this old lab of theirs and think about how much they've fallen since then. I really wish we could have them back, or at least Konami could start developing Bomberman games for something other than Japanese smart phones... I still miss Hudson and its franchises dearly and I feel they don't get the respect they deserve. Oh well, that's Konami for you...



ChuJelly commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

The main thing I'm anxiously looking forward to is an announcement of whatever Retro Studios is making! They put so much amazing quality into both the Metroid Prime series and their two games in the Donkey Kong Country series, and I'll bet whatever they have in store next will be just as top-notch! Hoping for another Donkey Kong (or Diddy Kong... Diddy Kong Racing, anyone?) game from them, or a new or freshly revived IP of their making. If not by them, I'd like to see just a Donkey Kong game of some type or any new IP in general. And hopefully Pikmin 4 will get some official details, that'd be nice! Any one of those things is all I need. Though I'd of course love to see Mother 3 localized, a new 3D Mario and/or Paper Mario, a F2P/cheap game that doesn't suck and is revolved around usage of all amiibo (It'd be nice to have a meaningful game to use them with in addition to the small benefits), ZELDA U, and any other (preferably non-spinoff) addition to core Nintendo franchises (AC, F-Zero, Pokemon, Metroid, Kirby) really. I'm sure we'll hear about the NX but I care a lot more about the games they release than the console.



ChuJelly commented on Nintendo Confirms Details for the Super Smash ...:

@Angelic_Lapras_King I second this times a million. Cloud being a total surprise was so much more hype worthy to me than Ryu when we were spoiled for him early and he wasn't a surprise at all, even when I love playing as Ryu. And we may have been spoiled for the new Pokken fighter with "leaks" as well just a few days ago on NLife. Spoilers really kill things and do not belong anywhere but under heavy spoiler warnings so I wish they'd stop. I'll probably be staying off the internet a few days before the direct just in case at this rate....
@datshantaeguy True, Shantae wouldn't be bad I guess either. Really, I'll take almost anybody besides huge nopes like Steve or Master Chief or another Mario character or something.



ChuJelly commented on Review: Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash (3DS):

I've already pre-ordered it. I want to support the lil robot as long as he'll go, and I still feel like this game will feel charming enough to me to get some good fun out of it in short bursts. I'm a sucker for cute gameplay. If anything, since I get 20% off the game with Best Buy GCU ($32), I can think of it like I got a standard 13 dollar amiibo with a decent $19 game. Fair enough in my book.

For real though, I wish they would stop trying to reinvent Chibi Robo with every outing. Nintendo should go with the classic 3D style or now Zip Lash style or whatever and stick with it. I feel like Chibi Robo isn't being given a chance to flesh itself out when gameplay introduced in one game is completely thrown out the next and the game gets confused about what it is. All the great Nintendo series had their simple starts and built up the gameplay from there, adding more to the base formula, but Chibi hasn't. Unfortunately, we may not be getting any more Chibi Robo games after this, so I'm not sure if we'll ever get to see our lil buddy shine brightly again At least if it dies I will go down with it.



ChuJelly commented on Upcoming Super Smash Bros. Patch Will Make Did...:

Hope the only change to him will be the (very necessary) new glitch fix as the note seems to imply. There's no reason to nerf Diddy any further. He's not "OP" at all any more post nerfs; most tier lists I see rank him near #5 at highest and often lower now. Better than average yes, but his balance is fine and very manageable by anyone that knows how he works. I play Diddy because I love his character (grew up with DKC2) and I'm tired of all the undeserved hate he gets for stupid reasons. I just want Diddy to stop being changed all the time, good or bad.



ChuJelly commented on Reminder: There's Only One More Week Left To V...:

I'm hoping for K. Rool, Bomberman (technically White Bomber, but then there's the alts...), Dixie Kong, Amaterasu, or Inkling. My ballot entries were for K. Rool and Bomberman before I noticed the one entry rule. There are a LOT of characters I'd love to see besides the ones I mentioned though. I like most of the serious suggestions I've heard and would just be happy for any. (Please not Ridley though. I'm with Sakurai's opinion.)



ChuJelly commented on GAME Confirms Shovel Knight amiibo:

I would love to get a Shovel Knight amiibo for sure!!! Sign me up! I'm still divided on him being in Smash for a few reasons, but amiibo merchandise for him? Definitely no complaints for that! I hope this means we can except to see more third party amiibo soon besides the non-Nintendo characters in Smash. Yooka Laylee would be neat, for instance



ChuJelly commented on Collectors Rejoice, Rare amiibo Figures Are Ge...:

The only two amiibo left in my collection that I'm after are Little Mac and Villager, and after having all of their restock units going to other countries and only Nintendo World Store in USA last time, I hope they do better now. Good that there's more restocks, though. Anybody actively following amiibo like me has had a much easier time getting amiibo lately, particularly the newer wave. Nintendo is improving in stock numbers and restocks it seems.



ChuJelly commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

SERIOUSLY!!?!? Iwata.... no....
This is.... so sudden. I can't believe this. This good man.... how did he deserve this? I feel like I've lost a friend, or family. Rest in peace, Iwata-san... I hope our goodbyes reach you "directly" in the after life. This is heart breaking...



ChuJelly commented on Metallic Blue New Nintendo 3DS XL Looks Set fo...:

I was really annoyed that they didn't come out with this one in the USA. I eventually got my hands on the Majora's Mask LE which I probably like best, but for the longest time I was annoyed that I couldn't find one and couldn't settle for the blue one either instead. It's such a nice blue color, reminds me of my electric blue original DS but toned down to be easier on the eyes.



ChuJelly commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

We already know Wise is working on Yooka-Laylee. I wouldn't imagine he's working on two games at once.... but I can dream. <3 I love Wise music so much. I wouldn't mind a new DK game after the perfection that was Tropical Freeze, and I imagine they're working on something DK or else something original or an old series revival when we know they can't be working on Metroid.

I don't get why people are still going "UGH, not ANOTHER DK game maybe by Retro." They made three Metroid Prime games in a row too, y'know... no reason DK shouldn't also get a trilogy. The DK games they made were top notch and Retro should be known just as much as the best DK developer as they should be Metroid. Calm down. I don't get why Metroid fans keep acting like they're entitled to a new Metroid game by Retro, and nothing else would be acceptable. I'll take literally anything from them, Metroid, DK, or otherwise. Any series they touch is gold.



ChuJelly commented on Video: Mario is Unreal in This New Take on The...:

This kind of graphical style just doesn't work for Mario games, in my opinion. The magic of Mario games is that the series keeps it's gameplay, graphics, and everything else all fairly simple. With these complex and realistic backgrounds (a lot of these were provided with the Unreal Engine for testing, so they clearly weren't made by the video creator FOR Mario), it would make it like Mario is taking itself far too seriously, which wouldn't make sense for a game about collecting coins and stomping on goombas. Still a neat creation though.



ChuJelly commented on Splatoon Version 1.3.0 Update Due on 30th June...:

I sure hope that the knockback increase is very significant. The Kraken (and Bubbler, but less so) hurts the fun of the game for me when an enemy can get an easy ticket out a split second before death and maybe give you the splat instead. Each special has big flaws (Inkzooka's hugely vulnerable cooldown, Ink Strike's very situational use and startup, etc), while the Kraken and Bubbler are far less risky, with near instant startup time, no vulnerability until after, so much mobility with easy escaping, and can ruin gameplay flow when it's possible to get instantly shielded and/or cheaply splatted unless you take all proper precautions. Not hard to spam either, with not much needed but a trigger finger. This patch sounds like it could help, but they still won't stop feeling like the most fun-draining, anxiety-causing specials to me... the game would feel more free with them gone and not in 80% of my matches.



ChuJelly commented on Exclusive: We Almost Got A Wii U F-Zero Create...:

This makes me very, very sad. F-Zero has been absent for far too long (a lot longer than Metroid and most non-RPG Nintendo franchises), and Criterion would've been a very capable company to produce it I imagine. Hope we AT LEAST get a new F-Zero for the NX....



ChuJelly commented on Feature: Our Impressions of the Full Nindies@H...:

I'm extremely annoyed, because I can't download any of the demoes right now. I'm on vacation and the internet is aaaawful here, even though I brought my wii u. It won't connect. It's so dumb that they had to make the demos be available for a limited time....



ChuJelly commented on Début Splatfest Postponed in North America :

I'm actually glad they're postponing it for personal reasons, because right now I'm on vacation with the family in a cabin with super inconsistent internet (I brought my Wii U just in case I needed to try though). Hopefully they'll hold the next SplatFest after I get back home....



ChuJelly commented on Gallery: Marvel At The New amiibo Which We Wil...:

Two R.O.B.s..... as a collector of the Smash series, man is that gonna be annoying. They better stock R.O.B. decently, since I'm going to want to get both. I imagine this will cause quite a bit of chaos as everybody with one version of R.O.B. will want to import the other... unless they give us both, fingers crossed. All the amiibo look amazing, though!



ChuJelly commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

Part of the problem, I feel, is too many have their own warped definition of what makes a "true game" of a franchise. The Wii U is shafted because it didn't get a "true" 3D Mario game. The Wii U is shafted because it didn't get a "true" Fire Emblem game. What I feel people need to do is stop doing that and think of the fun the games on the Wii U have been. Nearly every game on the Wii U has been reviewed very highly and many have enjoyed them- being a spin-off or not should not matter in the slightest. Here's a crazy idea: maybe Nintendo did all these spin-offs because they thought fans will enjoy them (as they have) and it's not some crazy conspiracy theory where they've only been preparing for the NX since 2013 and have been always killing the Wii U??? Wow... seems too out there ::::////



ChuJelly commented on Next Metroid Prime Home Console Title "Would L...:

People that act like the fact they're not making Metroid right now means RIP Nintendo and RIP Wii U are funny, especially when these comments make it seem the reason there's no Metroid yet is because the director has hardly thought about it. It's amazing how tunnel-vision a lot of fans tend to be- as if Metroid, a series that has never sold all that drop-dead well, will suddenly turn around the Wii U and extend it's lifespan just because you all want it, ignoring all the other best selling Wii U games already released.... The Wii U has had a lot of games and just because it's not getting a new Metroid game I would hardly call it "shafted". Personally, I highly doubt the NX is coming out next year. It doesn't make sense when the new Zelda is going to drive many to finally get a Wii U, and putting it on NX ala TP would be a huge slap to the face and Nintendo knows that. If the problem is the game takes 3 years to make, I bet the NX will come out in 2017. And I doubt 2016 is for sure going to be a barren year. They still have Directs guys.... Nintendo doesn't treat E3 as the only single place for announcements like American companies do, because they're not American. They probably have more up their sleeves.

I really do wonder what Retro is working on if not Metroid though, hm. Maybe the Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumors hold some weight after all....



ChuJelly commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

@AugustusOxy Gee, would people like you stop acting like Dark Pit took up some "slot"!? Lucina and Dr. Mario too. The Smash roster is NOT a game of musical chairs. There are no "slots". Dark Pit was put in because he was a clone that took almost zero effort and development time to make- fully new fighters take ages to make, and a clone that takes a small amount of altering to make does not keep a fighter that would take several months to program, balance, and bug-fix from being in. About the only thing you can argue about clones is that they could go to a more deserving clone that is still nearly identical and would take the same very low amount of time. Thinking Palutena could go to a more deserving spot is fair but is still just an opinion- a ton of people wanted her in and expected her, so Sakurai is not at all alone in wanting her in.



ChuJelly commented on Cool It, Conspiracy Theorists - Sakurai Didn't...:

I use Kirby a whole lot, he's one of my mains. But he is far from overpowered. He's mid-tier at best. Who in the world accuses Kirby being OP....? Pit/Dark pit gets ranked about the same as Kirby I believe. And Palutena is usually pretty low. Meta Knight in Brawl and Kirby in 64 are the only times Sakurai has ever accidentally made one of his characters OP- and for just as many times, he's made his characters near dead bottom (Kirby in Melee...). I have no idea where complainers are getting this accusation, nor have I heard anybody say that. There are many complainers about how much Kid Icarus content he put in Smash 4... that's about all I've seen.



ChuJelly commented on Video: Who Needs a New Sonic Game When You Hav...:

Inkbrush is decent in Ranked (quickly inks a path for their team, not too bad up close especially with the right equipment abilities, inkstrike) but terrible in Turf wars. They don't ink fast enough to be too useful in Turf Wars.



ChuJelly commented on Fresh European Trademark for Diddy Kong Cranks...:

I won't get my hopes up too high since just trademarking Diddy's name may mean nothing (could just be for further merchandising security alone or anything), but please!!! If I get anything Diddy Kong related (Mario Kart 8 DLC with him in it, Diddy Kong Racing 2, new DK64, etc) I will be happy. I understand the people that hope it's not related to Retro's new game (would love to see a new Metroid or anything else from them- Retro is my favorite Nintendo subsidiary. Although I feel like the Metroid fans need to realize other companies can do Metroid also just as other companies can do DK.... Retro does everything best including DK now, they're just as known for DK as they are Metroid but DKC doesn't have a trilogy like Metroid had just yet) but I wouldn't mind another DKC type game either- especially if Diddy is the star and it's more like DKC2.



ChuJelly commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

Please. Paper Mario is the one thing I could say I want most out of the E3 Digital Event. I still want a new, more story-driven Paper Mario title to truly wash the taste of Sticker Star out of my mouth (which wasn't a bad game, but it didn't at all feel like a true Paper Mario game, mainly with it's lack of a developed story which all three games before it had and did amazingly at...)



ChuJelly commented on Splatoon to Feature as Details on Competitors ...:

I'll be rooting for Cosmo I guess. He's probably one of my favorite speedrunners. I love Game Grumps too, but I highly doubt Arin would ever win... for reasons anybody watching Game Grumps would know. And Andre is hosting! This tournament should at least be fun to watch.



ChuJelly commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

Love amiibo. They're perfect collectables, and I love having figures of all of my favorite characters, most of which would NEVER get merchandise in the USA otherwise. I've been collecting all of the amiibo besides the Super Mario versions of characters I have the Smash versions of, and it's going great so far! I'm only missing four amiibo (Villager, Little Mac, Wii Fit Trainer, and Lucario). But it has been an ordeal getting the amiibo that I do have- especially being someone with school every weekday until now (summer break). Could be a lot better or at least more organized.
The amiibo functionality has been neat so far, but it certainly could always be more. Yoshi's Wooly World is looking to have the best functionality of all so far, with every amiibo but pokémon working with it. There's yet to be a truly "jaw dropping" feature for amibo, though, and I hope Nintendo makes a game using amiibo heavily at some point. Also... seriously, we need a game to make use of the Pokémon amiibo already. Liscensing is way getting in the way of that and all the Pokémon amiibo are near useless besides aesthetic.



ChuJelly commented on Chibi-Robo Platformer and amiibo Coming to Jap...:

Woohoo!!!!! That sounds neat! But wait, did they say anything about the platform? I'm confused by this article. I NEED that game and amiibo though. Chibi Robo is always one I thought would be super neat to have an amiibo of!



ChuJelly commented on Humble Nindie Bundle Allows Wii U and 3DS eSho...:

Already have several of these games, but I spent 10 bucks anyways for the few ones I didn't! And boy is this bundle easily worth that price even for just a few of these games. I feel regretful as I often do for buying the games I did already have earlier, but alas, it happens and I can't know when sales come (and I support the indie developers anyways!). I certainly didn't expect it to happen for eshop games though! Oh well, I'll send all my extra codes to friends, I have plenty that will enjoy them



ChuJelly commented on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon is Adventuring ...:

This "Super" name rubs me the wrong way. Even if it isn't F2P like other people fear based off that name, the "Super" vibe with no subtitle like all previous PMD games (Red Rescue Team, Explorers of Time, Gates to Infinity, etc) give me off the vibe this game is going to throw story out the window with the game title saying nothing about the story, and try to sell the game almost purely on gameplay... which would be a HUGE thing to take away from PMD, especially if they don't fix the problems from Gates. I hope I'm just being paranoid here.... maybe instead they're naming it Super because they'll put a ton of different story lines in or something.... I hope....



ChuJelly commented on Nintendo of America's Newest Recruit Is Bowser:

"including Sales, In-store Merchandising, Retail Strategy and Retail Marketing."? I'm with the rest of the people that don't like EAs... way of business, but I hope this at least brings some change to the amiibo situation and other problems with Nintendo's lack of sufficient retail attention, since this sounds like the type of field he'll be dealing with. I'm sure he's not high up enough to impose micro transactions of any sort (Nintendo of America doesn't make most of the games. If there are micro transactions on a major level, they would likely first be implemented by the developers in Japan, America has less say) , and Nintendo would never allow it to get near as bad as EA and other companies have it. I doubt this guy at all has enough power to do any of the EA reflecting things we'd worry about. I'd chill out guys.



ChuJelly commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

Wow, great! Nothing near Kentucky at all once again. The closest one to me is 7 hours away (without factoring in traffic), and being a high school student who can't yet drive out of state, there is absolutely no chance I could make it like many others. Very nice.
They easily could've done this so much better. NES Remix Championship Mode is a single player mode where you have to get the best possible score in a consistent allotted time- there is no between-others competition involved. Why, then, aren't there more locations? You literally only need the game and a few representatives to keep the event organized, since the primaries can be done by having one attempt at it and sending the best scores digitally back to Nintendo for comparison nationwide. And some people just get in by default? Seriously?
At least I'm not missing much given that there's no special builds like the old championships had, and it's all a single not-very-varied NES game mode already released- on 3DS only no less, when they easily could've done the Wii U version and kept it on a proper console like the old championships at least. Way to completely ruin the excitement, Nintendo...



ChuJelly commented on More Club Nintendo Goodies Coming To The Europ...:

... ok, I can usually let other regions getting more stuff than NoA pass because I think most of the time people in NoA act like whiny brats for a free service, but this is depressing. This is a LOT of stuff when they were already getting better stuff, and both Japan and Europe are getting infinitely better rewards now. And Europe has until September while NoA has until the end of June, which makes me think NoA isn't going to be adding anything at all since it's ending so much sooner while Europe is doing it for the long term. Sigh I wish NoA had an online store so we could at least buy some of these here in the west. I'm not paying ebay prices. Yet another thing other places have over NoA....



ChuJelly commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:

Aww, I'll be at a friend's birthday party during this. I am bringing my Wii U there so all of us can play Smash Bros, though... maybe I can let the birthday friend try it out if we ever have a free moment in the party since he's been wanting to play it too



ChuJelly commented on Silver Edition Mario amiibo Hits North America...:

@rjejr Except Toad WAS in stock online when I made the comment 19 hours ago. Just not anymore. You were too slow at noticing the comment I guess. Toads sell out often online it seems, though I've seen quite a few Toads in stores. I just picked one off a Gamestop shelf no problem on a random day a few months ago and it STILL shows stock of him for that Gamestop by me. Maybe check Gamestop store availability online near you?

And yeah, I don't understand what Nintendo is doing with amiibo at all. I try to collect all of my favorites and coming across stock of them has been a true ordeal with little success- I can't imagine how hard it is for kids that just want their favorite characters. I've heard all kinds of stories of little kids going to stores for their favorite amiibo on release days too late and ending up disappointed (and sometimes a few nice collectors giving their amiibo up for them gotta care about the kids ), as well as stories of jerk scalpers buying whole stocks while a little kid's right behind them wanting the amiibo. It's rough Nintendo just can't accommodate for how much demand these figures are getting, like at all. It took them by surprise, sure, but they still haven't done well in response to it....



ChuJelly commented on Don't Hold Your Breath On Those Marth amiibo R...:

Wow, this is the first time this website reports about the Marths? They've been getting restocks for days, should've reported this sooner so more people realized now's the time to act.
I got mine ordered coming to me from Amazon, and he's still flickering on and off on Amazon online, but it'd be tough to catch one now that everybody knows about it and one or two units each time lasts like a single second. Here is the only guide that may be able to help you at this point... though it's also been making them go even faster.
Some Gamestops from the sound of it got more than 2 or 3 and most got it yesterday or will get it today; check and call your stores and check here. (although stock on this tracker is not always accurate).Ike's are ALSO getting some restocks in Gamestop stores, as the stock they promised many months ago has finally arrived. (they didn't sell many Ikes at release and had many unfulfilled pre-orders) but I wouldn't count on him at all to be honest.
Hope you all are able to get one! It will require some work if you're super determined..... not just waltzing in a store, because EVERY collector wants one, believe me. Gamestop and Amazon are the only retailers done with Marth so far; that still leaves Walmart, Best Buy, Target, and Toys R Us. It sounds like the Marth restocks don't have a streetdate and some are showing up at Target at least already so maybe check or call there if you can, but there are for sure many more Marths to come to stores as long as you actually try to keep track Don't rely on news websites or just occasionally checking retailer websites, they never report fast enough for the extreme demand on this figure and that's why the actually huge restock of Marth seems so small. Use /r/amiibo or comment section for keeping track.



ChuJelly commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

I can certainly understand people being annoyed that they reduced coin prices so drastically like this. In my opinion, Nintendo should've had some way to refund the people that have already made coin purchases on these items to ease the pain a bit- it makes sense for them to cut down coin prices and finish up their current stock, but it sucks for the people that bought earlier and spent all their coins when more of the digital currency can't even be earned anymore. Maybe some of you all should try emailing Nintendo support for this idea?



ChuJelly commented on ​The Prices of the Remaining Physical Goods ...:

Wow! Man am I glad I saved my coins then! I was going to jump on Wonderful 101, but I've been waiting to pick up a Portable Hardrive to put it on first so I can actually fit it on my Wii U- but now, I guess I don't have to worry about that Got the Majora's Mask Fierce Deity Puzzle (that apparently also glows in the dark) ordered!!! Will probably spend the rest of my coins on Golden Sun download + the Ultra Hand game nobody wants, but I'll wait a bit.



ChuJelly commented on The Ocarina of Time Speedrun World Record Has ...:

I seriously don't get what the heck is people's problem that people are speedrunning a game with glitches? Does it affect you literally at all? No. Are there glitchless and 100% speedruns still out there? Of course there are you dummies. Glitches can take a LOT of skill and super fast fingers to perform exactly right and when people win the world record on things like this there's a reason why it's often only by seconds- because frame-perfect maneuvers and super risky glitches and things are the only way to get above.
Do you understand why it's more popular to play games with glitches instead of fully? Because playing a game for hours takes AGES, and if you mess anything up, it will be for nothing. Would you seriously want to do that? Speedrunning a shorter game with glitches is a lot more rewarding to do, and if you screw up, you're not wasting hours on a fruitless run before resetting it all like glitchless- but you still have to play it over, and over, and over to get anywhere near a world record. And glitchless runs are boring as heck to watch and perform too without involving anything cool or unique. If they're having fun and if the categories are separate from glitchless I seriously don't get the issue. Is it because others are congratulating them and talking about them? You must be lovely people....



ChuJelly commented on You Don't Need A Yoshi amiibo To Unlock Stuff ...:

Nice! Can't wait to get a Yarn Yoshi (can't decide which color to pick or if I should get all three...) when the game finally comes out to the USA in the fall. I got my Smash Yoshi still no matter how hard the yarn yoshis will be to get at least Hope there's lots of designs for the other amiibo so that they get put to good use!