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Europe exists, NLife!

Male, 21, United Kingdom

I used to love Sega, then bought a PS1. I got a PS2 and thought "Hey this is quite fun". My brother wanted Smash Bros, only on Wii. We split the cost between us, it was fine by me. Now I love Nintendo, its DSes and Wii U. So here I am on Nintendo Life, to join other fans too.

Wed 24th Apr 2013

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RainbowGazelle commented on Video: Watch What Happens When Reggie and Bill...:

@Maxz Nah, they've pretty much all got grammar errors. It always just irritates me when writers don't know things such as it should always be "people who" in a sentence, never "people that", when they're paid to be a writer.

Also, I'm an overreacting jerk. There aren't many better Nintendo sites than this one. I just wish European news wouldn't get overlooked so much on the internet in general, and just took it out on this site, mainly because NLife is meant to cater to European fans as well, but they didn't after the Direct.



RainbowGazelle commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

@Maxz My complaint here is the same as on most of NLife's articles surrounding the Directs. They've posted every single piece of information from the NA Directs, but seemingly don't care about the EU news:

  • They reported on the golden Mega Man amiibo, stating it will be coming with the Collector's Edition of the Mega Collection. However, that's only in NA, which they never mentioned.
  • The Fire Emblem Collector's Edition was reported on as "coming to NA" without any mention of the fact that's it's also coming to Europe.
  • Same thing with the Final Fantasy Explorers Collector's Edition.
  • The Zelda Twilight Princess: Collector's Edition is reported as including the game and amiibo + CD if you preorder. The CD comes with all copies in Europe, but there's no mention of that.
  • There has been no mention whatsoever of the Bravely Default 2 Collector's Edition that Europe's getting.

My point is that all of the articles have been directly solely at North Americans. Anyone reading from Europe will need to watch the EU Direct to check which of the announcements apply to their region, defeating the whole point of the News Roundup. The 30% I was referring to are the 30% of NLife's readership who watched the EU Direct only, and are likely to be European. That's 30% of their readers they are completely ignoring.



RainbowGazelle commented on Zelda Fans Vent Anger At Nintendo of America O...:

I'm not going to read all this crap, but I'm just going to say THAT'S NOT THE DOGE MEME! Actually read it. It's perfect English. Someone could excitedly shout " Wow. So ancient. Such ruin." Using 'ruin' as an adjective to describe something. By not reading it correctly and automatically jumping to "it's the doge meme", the internet has fulfilled its own meme-obsessed prophecy.



RainbowGazelle commented on SEGA Posts Financial Results, Sales are Down a...:

@JaxonH I personally thought the mechanics in Colours and Generations (3DS) were fine. Having now played a bit of Generations on the PS3, I can totally see where you're coming from. The controls are a bit crap... and the level design sucks... the framerate ain't that great either... However, I still maintain that Colours (Wii) is great, and Generations on 3DS (although too short) is fun too, because the controls are far better.



RainbowGazelle commented on Video: Here's What Xenoblade Chronicles Looks ...:

I guess I can understand that. The pace could become bothersome at points (it just didn't irritate me enough, I guess). I also loved The Last Story for it's quick pace, characters, battle system, etc. I can't decide which of the two games is my favourite. Each to their own. You certainly didn't deserve what that mindless moron on deviant art wrote.