Star Fox

OK. So Nintendo's E3 Digital Event is over, around 50 minutes of reveals, puppets and release dates. We saw plenty of Star Fox Zero, had new games in the Zelda, Metroid and Animal Crossing franchises, and a long Mario montage at the end. Intriguingly, though, the franchises weren't exactly delivered in familiar, much loved forms.

In case you're curious, below are all of the games that were shown in the broadcast; some others, not listed, have been shown elsewhere.

Wii U


So those were the games, what did you think? We want to know your thoughts on the presentation as a whole, and your reaction to the revealed game line-up. Hit us up in the polls and comments below.

What's your initial reaction to the games shown?
What did you think of the Digital Event's style?
Which was your favourite game in the Nintendo Digital Event?
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