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Sat 22nd February, 2014

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Lycidas commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

Common, at this rate it's nothing more than clickbait...

That Mario64 HD was as much a Tech Demo of Unity than it did ripp content from Mario Galaxy (2, was it?) to recreate content made by other people back in 1997. Someone tried using Ninendo made stuff to gain fame the easy way.
And on all those Youtube "Stars", they rant because up till now they made money using other peoples work.

I'll bet my last pair of pants that if someone did that to NintendoLife, you wouldn't be holding up that editorial any longer. ;)



Lycidas commented on Super Mario 64 HD Triggers Surge Of YouTube In...:

So, tell me, NintendoLife staff, who see no problem whatsoever with that Mario64-"Demo", would it be alright, if I took your articles and your screenshots and used them on my own blog to promote my talents as a videogame journalist? If you have no problem with that HD-thingy, surely you would have no objection now, would you? ;)



Lycidas commented on Nintendo Begins Takedown Proceedings on Super ...:

Yet another example of someone showing off his talents by copying someone else's work. Funnily enough, the Demo wasn't created from scratch, as the last article here told that the Character model was ripped from Mario Galaxy. So where is the originality, the creativity in this demo?

Maybe I should try to write the Lord of the Rings HD to show off my writing skills...



Lycidas commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

""It's all about the games" - that's why we won't buy an excellent game!"

Yeah, sure, what terrific logic... Same logic as complaining about gaming journalism on a site that's offering.... videogame journalism!

Sarkeesian is problematic, but not because of her person, but because the arguments she uses are more often than not invalid, ignoring conext and so on. But the resposne should be civil, reasonable and argumentative, anything exceeding this is telling a lot about those "caring" for "ethics", as well as confirming her views on "gamers".



Lycidas commented on Nintendo Confirms Wil Wheaton as Voice Actor f...:

Why is Wheaton so much of a problem? Even if he is the world's biggest idiot, buying the game is not like forcing you to sleep with him, you only have to listen to a voice playing a role. If he gets the job done, well, that should be the only thing to care about.

I highly enjoyed the demo and no way am I missing out on a superb game and a new IP because of one voice actor or whatever opinion he has on some random movement, especially when said movement is doxing peolple for disagreeing with them, or worse, sending death and rape threats.



Lycidas commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

I was crazy enough to get the Xenoblade Chronicles OST for 40 or 50 € if i remeber correctly, together with the Okami one. Never regretted it, it's so great to listen to!
And I got the Bravely Default one too, it's got some very impressive tracks!
Now, I'm waiting for the Smash Bros. one, and the Link between Worlds one to enlarge my little collection. :D

From the list, I'd take the DK or Kid Icarus one.



Lycidas commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

W101 was a great game, though in hindsight, I should've gone for easy difficulty, some fights were quite tough. Nonetheless, I like it and couldn't get enough of it. The Bayo demo was good, too, I'll be getting the game and enjoying a lot. That's 3 great games, on Wii U, but the article cited another gem: Infinite Space! :o
So addicting, with great twists, good story and gameplay. Still crossing my fingers to get a sequel, maybe on Wii U? Imagine steering your spaceships through the touchscreen! :D
Bit sad though that I won't be playing Scalebound, that trailer... :o



Lycidas commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

just finished it with a silver rating, now i want the full game even more. Fantastic visuals, good gameplay and the difficulty was spot on for me. Though i might have to get the pro controller, i don't want to put too much strain on the gamepad.



Lycidas commented on Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X:

What a game! :o Going at way over 1000 Km/h on Silence, always fearing the bump before the regen area. :D Winning by a slight energy margin knowing that you still have a lap to go and that every touch will be fatal. Between this, Mario Kart 64, F1 Grand Prix and Wave Race, there was some great fun to have. Pity that I can't get this one on the Wii U Virtual console though. But still happy that I cold get my hands on GX for 5 € some years ago, that one is a blast too!



Lycidas commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

I hold this game very dear, because we played it for some 8 years nearly every Saturday afternoon with my dad, until Mario Kart Wii came out. So many memories, so many great and fun moments, when a cup was decided on the last lap of the last track. :D
Getting the perfect 36 point score against my dad or all those green shells perfectly aimed - never been able to be this good with them in the newer games. And that Ranbow Road! :o



Lycidas commented on First Image Of Wii U Wipeout-Beater FAST Racin...:

absolutely gorgeous! :o
The first one already was, considering size limits, but this will be even better. I'm just hoping that Shin'en will greatly increase the number of tracks, up to 20+ individual ones, but please, don't make them as narrow as Storm Creek...
And if you're keeping phase switching, totally different routes depending on the phase of your racer would be awesome! :D



Lycidas commented on Nintendo Direct on 4th September to Reveal Mor...:

Really? There's already a release date for the Americas, and now a Direct? What about Europe? No release date except a very vague "October" - which is in four weeks already! - , no direct, is it even coming out? :o
And still no clear info on the different editions of the game...



Lycidas commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Preordered it already, and enjoyed some races as Blue ShyGuy :D
The amount of pure fun I got out of Mario Kart 8 is incredible, a great game, then thanks to the promotion I got Wonderful 101, now this, what next? I so hope this opens the path for other track packs, with nods to Starfox, Metroid and why not something totaly crazy like Paper Mario or Xenoblade? Imagine racing on Gaur Plains or Satorl Marsh :o



Lycidas commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Wow... :o
Though I'm not really a fan of any sort of paid DLC, it's undeniable that there is a good amount of value in those two packs. 16 new+old tracks, that's half another Mario Kart game, and I'm truly excited for the new tracks based on F-Zero and Excitebike.
The only downside is the character selection, I'd rather had Diddy Kong and Bowser Jr. too, but who's to say there won't be a third pack?



Lycidas commented on Review: Steel Diver: Sub Wars (3DS eShop):

man, finally been able to chain some fights without disconnects, and lo and behold, 12 consecutive wins! :D
and unlocked the mechanic and super cod, feels so good to play continually