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Fri 24th May 2013

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Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

I chose Star Fox, F Zero, and Wave Race. Problem is, I don't want any of the other games listed at launch. For me personally, I need to see Eternal Darkness return from whatever depths Nintendo threw that franchise down to. I would love to see the return of Super Monkey Ball. And I hope for a renewed VC, and Nintendo finding some way to bring back third party games from previous generations. But the biggest and most important thing deciding my purchase are new franchises. I can only do so much of Zelda, Mario, etc. I love the characters but this generation has relied on the old standbys too much.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Editorial: Nintendo and Virtual Reality Aren't...:

Excellent editorial. I love the picture of the guy smiling with his virtual reality specs on. Virtual reality probably won't work for me. 3D is a gimmick that movies have tried and it's useless. All its managed to do is raise movie prices. Same goes for virtual reality. A very expensive gimmick. Now if it was more a holodeck experience....



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

Just picked up Sin and Punishment N64 for my Wii U. Its a shame to realize that Nintendo will probably move on with the NX. I already transfered my Wii VC to Wii U. I wish they would carry over Wii U and 3DS VC to the next generation.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?:

I think the 3DS will have a solid year. I think the Wii U will have a rough year. And it's all on Nintendo. A sparse release schedule. Nothing concrete about their digital account setup. And waning effort on the Wii U makes prospective owners very skeptical. I just have a bad feeling that Nintendo will drag their feet, focus on Amiibo, and continue to alienate their fans.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Editorial: Let's Make 2016 a Year of Nintendo ...:

I'm interested to see what My Nintendo is. I also want to see if digital purchases are going to carry over with the upcoming NX. I'm hoping for less Mario and Zelda in general. I would love to see Nintendo re-establish their sports division. More NBA Courtside, and less Mario Strikers. I'm not optimistic about Nintendo doing anything right at this point especially after an average 2014 and a terrible 2015.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

@Quorthon : Sounds like you had a turbulent 2015 my friend. I hope 2016 is better for you. And I'm glad your game sold well on Steam. The user base is so large now, and they've made it a snap to purchase games. Any non first party publishing on Wii U faces an uphill challenge even with advertisement and promotion. That's a shame.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Analysis: Assessing Why NX Needs to Take Over ...:

I do think the NX must come out this year. Nintendo is not associated with most gamers tastes anymore, console wise. They need to drop something new with more games than expected. I get hate for playing my N64 and Gamecube more than my Wii U. But to me, there was an intangible fun to those systems, and it was a lot more than just Mario and Zelda. I hope the NX does that, and I hope Nintendo brings back their Sports Division. I don't want Mario Strikers. I want Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

@Mario_Fart : Marketing and presentation are key with the VC. And maybe securing some of those old games with publishing issues. But I know that might be too much to ask.
With the killer game, for me, Wii was Wii Sports, Gamecube was Eternal Darkness, the N64 was Goldeneye. For the NX, it has to be something that appeals to hardcore and casual. That's why I think the VC might play the biggest role.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: Our Staff's Hopes and Dreams for Nint...:

@Mario_Fart : Actually, those are some good questions. I wonder if a Metroid launch with NX would sell? Maybe having a diversified lineup might entice other console owners. Metroid, Eternal Darkness 2, Super Mario Galaxy 3, Zelda, and an HD Virtual console with Gamecube now included. I think a beefed up VC would really appeal to people across the board. Give me an N64 wrestling game with HD and online play and I'm set.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's 2015?:

It was a bad year. I haven't bought anything for my Wii U since Guacamelee back in February. Iwata passing away, and the poor E3 showing put me over the edge as a Nintendo loyalist. So I bought an Xbox One, something I never thought I would do. Nintendo lacked clarity after Iwata passed. The support of the Wii U was forced to rely on two games in Mario Maker and Splatoon. That's N64 hard. I really hope whatever the NX is, that it manages to satisfy every classic Nintendo gamer, and future ones to come.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: Nintendo's Most Notable Moments of 2015:

It was a rough year for Wii U. Personally, I lost interest at the start of the year. It's 2015 and I'm still waiting on an account system. The constant DLC never interested me. It was good to see a large number of people get into Splatoon. It was good to see Super Mario Maker make a dent. But this was the year Nintendo lost its magic. I whipped out my N64 today and went to town with WWF No Mercy, and Turok. Tomorrow, I might bring out my backwards compatible Wii and play Eternal Darkness. I don't know what Nintendo could do make 2016 magical again. And I don't think Nintendo does either.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Bayonetta Confirmed as New Challenger in Super...:

Quite shocked by Bayonetta. By doing this, Nintendo is showing me that they have some interest in getting non Nintendo fans back in board. They already have the hardcore crazies snatching up amiibos and buying DLC, so it's nice to see them go outside of expectations. We'll see.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: Are You Excited About Minecraft: Wii U E...:

I'm actually interested in playing this on the gamepad alone. This game seems more suitable for a handheld experience, and I'm not even a handheld fan. Mildly interested, and I'll purchase once I see Nintendo establish an account system, and/or have digital purchases from the Wii U transfer over to NX.



Cyberbotv2 commented on NX Won't Be The Next Version Of Wii Or Wii U, ...:

Kimishima was well spoken in this Time piece. He just said exactly what he wanted to with no fluff. Now he has me intrigued about NX. And his comments about not abandoning current Wii U owners...that was very nice to hear. I wish Nintendo management had said something like this month's ago. Maybe I wouldn't have bought my xbox then.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Review: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Wii U):

Excellent in depth review. I'm only playing Monster Hunter on my Wii U right now, and it's deep. And NBA 2K16 on my xbox one. If Nintendo had released this in the spring of this year I would have been all over it, but now there is zero chance I play this.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Timing Of NX Launch Could Help Nintendo Grab S...:

Pachter is a clown. But he's actually 100 percent correct on this. That last statement is so key. Third parties got burned by Nintendo on the last two home consoles. What incentive do they have to come back? None. And what incentive does a current or previous Nintendo console owner have to purchase an NX. Almost none. Nintendo has managed to dilute their brand this gen.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: Did The Nintendo Direct Comeback Fire on...:

The direct was a failure for me. The push of Amiibo and collectible editions alienates me, because I'm not that target audience anymore. They are relying on these core users and penny pinching them. And so many of these games don't really have that Nintendo stamp on them. Something is lacking. I may just boot up my gamecube and dive back into Eternal Darkness right now. One thing that was solidified during the Direct was that E3 was no fluke. They have little in the pipeline other than abusing their established franchises. For me, that means I'm done purchasing any new games for my Wii U, and there is no chance I come back with the NX.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 12t...:

Looking at the Direct from a general gamer's standpoint vs. a die-hard Nintendo fan at this point, it was an average direct at best. Another Zelda game being rehashed is not for me. I would have much preferred a dormant franchise like Eternal Darkness being brought forward again. The inclusion of Cloud to Smash makes zero sense. I hope that's not suppose to appease Wii U owners feeling the lack of 3rd party support. The 3DS offerings looked good. I feel as if these Directs should be attempting to appeal to the lost N64, Gamecube and Wii Owners. Instead they're attempting to milk their remaining console owners for as much as possible.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

I'm fairly disinterested in this Direct. Honestly, what are they going to talk about. It won't be about any games we haven't heard about. It won't be about them dedicating themselves to the Wii U or 3DS. I haven't turned on my Wii U in 6 months or so. I don't see that changing. I hope people keep their expectations really low. Nintendo has dropped the ball since E3. To expect anything different at this point would be delusional.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

So many positive reviews are popping up. This game finally takes advantage of the gamepad, and the console bundle exclusive to Walmart in the U.S. may actually be a great idea. I kept reading that Splatoon was the defining game of the Wii U, but Mario maker looks like that game. Though ZombiU, and Deus Ex do get nods for great gamepad implementation.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Continues to Shift Its...:

Nintendo cannot be eyeing the prospect of digital downloads as a driving force until they establish an account system. They need to speak on this soon. Will these purchases carry over to the next Nintendo platform? Allowing access like that allows for more DLC, more Amiibo, and more trust with the Nintendo gamer.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Editio...:

Looks wonderful. I'm considering going digital on this one. The outline of the Nintendo account system should be in effect by December, and I'm expecting some type of big in digital purchases will carry over to the next device, i.e. NX. And for the collectors edition going almost 100 dollars is nothing. Considering the amount of work put into these games, that should be a standard price considering prices haven't gone up the last 20 or so years.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Poll: The Battle of the Nindies and Questions ...:

I had mentioned this with Amiibo a long while back essentially using a Wilt Chamberlain Amiibo for nba 2k to lure those third party games back to the console. The next best thing is use of the independent developers for this, and if the toys look as good as Shovel Knight, I'm more than willing to purchase not only the figure but the game. This has grabbed my attention far more than any first party Amiibo other than the anniversary Mario.



Cyberbotv2 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America):

Very, very good week. If they could drop stuff like this one week a month, that would be great. I thought the Wii U was marching to a slow death, but it feels like there are more games coming out now than before. If they could announce some sort of account based system and Club Nintendo system, that would really hook gamers to stay around.