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Wed 10th Jul 2013

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djtwenty9 commented on Video: Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investig...:

I don't think it looks bad but the animation is terrible... the characters have no life to them and they move so stiff. The cartoon is so fluid and I feel that the original art style was made around being fluid, like fins and jake's limbs..



djtwenty9 commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I want to give up on gaming not because of Nintendo but because of the ridiculous cry-baby attitudes of the fans. It is just absurd. I thought the whole point of Nintendo is to be non-judgmental and just wait and try it for yourself. Playing is believing, but I mean this has been going on since the early days. Wind Waker anyone?



djtwenty9 commented on Bayonetta 2 Triggered Platinum's Involvement W...:

@abe_hikura Dude, that's what I keep telling people. This game is impressive for rendering two screens at 60 FPS. They are sacrificing graphic power for that reason. It's a lot like Super Mario 3D World, where they had to sacrifice graphics for the ability to play as four 3D characters simultaneously. I wasn't impressed with SM3DW E3 until a couple directs after and finally when I played it.



djtwenty9 commented on Don't Worry, The Legend of Zelda is Still Comi...:

People are just so damn impatient these days, it doesn't matter if all the games in the world were shown, people would still complain about something. I own more than 10 must have gorgeous games on the WiiU and I plan to own more, as far as I am concerned Nintendo has done a very good job of supporting the WiiU and I feel I have already gotten my moneys worth. I still have Xeno to look forward to, I still have Mario Maker and Devils Third and a couple 3DS games as well. Sounds good to me.



djtwenty9 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Well honestly I wasn't blown out my pants and really had to take a seat back and analyze everything before I made a judgement. I think that what Nintendo does well is concentrates on games that are being released in the near future, but I still feel they need to hype what is next in store as well. One thing that made me happy is that they are still pushing the 3DS, and that makes me happy that the new 3DS I just bought won't go to waste, they are focusing on more multiplayer games on the 3DS as well which is cool. I loved 4 swords and looking forward to more multiplayer Zelda. Game wise for the WiiU I am happy because I just got splatoon, there's more reasons then ever to enjoy smash, can't wait for tourneys. I like seeing the collab with platinum for star fox and absolutely adore Mario Maker. But I do def think that Nintendo would have benefited from a HUGE announcement ala Zelda WiiU or whatever Retro is working on. They really needed to talk about Zelda more!



djtwenty9 commented on Video: GameChap Shows Us Five Ways to Get Bann...:

Just to clear up the verb-age here. When they say banned, they mean kicked... You are kicked from the game, and if you do it enough you will be punished with a time limit before you can play online again. You are not banned.



djtwenty9 commented on Splatoon's Iwata Asks Interview Considers Its ...:

I think it would be really cool to have a special where Mario comes out with F.L.U.D.D and cleans up enemy ink lol or a Frantic Mode where, every now and then Mario will appear and clean up any ink he sees regardless of color... lol Until someone takes him out lol



djtwenty9 commented on Kosuke Yabuki Explains That Every Mario Kart i...:

In Nintendo we trust... well we should. Obviously, Nintendo changed the battle concept because it was lacking before. Boohoo, no areas? who cares, this is a racing game, the Battle Mode should be secondary in the first place. NO one starts up Mario Kart saying oh man I can't wait to battle in the arenas! and if you do, you don't appreciate Mario Kart.



djtwenty9 commented on JetGetters Is The Most Insane Aerial Combat Ga...:


I dont quite think so there buddy... I mean, it all depends on what your using to develop with. There's Unity support for the WiiU.. so designing a game that would essentially work with all versions of Unity on all systems would be a lot easier then you think to port.



djtwenty9 commented on Nintendo Has "Lost Its Way" But Should Never B...:

I just don't understand how someone who hasn't been successful with their endeavours in the past 10 years can talk about another companies misfortune. The Wii-U is a fantastic system that just needs more developers to utilize it. Think creatively. I have a couple ideas for games that would be amazing, and use the gamepad in new different ways.



djtwenty9 commented on Review: Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest (3DS):

@9th_Sage I saw Frozen with my Gf when it came out, and I was not impressed. Coming from a heavy Disney Background, it was a sloppy mess to me.. and that snowman wasn't even in the movie hardly at all... It seemed like he was just tossed in. wreck it ralph was such a better movie.



djtwenty9 commented on EA Executive: Shigeru Miyamoto is 'Falling Dow...:

I don't feel that Miyamoto is losing his touch rather then building it and expanding on it. You can tell his direction has changed and he wants to explore your imagination and bring the kid back out from you. Like one of my other favorite creators ever, Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, Miyamoto has only begun

EA is full of it, especially this guy. Who is he again? What has he done for the gaming industry other then try to ruin it with monetizing schemes?



djtwenty9 commented on Review: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist (...:

This game probably deserves a 9, however the Wii U build is flawed and is an after thought for Ubi, we got the patch last, the patch didn't fix any of the game breaking issues. I can't even play online, without my console freezing mid game. It has so many bugs its not even funny. So it



djtwenty9 commented on Video: Want To See Just How Much Better Zelda:...:

Well to be fair, most people that played the original feel that re-buying Wind Waker wasn't gonna happen based just on the updated HD graphics... it's because of the gamplay tweeks like the Hero Mode, faster sailing and easier collecting quest... It's because of the gameplay changes, not the HD graphics, so i feel that you are not quite correct.



djtwenty9 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

Are you saying that because of the gamepad, Nintendo can't make solid games? To me the gamepad adds a more interactive interface to communicate through games. How is this a bad thing in anyway? Just because you personally haven't found a means for it to be beneficial, doesn't mean it isn't. And it's not like it's forced on you either. I understand that you're waiting for a game that truly utilizes the gamepad and I am too. But I am also glad that I can draw some nice artwork that can be shared on Miiverse and that is something you can't do on any other system.



djtwenty9 commented on Round Table: Let's Talk About the 2DS and Wii ...:

I sometimes hate reading these because I want to comment on their conversation.
To Gaz:
You obviously don't turn on your WiiU and use it, because you would then understand that the WiiU is built around the tablet. From hand written post, drawings, touch web scrolling. I find operating the WiiU OS a blast and would hate to have to go back to using a regular controller. It just seems so fluid and natural to navigate and communicate with the tablet more so then with a standard controller. Not to mention playing games with it. I have a samsung 23inch wide LED 2ms monitor that I use as my tv on a small table and the tablet sits right in front of it perfectly for my viewing angle. The experience to me is like no other... Justifying the gamepad on more then just a Game Level.



djtwenty9 commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

Honestly, I said it before and i'll say it again. Do you call and complain to Apple or Sony or Samsung or any other electronic company about price drops? That's just the business, technology goes out of date every 6 months or sooner in some cases. Only Nintendo had been so kind to it's customers to sometimes do something gracious about it. But you can't sit here and demand for free stuff because you decided to pay full price for a product at or around launch... come on!



djtwenty9 commented on Review: Jet Force Gemini (Nintendo 64):

One of my all time favorite games! I absolutely loved this game and got pretty much all the way to the end, but for some reason I didn't beat it because of some crazy collecting quest you had to complete to beat it and I never did.



djtwenty9 commented on Rumour: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD...:

I have the rubber cover over my gamepad already and it would block out the design anyways... I like the rubber cover to protect the pad and also it give it a nice weight, makes it feel like its worth an extra 100 bucks.