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Male, 37, United States

Arcades introduced me to gaming back in the early 80's. Then Nintendo went and saved the industry and I started buying video games based on the coolest box cover art~

Mon 15th Feb 2010

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bezerker99 commented on These Are Nintendo's Black Friday Hardware And...:

Absolutely nothing for me. I would rather spend full retail price on Xenoblade Chronicles X, which comes out one week after Black Friday, than get any of these games on sale. Also, none of these games are worth fighting the mad black friday rush at the stores.



bezerker99 commented on Nintendo Badge Arcade is Pinned Down For a 13t...:

This reminds me of the 1966 classic, "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

Nintendo of Japan gets an abundance of Virtual Console games yearly.
Nintendo of Europe gets Metroid Zero Mission, cool badge app for 3DS plus more goodies.
Nintendo of America might as well be Charlie Brown because all we keep gettin' are rocks!!



bezerker99 commented on The Final Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Update...:

MH4U is all I've been playing the last 2 months or so, like nonstop. I will be sure to grab the DLC today during my daily hunts. I will miss downloading the monthly DLC but there's MORE than enough stuff to do in this game now - not sure I will ever get around to ALL of it.