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Mon 27th Sep 2010

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RantingThespian commented on The Team Behind Earthworm Jim Would Like to Ma...:

I know Mike Dietz and Ed Schofield (two of the main members of the old EWJ team), are hard at work at Armirkog. still. I would hope that Pencil Test Studios (their company) next project would deal with EWJ, or a game like that. I know of a fan game that is being worked on, and that looks very promising.

I also do not agree with DTN political views, but as long as he doesn't force his views onto others, he can believe in whatever he wants. He is a very talented man and a good story teller. I just don't think it would be wise for me and him to hang out together.



RantingThespian commented on Retro Studios is Still Busy, With Job Listings...:

We all know they are NOT working on a Metroid title, 3D or Sidescolling. Other than Federation Force, there are no Metroid titles being worked on . . . and that is very very very sad.

I hope that it's an original IP. Not a sequel to anything, or a reboot of anything. I also bet it's going to be a launch title for NX.



RantingThespian commented on Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until Early 2016:

I will never support any Comcept again. It's not the delay, it's the dumb (I believe untruthful) reason, the lies, the lack of transparency, and and complete amateur way Inafune and company have handled the situation. I refused to back Red Ash due to the shabby way Comcept was approaching it, and how Mighty No 9 wasn't even out yet! The lack of any Nintendo support also kept me away.

Again, I am not just mad because the game was delayed. Armikrog has been delayed twice. However, Mike, Ed, and everyone have been completely transparent about everything. They have been open, honest, and have kept all of the backers 100% informed. The reasons for the delays have been to adding more content and changing designs to puzzles that weren't working out that well. They also wouldn't have delayed it if the backers were negative about it. However, we have been positive and supportive. I have only heard 1 person complain, while everyone else has been overwhelmingly positive. Oh, plus they are finishing their game before trying to start a new one.

Comcept deserves no sympathy, trust, or support. Mighty No 9 might as well be an EA title.



RantingThespian commented on Grim Tales and Horrifying Creatures Await in Y...:

To anyone who has doubts about this game, put them aside. This game is absolutely amazing! It uses real folklore, and amazing visuals to pull off something that is almost revolutionary. It is also very creepy! Do not play it late at night with all the lights out if you don't want to have nightmares.

My biggest concern is the second story, and if they don't find a way to include it, so much will be wasted. There was a huge second story that tied many questions from the original together. It was unlocked in the free mysterious companion app on the App Store. Once you unlock that, and go through that, the game becomes even more fascinating, and you need to play it again (not all the way) to see the "true" ending.



RantingThespian commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

Please DO NOT call it Wii NX, Wii 3, Wii U2, 3Wii, Wacky Wii, Wii The Next Generation, Wii Plus, Wii N, Wii NES, Wii SNES, Wii 64, Wii Cube, Wii Thingy, Wii Willy WiiWii Wicky Wii Wommbally Wii of WiiWiiWii, or ANYTHING containing the word Wii!

Come up with an original name that shows people it's a new console, and not an add-on. So many people thought the Wii U was a gamepad add-on for the Wii.



RantingThespian commented on Music: Tissues At The Ready For This Yoshi's W...:

@RyanCraddock From one singer/songwriter to another, bravo. Funny, yet surprisingly touching. Seriously, that was great. I have yet to see any of your other stuff, but if they are anywhere near this quality, I suspect I will enjoy them as well.

I do have one question. What was the effect you used on your voice? Is it the TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony G-XT?



RantingThespian commented on The Current State Of Virtual Reality Just Isn'...:

@dumedum That was 1993 tech. A lot has changed. Also, VR hasn't had a chance to take off. Occulus Rift and everything are still being worked on. They aren't in their complete final stages yet. Once they are finished, released to the masses (at a competetive price), with the right games, VR could skyrocket!

In fact, I wish I could get my hands on an Occulus Rift headset for when Cyan's (Creators of MYST and RIVEN) new game OBDUCTION comes out. Man that would be something.