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Wed 25th Sep 2013

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Ngamer commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

I dont get why most of the people are so negative...
nintendo made a new starfox and a new metroid and there is coming a never released eardbount!!!
and to think about all those new games that are coming like Yoshi woolly world and mario & luigi.



Ngamer commented on Nintendo UK Confirms Its Community's Top 10 Wi...:

I really like Lego city undercover its one of my favorite games.
But I guess most op the people dont even know the game....

1 Lego city undercover
2 Mario Kart 8
3 Super Mario 3D world
4 New Super Mario Bros WiiU
5 Hyrule Warriors
6 Super Smash bros

Games I stil want to try are Donkey kong Tropical freez but I think the game wil be too hard for me, and Captain Toad Treasure Tracker.
Splatoon and sonic all stars racing.



Ngamer commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

last time i played on my gamecube again and the screen was very blury... the gamecube generation deserves a hd remake
there are so many hd remakes i want to see like
paper mario: thousand year door
luigis mansion.
super mario sunshine
starfox adventure
zelda: twilight pincess