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I'm only grumpy half the time.

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Tue 6th December, 2011

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MagicEmperor commented on Preview: Mario Golf: World Tour:

Lack of download play is a bummer, but I'll still wait for reviews. Sorry to whine, but I was tremendously disappointed by Mario Tennis Open, to the point where after 20+ hours worth playing I heard a friend got a 3DS, and I gave him my copy to keep. I hope this new Golf will be good.



MagicEmperor commented on King Dedede to Wield the Mallet as the Latest ...:

Ohhh, I'm SOOOOO happy!!! I GOTTA text this to my friend (who's not as into video games to look up news but liked Brawl a lot) tomorrow. When we first played Brawl she said to me, "UGGH! I HATE Dedede's hammer!" Man, this is gonna 'make her day' for sure! Heh, heh. Yeah. ... K'bye.



MagicEmperor commented on Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Figurine Spooked Of...:

Me: "Nothing exciting happening with Club Nintendo rewards lately. Eh, guess I'll get these new Zelda posters that were announced. There, now my coins are lower, but hey, I got something."
[Not long after, the Luigi's Mansion figurine was announced. But there's no way to catch up with enough coins to get it.]
Me: "ALL. OF. MY. RAGE."