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Tue 6th December, 2011

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MagicEmperor commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:

STOP!! In the name of all things sacred, just. STOP!!! Do NOT give this joke of a developer the attention. It does not deserve it, their games are straight up awful at worst (The Letter is the worst Wii U game I've played to date), and I'll stick my neck out to condemn TreeFall Studios.

If it has fans, okay, fine, but count me out. But I will say that getting any game out of pity or with the false mentality that "These guys at least deserve my money just because they made an unpolished game from a small time, from scratch" only goes so far before the buyers are part of the problem.



MagicEmperor commented on Sonic Boom Gets a Whopping 1GB+ Update in Euro...:

@Octane Took the words right out of my mouth! I want nothing to do with Sonic Boom, end of story. You can patch, patch, patch it up until the cows come home, it still looks like virtual garbage. Throws his two cents at the game so hard they pierce through it like bullets



MagicEmperor commented on Retro Studios Launches Twitter Account And Set...:

Tropical Freeze is so underappreciated. The fact that it underperformed is criminally tragic. Anyone who went all emo over it not being a Metroid and avoiding it, I say this: Pbbblllllllt.

I'm gonna wait a while before I jump on the assumption bandwagon. But it's DEFINITELY a new Pilot Wings.



MagicEmperor commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

I've always leaned closer to getting the XL (since that's my preference), but it's beside the point. The lack of a regular sized New 3DS in America is baffling and unfair to those who are most comfortable with it. A friend of mine suggested maybe Nintendo of America just wasn't quite ready to step up to the plate regarding the customizable faceplates. Whatever the reason, it's very puzzling. And red, really? I wanted the blue! :(

Griping aside, the rest of the Direct was pretty swell by my standards.



MagicEmperor commented on Feature: Five Key Reveals We Want in 2015's Fi...:

You can't have my vote, you hear?! You CAN'T!
... That's because, like others, it won't work for me. BUT I would have voted for New 3DS release date since I'm in America, but I also really want details on Wii U games and, of course, amiibo stock updates.



MagicEmperor commented on SpongeBob HeroPants is Headed to 3DS Soon:

I never was a fan of SpongeBob, honestly. Considering I'm wearing a Ren & Stimpy shirt right now, that's when Nickelodeon was at its prime, if you want one man's opinion. Which you probably don't, but oh well!



MagicEmperor commented on Rumour: Dubious Walmart Listing Suggests Suppo...:

After Sticker Star, I'm not sure if I'd want another Paper Mario even if it was true. =/ That game really did a number on my soul. NEGATIVE STICKER STAR OPINION!

Edit: And I like Super Paper Mario and remember it fondly, mind. But I want a TRUE Paper Mario game after so many years.



MagicEmperor commented on Sonic Boom is Doing Pretty Well!:

The general consensus I've heard is that the TV show is better than the games, period. I dunno if that'll be enough to get me to watch it, but that's the word I've heard from my numerous Sonic fan friends.



MagicEmperor commented on Soapbox: Sonic, It's Time to Talk:

Fantastic article, Tom. A thorough and excellent read. You said it. Unfortunately, fanboys (which is not saying any rational Sonic fan, but the true blind sheep) are going to plug their ears and go LALALALALA, as they often do. Oh, well! As far as I'm concerned, the truth has been spoken.

I was tempted to check out Rise of Lyric just for laughs, but a bad joke isn't worth $60.