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I am a diehard Nintendo fan!

Male, 21, United States

I love Nintendo and everything about it! They are the only company I buy consoles from! I will forever be a Nintendo fanboy. ALSO! If you like watching live gameplay and speedruns of games, check out my twitch channel here:

Thu 3rd March, 2011

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HawkeyeWii commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I want to be excited, but we still don't know much about it. I have read a bit about the subject, but I would like someone to confirm if this is actually going to be a physical phone/portable device, or that Nintendo will start making their classic games for iOS and Android, etc..



HawkeyeWii commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

I'd love to see Sin and Punishment, both No More Heroes, Little Kings Story, and Red Steel 2 come to the eshop. They are some of the only great Wii games I never owned.

I take that back, I owned the first No More Heroes but sold it a couple years after I played the crap out of it.



HawkeyeWii commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Kart 64:

150cc is compartively a walk in the park??? 150cc on banshee boardwalk is so hard to get 1st. And if you do in fact think 150cc is so easy. Play Mirror. This game is sooo much better thn Super Mario Kart it isn't even funny. This franchise was made for 3D not 2D.



HawkeyeWii commented on Nintendo 64x64: Doom 64:

Best in the franchise... please....
DOOM was and still is the best first person shooter. DOOM64 is good but it is missing all the fantastic music of the first two games. It is kind of the oddball of the franchise.



HawkeyeWii commented on Capcom Is Remastering The GameCube Resident Ev...:

It is about time!!!!! An HD remaster is long, long, overdue for this fantastic videogame. The graphics for this still hold up amazingly and could easily be mistaken for a game from last gen. I am a little disappointed however that it isn't coming to Wii U in some way. I have this on Wii, but you can bet that I'll get this day one for PS3.



HawkeyeWii commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

Wii owners didn't upgrade to this because they don't know what it is. I had a party at my house the other day for Mario Kart 8. Every single person thought we were playing on a Wii. The people who got the gamepad in there hands were like how'd you get this controller for the wii?? And I'm like it is a completely different console. They were like no.. This is a wii. They just didn't get it, not even after I tried explaining the difference. They all thought it was a different looking Wii with a different controller.
These were videogame savy people who knew about the difference between a Xboxone and PS4 and they're counterparts, but not Nintendo's. This is the biggest reason Wii U's aren't selling. One word "confusion".