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Tue 27th Aug 2013

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Pinkman commented on The Next Nintendo Direct is on 12th November:

This is a direct on upcoming releases so I expect nothing su prising. I realise they have unannounced games releasing before Christmas but I imagine they are download only and I'm a little old school with games and prefer physical. Hype at a pretty low level for now but it's always nice to see new footage and I am looking forward to xenoblade.



Pinkman commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@DarkKirby if I'm honest I like that Nintendo is child friendly, it means I can play there games when the kids are awake, maybe even let them have a go so long as they don't leave their mucky prints all over the game pad.

Besides in this case I think it's a culture thing rather than blatant censorship.



Pinkman commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

@skywake I completely agree with you. I see miitomo as more of a tomodachi/animal crossing kind of game. It's something Nintendo have done very well in the past so I wouldn't write it off yet. If they throw in daily quests and street pass updates this could be a hit, a few mini games wouldn't hurt either.

Miitomo could be huge, at least in Japan, although I wouldn't rule out the west. Everybody loves daily quests there addictive, add in levelling up your miitomo and you have a winner.

If they could team up with facebook it would be massive!!!



Pinkman commented on Tributes and an Outpouring of Respect Are Shar...:

I didn't know the man but I knew his games, he shared that greatness with the world and for that I am sure he will always be remembered. I hope Nintendo continues to deliver the same qualities in his absence. Good night and God bless Mr Iwata.



Pinkman commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

After Microsoft and Sony bought their A Game I hoped Nintendo had something up there sleeve but after last year it's clear to me that they have give up on Wii U and are now resting all their hopes on the NX to replace both Wii U and 3DS



Pinkman commented on Splatoon 1.2.0 Update Promises A More Pleasant...:

@Beechbone Apologies but I have to disagree with you, I am a level 7 and haven't changed weapons yet but I still win regularly with the highest score. I don't think matchmaking is the issue. The balancing of the weapons however is a huge issue. The reason I haven't swapped weapons is that the others seem to be at a huge disadvantage. Of course that is just my opinion



Pinkman commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

This is the first Generation I have considered ONLY owning a Nintendo console (I don't, I have an Xbone I just don't have any games to play on it because well there aren't any!) the other consoles have so far released nothing of note. Of course Nintendo had the same problem last year so im hopeful for 2015 but the back catalogue and future releases for Wii U have me hyped! I never played on my Wii and after 3 Red Rings I gave up on the 360 so my PS3 got a lot of love but F Sony and F Microsoft until they can supply me with games!



Pinkman commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

@andreoni79 Thats not a real car its animated, so unless your going to Toon town with Roger and Jessica the only way you could drive it is in mario kart 8. Seriously get over it people its product placement, right now its a good thing for nintendo while the wii u gathers ground. Its not like microsoft and sony who constantly give us unfinished games then throw day1 dlc at us along with adverts on every page of there home screen dashboard.



Pinkman commented on Mercedes DLC Confirmed for Mario Kart 8 in the...:

Everybody complained when Nintendo wasn't advertising, now they're cashing in on one of their biggest franchises with one of the biggest car manufacturers people are still complaining. The car looks perfect next to the already included sports coupe. Come on people its not like they took a mclaren straight out of forza5 and just plonked it in the game because that would have just been silly.



Pinkman commented on Iwata: Wii Fit U's Free Trial Period Will Impr...:

I really cant see a free trial pushing sales after all if I need to spend £300 on a console to get the free trial is it really free? I can see a bundle with Wii fit u included being quite popular but only if the marketing is there. I think I've seen one advert for the Wii U this year and it was for Sonic Lost World last week.

Nintendo wont sell 100 million this time but I don't think they need to worry too much with all that money in the bank. I believe that it will be as successful as Gamecube and N64 and I think that's enough for Nintendo they never seem to want to be No1 which sounds strange from a business point of view but their quality shines through always has and that will keep them going into the distant future. Wii U is a brilliant console and I definitely prefer it over the Wii because I don't like having motion controls forced on me and Wii U gives me options over controls, where to play and which screen to use and what's not to love about options.



Pinkman commented on Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed as Latest Smash ...:

@thesilverbrick You make a good point on that basis she/he is an excellent choice, but imo it still looks out of place where sonic and megaman have a similar artistic style the trainer just looks too serious and mature. I don't mean that the game is immature but its like putting ocarinas link in the wind waker it just doesn't fit.



Pinkman commented on Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed as Latest Smash ...:

Am I the only one who doesn't think that the wii fit trainer was a good character choice? It just doesn't seem to fit the style of the rest of the characters and seeing her/him next to other characters it just seems so out of place.



Pinkman commented on Iwata Braves Press Conference to Explain Ninte...:

These figures are only up until September right? Since then Zelda, Wonderful 101 and Sonic have all been released, I reckon that improved sales a lot. Their holiday line up seems pretty decent even without DKTF and I heard a rumor Smash Bros may be out 31st December, I dont know how much truth their is too that but if true I can see ninty reaching 9mill before years end.



Pinkman commented on Wii Sports Club Will Download Automatically Wi...:

I think its a brilliant idea and I really hope it encourages more people to purchase a Wii U, I realise its not a regular system seller but I hope it means a lot of those casual gamers from the Wii will now make the jump to the new and much better (IMO) U. Would have liked it too be a little cheaper but for the number of times i'll play it it'll be much cheaper to just pay for a day pass.



Pinkman commented on The Wonderful 101 Misses the Top 20 in UK All-...:

If my wife can play this game it cant be that complicated. My wife loved the demo I think its the first game she's played since Barbie on the NES. This game was brilliant and I will be picking it up this weekend hopefully along with all the other people who have waited until payday so we can get a wonderful 102.