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Fri 5th July, 2013

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thesilverbrick commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

I've always been a sucker for Mario Party (I own them all, except for the GBA one) and I'll probably be picking this up on Friday, though I need to start inviting people over to play, because there's nothing sadder than playing Mario Party alone...



thesilverbrick commented on Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS eShop):

The last paragraph sums up my sentiments exactly. I play my five turns every three hours or so, and if I'm still itching for more in between, I switch over to Battle Trozei. I'm loving the game and I won't have to spend a penny.



thesilverbrick commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:

No worries here. I prefer the larger model, anyway, as the smaller 3DS feels kind of lost in adult hands. And truth be told, I don't even have any immediate plans to buy any New 3DS until there's a killer exclusive for it, and Xenoblade (a remake) doesn't exactly qualify...



thesilverbrick commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

Games like these should give you the option up-front to pay a normal retail game cost (say, $30-40) to unlock everything in an unlimited fashion. This model is particularly frustrating because no game is worth the hundreds of dollars a dedicated player could spend. It's ridiculous and shamefully unfair.



thesilverbrick commented on Video: Defy Gravity With These Sonic Lost Worl...:

It's funny how this game looks like a godsend after Sonic Boom. I have to admit, I did pick this one up a few months ago and I did actually enjoy my play through. It didn't have the finesse and technical grace that Mario Galaxy had, but I do think this game deserve some props for creativity.



thesilverbrick commented on Nintendo Highlights Great Games in a Rather Pr...:

@NodesforNoids It's way too early to dump the Wii U and move on. Nintendo would alienate and frustrate recent adopters of the system and make them even less likely to buy their next console. The Wii U needs at least a five year life like other consoles. Sega was quick to jump ship and upgrade their consoles so often and look what happened to them. Nintendo needs to ride this one out and make their next console in 2017 or so. And I think they're giving the 3DS a modest upgrade so it can stay in the market for a few more years with the goal of synchronizing a handheld and home console release when the Wii U finishes its run. Point is, now is not the time for Nintendo to abandon either the Wii U or 3DS.



thesilverbrick commented on Donkey Kong Land Rated And Ready For North Ame...:

@ricklongo Mojang only keeps making Minecraft on Sony consoles due to pre-existing contracts. Once those are up you won't be seeing Minecraft anywhere Microsoft doesn't publish it. Similarly, unless Microsoft wants to publish a new Rare game on Wii U, it's never going to happen. And there's essentially a zero percent chance of that ever happening.



thesilverbrick commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

You know, for a company that has had some financial troubles in the past couple years, you would think that Nintendo would be on top of keeping products with such high demand in stock. Fortunately, I was able to secure all the wave one amiibo and the GameCube controller adapter. I have all of wave two pre-ordered, with the exception of Captain Falcon. I'm sensing a nightmare trying to track him down.



thesilverbrick commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

I've been scooping up preorders in a panic today. I already have all of wave one, and I've got all of wave two pre-ordered, except for Captain Falcon, who I'll track down tomorrow. As for wave three, I've got everyone preordered except for Sonic, Rosalina and (terrifyingly) Lucario and Metaknight. I know those last two are going to be a nightmare to obtain...



thesilverbrick commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Packs a Hidden Family Payload:

I already have the entire first wave of twelve (plus Luigi and Zelda from the Loot Crate) and I think I honestly like them more as display pieces than I do as fighters in Smash. They all leveled up super fast and beyond fighting them on occasion (they are substantially better than level 9 CPUs), I'm already done. They need to increase their functionality in other games...



thesilverbrick commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

I tried to take yesterday off for gaming but I got stuck with a massive, last-minute work project out of state. I did manage to get home before the stores closed and pick up Smash and I played it until 2AM. I'm a zombie today but it was entirely worth it. Oh, and I got a Marth amiibo and it looks great. Must've been a good lot or something.



thesilverbrick commented on Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Is Not A Playable ...:

Amen, Sakurai. A tiny Ridley would look stupid after seeing him so massive in Metroid games. I mean, Samus fit inside his mouth in Prime 3.
And while they scaled up characters like Olimar and Kirby, notice that each series' characters are relatively properly sized when compared to eachother (Kirby is relatively correctly sized when compared to Dedede and Metaknight). Watching Samus battle a tiny Ridley would look nothing short of silly. I wholeheartedly agree with Sakurai here. Ridley is supposed to be massive by definition.



thesilverbrick commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

In some ways, Nintendo is their own worst enemy. Their exclusive first-party games are what sells the console and so third-party titles seldom make a splash on their consoles. the third parties pull support and Nintendo is left to keep their console afloat with their own titles.



thesilverbrick commented on Sounds Like Super Smash Bros. Director Masahir...:

This guy is my hero. The characters and universes represented in Smash have been entertaining me for nearly 30 years, and Sakurai brings them all together in such a perfect way, with such attention to detail. Bless his heart and give him a long, paid vacation after this, Nintendo.



thesilverbrick commented on Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 (Wii U):

I wound up buying all the figures for the first Disney Infinity, so I'm afraid to buy this one. However, I'm not a huge superhero fan, so I'd likely be buying it just for toybox mode and the new Disney figures. I think I'll have enough trouble collecting amiibo, as it is...



thesilverbrick commented on Pilgrim is Another Download Game Making the Jo...:

@Captain_Gonru While I will agree that graphics alone don't make a game, they can definitely lend themselves to making a game an overall more enjoyable experience. Not every game needs to look like a AAA high-budget title and run at 60 frames in 1080p, but when a modern game looks like it's running on a PC from 1998 I tend to shy away from it.

Mario 3 may look dated at this point, but you're forgetting that it was quite a visual stunner when it was first released and it pushed the NES hardware to its limits. And while I realize that not every developer has the time and resources to make their games push the Wii U to its limits, games with visuals like these make the Wii U look bad.

It would be as if Nintendo released Mario 3D World running on Mario 64's graphical engine. Sure, it would still be fun, but the overall experience would be lacking and less compelling if it didn't look so good. In today's gaming market, where every platform is quite graphically capable, there's really no excuse for games that look this poor.