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thesilverbrick commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U):

I have to admit that I got suckered into buying this for the Isabel and Digby amiibos. I swore I wouldn't collect this new series of figurines, but here I am starting all over again. I'm insane. I don't even want to think what the entire series of Smash Bros. figurines has cost me...



thesilverbrick commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@Konda But I'll have to purchase a game that runs on a console not produced by Nintendo, and if I like it enough I'll be hyped for the remake, which is exclusive to a rival console. Cloud isn't the most sane choice from a marketing perspective, that's all I'm saying.



thesilverbrick commented on Review: Slender: The Arrival (Wii U eShop):

@Acein210 Not gonna happen. The standard controllers (Gamepad, Pro Controller) don't have analog shoulder buttons GameCube games need. And there's no money to be made selling games on a underperforming console that require a rare adapter and a 15-year old controller (talk about a tiny sales demographic) .Don't expect GameCube games on Wii U soon, or ever.



thesilverbrick commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

@Nomad I think you misunderstood him. He's not saying that Nintendo is a toy company in that their products are not to be taken seriously. He saying that Sony is an electronics company that happens to make video games and Microsoft is a computer company that happens to make video games, as well. Nintendo started as a toy and card manufacturer, and that has always been their primary function. All video games are toys, really. And that's really all Nintendo does. Sony also makes televisions and other electronics, while Microsoft makes computer products. Games, which really are toys, is all Nintendo does.



thesilverbrick commented on Guide: 9 Tips for Playing Runbow:

I was a doubter, even after the demo, but I couldn't turn down the discount, so I picked it up. And, wow, it's great. Every Wii U owner should get this one. It's as enjoyable alone as it is with a huge group of friends.



thesilverbrick commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

@fortius54 It's funny you say that Star Wars has many strong female characters. Oddly enough, I believe there were only four female characters total in the original trilogy with any sort of speaking role. Other than Leia, only Aunt Beru, Mon Mothma and the odd dancing alien with the weird lips from Jabba's palace spoke at all. The prequel trilogy wasn't much better. There was the obvious Padme, but beyond her, there was Zam Weisel (who promptly died), one of the cloners from Kamino, Padme's attendants, and a few Jedi who never spoke. Maybe I'm missing a few, and I'm not familiar with the expanded universe stuff, but the Star Wars movies aren't exactly brimming with strong female characters.



thesilverbrick commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

@PikaNick Splatoon's DLC is content that was already finished and was drip-fed to us after release. The game would be bare-bones without it. Smash's content is being developed after the fact and added to an already very complete game. The developers of the DLC need to be paid. Where does that money come from?



thesilverbrick commented on Super Smash Bros. Is Getting A Massive Update ...:

I'll take the K. Rool costume as a good sign. Remember when Sakurai showed the Meta Knight Mii mask the day before revealing him on the website? He's trolling, but I think he's trying to tell us something is on the works...

And I'm really hoping for local tournies, as well.



thesilverbrick commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

I have zero interest in Ryu or even Street Fighter in general, but Ryu's legacy was really born on the SNES. And sure, the newest games aren't coming to Wii U, but to say that Capcom doesn't support Nintendo is simply not true. Monster Hunter is essentially Nintendo exclusive at this point, and I seem to remember a Street Fighter game on 3DS in recent years. Plus, I dare say that Capcom is the largest third party supporter of the Wii U Virtual Console.
Or, if you really can't get over it, just don't buy him and he stays out of your game entirely. Wow, that was easy...



thesilverbrick commented on Cube Life: Island Survival Hits the NA Wii U e...:

I've actually never played Minecraft, so I'm not entirely sure what the fuss is all about. But I figured if Mojang ever released it on a Nintendo platform I'd try it out. And then Microsoft bought them out, so that's never happening. Now I figure I'll wait until a bunch of these clones release and I'll buy and play the one that reviews best.



thesilverbrick commented on NPD Survey Outlines Bright Future For amiibo A...:

I've got all the Smash amiibo so far, as well as Toad. I've been pretty successful in that I've only had to pay over the retail cost for less than ten of my 32 figures. I've got preorders on everything except Greninja at this point, who I know I'll be paying a pretty penny for, though I find that importing from Japan is generally pretty reasonable. Hopefully I can get the rest of them without issue...



thesilverbrick commented on Nintendo Announces Best Buy Locations and Deta...:

Why is it that New England always gets ripped off in things like these? We are one of the more densely populated regions of United States, but Nintendo seems to forget we exist. There's absolutely no way I'm driving into the hellhole that is New York City to play a couple minigames on 3DS. This could've been something amazing, but they've severely dropped the ball, both in their choice of game and severely limited locations.