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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pj1 commented on Nintendo 2DS Drops To $99 In North America:

I bought a 2DS brand new for £39:00 from a super market online, so pleased I did because day or two later they were full price again. I bought a case too for £10.00. I was pretty pleased it came with a 3DS charger!



Pj1 commented on Video: Get Happy with Our Super Mario McDonald...:

@Pete41608 I'd like one too! I totally agree.

Starwolf_UK You are so right my friend, this is what happened last year. The toy Alex got (boomerang Mario) was totally different to the ones I got today, I got Yoshi and the hat. So McDonalds are all ready doing them in a very random sort of way, I also think unless they run out of stock early (they won't with the hats) new ones will appear every Wednesday.

Nintendo Life I'm pretty sure if you guys sold merchandise it will sell....
you could do t-shirts, pens, mugs and if you're got permission the odd dvd.



Pj1 commented on Gallery: Take a Look at the Super Mario Happy ...:

I told Nintendo Life about this about a month ago and even the release date, I'll be collecting these again but I will also buy them too, last time I had to buy one on ebay. Not this time, I'll go to my local Mc'ds next Wednesday....



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Announces Super Mario Maker Wii U Har...:

I think Nintendo have been really lazy with the release of this bundle, yes the box artwork looks pretty good but I feel a bit let down with this. Five years ago Nintendo released a limited edition red Wii with a built in game Donkey kong and bundled it with New Super Mario Bros, they even released red DS XL with Mario branding on them. What I don’t get is when they released the Wii-U Zelda wind maker pack the game pad has / had nice artwork on the actual game pad. This is just a repacked Wii-U bundle with the limited edition game pack inside, this is a real shame. If the Wii got a built in game then why havn’t they done the same with this edition, this is supposed to be Mario’s 30th Birthday. Yes they releasing standalone 8 bit Mario amiibo’s is nice but not for my wallet, I had been looking forward in Nintendo releasing a limited edition Wii-U bundle as I really wanted to get one but now I have to reconsider this one. I am looking forward to Mario maker and having the chance in playing other peoples designed levels, I even set a countdown timer on my phone for this release. The other thing that I am annoyed about is the SMM Wii-U bundle is not on the Nintendo store’s website yet and I bet when it does it’ll be £300.00. Shame.



Pj1 commented on Poll: What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Plat...:

I would like VC games to go be available quicker and more choice, I would really like if E.A will do a VC service as I think people will still play ice hockey, Desert strike and road rash games. I was thinking the other day how cool a Sim City game would be on the system if Nintendo makes it with EA and make unique. I really would like Nex to be the system that people sit up and take notice with, I thought the Wii was that console. However for me I won't get one on launch I'll probably wait about 6 months or so, I really feel like I got my fingers burnt by adopting 3DS and Wii-U on launch day only for the systems to get big price drops and besides I still have a huge back log of games to play from Wii and Wii-U. Sorry Nintendo.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Official UK Store Throws in a Neat T-...:

Lets hope the Nintendo store has enough stock to go round but to be all most sold out in less than 24 hours is pretty amazing. I feel lucky that I got my order in after an hour and half of recieving the email from Nintendo!

And now the count down starts.

I am secretly hoping for limited edtion Wii-U bundles and 3DS console bundles to mark the Super Mario anniversary.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Official UK Store Throws in a Neat T-...:

It's a bit od that amazon don't have the amiibo version pack, I've pre-ordered it with Nintendo store. I hope I didn't leave it too late but I did pre-order with game as well, 2 months for this game feels like it will be a long, long wait. I am also looking forward to a Nintendo Direct nearer the time!



Pj1 commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

@Chaoz I agree with you but I bet you guys get Super Mario Maker months before we do, I think it's crazy UK/ Europe gets it on Friday and America and Canada have to wait four months. And no I'm not taking the p**s.



Pj1 commented on Review: Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U):

I pre-ordered this two months ago and I hope it comes OK, as it supposed to be bundled with a green Yoshi Amiibo. I'm looking forward to it but not when I see the £50 spent for it on the credit card.....



Pj1 commented on Super Mario Maker's Packaging Sure Looks Pretty:

I have pre-order SM.M on amazon for £45.00 no mention of the book on there though, it's only just been announced.

I feel like I've got some serious saving up to do especially if Nintendo decide to bundle the 8-bit Super Mario amiibo with the game, also I'm really looking forward in hearing if and when Nintendo are linning up a direct as I am really hoping for a limited edition Wii-U bundle and I'd like to buy it if it becomes available. Quite a nice way for Nintendo to celebrate Super Mario's 30th Birthday but I still left wondering what else they have planned.....



Pj1 commented on Poll: How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 ...:

I never played Star Fox or as I remember it Star Wing, didn't really get it and I don't know if I can be bothered with it....

However I pre-ordered Yoshi Woolly World, I pre-ordered Super Mario Maker on Wednesday. I might pre-order Zelda and keep it sealed until I get round to play it, the new Mario Tennis game I'm not sure as I really liked the Wii version. Won't be the same
As for the 3DS Mario and Luigi Paper jam and the new Zelda title.

As for anything else I'm really not interested in the other titles, Sorry Nintendo.



Pj1 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Don't we still have another day? what I mean they have tomorrow as well to announce stuff, it'll be Okay I guess as Nintendo do the Directs I love them but E3 was supposed to be the show case for them to show new important stuff. I am looking forward to Super Mario Maker but I still think that they can or should have a very special anniversary title coming along. In some ways Nintendo are danmed if they do and danmed if they don't. I reckon Nintendo will do a special direct nearer the time to celebrate all things Super Mario....



Pj1 commented on Super Mario Maker is the Final Name for the An...:

I can't wait for Super Mario Maker, it wil be so good playing other peoples levels. I'm sure we will learn more in the next few days, I'm looking really forward in seeing and hearing Nintendo's E3 presentation.



Pj1 commented on Official Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary We...:

The 'training mode' told me I needed more practice playing Mario Sunshine so I never bothered with it since, also it felt like the world was in a town where's other Mario games had their own different World's. I don't know how SM.S is a sequel to SM 64, however I will one day go back to Sunshine and see for myself. I hope it's not....



Pj1 commented on Official Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary We...:

I think Nintendo will choose to celebrate all things Mario about September afterall that's when Mario Maker is due out, I've given this some thought actually as I enjoy myself celebrating his Birthday.

I wonder if Nintendo will do a separate 'direct' to announce the Mario celebrations or if they will drip feed us some information at E3?

I wonder if they can do a Super Mario All Stars game that features up to date graphics but also a mode where you can play the retro games how they were intended from back in the day.

A brand new Paper Mario title
I also reckon Nintendo will release limited edition Wii-U and 3DS packs.
A discount of games on the Wii-U and 3DS service and for Europe to get NSMB DS for the Wii-U and Mario World GBA for the same service.
I'd really like a nice HD remake of Mario 64 and for them to release some nice books by Prima, they might release the Galaxy games on one disc on the Wii-U but I'm not too sure about that one happening. I would also love it if they release Mario is missing and time machine on the Wii-U VC service. All I know is that I am really looking forward in what the big N has up their sleeve and that E3 will be pretty good this year!



Pj1 commented on Nintendo is Discontinuing the Basic 8GB Wii U ...:

I think Nintendo should have done a 32GB white and black models from the start, the white one has become pretty differcult to get hold of in the UK. I wanted to get another one but I will probably hold out and see if a limited edition version turns up to celebrate Mario's 30th Birthday.



Pj1 commented on Silver Edition Mario amiibo Hits North America...:

North America, all though limited got gold Mario's
North America, availabilty will be probably be better than the gold ones will get silver Mario's.
UK / Europe get sweet nothing.....

Hopefully we will get some thing nice when Mario hits 30.

Nintendo re-stock Amiibo's in the UK please...



Pj1 commented on Poll: Is It Time For a Fresh Alternative to th...:

It would be nice if Nintendo read this article, the views from N.L users / readers are very interesting, we need more titles on the VC and to have cheaper prices. All though I do like the fact that if you own a game on the Wii VC and you've transfered to it to Wii-U you can get for about £1.50 to £2.00. I think the Wii VC was a unique selling point when the Wii was released.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America):

Had some fun playing Amiibo tap earlier, I know it's a lucky tip style game but does anyone know what Amiibo's unlock the games?

Played Kirby, Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Zelda a link to the past. I recieved a couple Amiibo's for my Birthday so I will see later what games they unlock!



Pj1 commented on Review: Elliot Quest (Wii U eShop):

I played this recently in Nintendo World I was pretty impressed with this game but I found it a bit tricky, I will probably download this. I wish it was a bit cheaper though.