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Sun 20th January, 2008

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Pj1 commented on Super Mario Bros. 3:

This is the same price as the 3DS version!! if you download one of the versions can you get it on the other console?



Pj1 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I like to have a look at Super Mario World 3D and the classic snes version as I am trying to complete it doing all 96 exits on the Wii-U game pad, also I am going to do 100cc on Mario kart and see how I do on 150cc. After that? I might do some F1 races on the (cough-cough) PS3 F1 2010



Pj1 commented on Poll: Have Your Say On The GamePad's Role With...:

Even though I have games on the Wii VC and transferred them to the Wii-U I really like playing them on the Wii-U pad, whenever I'm in the mood I play Super Mario World on and bring up a game guide on the TV it's very handy. I do think that the service should be expanded from the other platforms, whether one day it's N64 or / and Mega Drive. As for GBA games coming to Wii-U I think it's a good move by Nintendo and I am looking forward to seeing them on a TV and as for DS that's going to be very good! I don't know if I speak for everyone who reads articles on Nintendo life but I'd be happy to pay a £1 - £2 extra to be able to download games and play them on 3DS as well as Wii-U. Shame you can't but hay it's good to have retro games on Wii-U!



Pj1 commented on Super Mario McDonald's Happy Meals Hit the Fla...:

I am looking forward to these coming out, I collected the Lego Movie cups and now these. I won't mind if I get doubles, I think the big M will do two a week like they did with the cups. Their toys are getting better.



Pj1 commented on Month Of Kong: What Donkey Kong Country Means ...:


Yes please, I hope they can make it happen!! the games were on VC but were taken off because Rare is owned by Microsoft. Ive read on this article that Donkey Kong country in November is celebrating it's 20th Birthday an NTSC 3 game version would be great with the soundtrack. If only Nintendo and Retro Studios could work out a deal with Rare, I know this sounds random but I still have the video tape that was released at the time. It's weird because the game was developed in the UK but NOA took a lot of the credit for it. I think they tested it (a lot) and gave it quality assurances. Also the game was destined to be a release for the N64 but that console was no where near being completed. It played well and looked stunning, it also gave the SNES a new leash of life. Not that the SNES needed it.

Nintendo please celebrate Donkey Kong Countries 20th Birthdat!!



Pj1 commented on Ninterview: Aaron "NintendoTwizer" Norton and ...:

I thought the angry nerd had a big collection! NintendoTwizer has a lovely collection it's a stunning room. Would like to see more of it though, NintendoTwizer thanks for sharing it with Nintendo Life and users of this site! WOW....



Pj1 commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Makes Top...:

Just looked at the charts, interesting the Lego Movie video game sold more on X box 360 than any other console and the 3DS version outsold the Wii-U version! WOW!! Thank You for supplying a link for the V.G chart....



Pj1 commented on Review: The LEGO Movie Videogame (Wii U):

I havn't seen the movie yet but I really like the game, for a movie tie in it's actually rather good. It has some cut scenes from the movie too! I've only ever played Star wars, Indiana Jones and Batman for about 10 minutes by the sounds of it those games are better so I'm in for a treat when I go back to them. I've heard that they doing Ghost Busters Lego game but I would really love it if Nintendo allowed the Lego game makers to do either a Mario or Zelda title! it might be tricky to pull off but I could see that run and run!



Pj1 commented on Super Mario Bros. Deluxe Set For 27th February...:

I understand people saying that they would rather pay for this than download it for free, I was pleased to download it. All though I thought it was like the Super Mario All Stars version, but a free game from Nintendo is not to be sniffed at. Thanks Nintendo.



Pj1 commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

Hard to say if I am disappointed as I have got lots of Wii-U games that are worthy of my attention, however if Nintendo announced F-Zero yesterday everyone would have stood up to take notice. I'm hoping that MK8 will feature retro tracks!
Also dare I say it Nintendo or Mario rather, celebrates 30 Years next year! I totally trust Nintendo that they will keep Wii-U alive.



Pj1 commented on Hardware Review: Retro-Bit Super Retro Trio & ...:

I bought a Retro duo a few years ago and it said it can & does play NES games it didn't.... I imported it from the U.S it came and I had to pay import tax and buy a new adapter plug for it! Wasn't a bad system though. At the time I had Mario RPG and it was nice getting it to work on the system, however I sold RPG for same price I bought it for and then a couple of months later it came out on Wii-VC!!



Pj1 commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

I am pleased Matthew Castle is the new editor of ONM and that Nair has ended up at Nintendo, Good for him. I really liked Nintendo Gamer and it was sad when it closed down, I preferred it to ONM some times they covered some great retro stuff and those DVD's that used to come with the magazine I still have them. They used to give away game guide books too! Going back to ONM they took the franchise over from when the magazine was called Nintendo Magazine system or whatever it was called. They tidied it up and made it more appealing to older readers, I hope Mr Castle brings back some elements of Nintendo Gamer like the retro games sections and oh the page that featured Nintendo stuff around the World..... To any Nintendo Life readers who used to read Nintendo Gamer ( or N-gamer) you guys know what I am talking about.



Pj1 commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

I hope so!

Just read the above comment, there are other ways they can make profit agreed. The can start with a release of the SNES controller for the Wii instead of disappearing from Nintendo club shop, they could bring out NES and N64 controllers to enhance our enjoyment of playing VC games like they were back in the day. Next year Super Mario celebrates his 30th Birthday and Nintendo could do with doing a proper Mario Collection games-disc!



Pj1 commented on The Nikkei Reports Potential Nintendo Smartpho...:

Could a phone replace a handheld console and some how links up to the next Nintendo home console? the last thing should do is rush out a phone, the Wii-U is a good platform and for a while the 3DS struggled. The 3DS is doing well now? Wii-U seems to be on the back foot at the moment, I can't help but think Nintendo need new games for that to sell not just Mario and Zelda. Going back to Nintendo 'doing' phones maybe they should have bought Nokia? Also if Nintendo get the design right, the deals good with phone networks they could just make it work. We have to wait for the announcements, I still think Nintendo could still tap into other ideas like they could sell NES, N64 controllers that plug into wii controllers. I know they wont make millions but it could and should happen.



Pj1 commented on Rare Nintendo World Championships Cartridge Ev...:

Oh dear! the person who put that bid in should honor it and pay. Even if I had the money I wouldn't not had bought that game, its £60,000 in British money I could pay a large chunk off the mortgage for that and buy a nice new car and still maybe have some cash left over for a good holiday But really who is really going to pay that money for that cart that is so ripped?.



Pj1 commented on Video: This New F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edit...:

If it's like the PS3 version it's a weird game, one minute you're running in last place and then by the end of the race you win it. Shame it's £20 I was going to get it but I'm not for that price!! I reckon a review will and should come out soon and the game will be rated about a 6 or 7.



Pj1 commented on Site News: How was 2013 for Nintendo Life?:

I found this site by accident in 2006 I was looking for a site that a magazine called N-Gamer were going on about, since then I've been hooked. I remember hooking up a lap top up to dial up internet and seeing that Mario Kart 64 had been released for the Wii VC service and when I got home I downloaded, I'm on the site daily and have been visiting daily since that day I found the site. Any way keep up the good / hard work people of Nintendo Life, I hope everyone who enjoys, writes on this site I'd like to wish them a Happy New Year!