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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Pj1 commented on Opening Details for the Remodelled Nintendo NY...:

I really like the store, the staff are pretty friendly. I have been lucky enough to visit the store five times. It was apart from getting to the hotel the first place I go to when I go to NYC, I'd love one to open in London. I'd really like to see what the store looks like after it's remodel, including the merchandise.



Pj1 commented on Talking Point: The Allure of the Virtual Conso...:

I might have said it once before but if it not I'll say it if it wasn't for the VC service I probably wouldn't have bought a Wii, had I not bought a Wii or I wouldn't have bought a Wii-U. I am a keen, big supporter of VC.



Pj1 commented on Talking Point: Let's Dare to Believe that Soni...:

I'm hoping for Sonic 1 remastered in HD! I am also hoping for a nice Sonic Collection to be released on Wii-U but it includes a Megadrive controller!
Sega can release next gen Sonic games on the next gen consoles....



Pj1 commented on New York's Nintendo World Store Prepares for M...:

I quite the Nintendo Store in New York, I've been lucky to go there. I last went there April 2015 and felt that it could have sold more exclusive merchandise, I wish it well and hope they will one day open in London!



Pj1 commented on Talking Point: The Easily Forgotten Hardware R...:

I have heard that there is a big difference between the old 3DS and now the new one, one online video I watched says that the older one is unplayable!

I will get one if they price drop it, all though £130.00 isn't a bad price but I'd definitely get one if it went to £80- £90 someday.



Pj1 commented on Splatoon and Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo Included i...:

The large Yoshi yarn is quite expensive, I bought three Splatoon amiibo's for the price of one Yoshi! I also bought a T shirt as it was all ready in my basket! looking forward to the amiibo's arriving.



Pj1 commented on You Can Now Buy A Replacement Wii U GamePad On...:

It won't cost £70.00 in the UK though will it? more like £90.00, the Wii-U has been out all most 3 years and this has taken too long to come out. If it makes it to the UK I'll pick one up but I'd love it if (it won't happen) if the B,A X and Y are the same colours as the SNES European controller were / are. They did it with the new 3DS!

Also It will be nice if they did release a separate Wii-U pad if it's bundled with an adapter!



Pj1 commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

Nintendo sent me an email that the direct starts at 10pm UK time and come Thursday by the time I get home from work (unless I go out) I will miss some of the direct, doesn't matter. I can catch up on Nintendo life and then the next day the repeat might be repeated on youtube or whatever.

I reckon if they don't mention Zelda Twilight Princess HD it won't happen.

Lets see........



Pj1 commented on Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 10 Today:

Happy Birthday!
I remember I was reading N Gamer and they had a feature about a website that featured screen shots of the Wii VC but for some reason I couldn't find it in the magazine but I did google it. Anyway I stumbled across N.L and I would go on the site every thursday / friday to see what great games were put up on the Wii VC service. Nowadays I visit every day, Well done guys!



Pj1 commented on Preview: Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: U...:

I am tempted but I've seen this game on the Game, Nintendo store and Amazon for £40.00 even if I wanted this for Christmas and got it I think it's a tad unfair to expect someone else to pay that price for it. If the game came out at £25.00- £30 I'd be tempted, I enjoyed Mario tennis on the wii that was pretty cool. I think I'll wait for a price drop first.



Pj1 commented on Rumour: More Evidence Mounts of Twilight Princ...:

It'll be interesting when / if Nintendo does a direct and this gets announced, I hope the HD title if the rumour is true gets a physical release and the retail price is reasonable. I won't download it as I think it will take a lot of memory.



Pj1 commented on Sonic The Hedgehog Titles Being Pulled From Th...:

I downloaded these when they first came out, in fact the day I got my Wii I downloaded Sonic 1 and the day 2 came out I did the same. It's a real shame that they are being pulled from that service. So does that mean the Mastersystem versions will come off soon then?



Pj1 commented on New Euro Wii U Premium Bundle Contains Mario K...:

The lead up to Christmas Nintendo will do well selling these bundles, I think if there are people thinking 'shall I buy a Wii-U? I don't know' I'd say now is the time to buy one and if you don pick one up you won't regret it. If the pack was Splatoon and Mario Party 10 I would have been annoyed as I recently bought a Brawl bundle with a physical copy and it's the white edition.I have two now one for the lounge and for the spare room.



Pj1 commented on Nintendo Download: 8th October (Europe):

I can't believe no nice discounts on any Super Mario games still but I'm not that bothered....

As long as my Wii works with Super Mario All Stars I'm happy.

Sonic 2 instant download for me as I still have credit left on my account. Thank You Sega and Nintendo.



Pj1 commented on GAME Apologises for Super Mario Maker Pre-Orde...:

I was hoping for calm after the storm but I have still have not received an email from game that my order has been dispatched. So in the next few days or so I will get my 6 refunds, however if I get the game on friday I will be happy.

@Sakura You can return the item at your nearest game instead of posting it back....



Pj1 commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

Sorry Nintendo Life if I have posted so many times now but

@ROBLOGNICK I am in the same boat as you.

@Starz I havn't had the dispatch email yet but thank you for your reply

This is not funny but they emailed me the other day saying that they would 'process' orders on Monday and then this happens.



Pj1 commented on GAME Processes Additional Charges on Super Mar...:

I've just looked at my emails from earlier and I got five from them saying that the order was being processed!!
Did anyone get this on their emails as well?
"The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator"

What does that mean, has anyone else had that?



Pj1 commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

I've just looked at my emails from earlier and I got five from them saying that the order was being processed!!

Did anyone get this on their emails as well?
"The store has encountered a problem processing the last request. Try again later. If the problem persists, contact your site administrator"



Pj1 commented on GAME Promises Quick Refunds After Charging Cus...:

I wondered why had weird emails from them yesterday (Monday) I personally think that my pre-order has been cancelled, I can't log on to my account. Its saying my password is wrong, so I got a reminder to reset it and now that don't work either. I just hope whatever happens Nintendo Store UK don't mess this up as I might be left with no game on release day.....

I pre-ordered from game and Nintendo store as I wanted to keep one sealed.

Oh and if anyone pre-ordered from game can they please post on here when they get an emal from them saying it's been dispatched. Thank You,



Pj1 commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer...:

How comes Super Mario All stars isn't on the list? I would have voted for it.

I have great memories from All Stars, even bought it again on the Wii.
However as SMAS wasn't there I voted for Super Mario World in fact I am trying to find all 96 levels before Maker comes out, no easy task as I am at work in between. I have completed SMW finding all 96 levels four times, I've heard recently that if you collect all the dragon coins in every level you can get 100% but I think that is too hard to do it!

I would have voted SM3 as my second choice but that game is hard and I would even go as far as saying it's harder than SM World. I like Lost levels but that game is just mean, very hard. However the All Stars version I quite like a lot because if you use all 5 lives on a particular level you go back to that level and not right back to the start of the world like on other Mario games on All Stars.

I wonder whether in 5 years time when Super Mario celebrates his 35th Birthday and Nintendo Life do this poll again I just wonder where and how Mario Maker will do......



Pj1 commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 DS - 2004:

I had this game & still do, I bought it really cheap brand new at MVC when they were closing down. I played it & hated the controls, then sold it for more than I paid! & it wasn't on an auction site!
Recently I found it in tesco's again it was pretty cheap, I've played it but I still can't get used to the controls. Got it on Wii-u VC but I'm really hoping Nintendo will allow us to use a GameCube controller on the Wii-u VC, I recommend using a G.C controller & not the classic one.



Pj1 commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I've pre-ordered this; I should be sent a t-shirt from Nintendo store and badge set from another on-line retailer. Dunno what I'm looking forward to the most?
Wearing the t shirt or admiring the badge set in a nice decorative box, I'm going to be sad I'll wear the yellow the t shirt whilst I play it. I am also going to try every possible level and of course try to design a few of my own levels, I've also set myself a challenge I'm going to see if I can do a re-run of Super Mario World and find all 96 exits before this game hits my letter box next week. I'm excited and have set a countdown timer, 'I will give it a look now' 8 Days, 14 hours, 29 minutes! (I don't know how accurate it is) to go!!
I just wish I've booked some time off work for it but I don’t know how speedy it will be once posted, I also wonder how many consoles Nintendo will sell as a result of this game being released?

Also I will check Nintendo Life like I do every day, to find out what else the big N has in store to celebrate Mario’s birthday.