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Wed 14th May, 2014

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Mega719 commented on Nintendo Is A Slave To Its Past Success, Says...:

I just don't like them going down like this. I think the Digital Event is getting more hate then what is deserved. Yeah i hated the announcements too but maybe Nintendo didn't want to show products that weren't ready to be shown yet like the NX so they could be better revealed later. Now everyone is calling Wii U dead and expects the NXto be released next year just so Nintendo can compete.



Mega719 commented on Sony Is Assisting With The Creation Of Shenmue...:

Yeah they are helping but wouldn't it be Suzuki's choice whether or not it makes it to other platforms? Nintendo helped development on Bayonetta 2 but if Platinum wanted to bring it to other platforms then they need the ok



Mega719 commented on Yooka-Laylee Reaches Final Stretch Goal On The...:

Thought the campaign was already over, great everything was funded. I hope Shenmue 3 comes to Wii U, it already smashed it's funding goal not even a day later. An FAQ stated PS4 and PC are the planned platforms but others have not been decided. With it's quick success it may happen



Mega719 commented on Feature: Our Hopes and Dreams for Nintendo at ...:

So far i haven't found myself bored with any of the other press conferences. They have done a great job so i just hope Nintendo has fun with with the Digital Event like last year and has a lot of great reveals. But they have to step it up with the reveals as so far there were huge demonstrations like Fallout 4 and the Hololens



Mega719 commented on Street Fighter Legend Ryu And Fire Emblem's Ro...:

I hate getting all these spoilers before E3 (this can either be shown tomorrow or the Digital Event) just because we aren't getting SFV and Capcom already has a character in this game doesn't make the inclusion unnecessary. I for one am happy he's in, we barely have "fighting game" characters in this series and Ryu is one of the most iconic. Maybe if Capcom haven't shat on their fanbase Ryu would have been a more enjoyable inclusion



Mega719 commented on Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Is Dashing To The Ninte...:

I give them credit for trying again after the horrendous previous attempts at video games for the cartoon. The show is alright for what i've seen but much rather get a brand new entry on Wii U, why do we need all these side projects? Speaking of Sanzaru where is the next Sly Cooper?



Mega719 commented on Capcom Reveals E3 Plans and Mega Man Legacy Co...:

Releasing it on 3DS just defeats the purpose of claiming this is a "HD" collection. The screenshots don't look at all different from the original and we have the internet and Artbooks to look at sketches. Capcom needs to release a new game