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Wed 14th May, 2014

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Mega719 commented on Collectors Be Warned, Some amiibo Figures Will...:

Probably wouldn't get all of them anyway as Skylanders i am spending a lot on already. Hope they are really important figures you need like Link Amiibo (getting at launch) great they are making 3DS games with it



Mega719 commented on Costume Quest 2 Confirmed for European Wii U R...:

Great was wondering when it would be released no surprise it's this week. Watched Walkthroughs of the first game and it is fun and unique. Seen some criticisms of this new game but i may enjoy it a lot. Hopefully North America is this week too



Mega719 commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

Why would it need a price cut? It's the cheapest of them all and well worth that investment unlike X1. People would soon realize how much more superior Wii U's library is compared to its competitors. If not than its the more underrated machine this generation or even all generations, with way too much baised criticism when people don't know what they are talking about



Mega719 commented on Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 (Wii U):

You didn't talk about the other main negatives of the game's progression. The stories aren't very well written, the game has a bigger open world to explore but it's largely empty making traveling to the next mission or doing them a chore. The music and voice acting is pretty cringe worthy too, i understand they couldn't get the film actors and mainstream VA for most but their choices are too clitche especially for Guardians of the Galaxy NPCs. I don't have the game but i see gameplay videos and i agree with these claims. Plus Skylanders looks much better than this just compare Swap Force to the first. Sorry for seeming baised but these games don't leave a great impression for me



Mega719 commented on Nintendo Outlines Generous eShop Publication P...:

This is why Nintendo would always be on top :) they published both Bayonetta games so that must be why they changed their mind about religious content. Sure they look completely different from what people normally picture them. Or Nintendo just cares that much about indies



Mega719 commented on Masahiro Sakurai Gives a Glimpse of Super Smas...:

Even though we know of all the character it still would be great to see what Nintendo does with their trailers. Bit surprised Dark Pit didn't get a trailer, he was in the end of the Palutena trailer but i guess he's too clone to get his own