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Thu 17th April, 2014

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Wouwter commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Wow, he has nothing to back that statement up. Anecdotal evidence is just that, anecdotal, and the fact that 40% did not have a PS Plus account before doesn't say anything about them being Wii owners...

Anyway, I upgraded from a PS2 to a Wii U. :)



Wouwter commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirmed for Japan With Free...:

@Gerbwmu It sets a bad precedent though, apparently you can pay to have your product in a Mario/Nintendo game. This time it's optional, next time someone might pay enough to have it not be optional. Your kids may like it, but I think it looks tacky and out of place.



Wouwter commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

I want to be able to buy physical games and still put all of them on the SD card and take them everywhere without swapping out cartridges. I don't know how, but it would be amazing to me if Nintendo managed to do that. :P