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Tue 18th June, 2013

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Crimzonlogic commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

I got my gold Zelda 3DS XL months later online, and it was from Walmart. So wont this New 3DS be available later on as well? I want it but don't have money to spend on consoles.
I also tried to preorder the Majora's Mask limited edition with Skull Kid figurine, but i was told I'd have to pay in full in order to preorder it at Gamestop. I only had $20 on me so I missed out. :(



Crimzonlogic commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited-...:

I wanted to preorder at gamestop earlier, but they told me it's an online order only and that I would have to pay in full today if I wanted to order it. I only have 30 bucks. I'm so bummed about it.
This happened after I tried scouring all the nearby stores that carry amiibos today to try and find a Pit, and he was nowhere to be found. No figures for me today. :(



Crimzonlogic commented on Weirdness: Legless Peach amiibo Bidding Closes...:

There's another legless peach listed on ebay from a different seller(Who also apparently just joined):

Both sellers of these legless Peach's joined on Dec. 1st, and both have zero feedback. Hm. But they are in different states.



Crimzonlogic commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:

Seems these might go the way of the Kid Icarus AR cards: Sparsely available for a limited time. And some cards didn't even get printed! Anyone collecting those was never able to complete the set because some cards just didn't exist! I hope they actually finish the whole Smash Bros. cast. :O



Crimzonlogic commented on Child of Light's Creative Director Paints a Pi...:

A sequel sounds good. The game was great, but felt a little unfinished. I'll bet they get it just right with another go. :)

But are they saying Aurora's not a badass? She's totally a badass. She beats the snot out of giants and dragons.



Crimzonlogic commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu T...:

I love that second one. If that comes to NA, I will definitely get it. I like the music with it.
I already bought the Link Between Worlds background but I don't like it as much as I thought I would. Something about the music with it is off-putting...Not sure what it is. Maybe I'm just used to mellower music when I turn on a game system. I regret buying that one.



Crimzonlogic commented on "The Sky Is The Limit" For amiibo, As Nintendo...:

@sinalefa I just checked mine and I got the survey too. I didn't know what to suggest for the functionality that I wanted to see. I just suggested a pokemon card video game with the amiibo cards that are supposed to be in the works. I should have thought a bit longer, but I was worried the page might time out one me...



Crimzonlogic commented on Every Smash Bros amiibo Will Be Compatible Wit...:

@Syrek24 Is it so bad to hope for more interesting features to come along? Outside of the Smash Bros. stuff, these figures aren't must-haves. I have high hopes that there will eventually be games with great amiibo functionality, though. Maybe there will be a game centered around them. Even if there isn't, I'm just happy to be getting a nice-looking figure of Pit that won't cost me a hundred bucks. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Every Smash Bros amiibo Will Be Compatible Wit...:

The features in these games are okay, but they all seem like little things. I hope they really make Amiibo really worthwhile in the future.
The Smash Bros. functionality is the only one I'm interested so far, and I'll probably only buy three or four figures for that. So far, I've only pre-ordered one. (Which is Pit, and I'm relieved to see that his plastic support piece isn't so bad-looking. Just looks like he's perched on an iceberg. Poor Captain Falcon got a butt pole, though. :( )



Crimzonlogic commented on This Super-Cute Toon Link Nendoroid is Looking...:

I don't know what, but there is something creepy about it...Do not want. 50 bucks sounds very pricey, too. What's it made out of?
Maybe I'll like the Toon Link Amiibo better. If not, at least I have an awesome plushy Toon Link, even though he is a dust magnet. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on More Mega Evolutions Appear for Pokémon Omega...:

I was excited about pidgeot with no guard, but looking at its moves, it really doesn't have a movepool that can take advantage of it. :( It can probably make good use of Hurricane if it gets a special attack boost. hopefully move tutors show up in ORAS that can teach it some good moves. At least it looks cool.

Beedrill finally gets a bone, and looks pretty cool to boot. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the Six New amiibo F...:

I'll get Pit for sure. This'll fill the void of that Figma Pit action figure that I couldn't afford. Now show me his twin and the Goddess! :)

I'm unimpressed with the Zelda amiibo...Something about it looks off. It's been that way for me with every photo I've seen of it. Same with Link's. :(

Captain Falcon's probably the best one I've seen yet! I'm tempted to get one, but I'll probably just get my favorite characters.



Crimzonlogic commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:

@MadAdam81 80% is an A? Are you talking school grades? That's a low B/high C grade at the schools I've been to, and 90% and up is an A. Were my schools strict or were yours easy?

Now I wonder if people look at game scores like school grades: 90-100% is an A, 80-90% is a B, 70-80% is a C and anything below that is a failure. You'd think a 7 is a good score from 1-10, but if people look at it as a C grade then they might think that's a bad score...



Crimzonlogic commented on Get a Good Look at Fantasy Life in This New Video:

This game just keeps jumping up higher and higher on my to-buy list. Unfortunately I will have to wait a few months to buy it. Sigh.

@Spoony_Tech Those are the three jobs that I thought would be best to start off with as well. They seem like a good way to get materials for other jobs, I imagine. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Video: Episode One Of Zeldamotion's Link To Th...:

I clicked it with high expectations, and my expectations were apparently too high so I wasn't impressed...But that's on me, I guess. This is pretty good for a fanmade animation. The lovely backgrounds are the best part. The voices were good, though the dialogue wasn't too interesting. I'm not crazy about the animation...Those thick, blocky lines, man. But they probably didn't have time to make all the animation look super smooth and polished. I know that stuff takes a lot of time. I'll look forward to the next part(Or parts?).