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Crimzonlogic commented on New Pokémon May Be On the Way Following Movie...:

@Porky When I say fourth gen, I mean the actual fourth gen (platinum, pearl, and diamond). Heartgold and Soulsilver were fantastic, however. They were during fourth gen and have the great fourth gen mechanics(That physical-special split was long overdue at that point!), but I don't consider them true fourth gen. They are still gen 2. And I deeply regret losing my copy of Soulsilver...

Let's agree to disagree. I've have way more fun with the gen 6 games and gen 3 remakes than with any other pokemon games. There are so many more pokemon who got fantastic new abilities and forms that actually made them good! And hopefully they keep giving new forms and abilities to certain pokemon. (Fingers crossed for Arcanine!) I never played Pokemon for the story, by the way. The only story as far as I'm concerned is my journey with my 'mons! Which is why I'd enjoy it if they were to do a more loosely presented story in future games. But the real meat of the game is training, breeding, and wifi battling for me. I don't give a hoot about the in-game story, I just want to be a pokemon trainer!

@WreckItRyan "Porky Pilgrim vs. The World." Lol, I dunno...



Crimzonlogic commented on New Pokémon May Be On the Way Following Movie...:

@Porky IMO 4th and fifth gen were the least interesting. Second and sixth are my favorites.

Oh, I totally agree with you if you are talking about the anime. That is definitely being milked and needs to either improve greatly or die...Preferably the former. But the games are still great and don't deserve to die. Keep em coming, and make them good is what I say! They will keep making the games as long as people buy them, and as long as they aren't crap I'll buy them.

What's this about taking time to comment? You also commented. Enough of that, we all comment here because we have nothing better to do at the moment. :/



Crimzonlogic commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

@Fee Nah, those dating sims BORE me. I'm only interested in those if they are funny satire ones, like Hatoful Boyfriend. In that one you date a bunch of pigeons as a human girl. It's really dumb. XD
I much prefer actiony games and sometimes rpgs. Text-based games and sims aren't my style...Even Animal Crossing got boring.

@ (Dang it, who was this reply to? I somehow deleted it and can't find the comment again!) "Strong bodies and powerful" isn't that sexualized to me, though. I don't really consider strong, bulging muscles sexy. Put them in tight, skimpy clothing and put a lot of emphasis on their crotches and butts, and have their clothes rip off in places when they take damage, and bingo. That's what I'd call the equivalent to the Senran Kagura stuff. It'd feel more even/fair if I saw stuff like that, but I only ever see females in these types of games. Guys get all kinds of stuff to gawk at, but there's almost nothing for the ladies. Maybe I should learn all about game making so I can make a game like this. Nah, that'd probably take decades. I want to spend my life on other stuff. Besides, I think I'd rather see more badass female characters in cool heavy armor than hot dudes. Off the top of my head, the only games I remember playing with awesome armor for the females are Monster Hunter games...I could use some more of that. And a skimpy armor costume for the guy characters while we're at it, just to make it more fair. It bothers me how the best armors in Xenoblade Chronicles are huge, hulking armor on the males, but when equipped to the females, the same exact armor pieces cover hardly any of the body and expose cleavage and bellies. I want a giant full-body armor suit on Melia like Reyn has, dang it! You can unequip the armor and have the male characters run around in nothing but shorts, but then they have no defense. No fair.

@Kaze_Memaryu Lol, there are playable guys in SK? I didn't know that. Cool.



Crimzonlogic commented on Interview: Senran Kagura Producer Kenichirō T...:

Is there a game like this but with hyper-sexualized hot guys instead? I never see games like that, it's always got women. Where are the fanservicey games for us hetero ladies*? I never hear anything about them, so I assume there aren't any...I'm not sure if I would buy one yet(It would have to be a decent game), but the lack of it kind of makes me feel excluded.

*Edit: And gay guys, too.



Crimzonlogic commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Won't Be As Powerful As Pl...:

Who was expecting it to be more powerful, anyway? It's less powerful...So? If I cared about how powerful a console was, I would own a PS4 already and not a Wii U. It's the games I want. (But I WILL get a PS4 eventually for The Last Guardian. Can't wait! ) Besides, the Wii U is powerful enough if it can have giant worlds like the ones in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Will Zelda U be as impressive as that? I have high hopes.



Crimzonlogic commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Kid Icarus Uprising's controls were not a problem for me and I got pretty good at controlling Xenoblade Chronicles with Wii Remote and Nunchuk which I'm told is the "vastly inferior" control method, so bring it on. Different controls don't scare me.



Crimzonlogic commented on Fire Emblem Fates Iwata Asks Explores Multiple...:

Did anyone else find awakening's story really boring? The characters were cool but I couldn't really care much for their quest. Because of that, I'm not going to expect much from this game's story, but I don't want to play it for the story. The way the battles are is awesome, that's why. I hear so many people mention that awakening's battle gameplay was trimmed down and is missing a lot of elements of past games. I wonder what kind of things it is missing, but I'm afraid to even try those games because I hear the difficulty is much harder and you can't turn off permadeath...I'm not even going to get halfway through with permadeath! So why even try...It'd be a waste of money for a game I can't finish. Rather, I hope the new game(s) have some of those past elements in them while keeping the option to turn off permadeath.

Lol, I can get through Pokemon nuzlockes with only losing one or two pokemon for the entire run, but in awakening I could never finish a battle without one of two of my units falling...Poor Frederick went down in nearly every battle after the halfway point.



Crimzonlogic commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

@ikki5 @S-Miyahon Did you not see the games I mentioned? THOSE are why it gets real! Those are going to be gems! You guys seriously aren't exited for those? For shame! I guess I'll be having a blast playing those while you guys are moping around wondering why you don't have any games to play because you don't like them...