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Tue 18th June, 2013

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Crimzonlogic commented on This Super-Cute Toon Link Nendoroid is Looking...:

I don't know what, but there is something creepy about it...Do not want. 50 bucks sounds very pricey, too. What's it made out of?
Maybe I'll like the Toon Link Amiibo better. If not, at least I have an awesome plushy Toon Link, even though he is a dust magnet. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on More Mega Evolutions Appear for Pokémon Omega...:

I was excited about pidgeot with no guard, but looking at its moves, it really doesn't have a movepool that can take advantage of it. :( It can probably make good use of Hurricane if it gets a special attack boost. hopefully move tutors show up in ORAS that can teach it some good moves. At least it looks cool.

Beedrill finally gets a bone, and looks pretty cool to boot. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the Six New amiibo F...:

I'll get Pit for sure. This'll fill the void of that Figma Pit action figure that I couldn't afford. Now show me his twin and the Goddess! :)

I'm unimpressed with the Zelda amiibo...Something about it looks off. It's been that way for me with every photo I've seen of it. Same with Link's. :(

Captain Falcon's probably the best one I've seen yet! I'm tempted to get one, but I'll probably just get my favorite characters.



Crimzonlogic commented on Bayonetta on Wii U Bewitches as the Best Version:

@MadAdam81 80% is an A? Are you talking school grades? That's a low B/high C grade at the schools I've been to, and 90% and up is an A. Were my schools strict or were yours easy?

Now I wonder if people look at game scores like school grades: 90-100% is an A, 80-90% is a B, 70-80% is a C and anything below that is a failure. You'd think a 7 is a good score from 1-10, but if people look at it as a C grade then they might think that's a bad score...



Crimzonlogic commented on Get a Good Look at Fantasy Life in This New Video:

This game just keeps jumping up higher and higher on my to-buy list. Unfortunately I will have to wait a few months to buy it. Sigh.

@Spoony_Tech Those are the three jobs that I thought would be best to start off with as well. They seem like a good way to get materials for other jobs, I imagine. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Video: Episode One Of Zeldamotion's Link To Th...:

I clicked it with high expectations, and my expectations were apparently too high so I wasn't impressed...But that's on me, I guess. This is pretty good for a fanmade animation. The lovely backgrounds are the best part. The voices were good, though the dialogue wasn't too interesting. I'm not crazy about the animation...Those thick, blocky lines, man. But they probably didn't have time to make all the animation look super smooth and polished. I know that stuff takes a lot of time. I'll look forward to the next part(Or parts?).



Crimzonlogic commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I guess it couldn't hurt to try again. I have an unused NA Club Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Leaf registration code worth 40 coins. I would gladly trade that for a NA demo.

Sigh, it's really late and I'm depressed after a long, stupid day, and here I am looking for stupid codes for a stupid game because I can't sleep. Pathetic. :(



Crimzonlogic commented on Weirdness: There Are Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

I'm Platinum and I didn't even get the e-mail. Will I not get one now if I haven't got it yet?
Anyone got a North American code they don't want to use? I'll trade an unused North American Animal Crossing: New Leaf registration code for it. That's 40 coins on Club Nintendo, I think. I already registered that game before so I have no use for this AC:NL code anyway.



Crimzonlogic commented on Mega Camerupt, Mega Gallade, and Mega Sharpedo...:

Camerupt gets sheer force? Whoa, that's one of my favorite abilities, on one of my favorite pokemon! :o
I'm gonna breed up some heavy ball numels with a ton of egg moves. Fingers crossed for a lovely shiny baby! I'll transfer it to AS and have it as a main party member if I hatch one. :D



Crimzonlogic commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

So I'm a little confused...these are just minor additions, right? They aren't going to make games that only work on this 3ds, right? I read that the new Xenoblade remake will only be on the upgraded 3ds. That's fine if it's only that game as I already own a Wii copy, but are other games going to come out like that? I can't afford to buy another 3ds any time soon. I don't want my gold Zelda 3ds to become obsolete. It's not even a year old. :(



Crimzonlogic commented on Limited Edition Steelbook Bundles Announced fo...:

I hope those come here. Looks like the special edition is the same price as the regular copy. That's a nice little bonus! That mini kyogre could sit next to my mini Soul Silver lugia on the bookshelf. I also have a very detailed tiny entei figurine sitting there, but I can't remember where I got it...



Crimzonlogic commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Coming In November, Features ...:

Oh boy, I don't even have MK8 yet and I'm happy about this. Super Smash Kart is actually happening! :D
I just hope these DLC packs don't cost too much in the states.

@IxC Then by your logic no game is complete, ever! You can always add something else to a game, even if it is jam-packed with content. You have to call it finished at some point, but you can add a few extra things later on, too. The extra things aren't necessary, so don't worry about them if you don't want them. I'll enjoy them, though. These are pretty good extras, if you ask me, and I'm not one for DLC, myself. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Rumour: Unconfirmed Smash Bros. Footage Suppos...:

Look how Shulk moves. If this is fake, then the maker made excellent attention to detail in making Shulk move like Shulk. I think this is real. :)
This also pretty much confirms that Dark Pit is in, from the image leaks that came right before these videos. Which means I want my Pittoo Amiibo. I want it yesterday.
This stuff kinda just made my day. Dark Pit and Shulk in Smash! I can't wait. :D



Crimzonlogic commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

I own a Wii U and 3DS. There should be an option for that. 3DS is my console of choice, actually. Does it not count because it's a handheld? I probably won't get a PS4 or Xbone, partly because the games don't interest me and partly because I can't afford to, anyway. If I pick up a third console any time soon, it would be a PS3. Plenty of interesting games there. :)



Crimzonlogic commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@URAmk2 No, no, you misunderstood! I wasn't calling anyone here trolls. I know from experience that actual trolls might start coming at me with nasty insults out of left field if they learn that I have a disorder. Though, it's mostly just youtube where that has happened...I'm not sure if there are any trolls here. I'm not going to delete my comment. I was just a little uneasy about mentioning my problem...I don't like insults, even when I know it's just a troll trying to get a rise out of me. Part of my brain always tries to convince me that the insult is true. :(



Crimzonlogic commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@Kalmaro Seeking help is not easy. I'm going through this, and seeking help is the hardest thing I have ever done. I can understand why he didn't seek help, if he didn't. Even with help, sometimes it is just so difficult to overcome. I don't feel like I can overcome it sometimes. I have had those times, sitting on the bus stop, where I felt that the best thing I could possibly do was hurl myself into traffic and end it. I just don't like hearing people look down on those who are depressed and suicidal. It makes me feel bad about myself. But I know this stuff isn't my fault. It's hard to overcome.



Crimzonlogic commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@shaneoh I'm sorry, I just can't ignore his death. He was one of the few celebrities I loved, and the whole deal breaks my heart. I grew up with this guy. I will mourn him if I want. I will mourn the people I know of. If I had the omnipresence and time to know and mourn everyone that dies, then I would, but I cannot. It's not humanly possible to do so. So stop giving people flak for not being able to do so! Say you aren't a jerk all you want, but you ARE being a jerk about this.



Crimzonlogic commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

What's this about rights? So just because the average person doesn't get media attention we should ignore that a celebrity person that was dear to us passed away? I was heartbroken to hear that he died, and HOW he died especially, even though I don't know him personally. Many, many people feel the same. Why's it so wrong for someone so beloved by so many to have a tribute?
People die all the time. It's sad, but you aren't familiar with most of them. But sometimes you grow up being familiar with a person and really come to like them, then of course you are going to be sad when they die.
It just really sucks. Death is stupid. :(