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Male, 23, Brazil

I love everything about Japanese anime, manga, and games. I started watching anime back in 2007, and since then have spent a fair amount of my time with all otaku stuff. I may also play some Western games eventually.

Sun 17th Nov 2013

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Heiki commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

This is just... Shocking. Like many here, I feel like I just lost a close friend. The guy was unique in many ways. RIP Iwata.

I do wonder what this means for Nintendo as a company now. Maybe they could finally go third party and focus on creating great games for other platforms.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@Aromaiden Not only that, but Nintendo makes the greatest games. As a platform holder, I would go as far as saying Nintendo is irrelevant to me (underpowered, gimmicky consoles and crappy network features with no achievement/trophy system).

And yet I buy Nintendo consoles just for the great games they make.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

@N1ntendodo Of course, Nintendo as company and their IPs have strong brand power, but their consoles don't. They just use random names for each generation. That's my point.

As I said, Sony and MS are strong brands too. But they don't rely just on that.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

More than power I think Nintendo needs a strong brand if they don't want to fail again. I mean, Sony and MS are strong brands themselves, but who has never heard of PlayStation or Xbox? That's huge. No one in my class knew about the Wii U when I was in college though. Yes, I know Nintendo doesn't give a c**p about South America, but still...

Nintendo should have never abandoned the GameBoy for that matter.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

It's funny how Iwata said they will keep supporting Wii U and 3DS after NX launches. That's as good as saying NX will replace both in my book, though I still think 5 years is too early to replace the best-selling 3DS.

To be fair, I love my Vita TV and was quite entertained by those GBA VC games on Wii U. Granted, I'm a home console person, so a hybrid console would mean good news to me.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: It's the Community That'll Put ...:

Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather see a full-fledged Mario game (loved 3D World) and not a creation tool.

Anyway, I don't think Wii U is going to get more support with NX drawing closer. At this point the only games I'm interested are Xenonlade and Fire Emblem x Megami Tensei. Well, being JRPGs, those two should keep me busy for a while.



Heiki commented on ​Shigeru Miyamoto Defends Star Fox Zero's Co...:

Of course he is going to defend his own game. To me Nintendo is becoming irrelevant every day. They can keep their "new ways to play" for all I care. They should innovate with great games, not with gimmicks.

@CB85 Nintendo is all about accessibility? Really? Last time I checked they don't even allow something as simple as customizing controls on their games.



Heiki commented on Nintendo Download: 25th June (North America):

I'm tempted to get Attack on Titan, but I haven't touched my 3DS in a while. Guess I'm not too fond of handhelds after all. As much as I love my 3DS and Vita, I'd much rather play on the big screen.

Besides, I have J-Stars coming next week to my PS4, and that I can't miss!



Heiki commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach is Often Peculi...:

I like Nintendo as a developer/publisher, but not so much as a platform holder. At this point owning a Nintendo console is just an excuse to play Nintendo's own games with their latest gimmicks.

As much as I love my Wii U, it's just collecting dust until the next game comes out (and no, I'm not interested in shooters or multiplayer-focused games).



Heiki commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

I love my Wii U, but it looks like it really is approaching its end. NX should be unveiled next year at E3 and we should expect a release by the end of the year.

So yeah, this will most probably be the last big year for the Wii U. We get Splatoon, Yoshi, Kirby, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem x Megami Tensei, and maybe one or two Mario games. It's really sad if you think this generation is just beginning for other consoles. I wonder if this is how people felt when the whole Dreamcast fiasco happened.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: The Fragility of Buying Downloa...:

I see a lot of misconception here. First, let me state the obvious: nothing lasts forever. You guys aren't going to live forever either. Good luck finding a way to play your old cartridges then. Consoles are going to break, games are going to stop working. All we can hope is being able to enjoy video games while we're at it.

After being skeptical about digital for a while, I finally gave in. Physical space to keep all those discs has become an issue to me, specially when I'm constantly moving because of my job.

So yeah, I decided to go all-out with digital on my consoles. And I can tell you digital can be done right, as is the case with Valve and Sony. Both Steam and PSN keep track of all your purchases, even those games that have been removed from their respective stores can be redownloaded if you own a license.

Even with the PS4, Sony isn't just creating a new store front. All your PS4 downloads go the same "list" that your PS3 downloads do. It's unlikely they will "turn off the switch" on the PS3 store. It's all about building trust with the consumer, who is already skeptical about going digital, as we can see with all those comments here.

Even if they wanted to, companies couldn't just render your games unplayable. You payed for them, and have the legal right to keep playing. They can't just "revoke your license" and take all of your money. That's a huge misconception.

Anyway, it's always good to give people a choice. Just remember that you can't go 100% physical with patches and DLC. Oh, and you can't carry those physical games to your grave either.



Heiki commented on Video: Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Blame Could L...:

I loved Colors, Generations and Lost World. In fact, I only got my Wii U to play Lost World. Of course, I ended up being able to play other great games along the way, but I'm that much of a Sonic fan.

And yet I was never tempted to buy this game at all. Sega should have never handed their beloved IP to an inexperienced developer.
I will be happy if we see another game from Sonic Team though, even if it doesn't come to the Wii U at this point.



Heiki commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

That's what happens when you have a dictatorship disguised as democracy. As long as people remain complacent and the country is governed by thieves, nothing is going to change. I mean, is it even possible to change?

This is really sad news. I know that Nintendo has been pretty much non-existent here, but I never thought they would abandon the country entirely. Well, I can always import, so this probably won't affect me, but it's still a shame.



Heiki commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

The only games I'm really interested are Xenoblade Chronicles X and Zelda. I'm pretty sure Xenoblade is going to keep me busy for a while though. I must say the Wii U REALLY needs more JRPGs.



Heiki commented on Feature: Five Reasons To Choose Wii U This Hol...:

To be fair I love my PS3 and have no reason to upgrade to PS4, while I have been enjoying my Wii U for over a year now.
I'm not too fond of Western third party games and I can play them on my PC for all I care.



Heiki commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Another Crowdfunding Campaign...:

Well, it's not like they are forcing people to pay more. Everyone who backed their project on Kickstarter is getting the game just as promised. If they need or want more money to improve the game, then what do we have to lose? Games are expensive to make and companies are greedy. There's nothing new here.
Personally, I'm really looking forward to this game. It looks very promising from gameplay footage. I'm not complaining if they use this new crowdfunding campaign to make it even better.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's GamePad Bet Could Pa...:

I love my Wii U but have mixed feelings about the GamePad. It's nice, but it's just there. I'd rather use the Pro Controller where I can. I think the way we play games with a normal controller is just fine. There's no need to change that with gimmicks like motion control and touch screen input.

What sets Nintendo apart from others are games. And for that I'm really glad I own a Wii U.



Heiki commented on E3 2014: Code Name: S.T.E.A.M., A Brand New IP...:

I was actually excited... Until I saw those screenshots. Urgh!

Intelligent Systems should be working on something else. I really love their games, but this one really turns me off. I guess I will wait for gameplay footage, though.



Heiki commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Rolls Out New Kirby Game Tra...:

So basically this game will be playable on the GamePad and won't use the TV?

It doesn't seem a bad game and I will probably get it. But Nintendo should bring those games to 3DS instead. There's no point in giving HD treatment to a game that will play on the GamePad.



Heiki commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Reveals Amiibo NFC Concept, ...:

I have really mixed feelings about this. I wonder if online matches on SSB will be unfair because your opponent is using one of these?

That said, I wouldn't mind picking up one or two figurines, as long as they are something extra, not essential to gameplay.



Heiki commented on Talking Point: What We Expect From Nintendo at...:

I was utterly disappointed by both Sony and M$. I'm not getting my hopes up for Nintendo either, but well... both conferences were all about Western stuff, so I'm expecting something else from Nintendo. I'm much more interested in Japanese games.

Heck, just give me a release date for X and I don't need anything else. I've read somewhere that it is going to be released this year in NA.