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Sat 13th April, 2013

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ikki5 commented on Nintendo Has "Moved On" From Game Boy Games on...:

Moved on to what though? Moved on to nothing? That's what it seems to be. Overall, it is kind of sad as this should be something a lot easier to do and should be able to release games at a relatively good speed and these are good games yet... they somehow fail to do that. It just baffles me how this would be easy money for them with little work and yet they don't want to support it much.



ikki5 commented on Video: Shin'en Discusses FAST Racing NEO's F-Z...:

What the heck? Not many games have online anymore? Is this guy from a future that we don't know about or see coming?
Though, I still look at this and it makes me want it, I'll keep myself looking at this.



ikki5 commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

@PlywoodStick So, in your opinion, if the company is small, they should get a break and almost be immune to legal actions? Yes, it sucks for the little guy but at the same time, $4000 seems to not be such a bad deal considering what was done and usually copyright infringement dispute can result in 100s of thousands to millions when it is often at a corporate level. Mind you those are the larger ones but still, $4000 seems like a good settlement. However, now he has made the mistake of trying to paint them as bad when it was who who did the criminal act effectively tarnishing their image.



ikki5 commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:


Tell me something, would you support Microsoft if they took the Pokemon IP to promote their business and to draw in people to give them money and then Pokemon sued? Or Sony, Toyota, McDonalds, etc.? Would you support them? If not, why is this situation any different? Honestly, it makes me sad to see people not support Pokemon when other franchises try to use Pokemon to promote their own business and get customers.



ikki5 commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

@mjc0961 No, they didn't paint themselves as the bad guys, a guy exploiting their IP and the sites not telling the whole story painted them as the bad guys.


Using Pokemon to advertise and get more business to his Cafe and get like 100-200+ in there to get a lot of business is wrong.


Though it still be the images and such, it still infringes upon it in which he was using it to promote his own business. You can't just be like "Oh, but it is just the images, without them there isn't a case," claiming that would be like claiming a murder case would have no case if there was no murder so therefore the people suing are wrong to sue even though the act was still committed. As for a Cease and Desist order, well, it is kind of hard if this guy has been milking it for monetary gain for the last 5 years for his own business. Even still, if this was actually just a person and not a business, it might actually be different and they may do a Cease and Desist however since this was to promote his business, a lawsuit is much more effective than a business that had been using it for years to promote themselves. The difference very well could be the fact that it was a business doing it and not "just a fan" as what these news sites are seeming reporting. Yes, he may have been a fan but he had alternative motives with this as well.


Lawsuits are often dropped without warning. You shouldn't need to tell someone that taking your stuff and work is wrong. Though yes, a Cease and Desist would have been the nicer thing to do, they are looking at this more from a business stand point. If it was just some kid fan or whatever doing this and then renting out a hall or whatever to have some little bash, I would think a Cease and Desist would be in order. But the fact that this is a registered business doing this to promote their own business, I think the steps to be taken should be a bit more which may actually be the reason why they took it to the full lawsuit as this is more about him using the parting and the copyrighted material to promote his own business to get customers there and buy a lot of Cafe type stuff as well as the party. Even more so that this has been happening for years makes it a bit more. This is also probably why the business is on the lawsuit documents as well and not just the name of the manager, they are suing the business and the managers. They may have done a Cease and Desist if they had know about it in the previous years too but you only know something when it is reported or advertised in a way that you can see it. Overall, since it was a business, damages should be paid for.


Why? Think about it this way, if you were looking for your dream job and some little punk came and painted you as a horrible person so you'd never get the position. How would you feel? I know it is not the same scenario but still, the context is similar, this guy is trying to make them lose business now for him committing a crime. The Pokemon Company is now probably going to lose a little more money over this punk for playing the victim and only telling part of the story and leaving out the parts that would make him look bad.



ikki5 commented on Video: This Super Mario Maker Player Captures ...:

I stopped playing auto levels all together pretty much, there is only one type i'll play and those are the ones that people have music play for them. Other than that... I'll die once just to put a death marker on it and then skip.



ikki5 commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

@Kalmaro ok, i see, I remember seeing "killed: when he drew "the Philistine" sword and cut off the head but it says "after he killed him. " My bad

Though at the same time.. in the NKJ which is the version I use:

50 So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him. But there was no sword in the hand of David. 51 Therefore David ran and stood over the Philistine, took his sword and drew it out of its sheath and killed him, and cut off his head with it.

So it says he killed him twice, or makes it sound like it. lol I guess you can see the confusion



ikki5 commented on The Pokémon Company Withdraws Settlement in L...:

I am curious to know what this guy is going to do with the Gofundme money that people donated. He now has $4,100 from fans. he was already going to profit off this technically.


Yeah, that really stuck out like a sore thumb to me as well. Non capitalization, "no" instead of "know," ha ha. Sure the internet usually don't care about spelling but when publishing something like this, you should make sure you have at least the proper words.


Actually, David slew Goliath with his own sword by cutting off his head, the sling just knocked him out

Nintendo does own the rights to Pokemon as they own a 3rd of the IP. They are also in control of the majority shares for the Pokemon Company so they don't really need to go out of their way to get Pokemon in their games as they basically control the IP. If it wasn't for GameFreak, Nintendo would be able to do whatever the heck they wanted, even with GameFreak, Nintendo can still do a lot.

Yes but he (weird al) doesn't keep those songs as the original. You cannot copyright a chord progression and getting the lawsuits on music is something very hard to do. You can copyright lyrics however if someone uses a line from your song, you can't really go after them for it. They'd need to use the entire thing or vast majority without many changes really for the copyright on the words to apply. The music, they never really keep it the same and therefore, yeah, they don't need anything. The thing that hits this guy here is he was using it to draw in business, charging a fee and using copyrighted material to advertise a party in his own cafe. Yes, it was only $2 per ticket but the money he'd make from 30+ people in there at once is much more. The parody laws do now cover the use of monetary advertisement for your own product/services. You need to get licensed for that and pay royalties. Yes, he could have had a parody or something within the party so long as it was a parody, but he can't outright take copyright material, theme a party off of it and charge for admission to get more business for his own business.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo Drops Out of Interbrand 'Best Global ...:

No one should be surprised about this considering how Nintendo has done nothing to solve their gradual decline for the last 20 years.

That makes no sense, if people were not paying attention to those brands, they would not be on that list. Sure, it may not be the only ones they pay attention to but it is probably what they pay attention to most.


Really, there is only one I don't quite recognize and that is the little blue one between Samsung and McDonald's. I've seen it, I just don't know the name, the rest are all very common.



ikki5 commented on GAME Sends Out £10 Gift Cards and Apologises ...:

@Dogmansp So, they corrected the error, apologized and gave out free money as compensation and you're still angry...? I guess some people are greedy.

@Xobulo It is not GAME who should be apologizing for that and they did apologize saying they wouldn't be able to fill the pre-orders in the e-mail. Overall, that truck being stolen was out of their control and not caused by them so they shouldn't need to give compensation for that.



ikki5 commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Version 1.1.1 Is...:

@rjejr One thing I was thinking about with this game vs splatoon, they are/may be trying to make a new ip a super smash hit with lots of people buying it. if they release the updates free, it will mean that more people will probably buy it, even if it already is selling like hotcakes, I have kind of pondered if they are doing this to create a dedicated fanbase like they have with Mario Kart and Smash and then future installments (or even updates) will end up having DLC in them.

@russellohh Yeah, i bought the retro stages from the N64 and the new characters but, after that, I'm done with paying more for DLC. I already regret spending as much as I did, even more so when I've used those DLC characters maybe once or twice.



ikki5 commented on Super Smash Bros. Wii U & 3DS Version 1.1.1 Is...:


I think part of it is how expensive the DLC is though. You are spending well over $100 (Canadians is getting close to $150, actually, after taxes, it is over $150 for everything) now just for the game and DLC content, in fact, the DLC content if you go by only bundles, is almost the cost of the game it self and all this is if a few fighters, stages and a bunch of worthless skins that are used locally only on a game that promotes high use of online. What makes it worse is if you own any of the DLC in any of those collects, you cannot buy the collection bundle, even if it is cheaper than having to buy everything separately and something overlaps and you end up paying even more. If you buy everything separately, then the DLC is more than the cost of the game itself and the comparison for content from the DLC to what was released would be like the size of the moon (DLC) to the earth (game).



ikki5 commented on Super Mario Maker Passes One Million Sales:

I played this so much when it released, I logged something like 30 hours on it in 2 weeks and now... I'm hardly playing it. Though, this is what usually happens with Mario games for me, I am sure I'll be back to playing it a lot.... once I am not bored of Mario again.



ikki5 commented on Video: Super Mario Maker and Wind Waker Star i...:

Not really caring about the DLC, I already paid too much extra for this game as it is with the other stages and characters and I probably won't be buying this (or future) DLC. I didn't even buy the costumes, no point in something you can only use with part of the game.



ikki5 commented on Retro VGS Crowdfunding Campaign "Dead In The W...:


"Cartridge games mean no updates or free DLC"
3DS games get updates and DLC don't they? How would this be any different to discs? To be honest, I really hope the gaming industry goes back to cartridges really... or at least those released physical games simply because cartridges are so much better than discs in every way except for the price.



ikki5 commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

"...Asking us to go into something with absolutely zero knowledge about the project, or what we'll be expected to do if we are cast, is completely unreasonable.

Maybe someone has a moral objection to the content of a game, and they'd like to know what it is before they commit to it."

Correct me if I am wrong but... it was determined that he was going to do the voice acting well into the development of this game and this often happens with many roles. People can do research, find out what a game is before they agree in the majority of cases so I don't really agree with this statement.

Also, at the same time, celebrity voice actors can sometimes make upwards into the millions for voice acting. Not totally sure with the video game industry but with movies, some make a ton of money. Overall, voice acting shouldn't get nearly as much money as real acting because there is so much less, at the same time, the fact that Wil Wheaton out of all people complaining about money is just stupid. He is already worth millions and he makes millions every year.

So... do I have sympathy for him? Nope. He knew what he was getting into and if he doesn't like voice acting, then maybe he shouldn't sign up for it.