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Sat 13th April, 2013

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ikki5 commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

All of those.... don't really care, only the tournaments I care about but I tend to only care about local due to friends however... a bunch have move so online will give a good option to still play with them. But for me, I want a stage builder... a good one, not a very limited one like in brawl, some kind of adventure mode (though it seems unlikely). Some neat Stadium stages/ modes.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (North America):

Wow... very little for the Wii U this week... but Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Bayonetta make up for that. Getting a retail copy of Bayonetta so Ill be downloading Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow:D



ikki5 commented on Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Is A Fan O...:

I don't really care for them either because they usually end up really annoying though as long as there is a reason in the plot for them, then it would be fine. Same would be for male characters but character like that in general for no reason are just annoying.



ikki5 commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@PorllM hmm... doubt it, external hard drives are usually more expensive than internal especially for buying them for manufacturing. Yeah, from time to time you can get a good deal on external hardrives but lets face it, I paid $96 for my internal 2 TB drive in my computer and it's a hard drive that is meant for a server. I could have gone with a cheaper one but I wanted the faster hard drive speed. Also, you can get 500gig internal for like $40-$50 now, some times cheaper. Also they'd be buying then in bulk for manufacturing systems so they'd probably get them at half the cost if not cheaper.



ikki5 commented on's £180 Wii U Bundle with Bayonetta...:

@PorllM so because you can buy one separately (meaning a hidden cost if you plan to do more than discs only), that means they should keep with the small harddrives? Especially with the 8 gig drive where you basically cannot download anything?



ikki5 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:


um, no. I am talking about the whole mind set of people today. If it doesn't have blood and guts and is too colourful, then it is kiddie and is seen as the "uncool" thing and therefore they tend to divert to something that would give them a better image and make them feel more "grown up" instead of what they feel is "kiddie" which is what people tend to see when they talk about Nintendo. The mature content on Nintendo, believe it or not, but a lot of people don't really know about it except for the occasional one such as Bayonetta 2 and project X because you get the fans from other systems complaining and making a lot of noise about them but other than those two... not much which gives more to this image of Nintendo being nothing but "kiddie" in the eyes of a lot of other older kids and some young adults.



ikki5 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ability to Charm You...:

"Nintendo's Ability to Charm Young Gamers is Vital for its Success"

"It’s critical for us to have kids grow into and aspire to play Nintendo content."

Except there is a vital flaw with this, Kids grow up, not only do you need to have them aspire to play Nintendo content, you need to have them want to continue once they get older and in their teens and to their adulthood. Nintendo is seen as kiddie and let's face it, teens (and often times pre-teens and younger... I know, scary) want to feel grown up and they would be less likely to want play Nintendo because it is seen as a kiddie platform and lacking in the mature (or at least older demograph content). Yes it has some mature content..... but not a lot and at the same time, the companies that would bring the mature content, they are turning away from Nintendo making less mature content for the systems resulting in the system looking more kiddy in their eyes.



ikki5 commented on Nintendo UK Executive Says Wii U Has Had "Quit...:

I don't know.... I don't know what momentum he is talking about unless it is strictly UK. No offence to Nintendo but 2014 has been a rough year just like 2013 has. Like the only two major releases were DK and Mario Kart. I know there are games like Bayonetta though I don't expect it to be all that great sales wise and Smash but from the beginning until now... it has just been drought time with a few drops of water here and there and developers are leaving else where so. And it feels like we will be in for another one come next year for the same time period. Like year the sales are up from last year but last years sales were just bad and now it went from bad to still bad for a console as old as it is.... I just feel this guy is trying to make it sound better than what it really is.



ikki5 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Announcement Revea...:


Tell me something, why does it have to suffer any more than anyone else with a full time job? That's all being a developer is, it's your job and most companies that are set like this usually have a set working day with having to work overtime from time to time. Yeah you may get called to go somewhere for "X" conference but that is your job and it is just the same as any other job especially in the corporate world. I am sorry if I sound kind of negative but over all, Sakurai for some reason, people go on and on about how hard he works and how much he sacrifices when he probably works just the same as any one else in a day job. Also, he tends to be kind of a douche(I hope I am allowed to use that word as I can't think of a better one, if not, I apologize) to people when they give criticism towards one of his products and then points blame and insults to the consumers. I don't know about you but I started to more think to myself how the rest of the working world works and how his is probably just the same.



ikki5 commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Announcement Revea...:

"Game development is very hard. You cannot get through it without sacrificing everything, including your own private life, and you often get hurt."

Right... I am sure he doesn't work overtime and if he does, he's probably paid for it. I just remember people going on about the sob story of him working through his birthday "for us" even though 95% of the working world works on their birthday....



ikki5 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

And we in North America are waiting for:

1. Donkey Kong Country

2. Fire Emblem

3. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland

4. Pop'n TwinBee

5. Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures

6. Donkey Kong Country 2

7. Donkey Kong Country 3

Also, Demon crest is not on and doesn't have a release date for either region (talking about Wii U, 3DS doesn't matter to me so I don't know whats on there) and is scheduled for both.



ikki5 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

Oh boy.... those MH4 sales.... almost what Smash is in just a matter of days.

and look at that. the Xbox One has now hit below 1k a week.... I doubt it is even going to make it to 500k (Japan) in it's life time.



ikki5 commented on Details on New Mega Evolutions and Soar Abilit...:


Weird.... I never knew everyone that so many people knew what they looked like 6 months before the game was even announced. Also, when were they shown before? I know there was a magazine like a week ago that showed them but I thought it was Latios as they were blue... but now to me, gamefreak was lazy to use the same model and everything and only change the eye colour.



ikki5 commented on Bayonetta 2 in North America Comes With a Rath...:


not this time,
Europe - €49.99 = $71.20 CAD
Canada - $65.99 + tax(15% where I am) = $75.89 CAD = €53.28

if my memory serves me right, the price in € includes the taxes where as in Canada, they like to make things look cheaper than they are. You guys also have higher taxes than we do and still got a cheaper price this time.



ikki5 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:

@Dodger well, if you don't already have the games/ games that you'd want, then great, you are part of the minority and it works well for you and you can spend your virtual currency on them (even though you need 4-5 games Wii U games or 5-6 3DS games to get the coins to get one of these). Sadly that is not the case for a lot of people and these polls and comment sections are very good evidence for that. A lot of people are looking at expiring coins at the end of this year such as myself.



ikki5 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:


sigh.... as I said before. WHO CARES ABOUT THE SELECTION. Got it? It doesn't matter if the games are fun or popular or whatever, the selection means NOTHING. Why might you ask? The reason is simple, Club Nintendo operates based on a system where you buys games, register the code (or just download it if your account it tied to your system) and fill out the survey to get the coins. Now, to buy the games on club Nintendo you need to have coins. Popular/ well know games tend to sell well, especially if a lot of them have had special promotions (such as both of the Wii U ones) so when they become available on Club Nintendo, people already own them. This is why they have the coins they have so therefore it is like they are not even added because it is useless. This is a problem and I don't know why you keep bringing up the selection because guess what, it doesn't matter. They could add Zelda, Megaman, Earthbound, Street Fighter,Super Metroid, etc and it won't matter to the majority of Club Nintendo users because the vast majority (probably 60-70% or more) already have them. If you don't have them then good for you, you are part of the minority. This is the main reason why people are complaining. Yes you get the few who want different games, there is always going to be that bunch but overall, if you look at the comments from people, you see that they already own the games available while the physical awards, that you just can go and buy for a few dollars, wither away and die. This is the problem, not really the selection, but the concept of the whole thing. The whole NOA club Nintendo going to digital downloads making it so the coins to get, just expire because you bought the games already to get those coins.

I hate to bring up this point about the European one because they just argue that it is too expensive but the points cards, pretty much allowing you to add currency to your shop for current or later use of something being added (though I know the Wii shop and DSi shop are do not have stuff be added, they did when they were first being offered) instead of the most likely games you already have or the games no one would every buy. But then on top of that, they actually have physical rewards, some very worth while getting as well while NOA is selected games (like most people already have like I said above) and greeting cards.



ikki5 commented on The Club Nintendo Rewards for October Have Bee...:

they are bad though. So what if they got 8/10 or higher. We get coins by buying games, the games that are on these rewards. Most people would have bought the good games already such as myself meaning that it is just the garbage left. This is how I have my coins. I buy games, good games so when Nintendo goes and releases these, it is either already bought or nothing so what do we have to look to? The two physical rewards which is nothing but paper.

It never ceases to amaze me how much people seem to over look this fact. The 59% of 241 votes should also tell you something. In fact, over the last 4 months, people getting nothing has been more than 50% every time.



ikki5 commented on The New Nintendo 3DS Web Filter Does Successfu...:

lol, seriously? The Normal 3DS can give you Porn, the Wii U can give you porn, ALL the Nintendo systems that had the internet browser could show you porn just by going to google. But honestly, I think Nintendo needs to stop playing parent here.



ikki5 commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

lol, with AC turning into a yearly franchise.. it won't stay alive for long. Sorry but I don't think AC has the legs that CoD and BF have to come out year after year with minor changes. People will get bored of the same AC game over and over a lot faster than the same shooter over and over.

Over all... meh, in order to get their full game of AC now, you need to spend $100+ now with all the DLC and "extra" day one content they give.



ikki5 commented on Rumour: Nintendo Removed Tharja From Super Sma...:

@PvtOttobot Then change the pose and/or the outfit. it is really stupid to take the time and effort to have the model in and then just remove it instead of making a few minor changes that would take probably a days work.... if even that for it only being a trophy.



ikki5 commented on XSEED Will Release Rune Factory 4 as an eShop ...:


Just so you know, Xseed (now Marvelous USA) is primarily a North American localization company. Their goal is to bring games to North America, not really Europe. If they do anything in Europe because other companies don't do it, it is pretty much a bonus to you guys.



ikki5 commented on Guide: How to Unlock the Full Roster in Super ...:

Duck Hunt — Complete 110 Smash Mode battles.

um... I just unlocked him and I don't have everyone else unlocked. I just beat classic with the mii sword fighter so I don't think that is the only way to unlock him.