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Tue 4th February, 2014

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PLATINUM7 commented on Poll: Do Video Game Reviews Need To Have A Score?:

I honestly find numbered scores really insightful. I don't see the point in moving to labels because all that really does is change the number to a word and limit the space you have to rate games. I know what a 10/10 game is and I can see how it is different to a 9/10, whereas just saying it is 'vital' or some other synonym gives me less indication. At least with numbers I have a scale to compare games to.

Another thing is, amongst my friends we always ask each other what would we rate things out of 10. It's something I'm use to. I never have trouble gaining meaning from the number.

I personally wouldn't like a buy/try/ignore system because the 'try' label I feel defeats the point of a review. It's essentially the reviewer saying they can't help me in informing my decision. Plus the smaller scale makes it a lot harder to compare games.



PLATINUM7 commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

So many great memories. My N64 still gets lots of love and is still hooked and played regularly to this day. Some of my faovurite single player experiences come from this system and most of my favourite multiplayer experiences have come from it as well. I don't think I've ever played on a console so much with friends as I have with the N64.



PLATINUM7 commented on The Next Theatrhythm Game Is All About Dragon ...:

I really only remember one Dragon Quest song (I think it's the main theme). I would like to see DQ games get localised as the only ones I have are DQH: Rocket Slime and DQM: Joker. I just don't see this getting released outside of Japan though.



PLATINUM7 commented on Sakurai Explains Why Ridley Is Not A Playable ...:

So he really is too big?
I just know this interview is going to cause massive flame wars. I can understand why Sakurai would only include Ridley if he is was intimidating like he normally is, but there's probably people who want in him so much they would settle for shrunk down Ridley.



PLATINUM7 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wipeout 64:

I had some fun playing this game. While it eventually was overshadowed by my other games it was still a nice little diversion for me.



PLATINUM7 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Super Smash Bros:

Ahhh, the first installment in my favourite video game series. This still holds its value and to this day I can play it for hours without getting bored.



PLATINUM7 commented on The Game Boy Color is Now 16 Years Old:

I remember getting my Purple GBC. After some great memories it died on me. I still kept all my games and thankfully years later I was able to get a green one and was able to once again play some delightful gaming treasures.



PLATINUM7 commented on Nintendo 64x64: Pokemon Snap:

What an excellent first person shooter ;)
I found it pretty fun trying to figure out how to unlock levels or getting certain Pokemon to appear



PLATINUM7 commented on Game Freak Confirms That The Pokémon Stadium ...:

Fair enough, I thought having Pokemon in 3D on a handheld pretty much defeated the purpose of having a Stadium game. If it was something more than just battling and minigames, closer to a full Pokemon game it would be more justified.