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United Kingdom

Wed 23rd January, 2008

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Deadeyerobbie commented on More C64 Details Emerge - Keyboard Input, Load...:

Very few games used more than a few buttons on the keyboard when the joystick was used. These keys could be mapped to buttons on the classic Controller, or GC Pad. Games like Gunship would need a virtual keyboard or usb keyboard. Lets hope all the options are there to use. Being on Turrican and Turrican 2



Deadeyerobbie commented on Super Metroid:

I had never played this before, but i had heard so many great things about it i had to download it. Brillant. This game is huge and first time round if you are like me and have to collect all the power ups, you will spend 20+ hours. All time well spend. This is right up there as one of the best run & gun side scrollers. (almost as good as Turrican 2 on the amiga).



Deadeyerobbie commented on Super Turrican:

I still play both Turrican 1 and 2 on my amiga. If this is half as good, it will be a must download. Please big N, release this and super turrican 2 soon.



Deadeyerobbie commented on Super Mario 64:

The best game on the N64 (thats saying something with the likes of Goldeneye and Zelda O of T). Not too differcult to complete, but to get the full 120 stars, that will take you a while.
On a side note please Big N, release a wii compatible N64 controller. This game (like alot of N64 games) was built around the N64 controller. The classic & gamecube controllers are fine, but just don't feel right.



Deadeyerobbie commented on Mario Kart 64:

The best multiplayer mario kart there is. There is nothing better than getting reveage in battle mode as the bomb.