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Wed 4th June, 2014

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Nintendofan83 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I didn't buy this game at launch but after talking with a few people in my local EB Games, I decided to buy it. I would give the game a solid 8.5 and recommend it to any Zelda fan or Dynasty Warriors fan. The graphics are excellent and I've never seen Zelda look so badass. It's a solid HD game for the Wii U. One of my favourite aspects is replaying stages with unlocked characters. Lana and Impa are both excellent players to use. There is even DLC if you want to ride around on Epona. Another solid second tier game for the Wii U. We all love the AAA titles like MK and SSMB but games like Hyrule Warriors give solid depth to the Wii U's line up.



Nintendofan83 commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

@vio I thought about the new DLC splitting up the gaming community as well. You raise some interesting points and I'm curious to see how Nintendo will react to this. I'd like to know how well the DLC sales are going because that will certainly affect Nintendo's plan of attack.

Sometimes I am cautious of DLC and other times I am grateful for it! These MK8 DLC packs are a huge boost in content for a reasonable price. Everyone should buy it so we don't have to worry about splitting the online community =)



Nintendofan83 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

I really want the N3DS for the face plates but I will need to test one out in-store before I buy. I bought my 3DS online back in 2012 and it hurt my hands. I had no choice but to upgrade to the XL for comfort reasons. However, I really want the face plates so I'm hoping the N3DS is comfortable to hold for people with larger hands.



Nintendofan83 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

The sales are tremendous but I wasn't expecting as far of a split between the regular N3DS and the N3DS LL. I thought the face plates would have a huge impact, especially in Japan, but I guess people want larger screens for MH4G. I thought the numbers would be more like N3DS 85,000 and N3DS LL 100,000. Id be interested to know the amount of face plates sold in Japan.



Nintendofan83 commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

I'll never understand why Nintendo announced a N3DS and then all of the limited edition 3DS XL's that have come out this fall. This article has actually got me interested in buying the regular sized version of the new console. If the screens are in fact, a little larger, I like the idea of buying those plates. I want the white N3DS with the Mario plate. When do you guys think it will be released? I'm predicting late spring/early summer.



Nintendofan83 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

I wonder if the CEO's of Ubisoft and Capcom are BFF's? They sound similar these days. Well friends, buy your old capcom games now because apparently not a lot is coming our way. This seems like a bad business move and the CEO sounds whiney! Capcom's expectations will rub fans the wrong way and cost them sales.



Nintendofan83 commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

I don't really like Ubisoft games and I don't like the last gen crap they try and bring to the Wii U. I know they are bringing Watch Dogs but its half a year late and no DLC. Their public comments are crap and full of excuses. I wouldn't waste my money on one of their games and if I get a PS4, I'm not sure I'd buy their games anyway. I don't even know why I clicked on the article to begin with! I knew it'd be more negativity from them. Nintendo should just come out and say we've moved on; 95% of Nintendo fans have.



Nintendofan83 commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

Im not a big fan of the Gamecube controllers personally, but I know so many people are; especially hardcore Smash fans. I think i'll stick with my Pro Controller but I may pick this up to have for when friends come by. Some may prefer to use the controller. I do like the logo on the controller, though.



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

This article makes me feel better about buying the SSB 3DS XL this week. I know it was a bit indulgent but I really like the design and I want to be able to play Smash and other multi-player games with friends when they come over. This article reaffirmed that I can wait a year or so to buy the N3DS XL. 1) That price is extremely high at $249.99; especially when Nintendo is struggling to sell Wii U consoles. Your console should not be a little higher in price than your handheld. 2) Running out and buying a N3DS is pointless without the games. As Mr. Enoki points out, 3DS games released before the N3DS will not see any change in graphics. Your games will look and play the same. 3) I don't want a new console to play a port of a game that is 6 years old. If they come out with new games that look incredible (ex. MH4), I may splurge for a N3DS in a year or so. I want to see at least 4-5 games before I decide to buy a N3DS. I can keep my current 3DS XL and use that $250 towards a PS4 which will have a price drop in 1 year. Sorry Nintendo, I'm not convinced about this new system.



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

Region lock sucks! It's a selfish business model and is directly aimed at making more money. I agree with Roy on this one. I don't see any reason for it and games have to get approval in each country/region before they are approved. For example, Japan loves the over-sexualization of children (gross, but true) and many of their games are considered inappropriate for regions outside of Japan. I've had a few Nintendo reps tell me personally that Nintendo makes different hardware to accommodate these changes. Bravely Default is a classic example of how the original game from Japan was not approved in the West until clothing and costume changes were made to the children characters. People in the West don't like seeing 13 year old girls wear G-strings, sorry Hentai fans (pukes in a bucket). I just don't buy this as an excuse to make different hardware. Just make changes to the game BEFORE it ships to the different regions. If people want the Japanese version, they can buy it and pay for the shipping. Nintendo isn't allowing customers to make choices, they are making the choices for us. I bought my PS3 in South Korea but every summer I could buy new games in EB games when I was home visiting. If I take my 3DS to South Korea, it will lay on the shelf and collect dust unless I pay big shipping fees to get games. Now that my rant is over, I can honestly say "what can I do about it?" Nintendo doesn't really listen to fans that much and their financial numbers have been crappy lately. They need all the sales they can get! Region locking is here to stay, or until sales prove they don't need it. Sadly, I'll nerd rage online with you guys and then jump in line to buy a N3DS next year! Gahhhh Nintendo, you got me early and now I am hooked.



Nintendofan83 commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

Check out this link to actually see the new 3DS XL systems that are coming out. Many people have commented that the quality looked inferior but this video pretty much disproves that. The NES model is not a sticker or some low crap like that. It looks to have a high resolution image with a glossy finish. The smash ones look incredible and I love the colour of the blue one. It's sharp! I wasn't going to order one before but I may reconsider now. A side from low quality comments, many people have said "i'm waiting for the new 3DS XL, Nintendo is dumb". At first, I agreed with this but now I'm starting to wonder if the new 3DS XL could be as long as holiday 2015. Why else would Nintendo put sooooo much effort into these new 3DS XL systems (Smash, NES, Persona) if their new model was being so close to them? I now think these items are the lead up to a huge 2014 holiday season for Nintendo and the newer models are actually quite far away. It would potentially give Nintendo new hardware and a Zelda game as a their headliners for holiday 2015. If you are only skipping these systems because you want a new model, you may want to re-consider if you have the cash.



Nintendofan83 commented on Walmart Lists Blue And Red Smash Bros 3DS XL C...:

I really don't get the decision makers at Nintendo. For most of 2014, they have been advertising well but this is a major mess up that will cost them sales. Why in the world would you announce a brand new 3DS and 3DS XL systems and then follow that up by announcing a new LE 3DS XL but for the older models? I know there are some collectors out there and I know there are some people who don't have a 3DS XL but this seems odd to me. It would have been a lot better to announce the SSB 3DS XL this fall and get huge sales from it. After the holiday season slows down, announce the new 3DS XL in Jan and say "coming this year!".

A couple of weeks ago, I really wanted this 3DS but now i'm not sure I can justify buying it. If Nintendo would confirm the new 3DS for a holiday 2015 release, then I may buy this new system. Yah screwed up Nintendo!



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo's Italian Twitter Feed Shows off a Su...:

This has families written all over it. Mario Party is nice in the fact you only need 1 copy of the game to accommodate four local players. If you know you need/should/have to (etc) buy this game, any discount is A-OK in my books. I'm actually leaning towards buying the new SSB 3DS XL (that is rumoured to be coming out) and a physical copy of the game. I already have the ALBW 3DS XL from last year so I can play local player that way.



Nintendofan83 commented on Only 3DS Games Sold Over One Million Copies in...:

These numbers do not surprise me at all and I actually see some positives. I will outline why i'm not surprised and why i'm happy.

1) Many asians live with extended family members are there simply isn't roomy/time to play console games on a tv. The only way is if you have a tv in your room and in my limited cultural experiences (lived in Asian for 5 years), parents don't tv's in a kids room. They usually have a hand held and a computer.

2) Sales are sales and when Nintendo makes money, we all win. We may want to see Wii U sales rise but at least the 3DS is kicking butt and funnelling money into Nintendo which the big N can used to help develop the Wii U in other regions. Companies move money from profitable areas to struggling areas all the time. As long as the 3DS is making money, the Wii U can get help.

3) Consoles are simply not as enjoyable in Japan and its a combination of the games available and cultural differences in living. Korean students, much like Japanese and Chinese students, study at school or are busy from 8am - 8pm and then they have homework! I taught at a Canadian/Korean International school for 3 years and I have never seen so many sleepy kids. The only free time these students have is when they are waiting for class, on the bus, on the train etc. The 3DS is perfect for gaming here!

4) At the end of the day, population sizes matter and the fact that Japan is its own region is astonishing to me. Europe has about 700 million people and USA/Can have about 375 million. Japan has about 125 million compared to those 2 larger areas. I think it's impressive when any game sells over a million in Japan. These sales are great but lets face it, Nintendo's success and failures rest far more on their NA and Eur sales. These numbers show a cultural preference for handhelds in one country, in one corner of the globe. These sales are great but its only one country.



Nintendofan83 commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

I have no idea why anyone would want a regular 3DS or 3DS XL with so many outstanding limited edition handhelds on the market. I had a red 3DS for about a year and then I sold it so I could upgrade to the 3DS XL ALBW edition. I am very tempted to buy this one as well. Then I could have 2 amazing systems that could be used to play local multiplayer! Any ideas about price? The Zelda 3DS XL was $219.99 (in Canada) and came with a digital download for ALBW. That system sold very well so i'm hoping Nintendo keeps a similar price.

However, i'd trade in both these systems for one of those Yellow 3DS XL Pikachu system that came out a while back.



Nintendofan83 commented on Shovel Knight is Burying Sales Expectations:

I bought this game about a week ago and I am really enjoying it. Maybe I forgot how to play 8 bit games? But man….Shovel Knight is hard!!! I die all the time haha. I'll never be rich because of how much I die. I play about 1-2 levels a night.

I think the price is a bit high at $15 but I would still recommend it to anyone.



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:


Buy your gas over the border hehe. There is a Best Buy about 1 hour over the border so I may go and check it out but I'm only interested in Pokemon Y and a pro controller. I have the others already. Canada rarely, if ever, gets deals like this. I agree, games are always a bit more expensive over the border.



Nintendofan83 commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

Nice to see an improvement but i'm starting to realize the Wii U is going to end up more like the Gamecube than the Wii. Like the Gamecube, the Wii U has underwhelming sales yet it can boast an impressive lineup of games both now and in the foreseeable future. GC had some unique titles that I still love like Mario Sunshine and Luigi's Mansion. The Wii U was a gamble by Nintendo and it hasn't panned out. The gamepad isn't attractive enough for casual gamers who find it clunky and there haven't been enough games that showcase the technical abilities of the gamepad. Mario Maker should have been release a long time go. As of now, the gamepad hurts more than helps (IMO). Also, marketing hasn't been impactful nor consistent. Most titles receive limited commercial exposure and the name confuses some people; specifically parents, who say "doesn't Jimmy already have something called Wii?". By the end of 2015, I think the Wii U will be around 15 million sales but Nintendo will be preparing for new hardware. Personally, I really enjoy my Wii U and I'm going to keep it. I think the Wii U will be very collectable in the future as a rarer system with solid games.



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:


I called my local branch in Vancouver/Burnaby and they had no idea about the sale. I told them about the flyer and they said Best Buy is actually a different company in different countries and not all promo's carry over. The girl on the phone put me on hold to ask a few other people and no one had heard of the sale I was talking about. However, the lady on the phone went on to mention they have current sales on that end July 17th so it's entirely possible they aren't talking about the new sale until the old one (centred around the World Cup) ends in a few days. She recommended calling back on 19th or 20th. FINGERS CROSSED. I want a Pro controller, too



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:

Any confirmation on this coming to Canada? I need to know if i'm taking a day trip across the border not! =P. I think i'll pick up Tomodachi Life and either get Pokemon Y or ALBW because I got a digital copy of it with my Zelda 3ds XL but there is something about having the physical copy for a collection.



Nintendofan83 commented on Shigeru Miyamoto States There Are "A Few" Zeld...:

I have a feeling the announced Zelda Wii U game will be the only new, traditional style Zelda console game. WWHD is a remake and DW is a crossover game. They are both solid looking games but their arrival on the system makes me feel like Nintendo is going slow with Zelda Wii U and it's gonna be a late 2015, maybe early 2016 release and it will be the only new Zelda. Fans love Zelda but there are a lot of games out competing against each other now. There are 2 3DS games already and soon to be 2 Wii U games. A third 3DS title would give this current generation of consoles/handhelds 5 Zelda games prior to the main release of Zelda Wii U. Seems like a lot to me.



Nintendofan83 commented on This Rather Neat "Mario White Edition" 3DS XL ...:

When someone buys it, plays it with NA games and takes screen shots of said games working on the system…..then and only then, will I consider it. I really like the design of this 3DS XL. I wish I could just buy the system without a bundle of games I don't want. Seriously considering this once more info is out.



Nintendofan83 commented on The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan:

N64 is where I finally fell in love with a game. A game i've played on 2 different systems since it's release. A game many argue as the best single video game of all time. Ocarina of Time….man…..before online cheats and walkthroughs…..waiting for my Nintendo Power monthly magazine to come so I could find everything. When I think of the N64, I always think of OoT. In terms of multiplayer, it was revolutionary with games like Mario 64, Wave Race, Diddy Kong Racing, Goldeneye and Mario Party (to name a few).



Nintendofan83 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Beware the Slip...:

This website has lots of ads and external links to trashy stories, but I still come here lol. There are articles on this website about wholesome NIntendo video games and celebrity smokers haha. Consumers, costumers, and readers can all easily get past the ads and external links because we enjoy the articles and the community that talks about said articles. Nintendo fans will laugh at the Benz for a moment and then move on. They will love playing all the other carts and will rarely think "hey, i'm gonna go buy a benz now". There is a slippery slope and thats when the DLC or advertising becomes intrusive to the games themselves. Someone earlier made a great point using Red Bull. If I HAVE to drink a red bull to beat a boss in a Mario game, then i'm done.



Nintendofan83 commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Lobster I am a big fan of the Wii U but the gamepad (IMO) is not good enough to fully support the system and attract new people. 6+ million since launch in 2012 is pretty bad. We can say we "love" this and "love" that but Nintendo needs sales to justify making what we love. I use my gamepad a lot; especially for off TV play and netflix but most of my friends and my wife dislike it to play with. They prefer my themed wii remotes (M,L,P) and 95% of my guy friends in their 20's and 30's like the Wii U Pro Controller. Keep the gamepad because I think it's an amazing piece of tech. But Nintendo is ramming the gamepad down the gaming market and only loyal Nintendo fans are buying it. It's time to try something new to boost sales. Great games are coming but they aren't here yet. Including the Wii U Pro Controller in the bundles with the regular system could help attract more customers. They were willing to put a Mario Wii Remote in the MK8 bundle so why not try the Wii U Controller with Watch Dogs?



Nintendofan83 commented on Mario Kart 8 Speeds Into Second Place In NPD M...:

@Mahe I agree with your comment about the gamepad. Overall, it's not well received and I'm starting to see a trend with your "average" gamer and their dislike of the gamepad. I have 2 friends (30 and younger) who were pumped to come over and play Mario Kart 8. While here, both complained about the gamepad as the primary option with the Wii U and it barely helps etc. I have 4 extra controllers so my friends can chose what they want. What about new fans/costumers? The gamepad looks clumpy, is awkward to hold and they don't fully "get" how to incorporate it into games. I don't think they would ever do it, but Nintendo should have the Wii U Pro Controller included in its bundle IMO. The gamepad really falls through as a primary game controller. As an entertainment platform control (netflix, you tube, Skype, games etc), it's outstanding. Including a proper future generation controller would hook more people from across gaming lines (sony/xbox people) and younger kids because no one under 15 can actually hold the gamepad.



Nintendofan83 commented on Mario Kart 8 and Tomodachi Life Hold Firm in U...:

I only care about consoles to be honest. Software sales are important but I want to know how many new Wii U's are in the world because I want to see back sales of SMW3D, DKTF, Pikmin 3 etc. How many new pre-orders can they take for SSBU now? I want to know all the info about console sales in worldwide and by region. Where can I find that out?



Nintendofan83 commented on Developers Weigh In On The Way Forward For Wii U:

@LEGENDnoONE How can you say you watched all of E3 and not even mention Splatoon? That's a brilliant new IP that is looking very fun and colourful lol. Project S.T.E.A.M. is also generating a nice buzz, too. Mario Golf just came out on 3DS and is doing well (with DLC sales, too.) and Child of Light has been very successful in the eShop. That's a solid game to attract potential developers. I think the last point is merely about a culture and business philosophy not mixing with our own. Nintendo is a Japanese based company that has always been mysterious. It shouldn't be a shocker that Western companies/developers need to initiate the contact with NIntendo. There is also a veil of confidence that they can be successful independently because of their main line up of games. The Wii U is getting a lot of depth for is library after this E3 presentation. Sure, a lot of the games are for 2015 but if you step back and look at 2014 as a whole, the Wii U actually got DKTF, MK8, HW, B2, and SSBU. That's an incredible line up of games. 2015 will carry the momentum of a successful 2014 for NIntendo. Personally, I'm a little concerned for the 3DS and 2DS systems. I didn't really see much that excited me outside of SSB3DS. Tomodachi Life isn't my thing. 2014 will still have enough quality games but what is coming up late in 2014 and 2015?



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo's McDonald's Toys Are Rather Popular ...:

I'm shocked at a few things. 1) Why aren't these amazing toys in the US or Canada? We had things like this growing up and people flocked to them. 2) I'm surprised these are so popular in South Korea. Traditionally, Playstation and PC games rule supreme in South Korea (I lived there for 5 years so I'm not speaking out my $%#). 3) They may be cute, but are they actually good quality toys? Can't imagine so….line ups? Wow! The Big N is on fire!



Nintendofan83 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

@Peach64 You are a great barometer of how successful a Nintendo product is lol. You're a tough critic but I respect and understand that. I also bet you own a crap load of Nintendo stuff and have been a loyal fan for years. I don't stray away from the original IP's much but I'm quite excited for Splatoon and the fact it finished second to only Zelda in the specific game announcement vote has me convinced that the Wii U's best days are ahead. People will always buy the original IP's but profits will be dictated by these new IP's and I hope both are successful. The Zelda trailer hurt me. Just hurt me. Can't stop thinking about it lol. Microsoft and Sony also did well and if I was in the market for a second console, I would have to really do my research because both showed great stuff this year. Overall, E3 was mint.



Nintendofan83 commented on Persona Q Gives 3DS a Boost in Japan, Wii U Ta...:

Just remember the NPD numbers will be for 2 days. You'll have to wait until mid-July to see how Mario Kart has done this month. The NPD numbers will look sexy because of the pre-orders, day 1 sales etc. I'm really interested in the enitre month of June.



Nintendofan83 commented on Persona Q Gives 3DS a Boost in Japan, Wii U Ta...:

I could care less about sales. I love my Wii U and the games announced at E3 or before it look great. I will enjoy it and continue to buy a lot of games. Nintendo developed a great console but it lacks mass-marketability and the gamepad isn't for everyone. This feels like a GCN era to me. Low sales, incredible games and an extremely loyal fan base that will treasure the games for a long time to come. Over the past tweny years, we've seen Nintendo go through peaks and valleys and this is no different today. N64 was a monster, GCN failed commerically, Wii smashed all the records, Wii U is guess is the next console will get the big N back on the horse.



Nintendofan83 commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Announced for 3DS:

Ever since Final Fantasy for NES, I've been hooked! I really like the idea of multiplayer but I wonder if its online multiplayer or in the same room multiplayer? If it's online, that will blow my mind. You could make friends/groups kinda like in World of Warcraft (guilds that go on quests together, raid together etc). I sure hope it comes to the West!



Nintendofan83 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Life's E3 Reaction - Live!:

That's true. I suppose $400 bucks a year isn't that bad when it's spaced out. The Wii U is my first console in quite a while so when I bought it, I naturally bought extra controllers, accessories, games etc. I got them in a short span of time so it seemed to build up. I've had a 3DS for years and take it everywhere.



Nintendofan83 commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Life's E3 Reaction - Live!:

Anybody having a hard time hearing the guys? Are they using mics or just gonna shooting the breeze?

I've said the same thing on a few posts. Overall, I am very excited about the games I saw. The Zelda trailer alone blew me away! I'm happy with the quality of games on the way. I'm just disappointed that many of the games shown are slated for a 2015 release and could very well be pushed to 2016. Nintendo needs momentum right now and they finally got it with MK8. I'm not sure Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2 will keep that up until we get to the holiday season in 2014. Time will tell.



Nintendofan83 commented on E3 2014: Mario Party 10 Subtly Announced for W...:

I understand Hyrule Warrios and Bayonetta have strong name value, but i'm not convinced they can help sell systems the way Nintendo needs. Overall, I thought the quality of the games shown in the Nintendo Direct were excellent. The HD looked solid and that brief Zelda trailor was stunning. HOWEVER, and I think this is a big HOWEVER, Nintendo is squandering the momentum of Mario Kart 8. Too many of the big titles they showed are being released in 2015. I think that is too late. PS4 and XBone could steal that momentum away and have a stronger lineup of games by the time all of these games release. Currently, Wii U has better games but for how much longer? I am very excited for these games and will probably buy several of them. But looking at this objectively, Nintendo finally had people focused on the 'here and now' and they blew it showing amazing games we can't own for a year or more. Nintendo better hope Wii U sales are strong in June because I can't see them moving many more consoles for about half a year after that. Disappointing Big N.



Nintendofan83 commented on Mario Kart 8 Stays Second in UK as Tomodachi L...:


Where in my comments did I say that PS3 and Xbox 360 versions sold better? I'm not sure where you are pulling that from.

"If the PS4 and XBone are so awesome, why are people buying Watch Dogs on older systems? Watch Dogs was supposed to be a system seller like MK8 and its not getting the job done."

This end part is what my comment was focused on. Why are so many people buying Watch Dogs for older systems when newer (supposedly better) consoles are available? The fact that MK8 is still high on the charts despite having less consoles is something to be happy about. I don't need to convince myself anything there. MK8 on 7 million consoles is completing well against Watch Dogs on consoles (PS3, XBone) that far out number the Wii U.

Still not sure how this makes my comment nonsense and deliberate misinformation.