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Wed 4th June, 2014

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Nintendofan83 commented on An Impressive 1.79 Million Players Have Crosse...:

FEA was the first the game in the series for me. I had heard about it but hadn't tried it. I picked it up cheap during an amazon Black Friday sale and i'm glad I did. It was a challenging game but I enjoyed it and it made me think many moves in advance. In some ways, it reminded me of Shining Force where i'd have to move characters carefully. I'm disappointed in the two game approach and will wait for the game to go on sale like I did with FEA. It wont be a day 1 purchase for me. Those sales figures end in 2014 so in theory, it could be close to 2 million now. That's impressive!



Nintendofan83 commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I think the big N chose to announce the next console because they are in fact, ready to move. The pipeline of game making cant be turned off so easily as some suggest. It appears, imo, that Ninty is finishing up with games already in development and then they will focus on other avenues of their business while they prepare for the next console. The e-shop will be a carry over and is getting a lot of love. Amiibo will also carry over and is a mega hit. The only thing struggling is the Wii U and thus a slow release of games. As a Wii U, I will continue to cherish the handful of games I own and I will pick up some of the last good games released. However, I won't be rushing out to buy the new console for a long time. I'm not suffering through months of nothingness again. I may consider it in 2018 or later. Nintendo needs to earn me back.



Nintendofan83 commented on Wii U Shooter Splatoon Makes EDGE Magazine's C...:

I am very excited for this game. I just love the visuals of the game and over the months, more diverse gaming modes have been released so I dont feel like I will tire of it easily. I will say one thing, though. I am a bit hesitant over the lack of voice chat for online play. Until E3 is finished, Im not ready to put it on top of the 2015 game list. Last E3, Hyurle Warriors was revealed in depth and released a few months later. Im hoping this is the case for Star Fox or another great game. Splatoon looks like the biggest game for the first half of 2015.



Nintendofan83 commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

Nintendo's memory storage decisions baffle me constantly. They really do. "Hey kiddies, you need the new system to play this game but if you want to download it, you need an upgrade because we cheaped out and gave you a tiny one". You need 2 upgrades (system and memory card) yo play this game. That's too much for some consumers. If they want the eshop to grow (which is pure profit for them), storage shouldnt be an issue for customers. I love Nintendo, I really do. But this round of hardware will be my last for a while. I will cherish what I have but im tired of being an unsatisfied consumer. Hello PS4 with 500gbs.



Nintendofan83 commented on Guide: How to Complete a System Transfer from ...:

Thanks for posting this article. It certainly helped me navigate this process and transfer everything I wanted. I can now sell my old 3DSXL and help pay for the new handheld I bought at launch. The only thing not included in the article was the need to format my new micro sd card. I'm not sure if that was something I should have known, but I wasn't able to figure that out for a bit. Overall, I am happy with the new system and i'm glad all of my info is on it. Thanks NintendoLife!



Nintendofan83 commented on Talking Point: Limitations on Stock and Advert...:

1) This is the strategy Mr. Iwata needed to make to keep his job. A few years ago, his future was being questioned.

2) This article makes me realize limited editions will be come more common place as the demand is far exceeding the supply. Pre-orders will be necessary for most things like MM3DXL. In 2013 I ordered my ALBW3DXL about 2 weeks after it was released. MM sold out in minutes online. Madness!! Nintendo is creating stress for fans.



Nintendofan83 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

@BenAV i understand your point but technically, this is a launch title for the N3DS system. It has improved 3D, uses the C stick and uses the improved CPU (my like the original used the expansion pack). Grezzo only does remakes so its a smart plan to have this as a launch title and let other resources be spent on new games like Code Name Steam. Also, you seem like a Xenoblade fan, will you be getting the Wii remaster that is coming to the 3DS or will you pass that up, too?



Nintendofan83 commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

The writing was on the wall last summer IMO. When they went with digital rewards for Elite Status members, a lot of people were turned off of CN. Moreover, the catalogue has been barren for long stretches of time. I joined in 2013 and loved it for a short while. I have 750 coins so I hope there is something decent to spend them on!

I'm curious about the new rewards program and hope Nintendo builds upon the success of CN (unique physical rewards) and learns from the mistakes. Overall, I'm not sad or disappointed. I'm hopeful of something better in the future.



Nintendofan83 commented on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Limited-...:

Normally I would get the original but the Amiibo craze has me enjoying figurines around my house. I may get this for the unique skull kid figurine as I am a massive Zelda fan. I've got Link and Zelda amiibos and Shiek and Toon Link pre-ordered. This Skull kid will make a nice addition to the group. I just need a Gannondorf amiibo, now!!!



Nintendofan83 commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

I just noticed that Fox was added back to after being sold out for over 2 weeks. I just ordered one and it should be here in a few weeks. I wonder if Nintendo had more issued so people can have it for Star Fox where as Little Mac doesn't have any use outside of Smash.



Nintendofan83 commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

I'm disappointed how stressful the entire Amiibo experience is. I get that Nintendo screwed up with expectations. In fairness, they have been on the doormat for a while now and probably didn't think this would be huge. However, the sales data from the last few weeks should show how popular the figures are and Ninty should be burning up the phones with manufacturers to get as many Amiibo out there. Retailers are surely onboard now with the amount of sales they have seen. It's disappointing that a fun toy has become stressful! Nintendo, don't you want my money?



Nintendofan83 commented on Happy New Year From All at Nintendo Life:

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2015 is a great year for you, your families and friends! As for Nintendo Life, this is my number 1 site for Ninty news and I look forward to reading the posts and commenting in forums. This is a great community. All the best from Vancouver!



Nintendofan83 commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

Just what Nintendo needs at Xmas time, little kids having their orders cancelled. Nintendo is really struggling as a company and the Japanese head branch is so far out of touch they have no idea what is happening outside of Kyoto. If they had done any research and marketing of Amiibo, they would have seen they were destined to be a huge success. It's like Nintendo doesn't want to succeed these days with poor organization, shunning third party developers, lack of marketing, poor distribution etc. Nintendo, you make excellent products! Make enough so people can buy them!



Nintendofan83 commented on Snazzy Golf Balls Added to Club Nintendo in PA...:

So cool! Nintendo has added some great stuff in Europe and Japan lately. Apparently, Nintendo hates North America and loyal customers who take the time to register products and provide quality feedback. The only rewards we have are digital games that many loyal fans already own. I have a couple of games I haven't registered because there isn't any point. I have like 1000 coins I need to spend but haven't had anything decent to choose from in like a year. I sent a huge e-mail to them about my concerns and they responded by saying "thanks, we'll pass it along".....I haven' registered a thing since.



Nintendofan83 commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

I understand that Nintendo has various departments around the world but it seems like they are so inconsistent depending on where you live. In Canada we rarely see Nintendo ads. We saw a rush of ads for MK8 and SSBWU but it's pretty quiet for the rest of the year. In South Korea (also where I have lived), Nintendo is never on tv, never advertises and yet, South Korea is a massive gaming culture. Nintendo goes over the top for Japan, which I get, but it's not like Japanese customers are overly loyal to them; they have stiff competition from Sony. I guess Nintendo has decided that it will battle in some countries and leave other markets alone. In the long run, the lack of communication from Nintendo and their track record of poor relationships with third party developers will lead to lower sales. They need to readjust their projections if this is their business model.



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy and Walmart Pitch In With Festive Wii...:

@JaxonH Those are fair points and I can't really argue with most of it. However, the time wait between games is very long and I personally don't like a lot of the eshop games. They are fun but they are not why I purchased a Wii U. I purchased the system for Nintendo's first foray into HD gaming. I enjoyed DKTF, then I had to wait 2 months until Mario Kart 8. I love MK8 but then I had to wait 3 months for Hyrule Warriors. I loved playing that and only had to wait 1 month for Smash. That was the shortest waiting period. The savings may be small but they are important to some people (like me) and the quality of games in the bundles now are different than the ones last year. I like playing games and I dread the waiting for new titles to come out. The Wii U is only been on the market for 2 years so I'd have over 4 years to catch up on the backlog so that point I disagree with. Moreover, if you are starting this Xmas, you have your pick of so many great games. What if you didn't like Hyrule Warriors? You were looking at nearly 6 months between Mario Kart and Smash Bros. There are pros and cons to buying a console at launch but for me personally, I will wait longer next time. To each their own! Happy Gaming!



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy and Walmart Pitch In With Festive Wii...:

I really wish I waited a year to get my Wii U. I bought my console last year at the $299 price because I fell in love with Super Mario 3D World. That being said, it's been very slow waiting for games the past year. If I were just getting into the market now, I'd be getting a much better deal and I would have a huge selection of great games. This folks, is why you shouldn't bother with a new console for the first 1-2 years of its existence. Same goes for XB1 and PS4.



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy Offering $50 Off 3DS XL Systems Up To...:

This is all about mass appeal for Nintendo and the hope of luring new gamers into their world. Whether you are a big N fan or a casual gamer, you probably own a 3DS (in some form) already. Outside of collectors, none of us will want to pick up another system that will be replaced in a few months. However, these price cuts feel like an appeal for new gamers to try out the system. Most new gamers (young, old, non-Ninty fans) don't know about the N3DS in 2015 so they will be happy with this handheld. Add in the fact there is an incredible library of games and you have a recipe for strong sales. Sell off as much old stock as you can.



Nintendofan83 commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

This article is why i've given up watching sales figures and watching the charts. I simply don't care about any of that anymore. Any Wii U owner knows the quality of the system and past Nintendo fans are starting to return with larger releases like MK8 and SSMBU. I'm only interested in sharing my love for Nintendo and my excitement for the games. 2015 is going to be an incredible year and I have a feeling we will see large releases monthly instead of quarterly. I need to start saving some mad cash because I had planned on buying Splatoon, Kirby, MP10, and Mario Maker in 2015 but now I need to add Star Fox and Zelda to that list. I'm also excited for the N3DS during 2015 and my first chance to play Majora's Mask. You have me fired up Nintendo!



Nintendofan83 commented on "The Sky Is The Limit" For amiibo, As Nintendo...:

Amiibo figurines for Rusty from SteamWorld Dig and Shovel Knight would be sweet!!! I'd get those to go with my Mario and Link day 1 purchases. Those games are a lot of fun and the amiibo potential could give reason for sequels for either game.



Nintendofan83 commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

Go Reggie! I love the uniqueness of Nintendo's first party games and characters. I will always be a Mario and Zelda guy before sports or COD so he's preaching to the choir hear. I will say this, once Halo MCC and FXV hit the market, the "other guys" will have some serious first party games for their fans. Its easy to point out differences in the early stages of the XB1 and PS4 life cycles. This debate will never change. The only choice is 1 console and decide between Nintendo or XB1/PS4 or 2 consoles and you get a Nintendo and one of XB1 or PS4. J have a Wii U but I am saving up for a PS4. Id rather that over buyng a N3DS next year.



Nintendofan83 commented on Preview: The Irresistible Charm of Captain Toa...:

The release date is probably due to the amount of languages the game needs to be translated into. Only a few languages in most regions compared to Europe. The release date is targeted at kids who have gift cards to spend after Xmas. This title will be cheaper so easier to justify buying after getting stuff for Xmas. I think Nintendo wants/hopes people buying new systems will buy the AAA games on the market before Xmas and then grab Toad afterwards. Ninty always has a plan (for better or for worse)



Nintendofan83 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Now Launching I...:

This isn't my type of game but after my Hyrule Warriors experience, i'll make a point of playing the demo in store to see how I like it. I went to Best Buy to play the HR demo and I really enjoyed it. I bought the game a week later when it came out. Best Buy is getting this demo and I want to try it out. I may like it.



Nintendofan83 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

Also, don't talk about the N3DS at all unless you want zero sales over the holiday season. The N3DS should get its own Nintendo Direct in late January early February. Based on Nintendo's poor financial results in the 3DS sector, coupled with Mr. Iwata's comments about "fulfilling the 3DS's sales potential", I'm guessing Ninty wants to squeeze one more holiday season out of the older model. I've already seen sales as low as $129.99 in Canada with companies like Walmart ad-matching. The 3DS will get a price drop or lots of sales this holiday season but then early in 2015, we will see a lot of info on the N3DS so Nintendo can release it before the end of the financial year. My guess, it hits the market in March 2015 in NA and Europe.



Nintendofan83 commented on Feature: What We Want to See in the November N...:

I don't think the focus should be on Smash other than a demo and information about a Bundle (32GB, 1 GC controller and 1 GC controller adapter a copy of SSB and maybe another game). Nintendo has their holiday season set up really well with SSB, Pokemon, Capt. Toad and previous released games. But what about 2015? 2015 is the make of break year for the Wii U so the focus should be there. There is enough content released now to be successful during the holiday season so Ninty should focus on the games for 2015. Hopefully new customers can buy a Wii U knowing it has great games now and more to look forward to. Release windows or release dates for a few follow up hits like Yoshi, MM or Splatoon can help keep the momentum after the holiday season. Nintendo needs a run of continued success.



Nintendofan83 commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I didn't buy this game at launch but after talking with a few people in my local EB Games, I decided to buy it. I would give the game a solid 8.5 and recommend it to any Zelda fan or Dynasty Warriors fan. The graphics are excellent and I've never seen Zelda look so badass. It's a solid HD game for the Wii U. One of my favourite aspects is replaying stages with unlocked characters. Lana and Impa are both excellent players to use. There is even DLC if you want to ride around on Epona. Another solid second tier game for the Wii U. We all love the AAA titles like MK and SSMB but games like Hyrule Warriors give solid depth to the Wii U's line up.



Nintendofan83 commented on Video: Try Not To Overheat As You Watch Excite...:

@vio I thought about the new DLC splitting up the gaming community as well. You raise some interesting points and I'm curious to see how Nintendo will react to this. I'd like to know how well the DLC sales are going because that will certainly affect Nintendo's plan of attack.

Sometimes I am cautious of DLC and other times I am grateful for it! These MK8 DLC packs are a huge boost in content for a reasonable price. Everyone should buy it so we don't have to worry about splitting the online community =)



Nintendofan83 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

I really want the N3DS for the face plates but I will need to test one out in-store before I buy. I bought my 3DS online back in 2012 and it hurt my hands. I had no choice but to upgrade to the XL for comfort reasons. However, I really want the face plates so I'm hoping the N3DS is comfortable to hold for people with larger hands.



Nintendofan83 commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Takes Smash Bros.' C...:

The sales are tremendous but I wasn't expecting as far of a split between the regular N3DS and the N3DS LL. I thought the face plates would have a huge impact, especially in Japan, but I guess people want larger screens for MH4G. I thought the numbers would be more like N3DS 85,000 and N3DS LL 100,000. Id be interested to know the amount of face plates sold in Japan.



Nintendofan83 commented on Hardware Review: The New Nintendo 3DS Is The B...:

I'll never understand why Nintendo announced a N3DS and then all of the limited edition 3DS XL's that have come out this fall. This article has actually got me interested in buying the regular sized version of the new console. If the screens are in fact, a little larger, I like the idea of buying those plates. I want the white N3DS with the Mario plate. When do you guys think it will be released? I'm predicting late spring/early summer.



Nintendofan83 commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

I wonder if the CEO's of Ubisoft and Capcom are BFF's? They sound similar these days. Well friends, buy your old capcom games now because apparently not a lot is coming our way. This seems like a bad business move and the CEO sounds whiney! Capcom's expectations will rub fans the wrong way and cost them sales.



Nintendofan83 commented on We'd Be Cheating Fans By Bringing Assassin's C...:

I don't really like Ubisoft games and I don't like the last gen crap they try and bring to the Wii U. I know they are bringing Watch Dogs but its half a year late and no DLC. Their public comments are crap and full of excuses. I wouldn't waste my money on one of their games and if I get a PS4, I'm not sure I'd buy their games anyway. I don't even know why I clicked on the article to begin with! I knew it'd be more negativity from them. Nintendo should just come out and say we've moved on; 95% of Nintendo fans have.



Nintendofan83 commented on Limited GameCube Controller Edition of Super S...:

Im not a big fan of the Gamecube controllers personally, but I know so many people are; especially hardcore Smash fans. I think i'll stick with my Pro Controller but I may pick this up to have for when friends come by. Some may prefer to use the controller. I do like the logo on the controller, though.



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

This article makes me feel better about buying the SSB 3DS XL this week. I know it was a bit indulgent but I really like the design and I want to be able to play Smash and other multi-player games with friends when they come over. This article reaffirmed that I can wait a year or so to buy the N3DS XL. 1) That price is extremely high at $249.99; especially when Nintendo is struggling to sell Wii U consoles. Your console should not be a little higher in price than your handheld. 2) Running out and buying a N3DS is pointless without the games. As Mr. Enoki points out, 3DS games released before the N3DS will not see any change in graphics. Your games will look and play the same. 3) I don't want a new console to play a port of a game that is 6 years old. If they come out with new games that look incredible (ex. MH4), I may splurge for a N3DS in a year or so. I want to see at least 4-5 games before I decide to buy a N3DS. I can keep my current 3DS XL and use that $250 towards a PS4 which will have a price drop in 1 year. Sorry Nintendo, I'm not convinced about this new system.



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo Region Locks Consoles To Get More Har...:

Region lock sucks! It's a selfish business model and is directly aimed at making more money. I agree with Roy on this one. I don't see any reason for it and games have to get approval in each country/region before they are approved. For example, Japan loves the over-sexualization of children (gross, but true) and many of their games are considered inappropriate for regions outside of Japan. I've had a few Nintendo reps tell me personally that Nintendo makes different hardware to accommodate these changes. Bravely Default is a classic example of how the original game from Japan was not approved in the West until clothing and costume changes were made to the children characters. People in the West don't like seeing 13 year old girls wear G-strings, sorry Hentai fans (pukes in a bucket). I just don't buy this as an excuse to make different hardware. Just make changes to the game BEFORE it ships to the different regions. If people want the Japanese version, they can buy it and pay for the shipping. Nintendo isn't allowing customers to make choices, they are making the choices for us. I bought my PS3 in South Korea but every summer I could buy new games in EB games when I was home visiting. If I take my 3DS to South Korea, it will lay on the shelf and collect dust unless I pay big shipping fees to get games. Now that my rant is over, I can honestly say "what can I do about it?" Nintendo doesn't really listen to fans that much and their financial numbers have been crappy lately. They need all the sales they can get! Region locking is here to stay, or until sales prove they don't need it. Sadly, I'll nerd rage online with you guys and then jump in line to buy a N3DS next year! Gahhhh Nintendo, you got me early and now I am hooked.



Nintendofan83 commented on Pre-Orders Open For NES, Persona Q and Smash B...:

Check out this link to actually see the new 3DS XL systems that are coming out. Many people have commented that the quality looked inferior but this video pretty much disproves that. The NES model is not a sticker or some low crap like that. It looks to have a high resolution image with a glossy finish. The smash ones look incredible and I love the colour of the blue one. It's sharp! I wasn't going to order one before but I may reconsider now. A side from low quality comments, many people have said "i'm waiting for the new 3DS XL, Nintendo is dumb". At first, I agreed with this but now I'm starting to wonder if the new 3DS XL could be as long as holiday 2015. Why else would Nintendo put sooooo much effort into these new 3DS XL systems (Smash, NES, Persona) if their new model was being so close to them? I now think these items are the lead up to a huge 2014 holiday season for Nintendo and the newer models are actually quite far away. It would potentially give Nintendo new hardware and a Zelda game as a their headliners for holiday 2015. If you are only skipping these systems because you want a new model, you may want to re-consider if you have the cash.



Nintendofan83 commented on Walmart Lists Blue And Red Smash Bros 3DS XL C...:

I really don't get the decision makers at Nintendo. For most of 2014, they have been advertising well but this is a major mess up that will cost them sales. Why in the world would you announce a brand new 3DS and 3DS XL systems and then follow that up by announcing a new LE 3DS XL but for the older models? I know there are some collectors out there and I know there are some people who don't have a 3DS XL but this seems odd to me. It would have been a lot better to announce the SSB 3DS XL this fall and get huge sales from it. After the holiday season slows down, announce the new 3DS XL in Jan and say "coming this year!".

A couple of weeks ago, I really wanted this 3DS but now i'm not sure I can justify buying it. If Nintendo would confirm the new 3DS for a holiday 2015 release, then I may buy this new system. Yah screwed up Nintendo!



Nintendofan83 commented on Nintendo's Italian Twitter Feed Shows off a Su...:

This has families written all over it. Mario Party is nice in the fact you only need 1 copy of the game to accommodate four local players. If you know you need/should/have to (etc) buy this game, any discount is A-OK in my books. I'm actually leaning towards buying the new SSB 3DS XL (that is rumoured to be coming out) and a physical copy of the game. I already have the ALBW 3DS XL from last year so I can play local player that way.



Nintendofan83 commented on Only 3DS Games Sold Over One Million Copies in...:

These numbers do not surprise me at all and I actually see some positives. I will outline why i'm not surprised and why i'm happy.

1) Many asians live with extended family members are there simply isn't roomy/time to play console games on a tv. The only way is if you have a tv in your room and in my limited cultural experiences (lived in Asian for 5 years), parents don't tv's in a kids room. They usually have a hand held and a computer.

2) Sales are sales and when Nintendo makes money, we all win. We may want to see Wii U sales rise but at least the 3DS is kicking butt and funnelling money into Nintendo which the big N can used to help develop the Wii U in other regions. Companies move money from profitable areas to struggling areas all the time. As long as the 3DS is making money, the Wii U can get help.

3) Consoles are simply not as enjoyable in Japan and its a combination of the games available and cultural differences in living. Korean students, much like Japanese and Chinese students, study at school or are busy from 8am - 8pm and then they have homework! I taught at a Canadian/Korean International school for 3 years and I have never seen so many sleepy kids. The only free time these students have is when they are waiting for class, on the bus, on the train etc. The 3DS is perfect for gaming here!

4) At the end of the day, population sizes matter and the fact that Japan is its own region is astonishing to me. Europe has about 700 million people and USA/Can have about 375 million. Japan has about 125 million compared to those 2 larger areas. I think it's impressive when any game sells over a million in Japan. These sales are great but lets face it, Nintendo's success and failures rest far more on their NA and Eur sales. These numbers show a cultural preference for handhelds in one country, in one corner of the globe. These sales are great but its only one country.



Nintendofan83 commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

I have no idea why anyone would want a regular 3DS or 3DS XL with so many outstanding limited edition handhelds on the market. I had a red 3DS for about a year and then I sold it so I could upgrade to the 3DS XL ALBW edition. I am very tempted to buy this one as well. Then I could have 2 amazing systems that could be used to play local multiplayer! Any ideas about price? The Zelda 3DS XL was $219.99 (in Canada) and came with a digital download for ALBW. That system sold very well so i'm hoping Nintendo keeps a similar price.

However, i'd trade in both these systems for one of those Yellow 3DS XL Pikachu system that came out a while back.



Nintendofan83 commented on Shovel Knight is Burying Sales Expectations:

I bought this game about a week ago and I am really enjoying it. Maybe I forgot how to play 8 bit games? But man….Shovel Knight is hard!!! I die all the time haha. I'll never be rich because of how much I die. I play about 1-2 levels a night.

I think the price is a bit high at $15 but I would still recommend it to anyone.



Nintendofan83 commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:


Buy your gas over the border hehe. There is a Best Buy about 1 hour over the border so I may go and check it out but I'm only interested in Pokemon Y and a pro controller. I have the others already. Canada rarely, if ever, gets deals like this. I agree, games are always a bit more expensive over the border.