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Tue 3rd December, 2013

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HappyMaskedGuy commented on MEGABytes to Blend a Cafe and Arcade Together ...:

I thought about setting exactly this up in Glasgow a few years ago! Weird.... However, I saw certain fatal flaws in the idea, namely being the cost of replacing hardware that is being used and abused constantly, ie controllers, old TV's, the games themselves being worn out, and other more unfortunate issues like cleaning sticky muffin and latte encrusted controllers and the inevitable thefts and/ or deliberate damage to said hardware.

I do however wish them the very best of luck! I'll come visit!



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

@Kirk Yeah power glove was garbage. The original wii more wasn't much better lol. Nah I respect that, I don't actually begrudge people pride in their achievements, quite right to flaunt it if you've got it- I just like to poke fun at folk, sorry
If you are confident in your ideas, I'm sure others would greatly enjoy them- keep your confidence and keep trying to get them realised. I know, easier said than done, but persistence and energy pay off
I really hope you get there and wish you all the best. Let me know about your future products and Ill support them with a purchase.
What was it like working for Rare? I always got the impression they would be really down to earth, like working in a mate's UNI dorm or something lol



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Exposé Reveals Torrid St...:

@Kirk Didn't motion controls exist way before the Wii though? I thought they had been experimented with in the power glove amongst other things?

For someone who worked at Rare, you don't half enjoy blowing your own trumpet Though if you do have lots of great ideas, get out there and make em happen!



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Début Splatfest Postponed in North America :

@rjejr I appreciate your answering my question- my point simply being that in person, you wouldn't have chosen to answer said question in a manner which would be deemed by most people as rude. If you can't see that from reading your own words then I don't know.
I never threatened you. And I called you little, because you chose to respond in a unnecessarily sarcastic manner. That's your doing mate, not mine.

And I asked the question because it's hard enough getting any Splatoon info for me. I'm busy enough, and Nintendo Life can sometimes be vague, especially surrounding UK info. Look on the comments section- I'm not the only one who was left confused.

I'm sure you would only like to be talked to in a polite way if you were misinformed or misunderstood something? This has nothing to do with threats to manhoods or mothers. If you had responded to me like that in person?
I'd probably just walk away wondering what your problem was. I said you wouldn't, because talking in a comments forum sometimes help people forget that manners still count.
Hope that clears things up.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

Nintendo has a few major problems at the moment. I see bad headlines on the horizon.

Their problem can be traced back to the success of the Wii- it's kept Iwata in his job, and prevented Nintendo from taking the necessary risks to innovate sufficiently. Chasing after other bolted horses such as toys to life and mobile games further compounds this lack of confidence, and thusly we have a company, unsure of its own identity and unwilling to listen to anyone- regardless of whether they are correct or not, who try to offer advice or an outside perspective.

The relative success of Splatoon recently only made the situation and frustration worse, contrasting painfully with Nintendo's inability and stubbornness to recognise one simple fact- even if the customer isn't right, they are never to be told they are wrong.

I'm not sure I can defend Nintendo for much longer because of these problems which have gone on for far, far too long.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Début Splatfest Postponed in North America :

I might be missing something here, but why doesn't Nintendo life confirm whether or not this is affecting the UK? After all, it is a UK run site isn't it? A lot of the news seems to revolve around NA.
Am I missing something??



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Producer Expla...:

'If I'm honest, we did look into a Wii U version. However, we had to consider the resources it would take, what teams to devote for a Wii U game.'

This is a worrying statement- not only did a game that was intended to launch with the 3DS- ie years ago, arrive VERY late, but they were not provided the resources or support from Nintendo to create a Metroid Prime Game for Wii U.

The more I read into this, the more clearly I see a very glaring problem. That Nintendo of Japan has far too much control over software being greenlit, preferring to stick to less than a handful of franchises, and that Nintendo of America needs its own, fully dedicated production teams to better keep in touch with what turns on Western Nintendo fans.

This E3 wasn't a disaster, it simply showed the huge crack developing between Nintendo of Japan and it's understanding of Western desires. It clearly demonstrated that Nintendo needs to diversify.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

I am disappointed, however I do feel for Nintendo, as they are clearly trying to please people. They sometimes fail to make that all important good first impression, increasingly so it seems.

Remember the Twilight Princess reveal, Nintendo? It's time to re-learn the dark arts of theatricality, and hype....



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

Dear Nintendo Life- thank you for at least approaching this from a reasonable angle and understanding the disappointment of dedicated fans, rather than putting it all down to unrealistic expectations, huff and bluster.

Nintendo need to know how badly they performed this year, and why they need to listen to their fans more. I don't mean follow every demand like Sony or Microsoft, but listen to SOME of the voices in the community which has been holding Nintendo up all these years. No Zelda, a confusingly poor looking Starfox and a bizarre 'transformation' of Metroid Prime were not, as far as I know, any things actually desired by anyone. Important word that, 'desire'.

I really don't want to have more 'time to start looking at purchasing a PS4' conversations out of spite from Nintendos lack of listening to fans.


I dunno.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

More amiibo announced without addressing the issue of stock shortages, and Starfox looked, in terms of visuals and depth of character, incredibly lacking.

For Nintendo's 'big' game of the show, I was left wondering, 'WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY BEEN ACTUALLY DOING WITH THIS GAME FOR A YEAR?!' Looked like a Gamecube or Vita game. It lacked a fundamental base of detail, which I found incredibly disconcerting, even aggravating.

Pffff.........Need to go cool off.....



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

I really thought, after the relative success of last year's show, that Nintendo had learned how to fight back and win support from its fans. To withhold Zelda U, without anything big and new to get excited about to replace it, is one bad PR decision too many.

I hope Nintendo fans let Reggie know how truly unhappy and underwhelmed they felt with this year's show. Mollycoddling them and defending them is doing nothing to help Nintendo. If the Nintendo World Championships hadn't been so successful, this surely would rank amongst Nintendo's poorest E3 shows since the final dying days of the Wii.

Truly, truly sad.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

A very underwhelming presentation. To stick Metroid Prime onto that 4 player chibi game was an act of desperation I think.

Where the hell are Retro? What the hell have they been working on?

No Zelda? Cool- but they NEEDED Metroid to redeem themselves and sustain the fragile gains in success of the Wii U. Starfox ain't got the WAW factor, that's for sure.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Playtonic Wants Yooka-Laylee To Eclipse Banjo-...:

Can't believe how pathetic some of these people are- the original RARE team get together in order to create something beautiful that fans could previously have only dreamed of, and instead of celebrating and cheering, these idiot gloom merchants come out with snidely little negativities. Probably won't even buy the bloody game! Pathetic.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA:

Yeah, FIFA won't sell on Nintendo consoles, there simply aren't enough ignorant morons to make a profit.

Stick with the PS and mobile. Plenty of idiots there. Can't wait to see Greasy Sepp Blatter get hunted down and strung up. Football is currently BP oil spill grade filthy. Homophobic, xenophobic, sexist, corrupt, violent, dividing. Shame people can't see it for what it is- a bloody game. Sorry, the subject particularly annoys me.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

@Ichiban what on earth are you gibbering on about? A crowd funded developer goes back on its financial promises, and the game's backers and others who believed them are disappointed to find they have been misled- and what, you find their reaction surprising, or inappropriate? Huh? :/



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Exclusive: Slightly Mad Studio Head Ian Bell S...:

Lying Jon Snows. Quote;

'The Nintendo fans we've got are crying out for a game like this. They don't really have that experience currently, and there hasn't really been anything like it on Wii previously. It's not our job to disappoint those guys. So when we say the Wii U version is delayed in 2015 because we need a little more time, that's all it is. We just want to make sure it's of the same standard of all the other games. To do that, we just need a little more time. I've seen the Wii U version, I've seen it quite regularly. It's got dynamic time of day, weather - it looks phenomenal. And the actual console itself is quite good.'

Refund your Wii U backers and screw off. Hate people like that.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Talking Point: Mario Maker Can Be A Game Chang...:

@Parasky completely disagree- Nintedo is acting accordingly with copyright law as infringement. Why should 'lets play'ers be allowed to profit from copyright infringement? Whether it is good advertising or not (outside of Minecraft there isn't much evidence to support the notion of increased sales based on let's play videos anyway) Nintendo cannot be seen to be acting outside of the law on this. It's like streaming someone else's music or movies on Youtube, and the poster taking revenue, instead of the creator. It simply wouldn't be allowed without the IP owners strict consent. Nintendo has even said they would allow let's play'ers to take a small portion of the revenue generated, under a membership scheme. More than fair.

People like Pewdiepie and others need to stop crying about finally being pulled up for profiting from other people's intellectual property without consequences.

Sony and Microsoft can sell out all they like to such marketing strategies, but it only hurts their brand strength in the long run. When people can play those games for free, they will!



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Reckons "It Would Be Co...:

"In any case, this positive message is certainly welcome, and is sure to get fans of Retro's Nintendo days rather excited - and no doubt submitting even more votes."

Correction- RARE, not Retro

P.S Simon Belmont for Smash. I loved Banjo Kazooie before the RARE sellout but the characters are dead to me now. And goodness, I'm sure that the 'generous' Phil Spencer would love the free advertising platform to a hardcore gaming audience on a rival console for an Xbox exclusive IP.

Seriously folks, wise up.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Today Was Reggie Fils-Aime’s 54th Birthday:

@Quorthon RARE by that point was simply no longer the same company that brought the truly great games to Nintendo hardware. Many of the team had already left or were in the process of leaving. RARE existed in name only. It's like all these people asking for another Metroid Prime from Retro, without considering that just because it is still called Retro Studios does not make it the same company from more than a decade ago- staff changes, company restructuring etc.
Screw RARE. They were dead before Microsoft took delivery of them.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Today Was Reggie Fils-Aime’s 54th Birthday:

Happy Birthday Reggie! Nintendo is the only games company that manages to make their company executives truly loved by its fans- I mean Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto, Reggie, the late Mr Yamauchi and Mr Yokoi have all been absolute LEGENDS in the gaming community. I have particularly fond memories of N64 magazine comically portraying Mr Yamauchi as being an evil super villain with death ray vision and a heart of ice- just purely based on his tendency to say little in public but continually set the standard of video gaming time and time again.

Damn, I love Nintendo.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on First Screens From Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Su...:

I wonder if they plan to have Grant Kirkhope reprise his role as composer for this game's soundtrack? For me, the music of RARE's N64 era was a key component to the atmosphere, magic and immersion of those titles, and ultimately, my enduring love of them. I played through Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie on N64 again recently- they are still fantastic. Just bought myself a replacement DK64 which I foolishly traded in back in the day too. Musically, all are incredible- I'm humming the Treasure Trove Cove theme as we speak!

C'mon Nintendo- open those tight wallets and buy these guys! They're practically begging for it! Majoras Mask was successful wasn't it? So Give the fans what they want once more!



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Review: Quake II (Nintendo 64):

@AhabSpampurse I completely agree! Whoever reviewed this game is missing a brain- criticising it for being too hard(?!) then bashing the Turok control scheme told me all I need to know.
This guy can't play jack. Deserves at least an 8.
Fantastic title with a stellar multiplayer.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

Hi Nintendo Life moderators,
just wondered, if this discussion thread involved criticism of race by certain ignorant individuals, rather than gender, would many of the purely offensive comments on this thread have been allowed to exist?

Just wondered, seeing as there has been absolutely zero input. VERY disappointed and frankly, offended.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@Octane no, but you disgust me purely because you chose to defend a man accused of crimes with evidence incriminating him, rather than sympathise with a victim/s with evidence to prove their claims.

Also, many sexual harassment claims never reach court because of moronic opinions such as yours, therefore I will continue to abhore you, until you wise up.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@Vincent294 Agreed- @Octane to dismiss these claims because YOU weren't there (oh the ego...) despite the fact that evidence overwhelmingly points to this mans guilt, is moronic.

I'm sure you would be singing a very different tune if a victim were a younger sister or daughter of yours.

Go take a walk and reconsider what being a man really is. Get informed, pal.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@Chrizzel28 This clearly hasn't been a case of just someone saying, 'He sent me a message'. I'm pretty sure the evidence was presented on multiple fronts, enough to have seen him found guilty. Instead of all this 'it could be someone lying' nonsense, consider what has happened following the allegations. I can't understand why people like you are more willing to doubt someone's guilt over this if the evidence has clearly resulted in a verdict of guilty, hence his job loss.

I mean seriously- use your brains people. Stop giving predators like this guy a place to hide under your benefit of doubt. Almost purely I'll bet, because he's male. This isn't a case of some girl getting revenge by lying. She would need evidence, which multiple sources have clearly provided.
The guy is guilty. Accept it and support the victims- or would that be easier for you if they were young males harassed by an older man? Get a grip.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

I hope they get rid of these people for good. This community is read and enjoyed by people of all genders, ages and ethnicity. There is no room for people's political or social ignorance. The whole thing has horrified me- this is meant to be a safe place for Nintendo fans, no matter who they are.

Seriously guys, sort this out.



HappyMaskedGuy commented on Super Smash Bros. Tournament Organiser Steps D...:

@Octane What the exactly does this have to do with feminism? Nice attempt at humour.

Why are there so many morons on this thread, or website for that matter??

@moderators, please step in here and adjust some of the plain offensive and stupid comments made. I am deeply disappointed. I thought this site was a Nintendo community, not a plymph for bigoted, inconsiderate idiots to disease civilised discussion.

For anyone to suggest that this man deserved anything less than losing his job for harassing young girls is frankly, disgusting.