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Will-75 commented on Review: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (3DS ...:

This may be the most profane title on the 3DS , so deserves the mature rating my only gripe with this version when compared to the Wii U version is where are the online leaderboards ? Other than that solid port . I like the 3D effect over the HD by far I really like the depth it adds .



Will-75 commented on Nintendo Board Members Retain Roles After AGM ...:

Man people are just never satisfied and mean , Nintendo is doing what Nintendo has always done and hit or miss they are never gonna please everyone at the same time , I've read some of these comments and laughed when I read one that insinuated there has not been a good Zelda game in years - REALLY ? I guess they never heard of Skyward Sword or A Link Between Worlds or even Hyrule Warriors, Hahaha LoL come on people .



Will-75 commented on Nintendo Isn't Talking About NX Because It Doe...:

I really like the Wii U, love the gamepad such an underscored console so so much potential and just getting wasted with that said it's gonna be a couple years before the NX is out and that's plenty of time for Wii U to have a few more AWESOME TITLES added to it's library- I don't think you can count Nintendo out they didn't come this far by accident I was upset like most with their E3 as well and mainly for two reasons NO METROID or I should say no real METROID TITLE , though I do think the 3DS FEDERATION title does look like it could be some good fun in all honesty but the MAIN reason I was upset the Xenoblade X RELEASE DATE for NA , DECEMBER 2015 I WAS LIKE WHAT ! why so far off ? back on topic though I think the NX has a real possibility to be AMAZING with current tech., I'm hoping they bridge the handheld / console gap and I believe they are with this next machine .



Will-75 commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U eShop Games of 2015...:

It seems like digital and the e-shop are gonna be the go to place for new games on the Wii U out of the titles you have listed TEN of them are gonna be day one purchases for me, it would be awesome if a few of these titles would become retail releases I'm a big fan of physical copies @Captain_Gonru I agree with you I was impressed with the Forma.8 demo it reminded me a little of the pixel junk games on PSN definitely looking forward to play it .



Will-75 commented on Reggie Explains Why Donkey Kong And Bowser Wer...:

The Link amiibo is AWESOME , The Toon Link amiibo is AWESOME , I agree that DK and Bowser are perfect for Skylanders I can't wait to play the new game on Wii U we were on the fence about the new Skylanders title till they made this announcement now it's a day one purchase on a side note I would love it if they could have added Wario he has the perfect personality for a Skylanders game and as we've seen in other games Wario already has a Bad Ass bike to ride ..



Will-75 commented on Interview: Image & Form Discusses SteamWorld H...:

It's gonna be a day one purchase for me , LOOKS AWESOME., the Steam World games are a blast and the art styles are AMAZING ., simply cannot wait and knowing this is releasing on the 3DS first just icing on cake , just the icing on the freaking cake I tell ya ..



Will-75 commented on Star Fox Zero Doesn't Have Online Multiplayer,...:

This was not a concern for me before yet as time goes I have noticed myself liking online gaming and online options in games, it has become more and more IMPORTANT to me so much that if a title don't have online multiplayer or online leaderboards there is about a seventy percent chance I'm not gonna buy it for me the online is almost a must for value in replay .



Will-75 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Just feel like Nintendo is not even trying, I even think Super Mario Maker is a bad anniversary title and having to wait till December for Xenoblade is not even cool I don't think I even want it having to wait that long . UGLY JUST UGLINESS ..



Will-75 commented on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Pricing and Feat...:

@Sanqet I played it on vita and just don't like it either I thought the graphics are horrible and the game play is not fun as well I don't get all the fuss over mature content I mean what about Angry Video Game Nerd now there is a title you might not want your little one to play LoL ..



Will-75 commented on Feature: Nintendo Franchises We Want to See at...:

A new Metroid would be awesome I liked Other M not a masterpiece but a good game , far from a bad or terrible game Metroid needs another masterpiece title though , It would be so awesome though if Nintendo would make another galaxy title, Mario Galaxy one and two are in my top five favorite Mario titles come on Nintendo give us Galaxy 3 . The only other thing I can think of is a release date for Xenoblade X it's just wrong to make us wait this long Nintendo - just wrong .



Will-75 commented on Splatoon Storms to Top Spot in Japanese Charts...:

It is such a shame that the Wii U has sold like it has and gets overlooked like it does from developers it is such an AWESOME SYSTEM I love the gamepad and the browser as well the Video chat works great there really are some great features to the Wii U it is so much nicer in terms of features compared to the PS4 and xbone in my opinion.



Will-75 commented on Cube Life: Island Survival Hits the NA Wii U e...:

I've not had any interest in playing minecraft whatsoever , but I am interested in this title looks and sounds really good day one purchase for me I hope it's as fun as it looks to be the price is great as well .



Will-75 commented on Review: Stone Shire (Wii U eShop):

I agree completely with @aaronsullivan I think its AWESOME that a developer would take interest in and be part of a community as well as respond with others in the community in my opinion if there are community rules against this then that is just stupid .



Will-75 commented on Pokémon Rumble World is One of the Top 10 'Tr...:

I really like Pokemon Rumble World I had a blast playing it I like that Nintendo put a cap on the amount you can spend which is give or take a couple dollars like thirty bucks and you then get a diamond mine which gives you twenty diamonds a day , as a pick up and play though it's a great game in my opinion in our house we have a contest going , whoever catches all the Pokemon first gets fifty bucks. LoL.



Will-75 commented on Review: Swords & Soldiers II (Wii U eShop):

It may not be a strong reason but I'm skipping this one because of NO ONLINE Leaderboards or Multiplayer , I do like the new look- yet like @rjejr stated I agree Nintendo REALLY REALLY NEEDS their club up and running .



Will-75 commented on UCraft is a Wii U Exclusive Once Again:

I hope this turns out good seems like this guy has had some big obstacles to over come and he is still maintaining FORWARD , So I hope the BEST for him and this project, it's inspirational to me ., cause the world of business is a HARSH, HARSH World. I hope his work , money, as well as efforts pay off it would be awesome to see a success story out of this.



Will-75 commented on Wii U and 3DS Continue Improved Sales in the U...:

I love our Wii U I think it's a very very underrated console and if it had Sony instead of Nintendo on it , it would have been a much much bigger success story it's a sad thing how trends are people are missing out on a great console and some spectacular games with that said Nintendo really and I mean REALLY NEEDS to give the Wii U a price reduction at this point it's like they want it to have weak sales at this point I mean look at the turn around for the 3DS jusy saying .



Will-75 commented on Bravely Second: End Layer Passes 100,000 Sales...:

In my opinion Nintendo needs to give Wii U a desperately needed price reduction the console is nearly three years old and still 299.00 honestly it's Nintendos fault at this point , Even a reduction of 50.00 would help Wii U tremendously it is a shame Nintendo is killing the Wii U it's an AWESOME CONCEPT IN THE WRONG HANDS SONY SHOULD HAVE RELEASED THE Wii U ,LOL,.. Nintendo releasing a statement that their working on their next console was stupidity as well further hurting their current system . We have a PS4 and a Wii U in our house and the Wii U gets triple the use over our PS4 look at what happened for the 3DS when it got a couple good games and a price reduction now 50 million plus sales later , Come on Nintendo help your desperately in need of help system out it really is a success waiting to happen still yet it's a great system .