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Tue 26th Jul 2011

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Will-75 commented on Review: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U):

I think it is what it is a digital board game if you like board games with friends then most likely you will find something here to like at my house we have played a couple rounds and it's fun for what it is ., PERSONALLY I will say after playing DESERT ISLAND ESCAPE I would love to see this become a full on strategy title on it's own add a few more features and some more depth even online play and I think Nintendo could have another hit on it's own - DESERT ISLAND ESCAPE is the best thing on the disk it's a blast to play I would love to see what Nintendo could and would do to expand it into a full game on it's own .



Will-75 commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

I'm in shock people make a big deal over this game anyway it is a repetitive old school style game with UGLY ART WORK (SPRITES) , Honestly I've seen better looking titles on a GameBoy Advance .. I played this game all of twenty mins. and thought thats twenty mins. of my life I can't get back in my opinion total shovel ware so I am for one sooooo glad this garbage won't make it to Wii U .



Will-75 commented on Cube Life Update to Version 1.1 is Still Due T...:

Looks like I need to polish my cube skills , anyone on the fence about this title should give it a go - I definitely recommend it ., the game play is smooth the graphics are awesome and what a great price for addmission trust me you could do far far worse .



Will-75 commented on Feature: Reflecting On Three Years With The Wi...:

I am completely happy with my Wii U , I think it's a shame not more people realize what an AMAZING SYSTEM the Wii U is . We had a PS4 in our home which collected dust until we sold it , I am one of the GamePads big fans it's an AWESOME CONTROLER the true potential of the GamePad has never been fully realized and that in itself is really really sad but there are glimpse of greatness in games like Pikmin 3 , Splatoon , Zombi U , Rayman , Bayonetta 2 , Super Mario Maker and Assassin Creed 4 there are some amazing titles available for Wii U and there are some on the way personaly I cannot wait for Pokken Tournament and Xenoblade X as well Star Fox . I will definitely pick up an NX but I'm in no hurry I think Wii U still has some life in it and I know it still has an overabundance of untapped potential it's just a shame sooooo many are missing out on one of the best consoles of our time .



Will-75 commented on Parent Trap: Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival ...:

We purchased this plus the amiibo yesterday for what it is I would give it a 8.5 out of 10 score , we are having more fun playing this than we did playing Mario Party 10 and those AC amiibo are just adorable .



Will-75 commented on Talking Point: Deep Breaths Are Needed as High...:

I miss Iwata., hope the big N puts on a good direct and I hope we get a surprise announcement or possibly two I'm glad the Directs are a happening thing again . - Hype for me would be some more Pokken Tournament info CRAZY HOPEFUL HYPE for me would be Nintendo announcing a new 3DS version of Pokken Tournament with online and Wii U connectivity much like Smash Bros. as well they could announce Bayonetta three ., one can dream ..



Will-75 commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Endures Awful UK Launch ...:

I hope they don't throw the towel in on the Chibi-Robo series I like the new title alot I've been playing it alot its an awesome platformer it's a shame that more people wont give it a try , and I think Nintendo tried to promote it they even gave Chibi his own amiibo which is one of my favorite Nintendo could add him in Smash Bros. or even better give him a guest star in a Mario rpg .



Will-75 commented on Video: See Splatoon's New Heavy Splatling Deco...:

Just picked up the three pack amiibo set from GameStop and a copy of the game today getting ready to jump in . I figured I'd better get a copy and play now as we are less than a month away from Xenoblade X .., which I'm sure will get all my attention .



Will-75 commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

I'm curious about the app so I will hold my opinion from what I've read I think it could have potential time will tell ., About facebook I don't think anything I've read made me think Nintendo was trying to compete with facebook but I for one would not be sad to see facebook DISAPPEAR .



Will-75 commented on Nintendo of America Launches Its Holiday Gift ...:

@Tsusasi your comment made me laugh and as sad as it is your comment is also very very TRUE- NOA whoever is in charge should be ashamed of themselves I wonder if Nintendo even really cares about sales in the west there are countless game bundles , games themselves , and Nintendo merchandise that will never see light of day in NA I mean you think the amiibo sales would have been a big clue most of them are not even useful in the games they are designed for yet look how they sale just as collectables ., craziness I tell ya craziness ..



Will-75 commented on ZaciSa's Last Stand is Getting a New Update Th...:

@Captain_Gonru I completely agree with you , the last update added alot to the title and now this update seems to be another awesome update which will add alot to the title I really like this game and its great to see the developers still working with and adding to this title they have definitely made the purchase of this title seem well worth it in my eyes , I would go as far as to say this title really should get an UPDATED REVIEW on this site it is definitely not the game it was when I first purchased it .



Will-75 commented on Review: LEGO Dimensions (Wii U):

we have been playing Skylanders SC and while the game is fun I have noticed an increase in the price for figures and the add on packs the figures are now $14 and the add-on packs are $36 the games befor this title figures were $10 and add-ons were $25 now with the Legos title from what I've seen you need a second job as bad as Skylanders is the Lego set seem OVERWHELMING I think they are getting carried away with the commitment and PRICE for addmission just my opinion .



Will-75 commented on Former Sony Exclusive PixelJunk Monsters Is Co...:

This is an great TD title day one for me it would be awesome if they would add some new content for the Wii U version definitely one of the most challenging TD titles I've played but also alot fun now if Nintendo would give a new HD Version OF STARSHIP DEFENSE I would be soooooo happy ., hint-hint Nintendo .



Will-75 commented on Video: Catch Up With Combat Tips in the Xenobl...:

still a little excited for this game though I still have resentment for having to wait a year after Japan to play it and I'm sure it will sell better here than in Japan not sure why Nintendo made us all wait a year .



Will-75 commented on Pokémon Rumble World Is Getting A Physical Re...:

I really like this game I've had alot of fun playing it, this title got me to go purchase my first Pokemon title Alpha Sapphire and now I'm a huge Pokemon fan .., Mission Accomplished Nintendo . Rumble World is a great game I'd recommend it I even thought the free to play model for it is really fair .



Will-75 commented on Reminder: It's Super Mario's 30th Anniversary:

I've been really enjoying Mario Maker , JUST AN AMAZING TITLE ! , Thanks Nintendo for an AWESOME job .., Mario is the reason I am a gamer to this day I was ten years old when I first met Nintendo's soon to become ICONIC PLUMBER . Thanks for all the awesome gaming sessions through the years , of all the different types of games I play there is to this day something i notice when i play a Mario title that happens everytime i play a Mario title I get a smile on my face .



Will-75 commented on Review: ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensio...:

I'd give this title an 8 out of 10 , I've been having alot of fun with it I really like the way you get to use the GamePad to me this is one of the very few titles that took notice of the GamePad (Thankfuly) as well I am grateful for the online leaderboards a huge plus in my opinion . I think any true tower defense fan can and will find alot to like with this title.., keep up the good work and THANKS for the update..



Will-75 commented on Poll: Is Pokkén Tournament The Wii U Release...:

I've been a Nintendo fan since the days of the NES and have just within the past three months had the pleasure of becoming a Pokemon fan it started with the free to play Pokemon Rumble World for 3DS and I have to admit I'm addicted to that title and so I've downloaded the FTP Pokemon Shuffle a fun pick up and play and so the other day I went and got a copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire which is awesome but this new title coming to the Wii U looks AMAZING and I have to say the kid in me is EXCITED



Will-75 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. 3 - 1990:

I still have such fond memorys of playing this game with family and friends at sleep-overs and get togethers definitely in my top five favorite all-time video games category ., As well this is the title that cemented me as a life long Nintendo fan , Long Live KING MARIO ..



Will-75 commented on Exclusive: MercurySteam Has Been Working On A ...:

I really liked the 3DS Castlevania thought it had some awesome graphics and good use of 3D personaly I think they would do an amazing job with Metroid on the other hand why is Nintendo refusing to give us a Metroid title ?



Will-75 commented on Hands On: Devil's Third - Sampling Online Chao...:

I'm still interested in getting this title there is simply a desert when it comes to this kind of game on Wii U - I mean how many times can you eat a salad and not want a steak, though I must say it depends on how close they release it to Xenoblade X - if it gets released before X then I will pick it up but if it comes out after X I can most likely say it will be a NO GO for me .



Will-75 commented on Mario History: Super Mario Bros. - 1985:

This is the game that changed video games for me and turned me into a gamer , the Mario series is to this day my favorite gaming series as well Mario is the main reason I buy every system Nintendo releases to this day ., Long live KING MARIO !



Will-75 commented on Skylander SuperChargers Racing On Wii And 3DS ...:

We have the other Skylanders titles and 90% of all Skylanders for each game we were gonna sit this one out but the more I see the more I want to play it so I guess it's time to admit I'm sold ., I really like how they have added amiibo as well .



Will-75 commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

I'm really disappointed that there is not a 3DS or Wii U version of a true Metriod title coming out anytime soon ESPECIALLY A 3DS METRIOD TITLE AT THIS POINT Would be AWESOME , Yet I think this title looks fun and I'm really interested with the online play it's definitely on my list of titles I'm wanting to get .



Will-75 commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

@Ninstarkof it's ok everyone handles sad bad news different and like the article nobody likes every decision to come from Nintendo but at the end of the day we are all still Nintendo fans now play some awesome games on your Nintendo console of choice you'll feel better .