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I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and some recent Ninty favorites include Pikmin 3, Fire Emblem Awakening, DKC Tropical Freeze and Zelda Link Between Worlds. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th February, 2013

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JaxonH commented on Video: Here's How amiibo Works With Mario Kart...:

Yeah, Amiibos are a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned. Relatively high quality figures in great poses for $13 ($10 for me), that add costumes and weapons and fighters and who knows what else down the line, that works with MK8, Smash, Hyrule Warriors, Captain Toad, Mario Party 10, Yoshi's Wooly World, Kirby Rainbow Curse and many more to come, not to mention all the 3DS games they're going to give you content for, it's just a no-brainer. Some content is better than others, but when you're getting it for dozens of games (and it will be dozens- plural, once 3DS gets support) there's really no reason not to buy them.



JaxonH commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

@Darknyht I actually really love Ubisoft's games. Probably more so than any other AAA developer. Playing Far Cry 4 right now and it's just excellent. Watch Dogs might not be GotY but, still think it's a pretty good game worth playing, just like Assassin's Creed. I don't LOVE Assassin's Creed, but they're still solid games. Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist were the games that really elevated Ubisoft in my eyes.

I think the suits rush the developers and that bleeds through into the games, but as far as the games themselves are concerned and how fun they are to play, Ubisoft is best in class as far as I'm concerned. I do wish the suits in charge would give the developers a little more leeway and not force strict deadlines, but it is what it is.



JaxonH commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

Yeah I like it. Now I understand the game has a few issues and isn't perfect, but at least the game came to the system, which really is a blessing considering most Nintendo fans will be on the lookout for any excuse to skip the game they can find.

If people own another console and want to get a different version, I can't say I blame them. But, I think the Ubisoft hatred is getting way out of control. Considering all other 3rd parties bailed a long time ago, or even worse, never supported the system to begin with, I think it's commendable that we're getting one of Ubisoft's top rated games this far into the Wii U's life span. Sure it may have some issues, but it's not like the game is broken or anything, and there is DLC on the eShop.

Especially if you don't own another system, at least you can enjoy this game now. That's how I see it anyways.



JaxonH commented on Feature: Five Nintendo Games Perfect For Multi...:

I can never convince my brother to play co-op with me it seems, even though he and I are both avid gamers. But he'll come watch me play for a few hours so it's all good.

Today consisted of about 3 hours of Far Cry 4, an hour of Smash, an hour of Persona Q, an hour of Hyrule Warriors, and 5 hours of Halo Master Chief. I'm stuffed (from the turkey AND the long day of gaming out).

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



JaxonH commented on Weirdness: The Dual Wielding Samus amiibo is C...:

I'm a half-collector, you might say. I've been known to shell out for a highly sought item from time to time- most recently I paid $200 for a fellow fan site member to buy the LE Mario Kart 8 from Nintendo World Store and ship it to me. But I don't do it all the time, for example I skipped the Hyrule Warriors LE because $400 on eBay was just TOO MUCH.

I understand though- some people really do have cash to blow, and pride themselves on having rare items and collectibles. I wouldn't dream of spending $1000 for this, but, I'm not going to knock whoever did. If they have the money, and that's what they want to spend it on, well, it's their money so go for it I say.

Personally though, if I was going to spend $1000 on a video game collectible, I think I'd have to go with like 10 different mint condition retro games CIB, perhaps The first six Mega Man games and first 3 Mega Man X games or something... Seems like that would be a little better bang for your buck then a defective Amiibo



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (North America):

@Bones00 Well, I can tell you Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is an excellent game, much better than I thought it would be. What makes it even better is the fact there's really nothing like it on Nintendo's systems. It's a very unique experience.

I say go for it.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Download: 27th November (North America):

@ericwithcheese2 Yeah, I've got the DKC trilogy on my Wii also, but I'm craving the games in high definition with virtual saves (sometimes I just don't feel like paying Funky to take me back to Wrinkley's College), not to mention gamepad play (all VC games look and play extremely well on the gamepad) and customizable controls. Which brings to mind, Pro Controller support rather than the old Wii pro controller plugged in to a Wiimote, which is so clumsy and awkward it just pisses me off thinking about it.

So ya, we need DKC on the Wii U.



JaxonH commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:


Haha, I still have to beat Pandora's tower for Wii also lol... AND Xenoblade AND The Last Story, and Mario Galaxy 2, and Metroid Other M and Skyward Sword. Don't get me started on my GameCube backlog lol...

Honestly though I have been playing some Wii games recently trying to catch back up. Plowed through most of Skyward Sword already, then I started playing Metroid Other M and by the way, that's a really good friggin game. Especially if you're craving a new Metroid you've never played before.



JaxonH commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:

@Sir_JBizzle Honestly I JUST started playing it (arrived yesterday), But it looks good and it lets you choose the main character between Persona 3 and 4, so that's cool since I'm familiar with Persona 4 from the Vita remake.

As for Halo, I'm not sure if you were like me and never played any of the games, but if so then I would really really recommend it. If you're a multiplayer kinda guy I would say to hold off for a little bit, because I think there's connection issues at the moment. I'd also highly recommend Far Cry 4. I couldn't get into the third one but this one is just so amazing. If you bought AC Unity and happened to buy the season pass, Ubisoft will even give you the game for free as consolation!



JaxonH commented on Hyrule Warriors Update and Twilight Princess D...:


I was playing Hyrule Warriors and Shadow of Mordor, but then Smash 3DS, Lords of the Fallen and Sunset Overdrive released. Played them for a bit, then Bayonetta 2 released. Beat the first, then I beat the second, then Halo Master Chief released. Got halfway through the campaign of Halo 1, then Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, GTAV, Watch Dogs Wii U and Pokemon AS/OR released. Played half the campaign of Far Cry 4, then Smash arrived in the mail. Just getting into Smash when Persona Q came yesterday.

And like you said, only one week til Captain Toad. Oh my, will the backlog ever stop growing?



JaxonH commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Wii U Compare To Th...:

@Hy8ogen What are you talking about? The PS4 version is $50 on Amazon, not $20. Not even Black Friday sales have the game for that low.

I know people were using the "oh it's dropped in price" argument against this version, but the truth of the matter is the game really hasn't dropped in price. Not by much anyways



JaxonH commented on Weirdness: A Fox amiibo Placed Rather Well in ...:

I can already see a black market emerging- betting on Amiibos like racehorses.

All capped of at Lv50, then hosting Amiibo-only tournaments. $50 on Super Kong! $100 on Mega Marth! Guy in a visor with a cigar and a currency counter taking bets behind the glass ;)



JaxonH commented on This Rather Attractive Nintendo Complete Guide...:

@creeprtrainer52 Nintendo was founded in 1889 as a Playing cards company, and would make things like Hanafuda cards and the like. It's why they sometimes put Hanafuda card sets on Club Nintendo, in remembrance of their heritage. They made playing cards for about 90 years, until they transitioned into toys/entertainment which led to the arcade market, and the rest is history.



JaxonH commented on Atlus Serves Up Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyr...:

@sinalefa Atlus is known to charge an extra $10 for games in the SMT and Persona series, as Shin Megami Tensei 4 was also $50 when it released.

But, SMT4 was a top tier game, and the first direct sequel since 2004. It scored pretty high on Metacritic, but Persona Q is actually scoring even higher than SMT4 did.

Of course do as you wish, as for myself I have the game coming, but I do think I'll have to pass on the DLC, unless they offer something better in time



JaxonH commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:


Ya Darksiders 2 had some screen tearing present, unfortunately I think that was present in all versions. It wasn't so much a port problem as it was just shoddy development from the start.

But I really loved Darksiders 2. Yet another AAA game made even greater through simple yet brilliant gamepad integration. And I still think that's the best looking game I've seen on the gamepad to date- when it's not screen tearing that is ;)



JaxonH commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:

Fair enough. I guess to me, DLC isn't part of the game, it's an extra being sold separately. The fact Watch Dogs has any DLC when the vast majority of Wii U gamers don't buy it is great in my eyes.

So ya, Idk, I just see a lot of people completely writing off entire AAA games because they're 3 frames per second less than the Xbox version or because it didn't have a DLC pack the other versions have. Which are definitely cons against them but, enough to skip the entire game over? I don't feel they are.

Like, I bought Splinter Cell Blacklist despite no offline co op, because it was a fantastic game and I was mainly interested in the campaign, and when I did play co-op it was online with my brother. I just think sometimes people look for excuses to not buy a game, like, I bet half the people who didn't buy that game because of that missing feature would have never played offline co-op anyways even if it did have it. Or like, games with DLC. I think statistically less than half of gamers buy additional downloadable content, but it seems like that's always the reason everybody cites for skipping a game. Knowing most of those people would have never bought it even if it was there. Which, I never understood those people anyways because what they're basically saying is "because I can't pay even more money for attached content after the game, I'm not buying the game at all". Like, if you want to play the game, how is skipping it and neither playing the game nor it's DLC better than buying the game and at least experiencing that? I could understand if it was free or something but it's not, it's a separate purchase.

I think all of that has kind of been building up with me to a boiling point and when I responded I couldn't help but let it bleed out a bit. I get upset about missing features and games and stuff as much as the next guy but, I think the great majority of the fanbase is taking this stuff way too far. Bio shock was late to PS3 but charged full price. Mass Effect (which one I can't remember?) was ported to PS3 late but charged full price. Yet the collective Nintendo fanbase uses this as a reason to skip out on a great game. I remember when Deus Ex launched- great game, fully remastered, excellent gamepad integration, AND for $10 less than MSRP. But people complained that it was cheaper on other platforms even though the game had been out for years on the other systems and obviously couldn't sell for the same price to a fanbase that already had access to the game for so long.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, I just think there's been a bunch of great AAA games to come to Wii U that have I rightly been ignored. People say they want AAA but when they get it they scour the game for any little reason to not buy it. I know these ports aren't perfect (though many are just as good if not better) but considering the embarrassingly low sales of AAA games on Wii U I think forfeiting a DLC pack here and there is a fair trade to even get the game at all.



JaxonH commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):


I do actually feel NintendoLife gives perfect 10 games a 9 far too often, and I too suspect it is in an effort to avoid a perception of bias.

But then again, what do I know? If it were MY review, I'd have given all these games a 10:

Bayonetta 2
Super Mario 3D World
Smash Bros
Pikmin 3
DKC Tropical Freeze
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

And I would have given these games a 9:

Mario Kart 8
Zelda Windwaker
The Wonderful 101
Rayman Legends

But hey, that's just me.



JaxonH commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Wii U):

@andyg1971 Already have something to keep Gamepad level. It's the stand that came with Wii Party U for the tabletop games. You could probably buy one on eBay for a couple bucks, or check Nintendo's online store and see if they sell them.

But I am curious, why do you need to keep your Amiibos on the pad? All I do is touch them to the pad and then remove them.



JaxonH commented on Weirdness: April Fools Comes Early As Amazon F...:

@endy_n_omni Hold up... Watch Dogs isn't gimped on Wii U. It's 6 months late, sure, but it's not gimped. They even put DLC on the eShop.

I just see this pattern emerging where people automatically label AAA ports on Wii U as gimped. There was really only 3 true gimped ports- Sniper Elite v2, Batman Arkham Origins and Splinter Cell Blacklist. The first two had throw away MP modes so it really wasn't a loss, but the Splinter Cell missing co op (local that is, the game does have full online co op) that was the one that somewhat hurt. Though a solid campaign, gamepad integration and online co op more than wiped away my tears.



JaxonH commented on Teslagrad to Arrive at Retail on Wii U in Earl...:

I messaged Rain games privately on FB asking for an update on physical release in NA for Wii U. They responded yesterday and told me news was coming soon, probably this week even. They weren't lying, that was only 24 hours ago!



JaxonH commented on Guide: The Best Black Friday Nintendo Deals in...:

Because I'm an Elite Member at Best Buy, I got early access to all their Black Friday deals as of this morning. Bought $400 worth of eShop cards for $340, and had $120 in reward points banked that I cashed out, so nearly half price after everything was accounted for.

Also, anyone who has GCU through Best Buy, that Wii U bundle with 3D World, Smash, DKC and Nintendo Land is showing up with a small discount (probably for the extra games). Anyhow, it's only $337 if you have GCU.



JaxonH commented on Lucina from Fire Emblem: Awakening Gets Immort...:

@Ryu_Niiyama Ah man, Gamestop employees HATE it when you tell them about Gamers Club Unlocked. I had my local GameStop employees argue with me for 20 minutes, just in complete denial lol... I had to explain to him there was no reason in the world to buy a game there when I can get it for 20% off else where. AND I don't have to get hassled what I want to cancel a pre order, I can just do it online through the automated system. But at GS, they won't LET you cancel online if it was ordered for store pick up, neither will they let you cancel online if it was pre-ordered in person.

And if you do go in person they usually refuse to cancel for you because they don't want the mark against them in their commission scheme, "Oh, you can just leave the preorder and not pick up the game" they say. "But your policy states I can be charged if I don't pick up a preorder...?" Only to hear them say "Nah don't worry about it". Went on their website recently and found a game from a year ago where the pre-order was still not canceled even though they told me they canceled it. Pfft...

I went in to pick up Tales of Hearts R (exclusive to GS) and right away the guy had the game for me, he's like "I know you have your thing at Best Buy, but did you know we have a credit card now? Said yep, sure do, but I have a credit card with Best Buy already, and it gives me an additional 5% back in rewards. Lol... Oh they don't like seeing me any more hahaha...



JaxonH commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

Well, my Smash GameCube Limited Edition bundle only just shipped out today, so it looks like I won't be playing Smash this weekend. However, my dual pack of Pokemon OR/AS did arrive today, as did seven of my Amiibos: Yoshi, Link, DK, Samus, Fox, Marth and Wii Fit Trainer. I must say, I'm rather impressed with the quality of these figures considering the low price. I figure if you're going to order these things it's best to order them right away before the die develops defects. Quality for castings is usually best at the start of the run.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Secures Plenty of Nominations in The ...:

"(Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros) are like sports games. It doesn't matter how good they are, they're the sort of game that is always surpassed by the next iteration."

-Looks at Mario Kart Double Dash then looks at Mario Kart Wii. Looks at Smash Bros Melee then looks at Smash Bros Brawl...

Eh, might have to disagree on that one.



JaxonH commented on Video: How Does Watch Dogs Use The Wii U GamePad?:

@Samurai_Goroh the problem is the game is a multiplat, and was designed with a simple "hold Y to hack" mechanic. As such, there's nothing that could be done to expound upon that, short of having a bright red button on the game pad that you touch.

Had the game actually had real hacking, then they could have transitioned it to the pad. But this game doesn't have hacking. It just has "hold Y".



JaxonH commented on Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US:

@rjejr retailer exclusives don't bother me a bit. So I order from a different store? Who cares.

I'm buying them just for the figures, but the fact they all give you stuff in all these games is a no brainer bonus for me. Just the MK8 costumes alone are bad***



JaxonH commented on Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US:


GameStop lol. Being a GCU member I never step foot into GameStop unless they have something exclusive. But Tales of Hearts R just released for Vita physically, only at GameStop, so I stopped in to pick up my copy last week. The Wii U section (if you could even call it that) was relegated to 4 feet of shelf space in the back corner of the store. Only three games were on display while the rest of the shelf space was empty, presumably for Smash. The other 25 copies of Wii U games they had, despite being brand-new, where shelved on their side like a pile of bargain bin used games. It was insulting, to say the least.

The other 97% of their shelf space was for PlayStation and Xbox. I understand those systems are popular but my goodness, I've seen more shelf space dedicated to air fresheners.

That's the main reason I lost respect for GameStop. I understand that Wii U is selling less but even the 3DS had no more shelf space than the Wii U, and that system is pushing product left and right. It's just a slap in the face to Nintendo and to be frank, it's just flat out embarrassing.



JaxonH commented on Masahiro Sakurai Explains Why Mewtwo Isn't Pai...:

Lol. People getting angry about DLC when they haven't even played the game yet. Yep, that's gamers nowadays for you. This kind of DLC begging will only make developers strip away content and hold it back. They're already giving you two games worth of content on one game disc. My goodness how much content do you need?

That's not to say I wouldn't be pleased to see Dixie Kong for sale, or Proto Man, etc, but it is what it is. If it comes it comes and if it doesn't it doesn't. I'm not even remotely thinking about DLC yet when I haven't even played the game



JaxonH commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

Got this in the mail today, and I must say I am impressed. They even have DLC available on the eShop. So I went ahead and picked up both of the DLC packs for $11 total, which is like 7 DLC packs total between the two.

I also think having an interactive map on the gamepad ranks up there among one of the best possible things you could do with a second screen. I hate pausing games. I hate interrupting the flow of my game every 30 seconds to see where I'm at on the map. Interactive like Deus Ex? All the better.



JaxonH commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

@FritzFrapp I second that. Best Nintendo console ever! Sorry to hear about those who feel otherwise, but it doesn't change how much I'm enjoying it.

I think the jump to HD is what really helped this console. That and the great controller variety, the rise of the eShop, and the fact the games are just excellent this generation.

Pikmin 3 still makes me want to hug Miamoto, just for making a game so good. And Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate almost makes me want to hug Capcom. I said ALMOST lol... Bayonetta 1 and 2 and Wonderful 101 make me want to hug Kamiya for creating such excellent games for us, and the list just goes on and on and on.

Nintendo really stepped up their game as far as software is concerned. Which is good. They have to continue making excellent games to compete with the entirety of the third-party industry.



JaxonH commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Nothing to get flustered over, of course they're going to say that. It's their job.

No need to feel threatened when we know it's not true, they know it's not true, and the consumer knows it's not true.

As for the Wii, he's right. The Wii U is indeed a small shadow of the once almighty Wii. HOWEVER, the Wii was so great because the mass casual audience supported it. So while it was a smashing success, it left much to be desired for gamers like us. Ironically, while Wii U leaves much to be desired as far as commercial success is concerned, it's loaded with core software specifically designed for the habitual gamer.

I'll take core software and little sales over sales and little core software any day.



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

At work. 7 days a week two weeks in a row now (19 days straight without a day off), and it's gonna be the same thing next weekend, and Thanksgiving weekend. Even have to work Black Friday we're so busy. But, being that's a paid holiday (2 paid days for Thanxgiving) I'll get triple time for it so I'm not complaining



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

@rjejr well you can get a free Amiibo with Smash at TRU one of these days, right? That sounds like the best deal. Actually, signing up for Gamers Club Unlocked would probably be your best deal, seeing as it's selling for $30 right now instead of the normal $120. Then you could get Smash for $48, Amiibo for $10.39 and 20% off all your new games til basically 2017. Something to think about anyways



JaxonH commented on Loot Crate amiibo Details and Pricing are Conf...:

@rjejr I'll be accounting for that one copy of Watch Dogs lol... Best Buy had a sale on eBay for $50 PSN cards for $40 the other day so I was sure to jump on that. If you want a better deal on eShop cards though, Best Buy has doirbuster for 15% off eShop cards, including online. Not as good as the 20% off in times past, but it's the best I've seen since February so I'll take it, about $200-$300 worth to be exact. Got to stock up while it's on discount right?

I just got CoD AW, AC Unity, Halo Master Chief, Tales of Hearts R, Mario Kart 8 DLC, and had Watch Dogs, Smash Bros, Capt Toad, Persona Q, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby Dual Pack, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age Inquisition, GTAV, NES Remix U and NES Remix 3D on the way...

So ya, just a couple games is all ;)