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I love everything Nintendo, but also enjoy gaming on other consoles. My first game was Mega Man 3, and my all time favorite is MH4U. Also a HUGE fan of DKC and Fire Emblem. I own a Wii U, PS4, X1, 3DS and Vita. And of course, a Gamecube and Wii.

Fri 15th Feb 2013

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JaxonH commented on Soapbox: A Nintendo Fan's Hopes and Dreams for...:

"There's nothing wrong with the wiiU graphically. Spend the gaming budget on game play, not graphics. Don't worry too much about the big AAA 3rd parties, instead make investments in promising indie companies and trying make new versions of Rare. That would provide a lot of games and make it a great console to own."

Agreed 100%. I'm actually surprised to hear you say that. Heck I'm surprised to hear ANYONE say that. But I agree. I really appreciate the visual splendor of all my PS4 and X1 games, and don't get me wrong- I prefer better graphics to worse (who doesn't) but I'm more than content with the Wii U graphics. It leaves a little to be desired when it comes to realistic styled games, but those are far and few between.

"I definitley want to see the nx as a hybrid, but I'd like a standard controller."

I think there's a pretty big split when it comes to this topic. Personally, I've come to adore the 2nd screen and would hate to see that go. It's just, it's become such a "Nintendo" thing now- it defines their platforms and even in games with minimal integration, I'd hate to give it up. But I also recognize what is most people's issue- the size factor. And I can't really argue there. But what if Nintendo were able to slim it down? What if they could make it just slightly larger than a normal controller, with a smaller (yet higher resolution) screen so that it doesn't feel clunky? Perhaps that would be a solution that could potentially satisfy both camps (both you and I)? I don't think anyone is inherently against more options, I just think they don't like the baggage it brought with the gamepad. If that can be overcome, perhaps most would be in favor?

"One of the main things I want is for nitnendo to get away from the safe sequels. When you compare SMB, SMB3, and SMW those are all different enough that I don't consider them safe sequels, but they're all definitely mario games. Do more of that with their games, they should be distinctly different but also definitely faithful to the IP they're from."

A common criticism. But in fairness, we went without 2D Mario games for 15 years, so it was nice just getting a few entries in our hands to play. Now that we've had a few, I think it's time to switch it up (and iirc that is what Miamoto said he wants to do, so that's cool). As far as visual art style, it's a little harder to switch it up now that we're in the HD era. Back then each generation brought more pixels and with them the potential for more ambitious sprites/models. But now, Mario's look is well established. So I'm not too concerned about that aspect- just mixing up the formula. Like the flagpole- get rid of it for the next game. Get rid of the 3 coins. It's amazing how a few small changes can freshen things up.



JaxonH commented on Cube Life Battles Minecraft for Success in Japan:

Much respect.

I'm greatful to see Minecraft on Wii U- I really am. I'm glad it's there and it should be. BUT, I'm also glad Cube Life has proven to be a serious contender. Minecraft is a great game but they missed a major opportunity with the gamepad. I'm assuming Cube Life rectifies this and that's why it's doing so well (well that and the price, which is a huge blow to Minecraft).

If you can buy a game just as good as Minecraft, WITH gamepad integration and for 1/4 the cost, I'm surprised it's not at the #1 spot by now. That gamepad integration was vital.



JaxonH commented on Video: Nintendo Introduces the Battle Mechanic...:

Actually, it's clearly the opposite. It's clear that Awakening split a wedge in the fanbase, so the next Fire Emblem game could either target the massive Awakening fanbase and further alienate older fans, or target older fans and alienate the massive fanbase that just saved the series. Either way, you can't please both.

The only way to appeal to both sides was release 2 separate games- one targeted at each group. And if you're gonna do that, wouldn't it make more sense to tie the two games together in storyline to A) minimize cost of developing 2 completely unrelated games and B) make an interesting, unprecedented release that defies the status quo.

And that's exactly what they did. They made one game for Awakening fans (Birthright) and one game for pre-existing fans (Conquest). Each fanbase gets what they want, and many fans get access to 2-3x the content of a normal release because they enjoy both styles. That's a win-win-win. There has been zero actual evidence of this being one game that was split up for the purpose of profiting. But for some reason, some people have just got this idea into their head, and they won't let it go despite the fact all evidence points to the contrary. Facts like each release being comparable in size to Awakening (it would be one thing if each side released was 1/3 of the size of Awakening- then people would have a point). Like each side targeting a separate demographic. Which as I just explained, the rationale behind dual releases was to target both segments of the fanbase.



JaxonH commented on Video: Nintendo Introduces the Battle Mechanic...:

Yes, 3 indeed. I just don't think of the 3rd path as a separate game because of no separate physical release, or standalone digital release for that matter. But, it's got every bit as much content as the other 2 so, ya... I guess it is

For anyone who missed the Special Edition (@PlywoodStick I'm looking at you) BestBuy has an equivalent deal for non-GCU members and a much BETTER deal for GCU members- buy any copy of Fates, get $5 off Revelation and $5 off DLC Map Pack 1.

So you can get the following:

Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright
Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest DLC
Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation DLC
Map Pack 1 DLC

-for $79.96 with Gamer's Club Unlocked
-for $87.96 otherwise

So with GCU, you're getting all the same content of the special edition, but in addition to that you're getting DLC Map Pack 1, and all for 3 cents less. And even without a GCU membership (which is only $30 for 2 years btw, and nets you 20% off all new games/amiibo for 24 months), you still get all the contents of the special edition AND all 11 DLC maps in Map Pack 1, for just an extra $8. Which still pans out to bel a better deal than the special edition.



JaxonH commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

There's always extremes to both sides, and generally speaking you'll see different bias on different sites, but anyone with consistently extreme opinions may as well be a fanboy in my book. Always always always in favor of what company X does, or always always always against everything company X does. And arguing the points, on either side, to the extreme.

Still, there's individuals here, as on any site, and everyone has a different view. I'm against the removal of this feature (I hate it when Nintendo tampers with my beloved franchises) but, Im not raging about it. I'm comfortable with this compromise, mostly because it's similar to The Barracks in Awakening and I wasn't all that fond of the feature to begin with. I stand against the removal on principal, but personally I'm not bothered by what's been done here.



JaxonH commented on All amiibo Will Be Compatible with Pokkén Tou...:

"I was hoping that Greninja and Jigglypuff would be announced as fighters"

Oh dear goodness, could you imagine the riotous spasms people here would have? People throw tantrums over mere weapon unlocks in Splatoon- a character unlock would give those people a heart attack

I'm with ya though- I'd love to see character unlocks through amiibo- provided they are characters that weren't part of the original game of course. That could expand the roster by a few slots. Making a character is tough though- takes a lot of balancing and tweaking. But if they could pull it off for all the Pokemon amiibo of characters not included in the game, that would be amazing!



JaxonH commented on Pokémon's Ash And Gary Are Getting The Nendor...:

I get what you're saying but, why is it so important to people that he acknowledge it as a mistake or change it?

If I told you my avatar was a penguin and you said no, it's a pufferfish, I'd say ok, think what you want. Seems a waste to devote so much time and resources on such a trivial matter



JaxonH commented on Video: Nintendo Introduces the Battle Mechanic...:

The weapons' limitation on number of uses was a bothersome chore, and I say good riddance. At least from how they had it in Awakening (you always had plenty spares, and the limit deterred you from using the really powerful ones because you wanted to "save them for later"). It made a little more sense in earlier games where spare weapons weren't as abundant, but I still think this is a better system.

Focus on strategically using the RIGHT weapon based on weakness rather than using whatever weapon based how many uses you have left.



JaxonH commented on Video: Nintendo Introduces the Battle Mechanic...:

Heck yea I can't wait to play this!

This is gonna be the best game I play this generation. I'm gonna savor it to the uttermost! I love Awakening and what it did for the series- but THIS is the real deal here. THIS is the Fire Emblem I've really been waiting for. It takes everything Awakening did right and improved on it. The best part though? The fact they made 2 entirely separate games to please both old school and new school fans alike. This release removes the wedge that was driven in splitting the fanbase, and brings it together again with a game catered to each side. I love it

Got the LE Fates 3DS XL, 3 copies of the Special Edition, 2 copies of Birthright digitally and 2 copies of Conquest DLC, 2 copies of Revelation and 2 of the Map Pack 1 DLC to accompany them. Also, grabbed 2 copies of each side physically. That may sound fanatical (and ok, it kinda is) but I need it digitally on both my Fates XL and normal 3DS with Fates faceplates, I need one of each side to display sealed and one to open and put carts in game case collection, and needed a Special Edition to display sealed, one to open and display contents (including sealed game with all 3 paths on the cart), and one to open and put cart in game case collection. So... ya

**For the record, I'm sorry to see this select handful of members who are adamantly against this game, and even now mere days from release, insist on sharing their displeasure with the group. I pity those who will not be able to join the rest of us on Train Hype. But, such is life, and departure is nearly at hand. Fellow Fire Emblem aficionados..... all aboard!!



JaxonH commented on Rumour: New Splatoon Mini-Game Arriving Soon w...:


Honestly, Amazon Japan is the cheapest place for mass amiibo purchases. You sign up for a Tenso account, then browse this page and look at the prices on Amazon JP- keep in mind, the conversion makes it slightly less than the number you see too- so a Dark Pit for ¥735 is really just $6.29 US.

And they have basically EVERYTHING in stock. You could load up on 5 amiibo for an average of, let's just say $8, so $40 for 5. Add in $20 Tenso shipping ($25 tops- always choose EMS which is a little more expensive but reliable, with insurance, and arrives in just 3-5 days from the other side of the world) and you're looking at $65 for 5.

That's exactly $13 each, total. Which is less than you'd pay here at MRSP with tax.

Take a browse for yourself...カタカナ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Amiibo&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3AAmiibo



JaxonH commented on Rumour: New Splatoon Mini-Game Arriving Soon w...:


Good news- the U.S. reprinted these months ago, and stock is so plentiful they're starting to slap orange clearance stickers on em. Here, let me link you.

Amazon ($29.81)

BestBuy ($34.99 or $27.99 for GCU members)

B&H Photo ($34.99 or $9.89/ea for Boy and Girl)

WalMart ($29.81 or $9.99/ea for Boy and Girl)

Among all the US retailers, checking online and in-store, you can pretty much find any amiibo you want now at at least one of them

If you want Squid solo, which has never been sold in the US, you can buy for roughly $9 + forwarder shipping costs from Amazon Japan, provided you sign up for a Tenso account.

Amazon Japan (¥1,113 + Tenso shipping costs- requires Tenso account)



JaxonH commented on Chasing Aurora Dev Broken Rules Offers To Port...:

The way it's looking, Undertale will definitely end up making it to Wii U- one way or another. Be it these devs or someone else entirely, it's gonna happen. The only true obstacle was his willingness to see it happen.



JaxonH commented on Quality Of Life Device Not Fit To Be Sold As "...:

Relax. Those resources are necessary to develop new tech. And 9 times out of 10 the stuff never reaches market. These are not game developers that would have made a new game for you to play- this does not affect you or me or anyone else.

It's just a waste of money and investment on their part. But not our worries.



JaxonH commented on Quality Of Life Device Not Fit To Be Sold As "...:

I love Iwata- the man was a genius and brilliant businessman, but like all genius minds, it swings both ways. You'll see the greatest ideas reach mass success, and you'll see the absolute worst ideas fathomable crash and burn.

This was of the latter.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

I used to think Wii U was going to have the best library to date, knowing it wasn't filled out yet, but now in hindsight I see the GC and SNES still have it beat. But it's definitely the 3rd best in Nintendo console history- NES was garbage, N64 had a decent handful but they all suck compared to Wii U games, and Wii just wasn't as good.

As for handhelds, DS had the worst library of any Nintendo console to date aside from Virtual Boy, and GameBoy is a joke compared to current games. GBA was amazing, but, just not as good. It had more solid games quantity wise, but all of them fall short of their 3DS counterparts.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Outlines Future Plans for 3DS and Pro...:

Gotta disagree, strongly.

And to clarify, his remark was concerning 3DS. And 3DS has had strong titles for years. Again, 2 more release in just 2 weeks.

As for Wii U/3DS, ya, Metroid is missing. So is F-Zero. So are others. But missing a few doesn't mean there are no strong titles.

A good number of members here (including myself) consider the 3DS library to be the best Nintendo handheld spread to date. And there's a reason for that. Best handheld Mario Kart, first Smash, best Zelda (possibly even better than the console entries too), remakes of numerous N64 faves, Fire Emblem Awakening (and soon Fates Birthright and Conquest), Kid Icarus, Stella Glow, Bravely Default... the list goes on and on.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:


There are no more scalper and stock issues. In case you haven't been following, amiibo are now in such abundant supply they're being slapped with orange clearance stickers just 2 months after release.

Ever since wave 5 everything has been way overproduced. I suspect they need to cut back production soon before they all end up in the clearance bin.

I saw Mabel, Tom Nook and Chibi Robo for $4 brand new on Amazon yesterday. Those haven't been out that long.



JaxonH commented on Bravely Second "Tomahawk" Costume Change Confi...:

"If there was a "white man job" it would surely offend some people"

That's a ridiculous comparison. This wasn't the "Native American" job class as in referring to race, this was the Tomohawk job class relating to a historically documented culture. Has nothing to do with race.

Just like Egyptians in Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris, it's a game that embraces history and the various cultures of the world.

This never had anything to do with race until people wanted to make it about race. The character is white for crying out loud!



JaxonH commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

That is unrelated to "kiddie image". That's saying people don't play on Nintendo because they're afraid they'll be seen as immature.

And most males over 18 are grown enough to not have such a child-like mentality. The only ones who think that way are, actual children.

Most of the adult world just plays whatever they like- and sure, most of that is mature AAA games, but I promise you they wouldn't think twice about playing a rated E game if they found it fun. Not for one second does a grown man stop and say "ya know I really love this game BUT, it doesn't have any blood or swearing and my friends might label me as childish for playing it".

Like I said, only children think that way.



JaxonH commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

"means that nobody will ever complain that Nintendo games are Kiddie"

Seriously, who cares if some think that. The only ones who care are in fact little children who care about their image, or adults with a child's mentality.

So I say let em think what they want. If a person is such a child that they actually care about the games they play "not looking kiddie" then I say give em 10 years to grow up, and see if they still give a rat's a** about such an immature, irrelevant factor.



JaxonH commented on Video: Nintendo's Latest Story Trailer for The...:

Wow, that brings back memories. This was the 2nd game I beat for Wii (first being Metroid Prime 3) and my first Zelda title (was just getting back into gaming, think I was about 22 years old at the time).

Yes, now I'm definitely hyped.



JaxonH commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

I don't really care, just so long as they're good games. Obviously I want a Metroid and F-Zero since its been so long, but I LOVED Pikmin 3 so Pikmin 4 and Zelda U, along with 1 other (possibly Smash Wii U + DLC) would be pretty darn good. I mean, that would certainly blow the Wii U launch out of the water...



JaxonH commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

Wii U has too many skipped IP's (mostly stemming from the fact this generation will be so short). But what is there is extremely solid. GameCube has always boasted my favorite Nintendo library (it had 2 Metroid Primes, the best F-Zero, 2 Star Fox games, 2 Pikmin games, etc). But what makes me respect the Wii U library is that of those limited releases, many are the best there's ever been (Pikmin 3 better than 1/2, NSMBU better than all others, Smash and Mario Kart 8 my favorites yet, etc), and even some of the best 3rd party games (Bayonetta 2, W101 and MH3U).

It could also be that it just feels so much better finally playing these games in HD.



JaxonH commented on Rumour: Super Smash Bros. Planned as NX Launch...:

Either Smash Wii U gets an NX port or NX won't see Smash at all. It's gonna be a short generation and no way Sakurai starts from scratch again. Certainly not to be ready at launch.

All other properties can safely see sequels but Sakurai isn't going to dive right back in when this one has barely been out a year and still receiving DLC. So this is one IP where either it gets ported or it gets skipped. I'll gladly take a port.

You sure do like informing us of how unhappy gamers are on other sites lately, almost every article.

Don't think anyone cares how other people on other sites feel- people here are strongly opinionated and make up their own minds, be it with or against the grain.



JaxonH commented on Final Fantasy Explorers Producer Explains What...:

I got the game and tried it out, and while it's no Monster Hunter, it's actually pretty fun. Keep in mind I LOVE MH though so this style of game is right up my alley. I think they did a good job on the real time combat though.



JaxonH commented on Nintendo Outlines Details of DLC Map Pack One ...:

Heck ya I'm all in! I'll probably be spending around $400 on this game in total- 3 Limited Editions and all 3 paths digitally, plus all DLC map packs for both my main 3DS and smaller travel model.

I loved the DLC from Awakening and am just glad they brought it back for Fates, and at a considerable bulk discount this time



JaxonH commented on The Official Fire Emblem Fates Site is Now Liv...:

So excited for this! Gonna be the best games on 3DS this generation, and it's almost here.

Got several copies of the special edition preordered through BestBuy for 20% off, and I'm buying all 3 digitally for my on-the-go New 3DS with Fates faceplates. I'll transfer my main account from my New 3DS XL to the LE Fates XL when it releases.

I'm playing Birthright first, then Conquest, then Revelation, then the DLC map packs.



JaxonH commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

The true appeal of Monster Hunter is the real time combat, which has so much complexity and demands so much skill it becomes an addiction. Knowing invincibility frames and timing dodges to the millisecond... Utilizing the handful of skills you have to the uttermost... discerning tells and reading your enemy in real time and putting your reactionary skills to the test... that's real hardcore gaming.

This game can copy everything else about Monster Hunter, but without the serious, hardcore combat, it's nothing like it. That is and always will be the heart of Monster Hunter. And that is why people who "don't get it"... don't get it. They haven't tasted the sweet fruit of true skill-based combat.



JaxonH commented on Video: Relive the Glorious Madness of The Wond...:

Nice. My in-game counter says 458 hours but I have left my system on many times to collect FrontierNav revenue so that's not really accurate.

I've never heard of you passing up a game over graphics- especially The Last Story, a game supposedly better than even Xenoblade and which I thought looked par for the course as far as Wii games go. Then again I'm still reading your complaints of Star Fox Zero so what do I know.

I liked Pandora's Tower but got sidetracked before it ever sucked me in. From what I hear it was a solid JRPG, but nothing that could rival The Last Story or Xenoblade.