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I recommend you check out Good Game at And Good Game: Spawn Point at You can watch individual reviews or download episodes. It's the best gaming show on telly!

Fri 25th October, 2013

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Fandabidozi commented on Video: Enjoy Some Competitive Pokémon Action...:

Lots of competitive players post their teams on Nugget Bridge with details of how the team works etc. Great way is to copy a team, then jump in to battle spot, practice and have fun. Save the teams that beat you to try again.



Fandabidozi commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (...:

'It's a shame that the action is shrunk down on the big screen to better accommodate that of the GamePad, but considering you'll be spending 90% of your time looking at the controller it's not make or break.'
I'm not sure I understand this bit. Anyone able to explain?



Fandabidozi commented on Pokémon Bank Subscribers to Receive Final Evo...:

I wasn't expecting anything more after the Celebi for opening an account so three more rare ability/moves Pokemon is brilliant. Plus, Johto!
I hope the bank gets an update at some point with better search options. I tried searching for every Pokemon I'd got from Hayley in Pokemon Ranch, what a nightmare.



Fandabidozi commented on Review: Axelay (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

European release at last! Love this game. Hope it looks cool with telly set to 3D also. It's so easy to die within the first second of playing which is always fun too. Between this and After Burner II the years off to a great start!
Can we get Thunder Force IV on Mega Drive now too please :)