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Fri 25th October, 2013

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Fandabidozi commented on Review: Axelay (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo):

European release at last! Love this game. Hope it looks cool with telly set to 3D also. It's so easy to die within the first second of playing which is always fun too. Between this and After Burner II the years off to a great start!
Can we get Thunder Force IV on Mega Drive now too please :)



Fandabidozi commented on One Of The Most Successful Nintendo Games Of 2...:

Wow so much Disney hate. I thought we'd mostly fall into the demographic for this stuff. Anyhow I love Frozen! Also Despicable Me, How To Train Your Dragon, Brave, The Lego Movie and Tangled are all excellent if you're looking for family entertainment over the holidays. Oh, and Meet The Croods is brilliant as well!



Fandabidozi commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

LucasArts Shadows of the Empire, Episode 1 Racer and Rogue Squadron games are my most played, non Nintendo games on N64. Strange to see them not mentioned in the article.
Also, living in the UK at the time it was all about the Sega Mega Drive not the SNES, but most of my friends went on to buy a N64.



Fandabidozi commented on Guide: Training The Ultimate Pokémon In Omega...:

This s a great guide, will be bookmarking for horde locations, also. I used to dread a shiney turning up in the wrong horde in X&Y.
Reset bags can only be found by a Pokemon already maxed out. A good time to do the punch bag thing is while hatching a set of eggs, it passes the time.
A good combo of pokemon to take on hordes is Gourgeist w/ Razor Leaf and Rock Slide in the lead and Teddiursa w/ Sweet Scent and Yawn. If both have ability Pickup you can farm items, just don't let Teddiursa evolve or it loses Pickup.



Fandabidozi commented on Feature: The Long Evolution of the Pokémon Tr...:

I've collected and played the TCG since it started and love it. I'd recommend it to anyone with the proviso that it is an expensive hobby once you start collecting the rarer cards, especially those that help win games in tournaments.
The Pokemon TCG Online is a great place to start, as it guides you through the rules and provides free starter decks and cards, which you can then battle online with.



Fandabidozi commented on 1.5 Million Copies Of Pokémon Omega Ruby & Al...:

Easier Pokémon breeding and online connectivity has really boosted the community since X&Y. I'd be more than happy to see a new game every year.
I've played countless games over the years, 30 years of gaming and counting, and Pokémon is my favourite series. So I can't recommend it highly enough :)