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Fri 25th October, 2013

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Fandabidozi commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

But... I'm in Australia :(

If you check my recent posts I listed a code for the last promo. Not sure if anyone used it or even if it's still in date. Worth a try though.
I found that codes were easy to get weeks afters after the release date, when more stock had arrived. My GB Hi-Fi had a ton left a couple weeks ago.



Fandabidozi commented on Yokai Watch 2 Passes Two Million Sales in Japa...:

Glad to see Ultra Street Fighter IV doing so well, it really is a gorgeous game.
Will definitely download it this month, when I inevitably burn out on New Leaf.
Been playing Yokai Watch 1, after a fashion, it's combat is very simple but fun, and it looks great in 3D.



Fandabidozi commented on Video: Behold the Sheer Majesty Of The Backlit...:

Hey thanks for the heads up. I still have my original Game Boy Color, so I'll def check it out. It's nice to have a mix of genres on any system.
I got classic with red and black buttons, backlit in white with Bivert. Only opted for RCA Prosound cos at the time I didn't know what the options meant :P



Fandabidozi commented on Video: Behold the Sheer Majesty Of The Backlit...:

I'll leave a comment here when I get it, just to say what I think of it when it arrives. Must. Remain. Calm.
Thanks for the Warlocked recommendation I'll check it out. Still got all my old GB games but will def buy a few more.
Anyone interested in hidden GB gems, I'd highly recommend Monster Max.



Fandabidozi commented on Bravely Default Flutters Gracefully Past The O...:

I love JRPG's but I'm just not enjoying the demo at all. I think it's the job system that I'm disliking the most...
Is the full game very different?
Just read your thoughts on BD, thanks. I gotta say the demo is def putting me off this, and I really want to like it.



Fandabidozi commented on Review: Pokémon Trading Card Game (3DS eShop ...:

Love. This. Game. An essential Game Boy Color purchase.
Been going back to play this again and again for years. It's a shame there's never been another western sequel. Lots of nostalgia here for old time Pokemon TCG players.
The current Pokemon TCG Online is great but it can quickly become expensive.



Fandabidozi commented on First Impressions: The Thieves And The 1000 Po...:

Tried to get this running on my 3DS LL, but got well confused with all the start up options (in Japanese). Looks cool, but with the grand total of two streetpasses I have, don't think I'd be getting far. Would be nice just as a novelty.



Fandabidozi commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

These look gorgeous! Hopefully the retail versions retain the quality of the prototypes. Also, love the packaging, will def keep these MIC.
So far Pit and Villager are must haves for me.
One I won't be getting is Pikachu, that's a slippery slope to buying 718 Amiibo's right there...and shiney's (!) uh-oh o.O



Fandabidozi commented on Nintendo Confirms New 'Sea Green' 2DS Model:

I think having white or any kind of bright colour around the game screen is really distracting. So glad the 3DS is always black (as far as I've seen). Much easier on the eyes, especially when your getting on a bit...