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XCWarrior commented on Soapbox: If Nintendo Took On Virtual Reality, ...:

No thank you. There is no way 2 VR headsets are going to survive in the market - most likely neither will - so why waste the money?

3D came and went. Motion controls and came and wet. VR will come and go. At the end of the day, there are 2 main groups of cash cows for the gaming indsutry:

1) The hardcore gamers who want standard controls.
2) The casuals just want 15 minute time wasters on the phone

Neither of these are going for VR. The people who are jumping on VR are the PC elitists who have to have the best 1% of the PC rigs in America, as evident by the numbers that 99% of PCs can't handle Oculus Rift.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 4th February (North America):

Hardly any 3DS eshop discounts. Weird.

I think I'll pick up either Don't Crash or Color Bombs, maybe both if I can find enough money.

Freeze Me sounds interesting, as does the Alphedia game (30+ hours for $9.99, nice), but will wait on reviews.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: My Nintendo Can Be a Tipping Po...:

@Mayoo I'm bothered by this as well. I still like buying things physical, and do so whenever there is an option. I think Shovel Knight is my lone exception b/c I didn't expect it to see a physical release.

I hope more info comes out and they do reward their physical consumers as well. Otherwise they are alienating their fan base that likes to collect all the Nintendo stuff and show it off.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@cleveland124 I get what you're saying, but if NX is both a handheld and a console, $200 would be amazing. But we'll see what it is, all speculation for now.

Things would also help if my generation of parents would give their kids like a 2DS (which is $99 btw and sells horribly) rather than a tablet. once my son is a year or 2 older, that's my plan or we'll see what NX is.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@Xenocity The Nintendo DS was $150 for a long time and was selling like crazy. And the old numbers you bring up are no longer relevant.

If people are willing to spend $200 on their phone, they'll pay more for a hand held device. But it needs games that are compelling. The games that were compelling to the masses on DS can now be played on smart phones. THAT'S THE PROBLEM.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

@Mr_Zurkon The small version of the new 3DS did not sell well in Japan. XL sold way better. That was the correct decision. They should have never released the small version in the U.S., and with NX it better just start off the size of an XL at least and don't mess around with the small versions.



XCWarrior commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS is Yet to ...:

Here's a thought Nintendo:
When a Majora's Mask and Monster Hunter 4U special edition 3DS sells out before Day 1, MAKE ANOTHER BATCH.

Nintendo needs to stop worrying about making things limited edition right now. Start off as limited edition, sure, but if it sells out, make more. Because if it sells out - guess what - there are more people to sell to.

Nintendo has done this for a long time. It took forever for them to start at least reproducing the stupid amiibo statues, and even know you still mostly just see the commons, but at least you can find the rare ones at maybe only 50% mark up vs before when it was like 400%.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

@Peach64 " don't think there's much chance of either machine hitting their targets now that the holiday period has disappointed. Wii U is doing about 60k a month in NA, about 45k a month in Japan, and less than either of those two in Europe."

Hey now Europe I'm sure sells hundreds of WiiUs a month! OK, I overestimated... but DOZENS of WiiUs a month!



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Profits Dip as amiibo Hits Over 40 Mi...:

I shudder to think what the numbers would have been if not for amiibo and Splatoon.

Nintendo better have a big gun or 2 for 2016. Amiibo craze is over - still steady sales but 99% of people I think are giving up on collecting them all.

And with Legend of Zelda likely pushed back to 2017 (think how much we've seen of the game, it's not ready), it means Nintendo has Pokemon games for 3DS and mobile and then not much else. I love Star Fox but if that sells more than 500k worldwide it will be a miracle.



XCWarrior commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Wa...:

A little bit of trolling on Nintendo LIfe's party.
I like how you put - "Mario RPG (The 2 bad ones"
But didn't put - "Mario RPG (sequel to 7 stars, you know, the best one).

Voted Mario 3D, Pokemon, Zelda. Those are what sell systems.



XCWarrior commented on Wii Street U Service Being Discontinued In Mar...:

Totally forgot this existed. So many bad ideas this generation (TVii, this, the name WiiU, Wii VC and WiiWare games not truly compatible with WiiU and its eshop, a fun once you play it but super scary looking controller, etc etc.)



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Download: 28th January (North America):

Will pick up a physical copy of FF Exploerers down the road. FF Tactics Advance is a great if you haven't played it before. I like TNT Racers as well, and 99 Moves.

Crazy Train sounds like some short, quick fun, at least by the description.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Outlines Details of DLC Map Pack One ...:

@AlexSora89 Cheap DLC? What? The prices are outrageous. If it costs more than the Splatoon DLC, it costs too much.

I hate how companies lay out the DLC plan before day 1. It's a little different here as the game already was released in Japan, but it sill makes me sick. Market the game, not the expensive add ons.



XCWarrior commented on Hyrule Warriors Legends Secures Third Place in...:

A bit surprised by Hyrule Legends, but if I had the WiiU versionn, I wouldn't get the 3DS version either. Having said that, I was about to pick up the WiiU version here in NA when they announced the 3DS version. So now I'm holding out for the 3DS version.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

@Yorumi Well good news. There is this thing called NX coming out. I feel pretty certain we are going to buy 1 copy of game, and it will transition seamlessly from the console to the portable device, and vise versa. At this point if Nintendo does anything besides that, it will be major letdown.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

@TerrapinJess Paintball lasts like 10-15 minutes. Never really thought about it. Never had to use more than 2 on a given hunt. I mean the game is called Monster Hunter... going area to area is the hunting part. Yes the flying monsters sometimes go to the oppositte end of the world, but I play co-op online most of the time, so usually they don't live beyond that 2nd area.

Solo if it's taking more than a 3rd area to kill the monster, that's a tip off to me to get online, farm a monster, and get a better weapon. I do agree the game is a grind/work, but I don't notice it playing co-op online. I love working with people... wish more games had online coop instead of just online vs.



XCWarrior commented on Review: Final Fantasy Explorers (3DS):

@Yorumi Games are made by Japanese developers. In Japan, they don't have a lot of space, so portables are more handy. And people in Japan socialize with each other, meet up at restaurants and stuff and play locally. If NA developers made the games, then they would be on console I'm sure. But sales have shown MH sells way better on protable.

I prefer console as well, but having it on the go is nice too.



XCWarrior commented on Mighty No. 9 Has Been Delayed Once Again as Ke...:

I remember when the first kickstarter was announced, I was excited for this game.

Now, 8 kickstarters and 30 delays later, nearly all interest is gone. I'll get it for a $1 during a Steam holiday sale in 2020 3 months after its release.



XCWarrior commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Ti...:

@SmaMan Not only that, but Konami made this game, but they don't have the rights to TMNT anymore. So they and whoever owns the rights now w would have to come to an agreement. That's about as likely as us seeing GTA VI announced exclusively for the NX at this year's E3.



XCWarrior commented on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles In Ti...:

@FragRed Ditto. I saw Turtles IV: Turtles in Time in the tweet and clicked the link before I read to the end. If they could get this game on VC, I bet it would be a #1 seller on the eshop, and it would be radical dude!

I don't remember the music to this game... I remember the gameplay. Why hasn't any Indy devs made a game of this genre for the WiiU/3DS?! Someone get on it!



XCWarrior commented on SEGA 3D Classics Collection is Heading to Reta...:

Wait wait, so what's the difference between "Fantasy Zone II W" and "Fantasy Zone II"

But I would love a Puyo Puyo game on my 3DS. I think I've only bought 1 of these games, have to check my 3DS... I could defintely see myself picking this up.



XCWarrior commented on GDC Survey Shows Declining Interest From Devel...:

The number of people who don't understand these simple numbers in the comment section is disturbing, and shows your lack of desire to understand the problems going on.

GDC does a survey. The question is, "What systems are you interested in developing for. Check all that apply."

Hardly anyone is checking the box for WiiU and 3DS. This is not a good thing. These are indy devs, so Nintendo is not poll. Even if they were, it would only be 1 developer, and not really help the 5% or 2% result.

As a few others have said, at least mobile interest took a dive. There's little chance for real money to be made there, now that "AAA" devs have taken over the space.

Too many people who own Nintendo systems only buy 1st party, and even then if Mario or Zelda isn't in the title, they ignore it. That's why Nintendo is hurting so bad right now. Expand your horizons people.

I own like 40+ eshop titles from indy devs between WiiU/3DS, so I am not part of the problem.



XCWarrior commented on Editorial: Nintendo and Virtual Reality Aren't...:

Totally agree with the article.

I think you guys left out the part where only like 1% of PCs currently can even handle the Oculus Rift's tech specs. Or if it is in there, I missed it.

If VR survives, it's going to be thanks to the adult film industry, not gaming.... with that said, because of it and the target demographic, it has a chance for success.



XCWarrior commented on Nintendo Share Value Continues to Improve as I...:

@Xenocity We weren't talking about Sony. I know they are in trouble. Companies want their stock to go higher. They don't want it to go down. I know Nintendo has money in the coffers if their stock tank, but it would hurt the company a lot, especially after they had to buy back shares from the Yamato (SP?) family after that one person's death.

Stocks are not the be all end all, and yes Nintendo and MS are doing better than Sony, but not like Sony is going to go anywhere. With how PS4 is doing, Sony could just eliminate phones or TVs or something, wherever they are losing the most money, and eventually get out of the debt they are swimming in.

But trying to keep it simple. Stocks up = Good!. Stocks down = Bad!



XCWarrior commented on ESPN Plans On Broadcasting Super Smash Bros. E...:

@Jimmy_G_Buckets I'd actually consider watching it if Erin Andrews was on screen most of the time.

Or if e-sports went totally went WWE style!

"His manager is distracting the moderator.... ( ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A ) KONAMI CODE! KONAMI CODE! How did that even work in Smash 4?! He's got infinite live and a Smash Attack ready. Boom KO! The moderator turns around. It's over! NOOOO!"



XCWarrior commented on ESPN Plans On Broadcasting Super Smash Bros. E...:

@Jimmy_G_Buckets Most of the former players that lasted more than a couple of years in the NFL are terrible. But what can you expect from guys who suffered 20+ concussions apiece, most undiagnosed and untreated before the last few years?

The other thing I look forward to is when ESPN starts over analyzing e-sports like they do football.

"Well IRox@Games told his mom to make him mushroom pizza rolls instead of his usual pre-grame pepporoni rolls. We'll examine how this could affect him in the critical moments of the match after this commercial break."


"And NotMatrixNeo lands the final blow with .5 seconds to go. Oh wait, Team HardKnoxxx is throwing the red flag. This will be under review. Here's 5 minutes of commercials while we sort this one out!"

Good times await!



XCWarrior commented on ESPN Plans On Broadcasting Super Smash Bros. E...:

ESPN has been bleeding money the last few years by overbidding for their football and NBA rights. I'm sure they are hoping to get e-sports under their wings before it gets expensive.... assuming it really takes off.

To all of you video game only people out there that don't typically watch ESPN, you are really going to "love" Jon Gruden describing all the competitors as, "he's a video game PLAYER!"



XCWarrior commented on Video: Hyrule Warriors Legends Footage Shows a...:

@Caryslan I've sat my OG 3DS and new 3DS XL beside each other and loaded up the same thing from the power off position. The difference is unreal. Miiverse is basically unusable on the OG (is it even on it). The eshop loads faster as well. I have a hard time going back to my OG when I'm just cleaning out streetpasses trying to finish up puzzles.

n3dS is so much nicer of a system, people clearly don't realize it based on the lack of a real sales bump from it.