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Over 15 years of video game industry experience spanning everything from design to sales and everything in between. Love video games in general but true passion lies in Nintendo, Indie Games and Open Source. Retro Gamer, Collector and passionate supporter of indie games.

Mon 24th December, 2012

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TreonsRealm commented on Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Isn’t Comi...:

@BinaryFragger Yes, they are getting help from Mad Catz for the instruments (just like Mad Catz helped with Rock Band 3 instruments) with the potential for them to handle full physical publishing but it also clearly states that Harmonix has until April 15th to find another publishing partner to assist with the game. Again, EA makes sense as a possible company to help Harmonix but it is true that they could find help from a company such as Activision but I still think the music licensing/server infrastructure would require a company larger than Mad Catz. I never said there was proof to EA being behind the decision, it just makes sense that Harmonix would downplay a Wii U version if there was the possibility of them using a publisher that doesn't work with Nintendo anymore. Nintendo has been very welcoming to indies so if they were truly going independent, It doesn't make much sense to skip Wii U considering that all of the development bottlenecks from the Wii don't really exist anymore.



TreonsRealm commented on Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Isn’t Comi...:

@kensredemption True, they have been independent since 2010 but I doubt an "indie" company such as them could handle the server infrastructure and licensing costs of both new and DLC songs needed for a game like Rock Band. Also, they would need EA's (or another publisher's) help to handle producing and marketing new instruments for the game. While they could rely on past instruments, most people have gotten rid of them making them a pain to collect again (not to mention possible compatibility issues with PS4 and XBOne hardware). Overall, if this is a full new entry in the Rock Band series, they are gonna need one of the major publishers to help them and EA stands as the most likely candidate based on their history with the series. Sadly this brings us back to the original problem, EA does not give two craps about Nintendo or its fans making the game a no go regardless of how much fans beg and plead for it.
This is the same issue that plagues the upcoming Star Wars games, Disney is relatively tight with Nintendo but their handing the video game licensing to EA ensures the games skip Wii U despite the massive success of previous Star Wars titles on Nintendo.



TreonsRealm commented on Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Isn’t Comi...:

I would think the reason for the game skipping Wii U is pretty obvious, just look at the likely publisher (EA). There are plenty of other arguments that also apply but considering that EA has handled publishing duties on just about every entry of the series, it makes sense that Harmonix would have them help again. EA has made their stance on Nintendo and its fans pretty clear so while Harmonix will try and spin the situation in a different light, odds are high that they know EA would never bring the game to the system so they would just eliminate the possibility outright.



TreonsRealm commented on LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham DLC Season Pass i...:

Why are people even buying LEGO games with DLC? Of all the games where DLC makes sense, LEGO should be the last considering LEGO games only grew in size as time went on and now they're going in the opposite direction. Seriously, the LEGO games used to be a good value and now they are just ripping gamer's off. The amount of content was one of the main reasons people were willing to put up with the MANY bugs and glitches in LEGO games as well as the repetitive game design.

-LEGO Star Wars 1 & 2 were combined into the Complete Saga with additional content.
-LEGO Pirates included all 4 films
-LEGO Batman 2 was easily twice the size of LEGO Batman 1 (if not more)
-LEGO Lord of the Rings covered all 3 movies and then some

-LEGO Hobbit only covers the first 2 movies and forces players to get DLC to complete the story (the third movie).
-LEGO Batman 3 is now cutting levels, playable characters and vehicles that would have normally been unlockable through gameplay

Also, why is it that indie developers can easily update their games, set their own release dates and have largely had nothing but praise for the eShop while we are expected to believe that these massive third party's are having trouble with Nintendo's online system (online multiplayer, adding DLC, etc.)?



TreonsRealm commented on Ubisoft's Uplay Application Hints That Watch D...:

At this point (according to Ubisoft's past comments), we are less than 3 months from release and still don't a single screenshot let alone a video of Watch Dogs running on Wii U hardware. All we have is their word that one of their B teams is still working on it and not the development team behind the PC, XBOne, PS4, PS3, XB360 versions. This whole thing reeks of that special brand of Ubisoft BS.

My guess is that once Just Dance 2015 gets released (10/21), Ubisoft will quietly can the project altogether and drum up a BS excuse as to why it didn't get done. The likely truth being that they probably never even had the thing in development hence the lack of any evidence that the game was actually up and running on Wii U hardware. They would want to wait until after Just Dance 2015 to avoid any potential lost sales due to rightfully ticked off Nintendo fans who might boycott the company and tell others to follow suit. Look at the poor sales fallout from their announcements around the Wii U versions of Rayman Legends (loss of exclusivity and 6 month delay), Splinter Cell (local co-op cut for no reason) and Assassin's Creed 4 (loss of DLC and shoddy port). With the exception of the Just Dance shovelware, Ubisoft has dropped all support for the machine so why would they waste the time and money to put out a guaranteed Wii U sales flop (6 months late, full retail price and watered down port). Sorry but all the evidence points to Watch Dogs never seeing the light of day on Wii U. I recommend putting your money into games that can expand the future of the machine like Bayonetta 2. Just a thought.

If you absolutely have to get your GTA fix on Wii U, I would recommend Lego City Undercover or utilizing the great backwards compatibility for something like Godfather or Scarface on Wii.



TreonsRealm commented on Ubisoft's Latest UK Release Schedule Still Sho...:

@C-Olimar - No, the Wii U is owned by Nintendo fans who are tired of being burned time and time again by lazy third parties for over 15 years. If those Nintendo fans were reluctant to try new experiences then the indies on eShop wouldn't be doing as well as they are. UbiSoft has gotten lazy and is quickly following EA's example and it will hurt them in the long run (I am referring to their practices on all consoles and not just Wii U).



TreonsRealm commented on Ubisoft's Latest UK Release Schedule Still Sho...:

Considering we are only 4 months till the end of the year with no real release date and to my knowledge, Watch Dogs has NEVER been shown actually running on Wii U hardware, I expect that this game isn't coming and UbiSoft is keeping up the front so Wii U fans don't backlash against them and negatively effect their Just Dance 2015 sales. Nintendo's Unite 2014 video showed that the system is owned mostly by adult males (93% 18 and older) and not women and children as Ubisoft and other third party's would have us believe. When you consider the pretty average reaction to the game and the fact that you can get it for $30-$40 on other consoles while Ubisoft would charge a full $60 on Wii U, the game is a guaranteed failure IF it comes to Wii U and they know it. I suggest anyone who was hoping to get it on Wii U prepare for the worst.



TreonsRealm commented on Square Enix Wants To Bring Dragon Quest VII To...:

Why is this even a question for SquareEnix? They've had plenty of success on the 3DS with Bravely Default, Theaterhythm, Kingdom Hearts, etc. and the translation could easily be handled by a company like XSEED. At this point, I'm sick of these third party's acting timid about EVERYTHING having to do with Nintendo consoles (home console or portable). Nintendo will likely pick it up and publish it in English and have a huge success just like Bravely Default while SquareEnix misses an opportunity to make a bigger cut by doing it themselves. I'm still scratching my heard over their idiotic handling of Deus Ex on Wii U and the supremely stupid decision to not bring the Kingdom Hearts HD series to Wii U (a system that would have been PERFECT for the series).



TreonsRealm commented on Resident Evil Revelations 2 Confirmed By Capco...:

I have long been a supporter of Capcom having bought EVERY Nintendo based Resident Evil but I am done with them after this BS (RE: Revelations 2 and RE: Remake HD skipping Wii U). It's especially stupid when you consider that RE: Revelations sold best on 3DS (also the main reason it sold worst on Wii U since most Wii U owners already owned it on 3DS and that version was actually better). Let's also remember that it wasn't Capcom that made the game which is probably why it was actually good (TOSE made RE: Revelations and I doubt they're working on the new one).

The numbers don't lie, for the current generation the Wii U is second place worldwide and first place in Japan by a wide margin (over a million more systems sold than PS4) so Capcom ignoring the system is just plain stupid when you consider the Resident Evil fanbase on Nintendo consoles due to previous "exclusives". These types of decisions are exactly why the company is sinking and why the people who made them a major third party have all bailed on them (Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya, Keji Inafune). At this point, I am enjoying watching the company crash and burn and can't wait for other companies to come in and pick off the remains and actually do something right with their franchises. I look forward to Nintendo buying the Mega Man IP for next to nothing and reviving the franchise (Hell, they'll probably hire Keji Inafune & Comcept to do it).



TreonsRealm commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS Will Feature A Music...:

@ColdingLight Seeing as the 3DS is my primary portable MP3 player, I will absolutely use this feature "outside". Honestly, I was hoping more developers would use this feature so I didn't have to take up more space on my SD card which is already fill with quite a bit of music. This is quite a welcome feature for a game that will no doubt be loaded with amazing tunes (Thanks Nintendo).



TreonsRealm commented on GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nin...:

Hey GameStop, before you jump on the bandwagon of Nintendo's recent turnaround and say "Don't bet against Nintendo", you may want to change the layout of your store's which have shoved Wii U games into a far corner where you can barely find them. I have been in 5-6 stores and every time, I have to actively hunt for the Wii U games. Hell, in 2 of the stores I had to actually go behind part of their sales counter just to see what games they do have.

GameStop's so-called "support" of Nintendo and the Wii U has been horrible since launch with employee's actually turning potential Wii U buyers away from the system and towards both old (PS3/360) and new systems (PS4/XBO). Granted, the company is pretty horrible overall and their days as a viable business are numbered but considering Nintendo is the only company of the big 3 who actively supports packaged media instead of "digital only", GameStop should be featuring their products front and center to help their business instead of shoving it in a corner and allowing their staff to turn willing customers away from the Wii U.



TreonsRealm commented on Skylanders Trap Team on Wii Will, Surprisingly...:

My hat off to Activision, I would have expected them to try and cash in with some sort of discount coupon but to give it away for FREE speaks volumes about their support of the Big N and Skylanders fans (the bulk of which play on the original Wii). While not perfect by a long shot, I have to respect Activision's overall support for Nintendo and the Wii U which has been pretty solid so far (especially compared to the crap EA & UbiSoft pull).

I'm hoping this opens the possibility for the Wii U version of Skylanders Spyro's Adventure (only released in Japan) to finally make an English language release. My son and I love our Wii version but the HD visuals and off-TV play would get me to double dip on the game. Hey Activision, please make this happen.



TreonsRealm commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

I can see the future news article now that reports that the Wii U version sold the worst (after the 6 month delay and being gimped in some way) and Ubisoft uses the game as their excuse to pull all future support for Wii U (just like EA). Despite being the platform best suited for the game (the Gamepad was born to play a game like this), I have no doubt that Ubisoft will be lazy and just use it for map and off-tv play.

For those who believe that the Wii U version will be something special, prepare for disappointment (this will be a phoned in port job). Also, expect a situation like Deus Ex where the Wii U version will cost $20-$30 more than the other versions when it's released just because it's "new" to the system (despite being on everything else for 6 months). Can't help being pessimistic considering us Wii U owners (and Nintendo fans in general) have experienced this song and dance many times before. On the bright side, at least we got Rayman Legends and ZombiU before loosing Ubisoft. To quote Queen, "Another one bites the dust".



TreonsRealm commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

I am noticing an irritating trend with Kickstarter lately where it seems that more and more games are using potential Wii U support as a carrot at the end of a stick to get extra money. It used to be a reasonable request when the stretch was merely $5,000 to $15,000 to cover Nintendo's relatively low entry cost to the eShop (Licensing/Dev kit cost) but now it seems like some developers are taking advantage of the Nintendo fanbase by making their Wii U stretch goals a bit outrageous for simple porting.

Shiness is set at $70,000 past initial goal for Wii U (while XBOne & PS4 are only $40,000 more) and the $70,000 is even more ridiculous when you consider Ynnis Interactive is already a Wii U developer and has released a game for the console already!

The Way put their Wii U goal at $85,000 past initial funding and I am struggling to see why the massive hike is needed. While I understand the extra funds needed for porting, it seems like a rather large gap.

At least something like Hover: Revolt of Gamer makes sense since they are actually making Wii U specific/exclusive content which justifies the additional budget. In the end, these indie developers need to think about how they treat the growing Wii U community considering these types of actions at dangerously similar to how third party's treat Nintendo fans and we've all seen how their sales have been on Nintendo platforms.



TreonsRealm commented on Pikmin 3 Update Adds New Stylus Control Style:

Really digging the new stylus option. While the analog sticks worked well on GameCube, I can't stand it on Wii U and found myself going with the Wii Remote & Nunchuk which work just as well as the Wii enhanced versions of Pikmin 1 & 2. Even with the options I found myself longing for the Nintendo Land controls since I played Pikmin Adventure extensively and loved the touch control of the Pikmin. The new stylus controls brings the game more in line with PC RTS titles (a huge plus) and has me loving the GamePad more than ever. Honestly, I really want stylus control for an FPS now (it doesn't have to mandatory, I just want the option).



TreonsRealm commented on Lucasfilm Decrees That All Star Wars Video Gam...:

Funny thing is that Shadows of the Empire was made "cannon" by Lucas himself when he released the special editions which incorporated Swoop Bikes and the Outrider so that's a positive if we're stuck with the prequels as cannon. I thought Lucas also made The Force Unleashed cannon in the story as well. Hell, it was part of how it was advertised and Lucas himself gave his stamp to it. And the original animated Clone Wars (the 2D one and not the 3D TV Series) was supposed to be cannon and directly explained why General Grevious was breathing like he had a crushed rib cage (which he did) and was the direct minute for minute lead into Episode III. Creator or not, Lucas cannot keep randomly changing the story like a spoiled kid on the playground if he wants the story to mean anything in the end.

Honestly I'm getting to a point where Star Wars is becoming more and more meaningless as time goes on. This random switching of what is part of the story and what is not part of the story is getting out of hand since it changes constantly at this point.



TreonsRealm commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Metroid as a horror title sounds a bit much. While the idea sounds interesting, I would prefer either a new franchise (unlikely since people don't like to buy new stuff) or resurrecting one of their obscure franchises with a completely new horror theme (something extreme like they did with the Kid Icarus Uprising reboot).

Personally, I would prefer Nintendo to drop a couple million on Shadow of the Eternals and make it Wii U exclusive since its already started and would make a nice horror niche title for the console. It would be a relatively cheap investment and would be an excellent addition for all the whiners who complain about the lack of proper "hardcore" games. Of course I also think it would be a good idea for them to create a hardcore corner of the company which focuses on more adult themed games like Last of Us to broaden their appeal. They could focus that division on working with indie developers to craft smaller inexpensive projects that expand from the normal family friendly titles they make. As long as they brand it correctly (kind of like how Disney had Miramax to put out stuff like Dogma and Pulp Fiction), it would go a long way to expanding Nintendo's appeal to the hardcore who normally complain about them. Just a thought.



TreonsRealm commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

I'm a huge Skylanders fan but Nintendo made the right decision here and it ultimately worked out for both Nintendo and Activision. It's easy to say it was a bad decision now (hindsight is 20/20) but think about the timing of the original game (Wii was on its way out and Wii U was a year away), the massive investment required and the huge customer backlash towards the very concept of DLC (let alone expensive physical DLC).

Nintendo has had the opportunity to buy many developers/IPs (Factor 5, Rare and now Skylanders) and while they have always been inviting/supportive to the developers, every time they made a move like this it just didn't work out for them (Eternal Darkness and Geist spring to mind). As much as people want to paint a pretty picture of Retro Studios, nobody wants to remember the absolute nightmare that was for Nintendo in the beginning (an expensive nightmare to boot). They eventually had to come in personally, strip down the studio and its projects and oversee Metroid Prime personally and that is not a cheap process.

Nintendo hasn't gotten to where they are now (no debt, billions in cash and the most profitable game franchises in history) by taking on the risks of other developers. At this point, they dip their tows into something they believe in (Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2) and when the Gamers whine and complain and sales are crap, they go back to making fresh game ideas based on one of their existing franchises (which people will buy). I completely understand Nintendo's approach and can't fault them despite being disappointed by some of the developments surrounding the Wii U (it is still one of my favorite Nintendo consoles). They have been around for over 100 years with over 30 of those years being in video games and they have survived every console generation since entering the market so despite the mainstream gaming media wanting them to crash and burn, I think Nintendo has a long life ahead of it without the need for gimmick based franchises (and yes, I still love Skylanders while being able to recognize it as a gimmick).



TreonsRealm commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

@Funny_Moblin - It would only be milking if it became a yearly thing and didn't fit. I'm talking about a "PokeSmash" in between regular Smash titles which would be like 1 every 3-5 years at max. Also, the Pokemon universe is already based around fighting and the Smash games prove that they work as fighters (just look at the tournament scene with characters like Pikachu). I am completely against milking a franchise (cough- EA, Activision, UbiSoft -cough) but I am all for a spin-off that would work and make complete sense. Fans want new games from Nintendo and this is a proven option that would do quite well. Also, I think Nintendo would be able to restrain themselves and not get out of hand with it. Hell, they've only done 8 Mario Karts in over 20 years and 5 Smash Bros. in 15 years. Despite what the Haters say, Nintendo doesn't go the route of something like Assassin's Creed which has released over 10 games since 2007 which is just plain pathetic.



TreonsRealm commented on Massive Pokémon Reveals Occur During Super Sm...:

I love their inclusion but at this point, Nintendo should build a Super Smash Bros. spin-off focused entirely around the Pokemon universe. Just think of the possibilities in terms of stages and roster. Since it takes like 6-7 years to develop Smash, it would make the PERFECT "in-between" title to release while a new Smash is made. It would also be a perfect title to draw in players who think regular Pokemon titles are too kiddie. Also, I bet it could become a good addition to the tournament scene. Since Pokemon is a single universe, developers could focus on balance and build a game that is accessible yet finely tuned for the pros (the same way the original Street Fighter II did it). Make it happen Nintendo!



TreonsRealm commented on Castlevania Composer Michiru Yamane Joins Flyi...:

It's a shame what happened with the whole Oculus Rift sellout to Facebook because I have noticed more projects having trouble getting funded after that went down. It looks like a lot of people got soured on the whole Kickstarter idea after such a high profile "sellout" and frankly I can't blame them. While Oculus was free to do what they wanted based on the technical rules of Kickstarter, they really undermined the whole spirit of crowd funding as a way to fund independent projects and left a lot of people feeling burned. Sadly, it only takes one turd in the punch bowl to ruin it for everyone else. Personally I hope these guys (and all the other great Kickstarters) can overcome it and succeed.



TreonsRealm commented on Two Tribes Highlights Sales Increase Following...:

Got all 3 on Wii U for the launch special and love them (my 5 yr old loves them too). I'm curious whatever happened to the special discount on Toki Tori 2+ North American Wii U owners were supposed to get for buying the classics? The discount where you got a cheaper price based on how many of the classics you bought. I know Europe got it and ours was cancelled at the last minute but Two Tribes said that they would do something about it at a later date. As far as I know that never happened which is disappointing because I was holding out on Toki Tori 2+ for the special discount. I have it from a Humble Bundle but was willing to buy on Wii U for the special discount.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Highlights Positive February Sales in...:

I'm quite happy with the Wii U (an excellent and underrated machine) despite the poison spit at it by click-bait articles which put it down. Overall, Nintendo has built some good momentum post holiday 2013 but they really need a super strong Nintendo Direct this month to show what they've really got up their sleeves for the machine. It's good to see their newfound focus on the indie market but they need to nail down a release schedule for the "anchor" titles that will move machines.

Hyrule Warriors, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2 (hopefully some news for a Bayonetta 1 port) and X all need some solid release dates to build hype. They need a couple "surprise" titles to keep momentum like a new StarFox title or reviving a long dormant IP with a fresh next gen take (like Kid Icarus Uprising did). I'm guessing that Super Smash Wii U/3DS will possibly get a release date (or window) at EVO since Nintendo is allowing Melee and has shown interest in the new game appearing in the tournament in the future. Personally, I think they should pull a surprise announcement for Mario Kart 8 and bump it up a month to the end of April. It would really build some buzz and Nintendo would earn some cred for pushing a date up for once. Just a thought.



TreonsRealm commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

@noctowl - I guess I can see that but I never got the sense that they (Mr. Inafune or Comcept) singled out any of the machines in a negative light. The fact that their stretch goal put the Wii U version at the same goal as PS3/360 seems to be more reflective of the financial ease of putting the game on Wii U versus PS4/XBOne. As far as I have seen, they have never come out against Wii U and Mr. Inafune seems to have a pretty good relationship with Nintendo considering his 3DS support. While there are certain times to take up the fight against companies like EA, this doesn't seem to be one of those times. Also, their apparent lack of communication probably has more to do with them being very busy with 2 full new games and not having time to deal with how people perceive their attitude towards Wii U (I've backed quite a few projects and often have trouble getting through for this very reason and I completely understand). They knew that the Wii U would have a lot of Mega Man fans which is why it was included as one of the earliest stretch goals for console availability, not that they felt the machine was weak.



TreonsRealm commented on Video: Extended Mighty No. 9 Footage and Detai...:

@Nintenjoe64 - I don't think there will be a problem. For one, Capcom has repeatedly shown that that had no desire to do anything with Mega Man and even if they did, their financial situation has made them quite impotent. Also, they have nothing to fight against seeing as the characters, levels and art are 100% original and belong to Comcept and Mr. Inafune. The engine also has nothing to do with Capcom so while the game may share similarities to Mega Man, it is in no way infringing on the IP. It would be like Nintendo going after anyone who makes a platform game where you run and jump. Lastly, it would be suicide for Capcom to try and shut this down considering that this is fan driven by Mega Man fans who would turn on the company and loudly boycott anything the company produced (again, something they could not afford to do considering their financial situation).

@noctowl - Out of curiosity, what was their attitude towards the Wii U? I didn't notice anything where they singled out the Wii U in a negative light, did I miss something? I'm just curious.



TreonsRealm commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

I like Mr. Wards previous work but he is speaking from a purely emotional point of view and not looking at the bigger picture (a major problem with many developers in recent years). He got paid to do a job and he and his team did it (and did it well) but why is he blaming Nintendo for lack of support? This (like many other issues) falls squarely on EA and their complete lack of caring about the Wii U. Why do these developers target Nintendo when it comes to not marketing third party games? It is not their responsibility to do so, it is the responsibility of the billion dollar publisher (EA) to market the game they invested money into. You don't see Sony or Microsoft going out of their way to promote third party games that aren't exclusive to their platform and why should they? You also don't hear these companies whining when Sony/Microsoft doesn't promote their game after a failure (they target their publisher who didn't do their job). Yet somehow Nintendo gets blamed for not promoting a game that came out nearly 6 months after the other releases lacking DLC support and after EA had flat out stated that they were bailing on the Wii U!

The only time the console makers should be providing additional (or special) marketing support to third party's is when that game is a major exclusive to their machine (like Nintendo did for games like ZombiU or Rayman Legends). Speaking of Rayman Legends, look at how Nintendo supported that pre and post hardware launch and how UbiSoft stabbed them in the back by going multiplatform. Nintendo featured it heavily in the advertising of the console, showed it at E3 and even made it the main playable demo in their retail Wii U demo kiosks. Gee, I can't imagine why Nintendo doesn't go out of their way when they always get screwed by the third party's.

As for the indie scene (which Ward is a part of now), Nintendo has been EXTREMELY supportive because this is a fresh start. They aren't dealing with the bloated (and back stabbing) third party's in this environment so they are bending over backwards to help these new company's and their games. They don't require any exclusivity (and are very fair in sharing the profit), they have dropped the monetary barrier to bare minimum, they allow the company's to run sales and patch the games with no strings attached and in some cases, they have even given away development kits and waved the licensing fees. With a deal that sweet, its no wonder that there are well over 120 indie games coming to the machine (and more announced almost daily). These company's are also seeing success with Nintendo because they aren't gimping their releases or screwing Nintendo and in turn, the fans are supporting them (as they should). Mr. Ward should drop the attitude (and bad blood he's carrying from working with EA) and consider supporting ALL platforms like he said he would (Wii U included). He even has the advantage over other indie developers having crafted a major third party game that ran so well on the machine (he knows the inner tech pretty well now). To be fair though, his outburst is well publicized through the Nintendo community now so he may have just burned that bridge (a royally stupid move when starting in the indie scene).



TreonsRealm commented on Rumour: Next Skylanders Title Will Feature Veh...:

Hey Activision, how about switching the series to every 2 years? We already have Call of Duty being milked to death and Skylanders is actually good (not to mention an actual new IP) so why not take your time and avoid the gimmicks. My son and I love the series and have played the crap out of the current 3 games but it would make more sense to spread the characters out over the year and pace the series out a bit more. Hell, I could give just a few ideas off the top of my head:

  • How about something like an adventure disc which would be a new game adventure that uses the existing characters (it could be sold for something like $30). Do it like the expansion discs for old PC games.
  • An online game that lets you play with others online (again using existing characters). Do it like Guild Wars where you have a lobby for everyone to meet/interact and then find a buddy to go out on adventures with (or battle with). This keeps things from getting out of control with expensive servers and maintains the co-op gameplay that makes the series so great.
  • You could even experiment with a 3D platforming game in the style of the 3D Mario games. This could open up the series to new gameplay elements and if successful would open up the door to alternating the game releases each year since that is an obvious direction they want to go. One year could be a traditional Diablo style game while the next could be a 3D platformer.

These are just a couple quick thoughts to avoid running the series into the ground like Activision has done with Tony Hawk & Guitar Hero and is currently doing with Call of Duty. Also, how about giving Wii U owners access to the HD Wii U version of Spyro's Adventure that was only released in Japan? I would happily pay $20 for a disc only version of the game and I'm sure there are plenty of other Wii U Skylanders fans who would appreciate it. Just a thought.



TreonsRealm commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

The reveal has happened and the game is Mad Men Football (another jab at EA). While this is a small indie developer and the game is for the eShop, the idea behind the game is insane but sounds like it could be brilliant fun. It is a retro style American football game which takes historical figures and groups from battlefields, and puts them on football fields! When they say "retro style", I believe they mean gameplay and not graphics and will probably translate to a game that plays more like Tecmo Super Bowl (or maybe even NFL Blitz) as opposed to Madden. Expect to throw passes with historical figures like George Washington which effectively sidesteps EA's NFL license issue. Personally I think that this sounds quite unique (and fun) and provided they can nail down the engine with some tight gameplay, we may have a Wii U exclusive sports title worth bragging about.



TreonsRealm commented on Amazon Lists Transformers: Rise Of The Dark Sp...:

I know it would never happen but seeing as Activision is one of the few third party companies supporting the Wii U, it would be amazing if this was part of the Cybertron series and they released a combined port of the 2 Cybertron titles for the Wii U at a reduced price to build hype. I would totally be fine with a solid but quick port that added off-tv play. I think those Transformers titles would be quite appealing to the average Nintendo fan and would be very easy to transfer considering that they use the Unreal 3 engine which is fully compatible with the Wii U. They could throw in a few bonuses (like additional GamePad functionality and MiiVerse support) and call it "Transformers: The Cybertron Chronicles" and release it during this years movie or this fall with the DVD/Blu-Ray release of the film. Just a thought but that would be pretty cool. What do you think?



TreonsRealm commented on Brand New Game Developer, AE Games, Shows Its ...:

I don't know why everyone gets so worked up over the lack of third party support for Nintendo. It has not mattered for some time, just take a look at the game sales for every Nintendo home console. The top 10 for every Nintendo console is dominated by their own software. There may be a blip or 2 from a random third party but every single Nintendo console sells based on their own software alone. Now look at Sony and Microsoft's game sales, their machines NEED third party games to survive (their top 10's are littered with software from EA, Activision, etc).

As for the complaining about a new Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros being just another iteration, what about Halo, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, God of War, etc. that endlessly poop out sequels and everyone just laps them up? Why is it ok for those games to pump out endless titles (sometimes EVERY freakin year) but Nintendo catches flack for doing this when they do it like once for each console? Talk about hypocrisy. I can't blame them for not wanting to do a big budget new IP because when they do, nobody buys it (Wonderful 101). The funny thing is that had Wonderful 101 kept the original design which starred all the Nintendo characters, it would've been an easy million seller (kind of makes me sick when Gamer's and journalists beg for new IP's).

Also, why is everyone just wishing for the Wii U to go away? It's like nobody can shut up about it despite it not really having an impact on the other 2 machines. At this point, the Wii U doesn't even try to compete with the PS4/XBOne yet everyone keeps acting like it does. I'm also confused how this is even an issue for "Nintendo Fans" who buy each of their consoles. The third party thing has been going on for so long (over 15 years) that I can't see how anyone bought the Wii U with the expectation of having the supposed triple A titles from other machines. I know Nintendo said they had good partnerships with third party's but that happens every generation and like clockwork, those same companies bail on Nintendo after the first year. It happens every time and fans buy Nintendo machines for Nintendo games (refer to the beginning of my post about the top 10 in software sales), so why get upset when it happens again? You know what you're getting with the Wii U and at least this time, we are getting a MASSIVE level of indie support to supplement first & second party software so it's a win win situation. I have every Nintendo console (as well as many Sony, Sega & Microsoft machines) and I have enjoyed the hell out of the Wii U and will continue to do so as Nintendo releases more games for it.



TreonsRealm commented on Rumour: Disney Infinity 2 Coming To Wii U, But...:

@goonow - Both Disney Inifinity and every version of Skylanders (including Swap Force) have sold the most on the original Wii. Same for Just Dance, I have a feeling we will see Wii versions of all three through 2014 (it's even possible for 2015 if the sales remain highest on Wii).



TreonsRealm commented on Rumour: Disney Infinity 2 Coming To Wii U, But...:

It could go either way but I would be very surprised considering the Wii version was the highest selling version of the game. Same thing with Skylanders which still sells best on the original Wii. Disney would risk loosing a BIG chuck of the sales base for the game and I don't think they could afford to do that when the series is so young.

Of course, they could try and team up with Nintendo and help sell the Wii U by advertising the Wii U version as the lead platform for the game (essentially drive that Wii userbase over to the Wii U). They could do this by featuring playable Wii U units in their store with the game, create a Wii U Disney Infinity bundle similar to Skylanders and even offer Wii U exclusives. Just a thought.



TreonsRealm commented on Team Meat's Name Originated From a "Random" Ni...:

I can understand their stance on consoles (especially their issues with the 360 and WiiWare limitations) but why not throw Super Meat Boy on the Wii U? It's by far the most indie friendly of the Big 3 and I'm sure Nintendo would be happy to nullify the initial cost to get them on board. I have it on Steam but would happily support it on Wii U and they could probably get Nintendo to allow some kind of crossover content. Of the 3 indies featured on Indie Game: The Movie, they seemed the least pretentious and I think their games would be a nice fit for the Wii U. As for the 3DS, while it is popular, I know their is a bit more of a barrier to getting indie games on it (such as the case with Binding of Isaac) so I can understand them not want to go through the headache.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

@ULTRA-64 Rare was 100% 2nd party seeing as Nintendo owned 49% of the company in the N64 era and they exclusively made Nintendo games. Nintendo was offered to purchase the company but sold their stake to Microsoft because Rare was not producing enough high selling games by the time the GameCube came out to be worth the investment.

Just Dance sold well because of the Wii was already a smash success, it was not responsible for selling consoles. The best selling Just Dance games are Just Dance 3 (2011) and Just Dance 2 (2010); both of which came out in the waning years of the Wii so they were selling to existing owners, not selling new consoles. Turok's sales were a drop in the bucket compared to games like Zelda, Goldeneye and Mario 64 (all system sellers) and people were hardly buying the console just for Turok games. Resident Evil 4 almost sold more on PS2 than Wii and GameCube versions combined (quite sad when you consider its technical inferiority to both Nintendo versions).

Look at the top 10 selling games for N64, GameCube and Wii and you'll see that Nintendo is the one selling their own machines by a wide margin. Do the same for Sony or Microsoft and you will see a mosaic of 3rd party games in their top 10's. The numbers don't lie and despite what the industry would have you believe, Nintendo does not need 3rd party titles to survive. I'm sure that things like Just Dance, Sonic, Lego and Skylanders will continue due to solid sales but the days of AAA 3rd party titles having an impact on Nintendo are way back in the days of the SNES. The industry as a whole needs to realize this, get over it and move on. They need to let the Wii U (and all Nintendo machines) be what it is and stop trying to think that Nintendo is even trying to be on the same level as Sony or Microsoft.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

@Kodeen I agree and am fully aware of that but their physical numbers tend to give a descent and somewhat conservative estimate of a certain game. I agree that the digital PC sales are likely higher but WB's excuse is still a bit flimsy when the whole picture is taken into account. Also, it doesn't change the fact that as a whole, the game really bombed compared to the 2 previous games. Many companies (including WB) still fully support DLC for a game despite poor sales due to relatively low investment and no physical product to worry about so sales of over 100,000 should be enough to complete DLC they had already started.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

@Kodeen The numbers are on VGChartz and for NA, Batman: Arkham Origins is sitting at:
PC - 70k
WiiU - 110k
In all, I think WB is far more disappointed in the overall sales failure of Origins (which is under 4 million total sales across 4 platforms) when compared to Asylum (over 7 million across 3 platforms) and Arkham City (over 9 million across 4 platforms).

One thing that has me curious is why the venomous hatred for the Wii U? I can understand Wii U owners complaining about bad third party support and even potential buyers having issues but there is an overwhelming air of hatred towards it from Sony/Microsoft fans, the gaming media, third party's and analysts. It's almost as if it has become hip and stylish to hate on it despite the machine having little impact on the party's mentioned above.

  • Sony/Microsoft fans: does the Wii U's existence have some impact or bearing on the PS4/XBOne market? No, so why can't they stop talking about it?
  • Gaming Media: Aside from Nintendo based sites like this, is there a reason to report on negative Wii U press outside of click bait articles? No but sensationalized "Nintendo is doomed" articles get people to their sites and start flame wars among fans.
  • Third Party's: They've already made the decision to bail on the console so why keep talking about it in a negative light? Just ignore the thing like they ignore the OUYA or tablets since the machine isn't a part of their bottom line.
  • Analysts: This is the one group that you could argue should talk about the Wii U negatively but why are they so publicly vocal about Nintendo when their recommendations are for investors? What is the rational behind someone like Michael Pachter stating his opinions about Nintendo so publicly while not doing the same level of talking about Microsoft and Sony? Once again this is a situation of negative click bait and the fact that Viacom and Microsoft are financially in bed with each other is problematic (Viacom owns GameTrailers which is where most of Pachter's Nintendo "opinions" come from).

I've had the Wii U since February 2012 and have been quite happy with it. I bought it for the exclusives and the indie library and I am happy with what it is offering. I am disappointed by the lack of a select few third party games but those games were not part of my decision to buy it. While I have owned (and still own) every Nintendo home console, my expectations for third party's are as low as possible because I have watched the trends over the years and third party's have little impact on Nintendo consoles. Nintendo games alone are the reason anyone buys a Nintendo console and in the case of the Wii U, the indie library is their new third party support which is smarter from a financial standpoint. While the Wii U has some problems, it is far from the disaster people make it out to be. Nintendo will continue to support it just like they did the GameCube so the Dreamcast analogy is plain ridiculous. In the end, we will get our Nintendo games and they will sell in the millions and Nintendo will survive.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

@LoBo The demand isn't there because third party's have been doing stuff like this to Nintendo fans since the N64 days. The reason it has had such a ripple through the years is because Nintendo fans tend to stick with their consoles through the years and don't forget the poor treatment on each successive machine. By comparison, Sony and Microsoft fans have often jumped between machines or just own both. Also, third party's don't have to compete with stellar first party software on those consoles and in turn they don't try as hard because they know their games will sell (this is why things like constant patching and on disc DLC has largely been accepted with third party's). When you add that most major third party games are now available on PC (and aren't gimped) which most Nintendo owners have, there is little reason to buy third party on Nintendo consoles when you know what will happen.

These companies have done this to themselves so I have little pity for them. Nintendo has survived for over 3 console generations on their own software so the loss of third party's is being blown way out of proportion. The N64, GameCube and Wii were all sold by stellar first and second party software (If you don't believe me, I challenge you to find a single third party game that was a system seller for Nintendo in the same way GTA III was for the PS2). When you consider that the Wii U already has 5 titles with over a million in sales each (all first party) then this whole third party thing really doesn't matter.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo of America Issues Refunds After Warne...:

Here's my question, is WB cancelling the same DLC for PC and PS Vita? I only ask because the Wii U version outsold both of those in America and if either of those versions of the game get the DLC, then we know that WB's excuse is BS and they are targeting the Wii U specifically. Personally, I was expecting something like this after the Wii U got shafted by WB on Injustice (with all DLC on disc) and the cut multiplayer on Batman (I'm waiting to get it for like $10 at this point).

@Guybrush20x6 - Actually, the season pass worked nicely for those who purchased it considering they got all current DLC for free due to the refund. It was also quite nice for Nintendo to do this when they could have left it in WB's hands who would've likely NOT given a refund at all. If you read the user agreements, these companies are not obligated or required to give your money back so my hat off to the Big N.



TreonsRealm commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

If they went for a USB attachment to use DS carts (like the GameBoy Player), I would have been sold but going digital for DS games that most people still own is a no go. The only way this could work is if Nintendo gets their act together and iron out cross play between their platforms. At this point, it's quite ridiculous that you have to choose which version of a digital game you want between 3DS & Wii U. For example, the fact that Castlevania II for NES hit both consoles on the same day and you have to choose which one you want to buy for $5 is just plain stupid. This is even more infuriating when you consider that the required Nintendo Network ID can easily utilize this feature. While I am against the cries for Nintendo to go third party or put their games on smartphone (a horrible idea), I do feel they need to get their s#!t together in regards to their own devices and how they work together. Combine this with the painfully slow virtual console release schedule and Nintendo is clearly throwing money down the tube.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Was Dead To Us Very Quickly, States E...:

Oh come on EA, just admit that you are royally butthurt that Nintendo turned down your garbage Origin system for the Wii U online service and you want to get back at them (I am soo thankful Nintendo didn't use Origin)! Every statement EA makes for not supporting Nintendo just comes off as a pitiful excuse. The Wii was one of Nintendo's most "kiddie" systems and EA supported it with a ton of games because they wanted a piece of one of the biggest selling consoles in history.
The only reason EA jumped on the Microsoft bandwagon is because they expected to control their software through Microsoft's horrible DRM. Anyone notice how they suddenly got all chummy with BOTH Sony and Microsoft when Microsoft backed off their DRM policy?
The only thing that made me sad about the lack of EA was the loss of Criterion but now that the founders jumped ship to start their own independent company, I don't see the loss of EA support as a real problem for Nintendo.



TreonsRealm commented on Netflix Wii U App Update Goes Live:

It would be nice to see:
-A Wii Remote option for pointer controls so it could operate like the Wii version of Netflix (and eliminate the battery issue of the GamePad)
-An option to continuously play without user input (would be very useful when doing a marathon on a TV series)
These seem like obvious upgrades but they are still missing.



TreonsRealm commented on Feature: A Year in Development - Renegade Kid:

I've gotta say, I am really appreciating the big Nintendo indie developers more and more and love supporting their great games (Renegade Kid, WayForward, etc). They don't make lame excuses about why they can't support Nintendo and in turn, the Nintendo fans support them and make them profitable. Traditional third party's could learn a thing or two from them but it's probably too late for them considering they have burned every bridge possible with the Nintendo community since the N64/GameCube days. My Wii U has about as many indie games downloaded to it as actual retail discs I own for it. Outside of Cult County, the biggest thing I want to see happen for Renegade Kid is for Nintendo to hire them to make that Wario Land Virtual Boy port (talk about a day 1 purchase!). Thank you Renegade Kid and thank you Jools, you rock!

PS: Hey Jools, how about releasing Dementium HD & Dementium 2 HD for the Wii U? I would love a retail disc with both games but would still be thrilled to purchase off the eShop.



TreonsRealm commented on Exclusive: Mutant Mudds Deluxe Content Coming ...:

Awesome news and just cemented my decision to but the sale version for 3DS over Wii U. Now all we need is Nintendo to allow Jools to remake the AWESOME Wario Land Virtual Boy for 3DS that he posted the screenshot to on his Twitter.Ever since the 3DS was announced, that has been one of the main games I wanted Nintendo to port and I can think of no better group for the job than Renegade Kid. Please Nintendo, make this happen!



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Direct Focusing On Wii U And 3DS Game...:

Personally, I know it's a longshot but I would really like to see an announcement for a Bayonetta Special Edition for Wii U. Maybe some added content and a budget price to get Wii U fans pumped for Bayonetta 2. Yarn Yoshi and a surprise announcement would also be nice but I've got my expectations in check. A dream announcement would be for a new Star Fox on Wii U. We don't need the game right away, just a tease to get the hype train rolling. Just a thought.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Download: 5th December (North America):

The SNES Mystical Ninja is a great game but I have been waiting since the Virtual Console on the original Wii for Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64). That game is so underrated and I would love to see it (and Goemon's Great Adventure) on the Wii U Virtual Console. I know it's a longshot but they really should bring those games over.



TreonsRealm commented on Poll: As the PS4 Arrives, What Do You Think of...:

My personal rule of thumb is that a console has to have at least 5 truly exclusive must have games (games not available on any other console) before I buy. Sadly (or some might say happily), last generation left me with only the Nintendo Wii as I simply could not find 5 must have exclusive titles on either PS3 or 360. There were some great games but I could only find 1-3 on either system I would consider owning each console for (on the plus side it saved me a ton of cash). This generation is shaping up in much the same way as the PS4 and XBone only seem to feature FPS, Sports and Open World games that feel REALLY derivative of everything from last gen. The Wii U has been a game changer for me with its Off-TV play allowing me to have access to its games with or without the TV (a massive plus when you have a family). Also, while the third party support is garbage, the Wii U will hands down have the best "exclusive" library and best indie game selection of all three consoles. Nintendo doesn't need to be the biggest seller to be profitable and I expect total sales numbers will fall somewhere between SNES (49 million) and N64 (32 million) which will be quite respectable and very profitable for both Nintendo and the companies who provide exclusive titles for the system.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (North America):

@1337man1233 Because Two Tribes had announced that both Europe and US were getting the "buy Toki Tori and get Toki Tori 2+ for 60% off" and then said that the US would not be getting the promo at the last minute. I don't hold it against Two Tribes but it's still pretty lame that we lost out on the promo with no real explanation as to why. Now to be fair, Two Tribes did say they would do something at a later date to make up for it but haven't announced what that is.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Download: 7th November (North America):

Toki Tori for $2 is a no brainer considering how good it is (had it on WiiWare many years ago) but it's a damn shame we got screwed on the 60% off of Toki Tori 2+ deal. I was all set to download both but I'm holding off on 2 for now. Also looking to own Wii Sports Club but I'm waiting on the eventual physical disc release of the entire game.



TreonsRealm commented on Nintendo Confirms The Legend of Zelda: A Link ...:

The system doesn't look bad but much like the Zelda Wii U, I personally despise not getting a physical copy of the game. Nintendo has generally been good about their approach to digital downloads but I'm not a fan of this shift towards counting the digital game as the "included game" when you technically don't own it. They should know by now that anyone who would buy a "special edition" of one of their systems is primarily a Collector and would want a physical copy of the game (it seems like a way to double dip considering most people I know who bought the Zelda Wii U sold the download ticket to buy the physical version). It's not a big deal with something like Animal Crossing considering its personalized "daily play" style or including a digital Mario Kart with one of the standard systems but it's unacceptable for a Zelda themed system.



TreonsRealm commented on Kapow! Wii U And Wii Versions Of Young Justice...:

This feels like no big loss when you consider that we dodged a bullet with Aliens: Colonial Marines but got saddled with garbage like Walking Dead (Not the good one) and Fast & Furious: Showdown. I would happily give up a lot of the licensed crap on the Wii U in exchange for some of the higher profile releases Nintendo fans missed out on, the Transformers Cybertron series on PS3/360 jumps to mind. Hey Activision, if you're listening how about giving us both games on one disc and throw in some extra goodies (like Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition)?

As for the retail excuse for Young Justice, that's the dead giveaway that they simply didn't want to bother (WB has been pulling a lot of BS with the Wii U this year). The eShop effectively eliminates the retail risk (cost) and we've already seen it work for Fist of the North Star which had no retail disc and Tank! Tank! Tank! which bombed at retail but found new life through its eShop "pay for what you want" model. I just wrote a 2 piece article on my site titled "Is It Really Worth Supporting Third Party's On Wii U?" and Warner Bros. didn't score as high as you'd think. They are in the same boat as UbiSoft right now and I could see both companies drastically pull back support next year unless Xbone and PS4 fumble and they need to make games on a Nintendo console again. A scenario that has happened many times in the past with third party companies and Nintendo consoles.