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My first Nintendo games were Pokémon Gold on my brothers hand me down Gameboy Color, and Animal Crossing for Gamecube.

Sun 12th Jan 2014

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Nintendo_Ninja commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

The Vita isn't even half as powerful as a Wii U. Also, you would be stupid to port a game on the Vita since it has an install base much smaller than the Wii U. The only people who buy the Vita are Japenese, and Japan doesn't play stuff like this.



Nintendo_Ninja commented on Video: Learn a Little About Pokémon Snap and ...:

Really? Is it that hard to make a sequel? Give the player a boat and diving suit, a car, and a plane. Let them travel a region like Kalos or Hoenn, and make it open world. They get access to new areas and vehicles (eventually a spaceship) by giving their pictures to professors. Players could eventually photograph all 720 or so, and they could share their pictures on miiverse. The models are already in OR and AS. What are you waiting for Nintendo!?