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Male, United States

My first Nintendo games were Pokémon Gold on my brothers hand me down Gameboy Color, and Animal Crossing for Gamecube.

Sun 12th January, 2014

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Nintendo_Ninja commented on Poll: Have Your Say on Nintendo Direct Bonanza...:

I love Nintendo Directs where they have major coverage on one game, but add a little bit of extra info on other games. I wish they were more often and I love livestream ones. Although they REALLY need to get back into E3. They are overlooked and frowned upon when they aren't there.



Nintendo_Ninja commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

As well as the mood of a Metroid game would fit for a horror game, I don't think it would go well. Tension would be neat in a post apocaliptic planet that is being ransacked by space pirates and beast, but horror would be a automatic no buy for me.



Nintendo_Ninja commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

WHY IS THIS A BAD THING?!?! The Wii U one will be higher quality compared to the portable version and it will have special connection with the 3DS one. I will get both and I am not disappointed with the decision to wait until Winter to announce the Wii U one Quality> Rushed product
I loved the Direct.



Nintendo_Ninja commented on Talking Point: The Timing of Nintendo's Super ...:

Hopefully, this will be the answer to the burning questions about the game. We have been waiting for a release date for a while now, so hopefully it is revealed this time around. That and some veteran character reveals would make this Direct fantastic. If they don't announce new characters or a release date, what will they announce?



Nintendo_Ninja commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Beat Wind Waker HD finally, MK7 online, and maybe some Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon or Pikmin 3. Dabbling in the Bravely Default demo, but I'm not the greatest at it. I also am playing Paper Mario Sticker Star, so I'll probably play some of that.