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Darknyht commented on Capcom Offering Spooky Savings In North Americ...:

@rjejr Just found the article. It was this month's Game Informer. The quote is, "Revelations 2 isn't in the works for 3DS or Wii U (likely due to Revelation's under-performing sales on those platforms)."

Do not know if I agree that boycotting the first one will send the right message to Capcom about the second one. It is not like the first one will be missing content, and it sort of validates their logic.



Darknyht commented on Feature: Ten Games That Are Perfect For Hallow...:

Costume Quest 2 is about as scary as I can tolerate, although I love Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and have come to appreciate the Metroid series. It is not that the games are scary necessarily, it is my own imagination gears up to overdrive and I just cannot take the tension I create for myself.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@Yorumi Can you get your Nintendo fix on 3DS? Absolutely. Is the experience going to be exactly the same on the handheld as the home console? Not always, as there will be trade-offs for portability in the console power and storage capacity departments, and it is hard to gather a bunch of friends around the 3DS screen to share the experience.

I think the problem you are getting at is one Nintendo hasn't quite figured out, but is trying to. Most of us no longer gather around a television and play games with friends or family. Instead, most of us gather together online to play with friends and family scattered across the country or world. I don't think we never really get the full experience those Wii U games are designed for.

I see glimmers of it in Project: Guard. Where you can have a bunch of people watching over your shoulder shouting at you to do X or Y. I see it in Wii Sports Club and Super Mario 3D World when you sit down and play with the family. it's in NSMBU when my son is tapping platforms either to help or usually to accidentally hinder. It's having five people play Nintendoland where four are chasing the fifth around a maze while taunting each other. It's the eventually 8 player free-for-all tournaments that will happen on gigantic screens for people to watch and cheer.

None of that can you get on a handheld device with a small screen.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@Yorumi It has always has been the case that the handheld console has smaller (or older) versions of the console games. The Gameboy library largely started out as bite-size versions of NES games that you could play on the go. Every Nintendo handheld since then has followed that pattern. But each offers things the other cannot do.

As I see it, the Handheld focuses on providing personal (gameplay) and semi-social (streetpass) experiences and the Console generally focuses on providing shared group experiences (couch co-op, asymmetric gameplay, backseat driving during gameplay, online play). To use 3D Land and 3D World, one is designed to allow you to play a 2D/3D Mario game on the go by yourself and the other is designed to allow you to play a 2D/3D Mario game with your family on the couch co-op/competitively as a shared event/experience.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@Yorumi They are innovating, just not in super flashy ways. As @JaxonH stated, the gamepad is innovative, but no one is quite sure what is the best way to use it yet. I would also argue they are being very subversive with their own back library to create very new gameplay experiences. And finally we still don't know what their Quality of Life product will be.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

@Technosphile The issue is that the XBox One cannot sell at the price it should be selling at due to the horrible press it got both out of the gates and in performance once people got their hands on it. Microsoft positioned itself as the ultimate gaming machine and is fighting a performance based campaign that it cannot win. In order to attempt to compete, they have started a fire sale.

Nintendo stopped competing with Microsoft and Sony last generation for that title. They are never going to have the most technologically advanced console again. What they will have is a console that challenges the status quo in unique and innovative ways. While they are in the same market, they are not competing the same way and haven't in years.

Now if all you care about is graphics and ultimately meaningless numbers like fps and 1080p, then Microsoft's new price may be tempting (along with Sony's superior console). There you will find plenty of games that push out those numbers in droves in a never ending cycle of one-upmanship at the cost of quality (but don't worry there will be patch for that along with some day one DLC you can purchase).

Nintendo chooses to focus on the games themselves, picking quality over the ultimately meaningless numbers. Rarely do you see a day one patch and so far they seem to be handling DLC responsibly by still providing a complete game and then offering optional expansions to those games (like the old expansion pack discs that used to ship for PC). At the same time, they make their inferior console generally outshine the superior ones the competition offer by having better design and quality control.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

Even if you drop the price another $50, those that have yet to pick up the console for excuses like "It's not cheap enough or there isn't enough games" will still not buy the console. They will just find another excuse, even if it is something as silly as, "I ran out of peanut butter." Most likely, they will gripe that it has the gamepad.

I would rather see Nintendo focus instead on what they have been focusing on, games. Keep that number of exclusive titles rising, and allow your teams to go crazy on the development side. We need more of games like Splatoon, NES Remix 1+2, Capt. Toad, and New Super Luigi U.

We also need to see the big guns coming such as Zelda U, Star Fox U (the guys that were at Factor 5 could do a great Star Fox), Metroid U, F-Zero U. Even if they are not huge sellers, cover the genres because no one else will do it for them.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Outlines Generous eShop Publication P...:

I am glad they are opening up the eShop, but I fear it may be a case of too little, too late. This should have been the policy from day one, not almost two years into the consoles existence when most developers lost interest.

But at least, if anything, there will be some new content to the eShop. Although they will still have to deal with the limitations of the 8 GB console.



Darknyht commented on Wii U-Exclusive Super Smash Bros. Modes and Ch...:

@Danrenfroe2016 I still plan on buying, I love the game and the idea and potential of amiibo has me interested. Plus, Smash Bros has always been a celebration of Nintendo for me. I care more about the music, trophies and characters than anything else.

But there is still a part of me that misses being able to have an all night gaming session with friends.



Darknyht commented on Wii U-Exclusive Super Smash Bros. Modes and Ch...:

I like the idea of this but I am afraid that the practicality of it just doesn't exist for me anymore. Distance, family obligations, and work all conspire to make it nearly impossible to gather those I would want to play this with together.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: Platinum Games Has Secured a Go...:

I am far from giving Platinum Games a place alongside of Rare and Factor 5. They make good games, but they are not ground breaking when compared to what Rare and Factor 5 did with the N64 and Gamecube respectively. Until a developer can match Nintendo in the quality department they don't get the Golden Legacy in my book.

So far none have come close on the Wii U.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

Much like Final Fantasy VI, I never fully appreciated this Zelda until I was older and could grasp the very mature (and dark) themes that were discussed in this game. Unlike Final Fantasy VI where Nintendo of America cleaned up the translation, the theme of dealing with loss and death ooze out of this title.



Darknyht commented on Weirdness: Sony Fan Creates Petition In Hope O...:

On one hand, there is probably a small kid that was very sincere in his request. Much like those that wanted Super Mario on Sega Genesis. I feel bad that he is now getting the full unyeilding mass of snark from the internet.

On the other, that is really just a silly idea. Like Super Mario on Sega Genesis....



Darknyht commented on Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario ...:

Super Mario Bros 3 introduced the world map, mini-games, power-up storage, flight, the Koopa Kids, Bowser's new look, Kuribo's Shoe, the Frogsuit, and was the biggest plot point of The Wizard. Super Mario World (or any other mario) could not have existed as it did unless Super Mario Bros 3 happened.

The only thing that Super Mario World had was better graphics, sound, and Yoshi. But all Yoshi serves as is a throwaway life preserver to keep Mario alive.



Darknyht commented on Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Wii U Delay Seems to b...:

@SahashraLA I believe that you would be happier with a Microsoft or Sony console. They are the ones that are going to chase the flashy specs and shove everything including the kitchen sink into their console. They are also the ones that will charge you an high dollar for the privilege.

Nintendo on the other hand chooses a concept and a price point. Then they build the best piece of hardware to execute that concept that the price point can afford. They do not appear to care what the latest bleeding edge tech is, because they seem to realize that in a month that tech will be outdated and surpassed by the PC. They focus on delivering the best experiences they can with their product, not using marketing to sell crap.



Darknyht commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Owned this game as a kid, and it certainly was easier to play on the Super Game Boy Player. Just not having cramped controls or LCD screen blur helped immensely. I never did manage to defeat the last boss however.



Darknyht commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Announcement Revea...:

@Spartacus3765 Clones are sometimes can develop into great characters over time. Ken Masters is a great example. Akuma, Gouken, Sakura, and even Dan are little more than clones of Ryu, yet how often do you hear people complain about it? Capcom took a great template and then tweaked in various ways to produce variety. In Mortal Combat has how many different colored Ninjas now?



Darknyht commented on Nintendo 64x64: Paper Mario:

I never played this on the original console, but was attempting to play it on Wii Mode. I've struggled due to playing the Gamecube and Wii versions first.

That said, I wanted so hard for them to do a Paper Luigi during the year of Luigi, especially if it showed what happened during The Thousand Year Door.



Darknyht commented on Video: Footage Surfaces of Cancelled Wii Star ...:

I heard an interview on IGN's Nintendo podcast with the President of the company talking about this game. At the time they had three projects going at the same time, this one being self-funded under the blessing of Lucasarts. The other two projects crashed due to the publishers going under (one was a superman returns game, the other a new publisher) during the financial crisis.

Lucasarts told them that if they went bankrupt they would just walk into court and claim the project. Despite every attempt on Factor 5's part, they went bankrupt. Lucasarts walked into court and collected an essentially completed game. It is now in the hands of 'Top Men' (probably at Disney).



Darknyht commented on Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark:

I guess I will be odd man in saying I was not impressed with Perfect Dark 64. Granted I played the port of it years later on the Xbox. It just didn't seem to be on the level as other games released around the same time like Deus Ex.



Darknyht commented on Video: Let's Play Mario Kart 8 With Lydia:

@Quorthon It bothers me too, but it is on the moderators to deal with it. Ultimately you cannot legislate or shame people into morality, all you do end up doing is chasing it into the darkness.

You can educate them, but there has to be a relationship or mutual respect first or else they will tune you out. Directly attacking them with put them on the defensive and/or escalate the problem so that ultimately nothing will change.



Darknyht commented on Video: Let's Play Mario Kart 8 With Lydia:

@Capt_N It's not being hit with something, as that is part of the game. It is the piling on that it sometimes likes to do to you, especially if you have managed first place in the first three races. It's like the game wants to ensure that the final standings are going to be super close.

@Quorthon Try to keep in mind that a segment of male gamer population is at an age where their mental maturity has yet to catch up to their physical maturity. Unfortunately there is also a segment of the male population that this event will never occur, gamer or not.



Darknyht commented on Weirdness: Monster Hunter Series Producer Deni...:

Not Monster hunter, but I sometimes feel that Xenoblade Chronicles was notorious for the same thing due to the low drop rates and arbitrary situations required of sometimes critical material. That was until I learned to farm more efficiently through save game reloading.

So it isn't just Monster Hunter that can give you that feeling.



Darknyht commented on Bayonetta 2 Demo Now Live In The European Wii ...:

I wish Nintendo did this for more of their stuff without you having to go into stores. I felt stupid standing in a Gamestop at a kiosk just to demo Hyrule Warriors when it should be just as easy to do so from the comfort of my couch.



Darknyht commented on Capcom Won't Greenlight Sequels If A Game Does...:

@ricklongo Ubisoft adjusted to the fact that the Montreal government is not handing out as much cash to game developers. It is easy to produce a lot when someone else is paying the development costs. However, I would say their business model still depends a great deal on government handouts.

Capcom is basically saying that they cannot afford to finance games that cannot make a profit right now. I would argue that to automatically cut of a series just because of a bad work doesn't make sense long term as every series has a stinker in it's history.



Darknyht commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@Yorumi I used hack as a generic shorthand term to describe them modifying the hardware hooks to allow the additional input/output to the gamepad. I am sorry for any unintended confusion.

As for the why Nintendo does this (or anything), I am sure there is a logic to it (somewhere). I think sometimes they are completely surprised by what users like about their systems and games. If enough feedback on the matter comes in and there is a simple solution, I am sure they will implement it as they eventually did in the past when the quality and performance standards were met.

I still think most people will be happier if you just purchase PDP Wii U Fight Controller which plugs into a Wiimote, is styled like a Gamecube controller, has the missing buttons, and works as a classic controller in both Wii and Wii U modes.



Darknyht commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@Yorumi I will try this one more time quoting wikipedia, "The Wii U's Wii Mode is a fully virtualized Wii system, with all of the limitations and privileges thereof." In other words, just like how your Wii became a GameCube when you put a GameCube disc in the disc slot, your Wii U becomes a Wii when you launch "Wii Mode."

I am sure they could probably manage a hack like they did to get the display, audio, sensor bar fed to gamepad; but I am not sure that it is worth the cost or effort.



Darknyht commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

@manu0 For Wii mode it gets even more complicated than a simple firmware updates. When a game is running, it has direct control over the system and it is really running the Firmware that is on the disc (each firmware update is saved seperately so backward compatibility on old games don't break). So if Smash Bros is made with firmware update 25, only firmware up to update 25 is loaded when the game starts. Mario Kart Wii could be running firmware update 31. So patching in a USB Gamecube Adapter becomes a very difficult if not impossible task without patching the games themselves (which I am not sure is possible on the Wii).

The Wii operates completely differently than a PC. On a PC the OS is always present and your software runs on top of it. With the Wii, once you launch your game the OS is unloaded and the software loads in it's place.



Darknyht commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

My understanding is that the Wii U essentially turns into a Wii when put into Wii mode. Unless they do a firmware update on the Wii mode to accept the USB converter, it won't work. I don't see the them putting the effort into something like that for a minority of Wii U owners that play Wii Mode and want to use a Gamecube controller.

On the Wii U side, just about every game I thought about last night would not work with a Gamecube controller. Batman: Arkham Origins/City, Deus Ex, Madden 13, Mass Effect 3, Call of Duty, and basically anything that made use of the zL, -, Home button, or clicky L and R sticks.

What I am confused about is why they didn't just update the design like PDP did and make a Wii U Gamecube Pro controller? At this point, I am more interested in them than the official one.



Darknyht commented on Video: Here Are Some Fun Facts About The Might...:

@Nintenjoe64 There are probably some serious programming barriers between hackers starting up a Gamecube disc and making it actually playable and emulated perfectly. Controller input (USB adapter vs hardware sockets) and memory card functionality (Flash vs Memory Card input) could take some work to re-code.

That said, I would do a happy dance if I could purchase the original Animal Crossing, Smash Bros Melee, and other classic GCN games.