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Darknyht commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Quorthon Nintendo does seem to get pricing better than most. I appreciate that they understand that not every game is automatically worth $60-70 (+DLC), and usually set a reasonable price for their games (Wii Party U and Game & Wario being two recent exceptions).

Their current model for DLC seems to be them trying to understand a market they have little experience in. I have confidence that eventually they will find that happy spot for most of it with the occasional screw-ups. I think the F2P Pokemon is one such screw-up, as was Pokemon Rumble U. Both seem to be rushed proof of concepts (F2P for one and NFC for the other), and I find it interesting that both came out of The Pokemon Company which Nintendo does not entirely control.



Darknyht commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

@Quorthon Ironically when I took Game & Wario last year for my Club Nintendo reward I did not expect much, but it has somehow become the most entertaining family game in the house. We have wasted more time on the stupid microphone tricks, Sketch and the fling game than anything else collectively. (Disclaimer: Mileage may vary for others)



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 26th February (North America):

I am not a huge DK fan, but I will be honest that DK Country is tempting. I want to say that I managed to get to the last boss on a friends copy on the SNES, but cannot remember if we ever actually beat him.



Darknyht commented on ​Feature: Say Hello To The CPS Changer, Capc...:

@OorWullie I also owned a Mini-disc player. It and quite a few blank mini-discs served me well for quite a few years until I purchased a second generation iPod for Mac. The quality was better, but the transfer process was a bit painful (my mini-disc player was one of the early models).



Darknyht commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@IceClimbers Which is why I said that Nintendo needs to create more separation between what is the handheld game and what is the console version of the game. Having Super Mario 3D Land/Super Mario 3D World or Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U competing with each other is not good for them. Most people will be satisfied by one and not bother with the other.

They should bring most of their franchises to both consoles, but make some franchises unique to each. And with the ones on both consoles make sure the gameplay/genres are not duplicated.



Darknyht commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@reasonnotwhine "True, but what would be better: The console with one or two games that are actually finished and actually care about gameplay, or the console with the many games that have been rushed out, broken, full of DLC, horrible single player, and a very underwhelming experience?"

Sales data show that gamers are apparently quite tolerant of those things as they keep returning to the publishers/developers that create them and buy sequels, prequels and other projects from them. I mean just look at all those people who buy essentially a $60 DLC roster update to Madden and FIFA every year.



Darknyht commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

The problem no matter how anyone wants to spin it is that at the end of the day, Nintendo is now defined by what it doesn't get and not by what it actually has. We are in the twilight of the last generation, yet they are still getting new games that are not being bothered to be put on Nintendo's console. it is the starvation of these games that hurts the Wii U more than anything. Unless Nintendo can find some new third party developers to invest in the console in a meaningful way, the Wii U will become increasingly marginalized.

As for finding an audience, that is a more difficult battle. Why invest in a console that may offer a game or two in your choice genre when you can invest in a console that will offer many games that cater to your tastes? The value of the investment is just not there for most. It doesn't matter how many excellent games in total is there, just how many a potential buyer is interested in.

That doesn't concern me as I have a limited budget and prefer a wide variety of genres, but for any hardcore genre fan, outside of platforming, the Wii U is not the console they are looking for.



Darknyht commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights the Crisis and Opportu...:

@rjejr So many VCs games waiting to be sold that Nintendo does not own the rights to and in many cases the rights have switched hands multiple times or is now jointly held by multiple entities. Nintendo only holds about 5-10% of the back catalog and even their part has licensing issues.

They do need to be better about adjusting their prices on titles, but they also need to avoid being like Ubisoft and Lego games in that it makes little to no sense to purchase new because within 6 months it will be $20.



Darknyht commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

@Quorthon I believe Project Giant Robot has been scheduled for release this year. Project Guard will probably do the same the second half. But I expect both to be eShop releases and new IP.

I apologize if I made it seem like Nintendo was in control of those IPs. The point is that Nintendo has gone out of their way to ensure there is variety on their console, even to the point of paying to put it there. Yet, there is a limit to it, as you pointed out, in that they cannot keep releasing poorly selling titles.

I am not sure what else they can do to encourage gamers to purchase outside their comfort zone and try something different. This is even more difficult when there are two other consoles and PC gaming that is large enough to cater to these genre preferences year round. As I've said elsewhere, their situation is not helped by the 3DS and Wii U effectively competing with each other with content that is too similar.



Darknyht commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

I've come to realize that Nintendo has pushed a lot of "new" on the Wii U. Nintendo has so far published or announced: Nintendoland, Lego City Undercover, The Wonderful 101, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 1 & 2, NES Remix, Splatoon, Devil's Third, Mario Maker, Project Giant Robot, and Project Guard. That is a lot of new (or unique) IP.

They also seem to be pushing a lot of different IP on the Wii U: Xenoblade Chronicles, Pikmin, Fatal Frame (unfortunately JPN only), Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Game & Wario, Mario 2.5D, Mario 2D, Zelda, Wii Fit, Wii Party, Wii Sports, and Mario Kart.

That is a stunning amount of content and variety. And it all has been released at multiple price points. To the best of my knowledge the Wii U is the only console putting $30, $40 and $50 titles out there in retail along with the $60 games. Then there are the $15-20 eShop titles and $5-11 Virtual Console offerings. I think if they were a little more aggressive in getting the Wii eShop and Virtual Console releases out there they would have a unbelievable value to them (and let's be honest they really only have control of 5-10% of the entire NES, SNES, GB, GBA, N64 catalogs, so there is a limit to what can be released without agreements).



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Confirms Another Miiverse Update:

My favorite Miiverse stupidity is when posting a video or screenshot you have to write or draw something or else it is considered a blank post and you are attacked by the admins for breaking Miiverse rules. I stopped using Miiverse for a while after that and only just started using it again.

My new standard for those things will be to put "I am writing this since the admins apparently cannot see the image/video posted and are confused into thinking this is an empty post."



Darknyht commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

@SuprisedStar I am not saying they cannot exist on the handheld, but that they need to be different than what is on the console. By different I mean more than it is just a graphical downgrade. Make a Star Fox Shmup for the handheld like Gradius, F-Zero a OutRun style racer, and Pikmin with a twist like was done in Nintendoland on the 3DS.

The issue isn't that the games cannot exist on one or the other, but that they are made way to similar for both. What they do now punishes those who own both a Wii U and 3DS by feeding them a double portion of the same game in a short period of time.



Darknyht commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

@Quorthon One of the issues Nintendo has is that they have great franchises but they tend to make them all very similar over time. What we love about the original releases were their uniqueness. But what we mostly have gotten is a regular beat of platformers and puzzle games.

I think they also need to decide what will be their portable franchises and what will be console franchises. Part of the problem you are describing is that the two platforms are too similar now.

Make the handheld home to franchises like 2.5D Metroid, 2.5D Mario, 2.5D Zelda, Animal Crossing, Golden Sun, Puzzle League, Kirby, Custom Robo and other franchises designed with the handheld in mind.

At the same time, make the home console focus on 3D Metroid: Prime, 3D Mario, 3D Zelda, Xenoblade, Splatoon, Yarn Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikmin, F-Zero, Star Fox, Fatal Frame, and franchises firmly devoted to the home console.

In essence quit trying to make the two so similar that you cannot tell them apart.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 19th February (North America):

Given that I have a new HDD, I plan celebrating by trying the Citizens of Earth demo.

I think it is great that Kirby's Rainbow Curse is only $39.99 like Captain Toad. Having value pricing can only help differentiate between Wii U and the other two. If only they would find a way to either drop the console price or include additional storage in the box.



Darknyht commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

@Quorthon What you say is a little unfair towards Zelda. The formula has changed over time, the tropes haven't. It would be like saying Final Fantasy is just the same game because there is a world ending event, Cid, airships, chocobos, summons and moogles everywhere. Zelda gameplay might be getting a little stale, but so is most games with large numbers of sequels (including Call of Duty, which is why they started aping Halo).

Even with that, The Legend of Zelda plays vastly different than Adventure of Link. Link to the Past was different than the first two. Ocarina of Time was the first 3D Zelda and was followed by one spun the gameplay on it's head (while using the same assets). Wind Waker was on an ocean (and was as boring as being stuck in the middle of an ocean). Twilight was the reverse of the "What happened?" coin of Wind Waker and was closest in setting to Ocarina of Time. Skyward Sword was an origins story that went overboard on hand holding (from what I understand, haven't played it yet). The Link Between Worlds was again them messing with the formula.

They don't make drastic changes, but neither does most developers of successful franchises. For example, Rise of the Tomb Raider will not play that much different than Tomb Raider. They do tweak the gameplay to address what they see as issues or to introduce a different gameplay concept.



Darknyht commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

Zelda since the SNES days had plenty of optional things to do other than the dungeons. The issue is that the in between places were mostly barren and boring, especially since the N64 days. About the only 3D game that attempted to address it was Majora's Mask by having a smaller and more active world.



Darknyht commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

Ubisoft's announcement is that they have a completed Rayman to release to Smash Bros, but due to lack of sales of the console they will instead not release it at all (even digitally). But keep up your hopes that one day they will grace the console with the release.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Goes Big On Download Games at IndieCa...:

There are so many good indie games out there that it boggles my mind that the eShop is so barren. I wish that Nintendo would have just served as publisher for the games if nothing else to get them. Sadly, they probably did but offered terms similar to what they did for the Famicom Disk Drive system.



Darknyht commented on 3DS Flashcard Users Playing ROMs Online Report...:

@Monado_III Dreamcast sold a lot of consoles because you could basically download every game out there for it. Xbox and Xbox 360 got a lot of hardware sales from people that would "Mod" their console to play the pirated stuff. Even the Wii had a large group of "modders" that used their console to do all sorts of shenanigans.

It is simply a "feature" that a certain group of people look for in their console purchasing decisions.



Darknyht commented on January NPD Results Bring Improvement for Wii ...:

@StarDust4Ever Sports games quickly find themselves in the bargain bin because there are yearly full release updates which make the previous year useless if you want current rosters. Granted usually it is just the same game with different stats, but as long as people buy them there is nothing to make the developers do otherwise. There is also the issue of the online play disappearing once the new version releases.

Similar things happen to any game that quickly loses major gameplay elements. Shadowrun, Phantasy Star Universe, and Quake 4 are just three games from other genres that come to mind from Xbox 360. I think all can be found for under $5.



Darknyht commented on Eiji Aonuma Admits That Remakes Such as Majora...:

@Einherjar The only thing that made the sailing possible for me was the fact that I bothered to link the Gameboy SP to the Gamecube for the Tingle Tuner (or maybe it was just I played something else while sailing on it...). In that regard, Wind Waker HD absolutely fixed the problem.

The HD version did have the unfortunate side effect for showing just how short that Zelda game really was. The sailing gave that game a lot of padding to up the total gameplay time.



Darknyht commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

@Danrenfroe2016 Please point to another industry where there are three big players as an example that Nintendo being just like Microsoft and Sony will succeed. Heck even point to a time in consoles where there were more than two dominate players and a bunch of "and also's".

Nintendo's problem is that by being adverse to CD Media they allowed other players to overtake their position and regulate them to "And Also" status. The marketing/spin machines of Microsoft and Sony kicked in and went for the jugular on this weakness. Remember, this was at a time when the Gamecube was the technical superior machine, but Sony had momentum from the PS days and Microsoft had an easy platform to develop for (Direct X).

Nintendo was justified in attempting to shaking up the market with the Wii because they needed to be disruptive to knock someone off. Their would have succeeded had they not failed to realize that HD was going to take off, and "HD" graphics was going to matter to everyone. That is evident by the fact the Wii took off and Microsoft and Sony had to do something to look like they also could have the new "cool" on their console. That meant that once the flash was gone (everyone was doing it) there was little left that appealed about the Wii outside of Nintendo games.

Nintendo bet big again on the Wii U concept, but this time they failed to properly show how the gamepad could work outside of some limited concepts. Now I love Off-TV play, but that doesn't justify the added expense. This whole conversation might have been different had the gamepad not been included and instead they put a Wiimote Plus and Pro Controller in the box along with New Super Mario Bros. U.

Smartphone apps is not going to fix the underlying problem. A new console will not fix the problem. The only thing that will save Nintendo from being what they are currently is inventing the "Next Thing (TM pending)". I am not sure they can do that.

The other thing is realize they are more than just a Japanese company serving the Japanese people. They need to become an international game company that develops games for the international markets they serve.



Darknyht commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

@RCMADIAX I haven't cared much for what I've seen of most of the games released at the sub-$5 price point on Wii U, but I don't necessarily harbor hate towards you for making a business decision. Good luck wherever you end up.

I still believe that a sub-$5 price point can work on the Wii U, but the games really need to be a little more than what is average on the iPhone/Android marketplaces. The expectation bar for console games is just higher than the mobile market.



Darknyht commented on Video: Nintendo Aims to Wow North American Vie...:

I am glad they are putting up a commercial, but I just cannot find the energy to get excited about anything Kirby. It is just one of those things I do not understand the appeal of.

I have been enjoying the 30 second ads for Majora's Mask that have been playing on Cruchyroll lately however.



Darknyht commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X eShop Page Points to On...:

@SCAR392 I actually preferred to install Xbox 360 games. It basically did a disc check and then played the game from the HDD. I would guess Xbox One does similar. It saves wear and tear on the optical drive and improves the gameplay performance.

It actually irritated me that I didn't have the option to install to storage with the Wii U, and it still bothers me when I play a game like Arkham Origins where the entire game freezes while the optical drive tries to catch up.

But I am torn between getting this on Disc or Digital. I guess it will depend on the extras on the physical edition and what replacement loyalty program is in place by then.



Darknyht commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Has Been Delayed Once Again...:

I've found that early morning (US) the site works better than in the evening. Even then, you can have some freaky stuff show up. Last time I logged in to wrap up some final surveys I was offered product registration surveys for Nintendo Wii and DS Lite consoles.

Overall, I can't complain. Even with an almost four year absence from Club Nintendo I manage to get: Doc Louis's Punch Out, a Game & Watch DS Game, Pikmin 3, Game & Wario, 10 Virtual Console games, and Dr. Luigi. Plus most of that went towards my Digital Deluxe program rewards.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

@Lloyd_Wolven It is a lot murkier than that and a lot of the problem is due to how YouTube deals with the DMCA. As it stands currently, Nintendo makes a copyright claim on their material and is able to overlay their own ads on your video (or claim the profits from advertising on the videos) much like the Music industry does when their music is in videos (if they don't just pull it down).

What Nintendo is doing is offering a license deal to YouTube entrepreneurs/creators that want to use their copyrighted content. As it stands, they find the terms onerous and are not happy about it. Since they are public personalities they are collectively shouting over it.

Meanwhile, everyone else that is using Nintendo content without seeking profits or in a way covered by "Fair Use" probably will not be effected and the program itself serves no purpose. That is why I was curious how a news/media outlet like Nintendolife is effected by this. My guess is that it will continue to be business as usual. EDIT: Outside the already broken and painful process YouTube has in place for DMCA takedowns, but that is an issue with YouTube and not Nintendo.

I also am guessing the reason that Smash Bros is not included is that Nintendo is making partnerships for official tournaments and will be doing everything possible to stamp out the unofficial ones.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

Currently have Dr. Luigi, Super Punch Out, Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Smash for Wii U to play. I am probably good for a month or two at the rate I can play things. By then the Club Nintendo Platinum reward should be rolling around.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Delays Financial Results Presentation...:

@Quorthon The QoL products fit right in with the Japanese market. It is a country where products such as Wii Fit, Personal Trainer: Walking, Brain Age, Cooking Guide, and English Training (7th best selling game in Japan for DS) all were successful. So while I agree it may have a dubious market in the West, things over there can be strange.

I think that Amiibo and the QoL products are at least Nintendo trying to do something new. One has been a success and the other could easily result in R&D that feeds back into gaming in a strange, quirky, Nintendo way.

Keep in mind that the Zapper and Duck Hunt started out as a Light Gun Skeet Shooting arcade game that was played in converted bowling alleys (and nearly bankrupted Nintendo).

It was also seeing someone entertaining himself with a calculator on a train that spurred the development of the Game & Watch line, which spawned the D-pad, which became a standard for video game consoles, and eventually led to the original Game Boy and the continuing product line.



Darknyht commented on UK Supermarket Giants Wage Wii U Price Wars to...:

@Quorthon The Gamecube like the Wii U suffers from a reality of the market. People and marketing will always bring things down to a two way fight. It's us versus them: Republicans vs Democrats, AT&T vs Verizon, Microsoft vs Apple (PCs), Microsoft vs Open Source, iPhone vs Android, Coke vs Pepsi.

Once upon a time it was Nintendo vs Sega. Then it became Sony vs Nintendo. Since the Gamecube era it has been Sony vs Microsoft for the general public. Unless Nintendo finds a way to disrupt the market (like the Wii did for about 18 months), they will continue to be the Sprint, Windows Phone, or RC Cola to the bigger guys.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Delays Financial Results Presentation...:

I think the best we can hope for is some clarity on the second half of 2015, some hints of 2016 and possibly some more information on the QoL line they have been working on.

Past this, it mostly will be entertaining purely because of the silly questions from shareholders.



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Yorumi You are correct, that is what was intended. It is not the reality as sites like YouTube are over-reacting in order to protect their "Safe Harbor" status. In effect the bad law has created bad behavior.

Again, I think clarity on Nintendo's part would go a long way. I would prefer that the DCMA be scrapped and a better law written to do what the DCMA was actually supposed to do. But the odds of the first are more likely than the second since Nintendo is somewhat effected by customer pressure. Unfortunately, the US Congress is apparently only effected by large donations to their campaigns.



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Yorumi YouTube is bound by a very poorly written law (DMCA). In order to keep their safe harbor protection status they have to react quickly to takedown requests. It is the bad law that creates a "guilty until proven innocent" stance, but it is also copyright itself that does that. Nintendo has a copyright on their material, which is an exclusive and supposedly temporary monopoly on their creation for the sake of promoting the arts. Since it is Nintendo's property, we (and YouTube) gets to play by their rules.

I think Nintendo needs to bring a lot of clarity to their rules. Explain what is okay without being a partner and what the threshold is to require partner status. I think those four factors is a good starting point for them to start the conversation, but remember they don't have to have the conversation. Legally, the game is rigged in their favor.

The best Let's Play videos I've seen are the ones that have developers involved doing commentary about their thought/design processes, or have someone digging into the history and facts of the game and of those that created it. I think those should survive and be allowed to thrive. Just like the best gaming podcasts generally aren't just about the games.



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Yorumi Nintendo is free to claim that anything that uses their copyrighted material needs be taken down. It is well within their right as the copyright holder to do so. They have exclusive rights to that property with a few exceptions, of which "Fair Use" is one.

There is a tech news podcast I listen to that does video and they are subjected to multiple copyright takedown requests per episode, ironically sometimes due to someone else using their video under "Fair Use". The videos get restored because they have a "Fair Use" defense (or are the rights holder) of the content in question. But they have to go through the process for each episode, even if it is the same copyright holder (and sometimes because it is the same one).

So Nintendo can claim any appearance of their products within any YouTube video is a copyright infringement. The video uploader can then make a counter-claim that their infringement was actually "Fair Use". The law is on their (Nintendo's) side, public opinion is definitely not.

I seriously doubt that Nintendo would care either way if there were not people out there showing the gameplay in it's entirety, or posting the cut-scenes to games. All the other stuff I previously mentioned easily defended under a fair use argument. They would most likely pass the four factors, but the two above will have difficulty getting over the third and fourth factor. They show the "heart" of the work and they have an impact on the market for the work.

EDIT: This is a tempest in a teapot because it effects a small group of people that is monetizing a cult of personality played over someone else's copyrighted material. Ever notice that there is no Let's Watch videos on YouTube where someone does that over a television show or movie? So how is it different and okay to do that with a video game?



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Yorumi Again, "Fair Use" isn't a right, it is a legal defense. You don't have "Fair Use" rights, but you can argue a "Fair Use" defense in court. Nintendo asserts that they own their copyrighted material because they do. The burden is on the content creator to prove their use was actually "Fair Use".

Now we can debate the merits of the solution (which I thin is short-sighted), but Nintendo is well within their "rights" as the copyright holder. As I said in the last post on the topic, there is a lot of nuance to the problem. Games are most based in player skill vs a game that is mostly a story. Live tournaments vs eternally living full playthroughs.

My general rule of thumb is that if you are giving away key story elements (such as cut-scenes) then you have crossed the line. It is one thing to show how to beat a boss, it is another to show the ending to the game.



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@Yorumi Football is a bad argument. The game "football' is not under copyright just like the rules and mechanics for any game. "NFL Football" is copyrighted and if someone ran a live feed of NFL Football with their random comments over it, they would quickly find themselves in legal trouble.

Their program is intended to deal with "Let's Play" style videos. Walkthrough guides (teaching), criticisms, remixes, true commentary (most let's plays fail in this regard), and industry news would not be effected by this. Except to do what they already are required to do, use the "Fair Use" defense in court if they believe that what they did is "Fair Use".

The Let's Play video makers are making this into a tempest in a teapot because it directly effects their gravy train. For most people out there, it will have zero impact.



Darknyht commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

Can I suggest that everyone go read before commenting on Let's Play makers claim to "Fair Use".

Factors 3 and 4 are the issues here. Let's Play videos are most likely not Fair Use in the US. It doesn't matter how much voice-over you do, if you put the entire game online you are showing the "heart" of the content. That can and does have an impact on the market.



Darknyht commented on Ubisoft Launches Yet Another Massive eShop Sal...:

If Assassin's Creed IV was just a few dollars cheaper, I would be seriously tempted. Since it is not, I will wait. I am a patient man, and eventually it will be $10 in a store bargain bin.

As it is, I have already bought a lot this month and I still have Deathstroke and Vigilante Bruce Wayne Challenges to conquer in Arkham Origins. (Although, it still rubs me the wrong way that a glitch is preventing 100% completion on the file.)