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Darknyht commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

@ikki5 You cannot be a third party when you are published by Nintendo. You are technically a second party. To quote wikipedia:

Second-party developer is a colloquial term used by gaming enthusiasts and media often used to describe two different types of game development studios:

  • Independently owned studios who take development contracts from the platform holders and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.
  • Studios who are partially or wholly owned by the platform holder (also known as a subsidiary) and what they produce will usually be exclusive to that platform.


Darknyht commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

@Spoony_Tech Again, that is VGChartz and their methodology is flawed at best. I know they kept Wii U games and console sales low for a while even after Nintendo released hard numbers on sales and that also doesn't account for digital sales. However, given the lack of internal storage on the console it is probably not too far off. I still know people with Wii U's that haven't even connected them to the internet.

To me it is a vicious cycle started by Nintendo not including enough storage and Third Parties bringing not bringing their "A" game. Launch was filled with old or inferior third party ports, which their target audience either already owned or bought a superior version on another console. This was either due to lack of storage for expansions, spite, or lack of understanding of audience by third parties. This led to the games being not purchased, which was used to justify not putting any additional efforts into the game. That resulted in those that only owned the console feeling mistreated by the third parties, and only solidified their desire to not support them. So the next round was even more lacking and less well received than the first.

I will give Ubisoft a little credit, they tried more than the rest. But they also did a fair share of burning down the house too. They should have treated Rayman Legends like they are currently treating ZombiU. Kept the Rayman release date on Wii U and after a time brought it to everything else.

I think they would have also benefited from doing like they did (and still do with the other consoles) with 360/PS3/Wii. Similar games but with the specifics of the system in mind. Just like we used to get wildly different games between the SNES/Genesis. It really shouldn't be a one size fits all solution everytime.



Darknyht commented on Zombi Reveal Trailer Suggests That Wii U Gamer...:

@Spoony_Tech Well according to VGChartz (and remember that is a very flawed source), it now sits at #14 for lifetime sales. It is still the number one selling third party title on the system however. Even then it sold less to less than 10% of Wii U owners (again from VGChartz, so grain of salt and all).

That second fact makes me very sad. Especially with fun games like MH3U, Deus Ex, Batman: Arkham Origins, Rayman Legends, and other great third party titles.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 30th July (North America):

I am glad that I can skip another week. Kirby holds very little interest for me, the only one that I've cared for was the original NES title. So it's back to hunting in MH3U while I wait for either Super Mario Maker or Xenoblade to drop.



Darknyht commented on The Miiverse Redesign Has Gone Live:

I now just wish that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate had screenshots in it. I am trying to get back into that game and get out of the low ranks. However, because it can be a few days between sessions it would be nice to have a screenshot to remind me what exactly I am attempting to harvest. I probably can still journal it, but the pictures would save me a thousand taps.

Oh well, back to trying to harvest some Diablos Marrow so I can upgrade my SnS of choice to last more than a few hits...



Darknyht commented on The Legend of Zelda on Wii U Still Has a TBC R...:

I really wish that they would give serious consideration to going back to the idea they wanted to do during the N64 era. Build an engine for a new Zelda and then reuse it and most of the assets to remix the game into something new and unique gaiden game.

It appears to be the difference between a 4 year window to a new game and a 2 year window. Plus it would give them an opportunity to do some interesting things such as everyone's request to play as Zelda and/or allow a younger team to try their hand at the franchise while the regular team works on the next main entry.



Darknyht commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@rjejr For the Japanese developers it is a matter of market. Their primary market still is mostly Japan and in Japan the portable is king. So it would make sense that the biggest games would go to the 3DS. I would even say that Xenoblade Chronicles is on the 3DS because of Japan, not anywhere else.

To an extent, I am not that far from it. If Nintendo's next handheld has a screen like the Wii U gamepad, I am sold. 80-90% of my Wii U usage is Gamepad only already, with the only time it is not is when I am forced to or I am playing with others. Even when playing with others, I take the gamepad so I am looking at it's screen over the TV.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo NX Might Be The First Social VR Platf...:

I really hope not. I have a feeling that VR as it stands now is going to be about as well received as 3DTV when released. Which means it will find a hardcore dedicated niche group that love it and everyone else will just forget that it exists.



Darknyht commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Coming To The Nintendo 3DS ...:

@TheWPCTraveler You're guess is as good as mine on the name. With NX being a nod towards Next, as in Nintendo's next era of consoles. I expect it to be something as strange as the DS was when it released. They have taken that concept as far as it can go. Likewise, home console tech built upon the Gamecube has reached it's end.

As for what it will be called when it releases, that will be interesting. Hopefully it will be more like the Gamecube or NES in name and less like the Wii and Wii U.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: Wii U Gamers Have Been Treated ...:

@JaxonH Not everyone gets the luxury of buying every console out there. Even when I could do otherwise, I generally invested in a single console at a time because ultimately what happened was one console got attention at the cost of another.

I do agree people focus too much on what they do not get. These days the only time I get upset is when there was intentional misinformation given for a game, like in the case of Project: Cars. I don't think I would have be as irritated had the developer just been upfront and open about the issues from the start instead of pretending everything was wonderful until the last minute.

I do think the fate of the console is a matter of both Nintendo and third parties. I think Nintendo poorly designed the console. There is not enough internal storage on it, and that alone is a factor for third parties (it is even an issue for Nintendo produced games like Xenoblade Chronicles X). That hurt the ability of Third Parties to bring their content to the console.

I also think that too many of the Third Parties out there are fixated on the blockbuster method of game production. I think they get so focused on graphics that sometimes story, and gameplay can suffer. I think they also can get so focused on trying to do everything in their game that they overreach and the quality suffers, resulting in a 'beta' (as I remember PC betas) version of the game shipping only to get 'fixed' by a giant patch.

All of that to say, there isn't a single reason for the failure. It is a combination of factors. Just like it wasn't a single thing that killed the Dreamcast or any other good console that just didn't sell to the audience.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo TVii Service Ends In North America On...:

I think it was an interesting idea that just did not work well with the non-japanese demographics. It was slow, clunky and sometimes really struggled to deliver the integration it promised. Probably best that it goes away and those resources be used from something else.



Darknyht commented on Super Smash Bros. Battles Its Way Into US Top ...:

I wish that we could see all of these things charted to individual systems and they really need to start showing digital sales somehow. I mean there is pretty much a monopoly on digital sales for every console and a near monopoly for PC.

Because while 8.1 million copies sold sounds good, it is a slightly different picture if there is 1.62 million each on five individual consoles while an exclusive game sold 3.4 million (not actual numbers for anything, just invented like these numbers partially) on a single console. I am also interested in how many are bought per system versus how many systems in the wild. If 20.1 million PS4 owners only bought 2 million copies of the game that says something (most likely that the majority is waiting for it to be a free PS+ game). Both of those things tell you how well received the game was to each individual console audience.

EDIT: If I am throwing out wishes, I would also be interested in pricepoint/number of games sold charts. Did the game sell because it was good, or did it sell because it was $30 at christmas and there was nothing else affordable that looked interesting?



Darknyht commented on The Miiverse Redesign Will Go Live on 29th July:

I seem to be in the minority, but I am looking forward to the update. For example:

  • I want to be able to post interesting experiences for games that matter to me personally, but I don't want to spam everyone with a notice that I unlocked 5000 kills. So the personal journal sounds interesting.
  • I want to be able to ask questions if I am stuck or trying to figure out something (Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate), but not have to scroll through 500 pictures asking for yeahs! and private conversations (which Facebook, iMessages, Google+, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, Wii U Voice Chat, ICQ, and 5 million other applications do better.)
  • But I still want to be able to easily see all the fanart on occasion and not have to filter through cruft to see it.


Darknyht commented on Donkey Kong Nearly Missed Out On Pixels Stardom:

Adam Sandler does not make movies for everyone, Adam Sandler makes movie that he and his dedicated group of fans like. That makes Adam Sandler and his production company money. As long as that happens he will continue to make movies and they will be blasted by the "critics".

But then, there are many times that critics loathe movies that I enjoy. I generally chalk it up to they take movies like this way too seriously. I'll watch this when it hits Netflix or maybe when it is in a Redbox somewhere.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd July (North America):

I'll try Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria. I already own Binding of Isaac via a Humble Bundle Sale and it mostly just sits there in my Steam collection. No need to have a second copy doing the same.

I really wish they would get their act together on the Virtual Console front however. I really want Final Fantasy II & III (US), but I despise the idea of having to buy them on the Wii Shop. I want to play them with off-tv mode. Heck, I would even be happy with FF III and FF IV DS.



Darknyht commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Sceptic It's a poor development choice if you are targeting specific systems, seek crowd funding based off those systems (and their known specs), and then don't develop within limitations of those systems. That is bad project management.

Now if you want to move to a more capable system, that is fine but be upfront about it. Don't string people along for months claiming that it runs fine. The Wii U version didn't magically start dropping frames last month, it had to be a known issue not long after they moved their targets to the specs of the XBO/PS4 systems.

It is also bad design to leave the door wide open to ever increasing features on your project. Eventually the door needs to be closed and you move forward. Instead it appears that Project: Cars kept adding feature after feature without thought of whether or not the projected systems could actually handle all that extra stuff.

Most of the stuff that got shoehorned into Project: Cars after a certain date should have been set aside for Project: Cars 2, and the team should have focused on making the already implemented features actually work. Then most of the people who bought Project: Cars wouldn't be upset because Project: Cars 2 was announced while Project: Cars still plays like a beta in some regards.



Darknyht commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@KillScottKill I have a document from the original pitch back in Feb of 2012. It wasn't pitched as a PC game with possible Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U support. It was pitched as a multiplatform game that would appear on all of them. It even had a page dedicated in the pitch to how the Wii U gamepad would be implemented. You can find the document still buried on their Weapons of Mass Development webiste. (

To say it wasn't originally planned for the console is an outright lie when their own documentation presented to the backers and public at large say otherwise.

The fact is that they fell victim to their own poor development choices. They grew the project in scope until it outgrew the consoles and instead of reigning in the project, they allowed feature creep to bloat the game. When it was painfully obvious that it outgrew the Wii U (along with the 360/PS3) they couldn't or wouldn't fess up, instead going completely silent despite that most when polled wanted that version of the game.



Darknyht commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

@greengecko007 This was in information that appeared in interviews with other sites that took place during E3. I was more than a little surprised to see this headline this morning as I thought this was already a known factor. Here is another relevant part of the June 17th interview I referenced before:

Totilo: I see what you’re saying. But, just to stay with this a little bit longer, I think for a lot of people, it feels as if, for example: Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Tezuka, they make Super Mario games and people are used to Super Mario games. And imagine if there wasn’t a new Super Mario game for eight years or forever how long it’s been. For the next Mario game to be, say, Mario Tennis, people would say: Aren’t you still making the Mario side-scrollers? Aren’t you still making the 3D Mario games? And that’s what I’m hearing from a lot of my own readers today. They say: This is interesting, but where is our Metroid? Where is our Samus Aran adventure? And I think that they’re worried that Nintendo isn’t interested in making that. Do you have anything you can say to those people?

Tanabe: Personally, I don’t feel like I am creating anything that is a side-story. Until now, we’ve never had a game focusing on the Federation Force fighting against the space pirates. So the main idea here is that I sort of wanted to change that focus a little bit and see it from a different view from the same universe. So as I briefly mentioned earlier, once you play the game you’ll be able to feel that Metroid Prime universe. So it’s kind of... at this point it’s a little difficult I’m sure for both sides to get that idea...



Darknyht commented on Weirdness: Sega's Repackaged Transformers Arca...:

@OfNullAndVoid There was supposed to be a Star Fox arcade game based on the SEGA Triforce board, but it was made by Namco. Unfortunately it was never released. I think somewhere in there it was because of poor reception of the Namco led Star Fox Gamecube game, but that is more fuzzy memory talking than fact.



Darknyht commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

I like how everyone is taking an E3 demo, which frequently have content not in the final product, and drawing conclusions from it. "It's not going to be exploration based gameplay!!!", "It's not Metroid!!!", "Metroid's about isolation".

First, there very well could be exploration play in the game. Second, it's set in the Metroid expanded universe (a side-step of the Prime series as the creator put it) so it is in fact Metroid. Metroid is an alien species, not a main character.

Finally, who is to say that there will not be isolation? One thing Nintendo seems to do well is co-op play puzzles. I easily picture them arranging things so that a single team member has go down a isolated path into danger to allow the entire team to progress. Add in voice chat to hear your teammate's screams as he is killed, before the door of dread opens to allow the next victim in.



Darknyht commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Genesaur Nintendo home consoles are in the situation they are in for a multitude of reasons. Probably the biggest is the fact that most people that are serious gamers will own more than one console if they can, and will buy the game on the system that is friendliest to playing online and/or has the most features. In both of those regards (online/features) Nintendo consistently got the short in of the stick.

I don't entirely blame third parties either. It was a silly design decision to only include a few GB of available storage on the basic console, and that decision alone probably killed most third party support where DLC and large update patches are normal. Hopefully Nintendo will learn from the Wii U and make the NX a better system because of it.



Darknyht commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

@Quorthon I am not upset for them making a business decision. I am upset that they have been claiming since near the beginning of the project that it was going to be on Wii U. You can look at the internet archive pages for the project when it was just that, a project of their crowdfunding initiative, and within a few months of being announce it claimed Wii U.

They should have either been upfront when they dropped 360/PS3 support to cancel the Wii U version also, or properly managed their project to keep it within the specs of the systems they claimed to be supporting.

EDIT: Just to clarify, it's the same reason that Activision and Ubisoft got my ire when they pushed out marketing material with the Wii U symbol on it for Assassin's Creed: Rouge and the latest Call of Duty with absolutely no intent to publish on the console.



Darknyht commented on Don't Worry, Samus Will Be In Metroid Prime: F...:

This really isn't a revelation or anything new. Stephen Totilo at Kotaku interviewed Tanabe back in June (story was published on 6/17/2015). Here is the relevant part:

Tanabe and I kept talking. We talked about the timeline. The game takes place, as the other Primes did, between Metroid II and Super Metroid, in a sort of sideways expansion of the Prime trilogy’s era.

We talked about Samus Aran and whether she’s in Federation Force: “You’ll be able to see her somewhere in the game.”



Darknyht commented on Ubisoft Launches Its eShop Summer Sale in Nort...:

If this includes the DLC for Assassin's Creed III, perhaps I will finally get around to playing it. Because while I am tempted to get my own copy of AC:IV, there just isn't enough game left for me to do it.

I really wish they would have released Assassin's Creed: Rouge to the platform. I probably would have bought that in the first month instead of Captain Toad.



Darknyht commented on Video: Summing Up The Good And Bad Of Devil's ...:

Ultimately it is just a game. If it looks like you will enjoy it, buy it. If not, skip it. Life goes on either way. I am not sure if this is something I am interested in or not, but the reviews are not going to sway me either way unless it is an unplayable mess on release.



Darknyht commented on Tomonobu Itagaki Explains Why the Pro Controll...:

Game developer that makes semi-western style shooter and over the top action game panders to sometimes elitist crowd that clings to traditional controllers. I fail to see the reason this is newsworthy.

It's either that or he is trying to drum up pro controller sales. Personally I never have seen the need to shell out $50 for a controller that does less than the one that came in the box.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 16th July (North America):

Nintendo of America's folly is best shown in the mess over Devil's Third. Instead of just releasing the game, even digitally, and letting the market decide what it likes, they would rather see their customers starve for content.

I feel that it is this same arrogance that kept Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, Another Code R, Captain Rainbow, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Pandora's Tower, Project Zero 2, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and Zangeki no Reginleiv from the Wii in the US. We don't need gatekeepers like that, especially in the age of digital. If NoA lacks the confidence in the title, the make it an eShop exclusive but release at least release it.



Darknyht commented on Dark Pit and Palutena amiibo Are Retailer Excl...:

@rjejr Perhaps I am misunderstanding something, but Amazon is carrying the 32 GB Deluxe Console and the Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Console with Prime shipping currently. Surprisingly is offering up to $157 for the trade-in also.

As for retailer exclusive amiibo, they are of the devil. It screws over people that live no where near the locations and/or cannot manage to get a random online offering to work. Thankfully, the only ones I am semi-interested in are commons.



Darknyht commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR I appreciate Nintendo for their willingness to experiment, but I worry that it might fade once Shigeru Miyamoto passes away. I also appreciate what other publishers/developers have done. But at the same time, I also used to purchase everything Square released, along with Sierra and LucasArts.



Darknyht commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

@FLUX_CAPACITOR That is because the AAA publishers have taken on the Hollywood "Blockbuster" philosophy of game making. Use a formula driven plot, mix with expensive special effects, stir vigorously with a high budget, buzzword laden marketing campaign and serve quickly before it goes bad.

You see this in the fact that the Tomb Raider reboot was considered a commercial failure despite selling 8.5 million units. With the "blockbuster" method of game creation it turns into an ever more ridiculous climb to top the last ridiculous outing. But as it climbs, it becomes more expensive to play, so eventually there are actually less risk taken on new. Instead we get rehashed sequels as the tried and true tropes trotted out time and time again.

So yes, I want Nintendo to stay focused on fun because if the last bastion of that theory goes away the industry will be less for it.



Darknyht commented on Devil's Third Will Be Released In North Americ...:

This is the problem with there being three unique divisions of Nintendo in a world with the internet. All they succeed in doing is angering fans in the different regions when one misses out on something because it is deemed, "unacceptable" for the market. Just release the game (even if it is only digitally) and let the market decide. It is stupid crazy that there is a piecemeal distribution of content.

Unless it is a specific licensing issue, then a Virtual Console, eShop or Video Game release should be worldwide for Nintendo at this point.



Darknyht commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

You would think that given that NoE will be producing an English, Spanish and French translation that NoA could at least be bothered to put this on the eShop if they are scared of a retail release.

But Nintendo of America always makes smart decisions like skipping Xenoblade Chronicles, Last Story and Pandora's Tower....



Darknyht commented on Gunpei Yokoi Discusses The Struggle To Make Th...:

In the end, if given the chance, gameplay will always win over graphics. It doesn't matter how "pretty" a game looks, if it is a bad game nothing can save it. But an "ugly" game with solid gameplay and code will always be a masterpiece and eventually will one day receive updated graphics.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: Raw Power Isn't Vital to Ninten...:

Power on the console matters as much to me these days as the amount of power under the hood of my car. In both cases, what really matters is whether or not they will get me where I want to go and not breakdown before I can replace them.



Darknyht commented on We Can't Release Virtual Console Games Any Fas...:

Yeah, I call BS on this. 311 Virtual Console games available on Wii U in Japan to the 175 Virtual Console games available in the US. Someone is dropping the ball over here because the text swap can't be that difficult.



Darknyht commented on Blast Ball is Actually the Tutorial in Metroid...:

@Kaze_Memaryu The Federation Forces are much like the Imperial Forces of Star Wars. Remember, Star Wars regularly showed Stormtroopers that couldn't hit a main character or a planet the size of Endor. They also showed them decimate a rebel force on a ship in the first movie and demolish a major rebel base in Empire, and throughout the entire trilogy are seen as a dangerous threat despite the aforementioned lack of precision aiming. Plot often sacrifices what is the described reality of the setting.

EDIT: To reinforce the point here is a quote from the first Star Wars. Obi-Wan: "These blast points.... too accurate for Sand People. Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise." Yet for three movies we see Stormtroopers who miss every shot on main characters (unless the plot calls for it) and in the first prequel we see Sand People make high-precision shots on a high-speed pod racer.



Darknyht commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Asks for Fan Trust With Metro...:

@AlexSora89 Yeah they would rather have you pre-order the game so that you can get the Gamestop exclusive "Bikini Samus" skin for your character than possibly ever offering up a demo again. (unless you want to ackwardly stand in a Gamestop or Best Buy if your local demo kiosk is lucky enough to not be broken)

The thing I have most enjoyed about the Nindies @ home bundle is that I have been able to go back and try some of the previews a second, third, or fourth time. I can do so because I am not terrified of having to stop and losing a precious limited play chance. In some cases, a few games have won me over on the second or third try as I got more comfortable with it.



Darknyht commented on ​Miiverse is Getting a Massive Redesign this...:

Well, it's a change. I think we might be getting closer to something useful for an individual such as a log of what you have done. It was a nice idea in a lot of games, but didn't do much since it quickly got buried when posted.

To have a section that actually logs what you did and when could be very useful, especially if there is an API to access it. It would be possible to build an engine to track progress of games and the equivalent to achievements then. That would actually be an interesting use.