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Darknyht commented on Feature: Where Are The Super Nintendo 3D Class...:

The biggest issue with the Virtual Console both on the Wii U and 3DS seems to be Nintendo's own internal quality controls and their apparently desire to build up demand between good releases in the hopes that the frustration will result in sales on weaker titles. How else will Urban Champion sell, if not for desperation for anything new to play?

In all seriousness, Nintendo wants to make money like any good corporation but is limited in manpower. I am sure someone ran a cost analysis or two and if it was profitable, they would be doing it.



Darknyht commented on 3DS System Update 8.1.0-18 is Now Live:

@Cosats I am already three screens deep on my titles on the Wii U menu. That is only after a year of ownership. With 465 GB left on the my portable drive and years more of Wii U software, I will run out of spaces long before I fill up my HDD.



Darknyht commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

Wonderful 101 is a fun game, but issues with the unite power at critical times got it put on the back-burner. Pushmo World perfectly captures that laid back and relax feel of summer, Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 captures the playing with friends outside, and Earthbound nails the kids on an summer adventure feeling.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

I prefer eShop to be more Steam and less XBLA/Community. To me "The Letter" is little more than a "Secret of the Magic Crystals" to be gifted as a joke, although it looks there is less gameplay than Rock Simulator 2014.



Darknyht commented on Latest Wii U System Update Allows Console To C...:

Always nice to have more features and ability with your console. This did mess up my night as I needed to turn in an eShop code, but got hit with a "You must update to continue" instead. By the time it finished and I downloaded the content, I was too tired to play it.



Darknyht commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Master System:

I had a relative that owned the Master System (and later a Genesis) and a few games for it. I always thought it was better than the Nintendo in quality, but never saw them in the stores. I did own a Game Gear and greatly regret that I didn't ever have the opportunity to get the Master System converter and some of the classic library.

It bothers me even more that with all the interesting games in the Master System library, few of them ever saw the light of day on the Wii Virtual Console.



Darknyht commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@Andross The big black eye that PS4 and XBO took from what I've seen is that they launched with (and to an extent still have) very few games that cannot be purchased on PS3/360. Of the exclusives that are available, they have been the mixed bag that most launch titles are. Their E3 presentations were great if you fall in a specific set of genres (Sports, FPS). While they look good, publishers are still going through the first/second year of learning how to best utilize what they have been given properly. I expect that next year's E3 will be better for both of them. But ultimately, at least for me, their focus is not on games I like.

The Wii U however, is hitting the point where the system is understood (at least by Nintendo) and they are starting to work the magic they are well known for. But much like XBO/PS4 doesn't focus on my tastes, I understand that Nintendo also has their focus which doesn't suit everyone. I do appreciate that they seem to be trying to broaden their library utilizing exclusive second/third parties to hit the genres they don't usually bother with.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Dominates List of Top-Selling Games i...:

@rjejr I think Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is only available on the Wii U in Japan, and the other versions are not out at all. The same with Disney Infiinity only being on the Wii U and 3DS in Japan (according to Wikipedia). I also seem to remember reading somewhere that Wii Fit is popular in Japan just for the daily body test feature.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 17th July (North America):

Nothing for me this week, but then I still have a huge backlog and have Arkham Origins on it's way thanks to an Amazon price too good to pass on. I also need to save the rest of my gaming budget for the year for Smash Bros U and hopefully a few other Virtual Console/eShop gems.



Darknyht commented on New Fatal Frame Will Be Spooking The Wii U In ...:

@Ralek85 I would say they have system sellers either out or in the pipe. Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Zelda U, Smash Bros U are system sellers. Games like Fatal Frame are genre fillers and are equally important.

It's the same reasoning that caused Nintendo to publish Hyrule Warriors, Lego City: Undercover, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Bayonetta, Devil's Third, and Xenoblade Chronicles: X. They are all niche titles, but important to fill out the Wii U library.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

I understand people who own all the available games being upset, but try to remember that Nintendo, like most other game publishers, didn't have to offer anything extra for your game purchase.

Nintendo has been good to me this past year, in the past year I've collected: Wii Fit U for purchasing a Fit Meter, Pikmin 3 for buying Mario Kart 8, $35 in eShop credit through Digital Deluxe, Multiple games sold at $0.99 the past year, and multiple games for coins through Club Nintendo. Not bad when the next best company was when Microsoft used to offer games through Bing Game rewards and Xbox Points for Bing Credits (Amazon Credit now).



Darknyht commented on Sega Still Considering Its Options For The Wii...:

I picked up Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection) for the Xbox and quickly discovered that most of the Sega stuff just wasn't enjoyable for me. The controls were too loose and the gameplay mostly was arcade style gaming (designed with punishing difficulty to encourage quarter spending). Of all the games showcased, only the Phantasy Star, Comix Zone and the Shining Series stood out for me. Most of the others I played solely to unlock the requirements to get the achievements or hidden games.

I tend to have more fond memories of the Game Gear (and Master System by extension) because those games looked so much better than the NES/Game Boy at the time.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

Game & Wario for me because there is no way I would buy it, but a $29.99 dollar game that will probably also give me 300 points towards a $5 eShop credit plus Club Nintendo points is an easy pick. Besides, this might be the first Wario game I enjoy and if not it will be a few hours of entertainment at no cost (I would have purchased the games either way).



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

Own both a tablet and the Wii U and while there is some overlap they aren't going to compete. About the only way a Wii U Gamepad wins against a full tablet (not a cheap tablet) is if the parents want to restrict a kid's "tablet" activities.

The Gamepad certainly could have been designed to do more, but the dependence on the Wii U hinders it. Quickboot shows some of the potential it could have had, but without RAM it is only a fantasy.



Darknyht commented on Sony: PS4 Is "Welcoming Back" Wii Owners Who S...:

Wii succeeded based on novelty and artificial scarcity in that first year. Nintendo sold a ton of consoles because of it. Once those two factors wore off, the console quickly started gathering dust for most people.

Wii U failed at launch because it's novelty wasn't novel and the artificial scarcity was of the thing people desperately wanted, Nintendo published games.

As for the PS4, as others have said, of course your subscriptions go up when you require one for online play. And I think you may want to query your users, but I bet most are 360/PS3 owners also if they own a Wii.



Darknyht commented on Captain Falcon, Lucina and Robin All Join The ...:

Glad it wasn't Rayman. Interested in Robin, as he appears to be vastly different than Marth.

I don't get the complaints because there are also four characters for Zelda and Pokemon Universes in the game plus six for Mario Universe. There will be five Zelda Universe characters once Ganondorf shows up. The more popular universes get more representation.



Darknyht commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Legend Of Zelda Game?:

Link's Awakening is probably my favorite because I spent so much time playing it growing up. I was always amazed at the music in it, and loved playing it with headphones on. It only got better once they released the Super Gameboy adapter for the SNES.



Darknyht commented on Video: You Really Don't Want To Know What Kids...:

Sad to think I was roughly their age when I got my first Gameboy, but it did have an add-on rechargeable battery, it came with a belt clip.

I also think you are seeing the gap in the language of technology. It's not that they can't figure it out, but that their basis for figuring out the tech has vastly changed. It would be like setting them in front of a C-64 or DOS system and expecting them to operate it since they currently run Windows 8.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: With E3 Long Gone, Nintendo Sti...:

I think Nintendo will find something to talk about. Simply if they don't, they lose what little momentum they have built. I fully expect that we did not see everything they are currently working on at E3.

@8BitSamurai I like third party software. Some of the best games I grew up with were third party (Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Contra, TMNT, Street Fighter), but those titles also had something else, quality. I've picked up and enjoyed a lot of games over the years, and the one thing I've noticed switching from 360 to Wii U last year is lack of quality third party releases. Even the third party launch titles were gimped or just old at the time of release. That was at a time when Nintendo wasn't selling games and third parties could have shined and captured market.

Now, I am a strange bird in that I only have a single console in the house. I sold the Xbox to buy the Wii U, but that isn't the case for the majority of the community. If the same game releases on Wii U and anything else, but the Wii U version is inferior what do you expect to happen? Gamers to suck it up and say, "Well this is an inferior product for the same price, but since it showed up on the Nintendo console I better buy it."?

And this isn't a new trend as Wii owners consistently were shafted by companies like EA. Stunts like "Legacy Edition" reskins at full price burn consumer good will and turn them away from your company. I will grant that the console had less power than the competition, but that doesn't excuse outright distain for your customer that used the product.

I've looked at VGChartz, many times over the past year, but see something very different. I see the best Nintendo has offered so far has sold well. Next, I see that a flawed and niche game like ZombiU sold to roughly 10% of the consoles along with a niche game like Monster Hunter Tri (which is an upscale port at that). Then I see that well done multiplat games that depend on communities to thrive sold next best on the system, and probably struggled because the Wii U communities were small while the Xbox/PS3 (even Wii) communities are well established. There are also the well done, niche games that can only capture a percentage of the market (W101 for example). Finally, I see a lot of poorly done or late ports selling badly. (This is assuming that VG Chartz is accurate, which is questionable).

So how does Nintendo move forward? Well it doesn't depend on major Third Parties because they probably are not coming back (unless it is to scrape up cheap cash-ins). I think they need to do what they are doing, create and show compelling reasons that the hardware is good and provide entertainment that covers a wide variety of genres.



Darknyht commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Explains His Belief That the ...:

@unrandomsam Yes and no. His problem with the FPS genre is that everyone more or less is doing exactly what the last blockbuster did. Borderlands made putting RPG elements into a shooter popular, look at all the games that cloned it. Gears of War made Third Person cover shooters popular, everyone copied. Same with horde mode. GTA made open-world sandbox popular, so everyone quickly threw out their GTA-clone. The issue isn't being in the same genre, it is not innovating or going outside the box of what sold well before.

The problem is that for every game that pushes a genre in a new or innovative way, there are 10 clones that just have the goal of being as close as possible to that first game so they can cash in.



Darknyht commented on Shigeru Miyamoto States There Are "A Few" Zeld...:

Zelda got stuck in the progression pattern started in A Link to a Past for a long time (3 item quests (that became let's meet the Kokiri, Goron and Zora tribes), master sword, 6-8 dungeons, end boss).

Games like Adventure of Link and Majora's Mask messed with that progression. Majora's Mask shortened it to four main quests and multiple side quests that each had to be completed in a limited amount of time, but also left you largely on your own to figure out different things. The Adventure of Link completely turned the formula on it's head by being a side-scrolling game where you had to put things back into dungeons.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Highlights Hundreds of Developers Wor...:

@bizcuthammer It's more of a quantity over quality issue for the major third party publishers. Look at how many third party games shipped in the past few years with major bugs and incomplete code require day one patches. They choose to hype up the game, cut corners, and ship it out banking on pre-sales hype to drive everyone to be "part of the conversation". It's smoke and mirrors that eventually will take a toll on the industry (See Video Games crash of the 80's).



Darknyht commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

@GreatPlayer The mascot era never died, it was just two of the industry players never managed to produce a stable of characters that reached the popularity of Mario and Sonic. Microsoft has Halo's Master Chief and well... Cortana. Sony has a small stable of characters but never has been able to make any of them reach the same brand awareness as Mario, Sonic, Mickey Mouse, or Bugs Bunny.

But that doesn't change that Mario Baseball sans Mario is just a very basic and generic Baseball game. I wish Nintendo had kept up the Major League Baseball (w Ken Griffey, Jr.), Play Action Football, Formation Soccer, NBA Courtside (w Kobe Bryant), and NHL Stanley Cup franchises; but for whatever reason they did not and we are now left with basic, generic sports games that need Mario to sell.



Darknyht commented on EA Explains Why It's Abandoning Dedicated Hand...:

It's their choice, but I won't touch a thing of theirs on mobile anymore. I was burned by Plants vs. Zombies 2 being changed from an enjoyable game to a grindfest that punished you for not spending money. Then there was the wonderful gem Dungeon Keeper that EA produced.

So yeah, good luck with that. I believe your game quality and bad reputation will burn you a who lot quicker on the platform that shows user feedback reviews on the download screen. Well, unless you manipulate it like you did with Dungeon Keeper.



Darknyht commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

@GreatPlayer Captain Toad uses the same characters because it grew out of Mario 3D World, it would be silly to replace him with someone else, move him to a new IP world and come up with new enemies. Capt. Toad as a character is the insane Mushroom Man that collects stars for Mario because he wants to help and being suicidal is a way to do that.

I am also sure they use Mario is so much because they need something to differentiate their otherwise generic sports games. What is there unique to sell Mario Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Strikers, Mario Baseball, and every other Mario Sport game without the Mario IP? Remember, Mario is their mascot.

Other companies do the same thing. Sega has Sonic the Hedgehog starring in multiple genres including: 2D & 3D platformers, racing, educational, fighting, puzzle, pinball, party mini-games, tennis, golf, fishing, billiards, bowling, and RPGs. They have also taken Tails and spun him off into his own adventures. Namco has done the same with Pac-man and so has any other company that has famous mascots.



Darknyht commented on Miyamoto Thinks That Nintendo Are in a Genre o...:

@unrandomsam There is a big difference between Nintendo hitting the high notes during a console's lifetime, and pushing out titles like a factory. Most Nintendo franchises have only seen a single entry on each console, and there are multiple years between releases. Now you might see various characters appear time and again in multiple franchises (NSMB, SMB3DW, Mario Kart, etc.), but the franchises themselves usually only release on a console.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Download: 26th June (North America):

Sports Club promotion for me right now. Eventually I will pick up the Club Pass, but I've reached a point that I prefer to play on the Gamepad more than the TV. Mostly, I will probably just work on Pushmo some more the weekend.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: New Ideas, Not New IPs, Are The...:

The problem is that everyone wants their favorite franchise yesterday on a console that should have at least a five to seven year lifespan. Nintendo tends to pump out roughly a title every 4-6 weeks (between eShop and Retail), so that means about 60+ Nintendo titles in the Wii U's lifespan.

That means there is still plenty of room for [insert your favorite franchise] to be produced.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Executive Suggests Wii U is at a "Tip...:

Whether or not it is a commercial success, it has been a success for me. I think it can be a commercial success, but it will never be the "winner" in this generation's console war. I also think that Nintendo isn't trying to be the "winner" the same way that Sony and Microsoft is (one console to rule them all).



Darknyht commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:

Yeah, I fail to see how the two are related outside that the Phillips patents are extremely vague to the point of describing just about any virtual representation on a computer.

The Philip system uses a camera and a cushioned glove to track motion on a 1-to-1 basis. Nintendo's Wiimotes use a completely different methodology to achieve a similar result by blasting IR signals from a sensor and the system calculating motion based on IR reception and gyroscope data.
If anything, these patents apply more to the Xbox Kinect sensor (camera tracking human body motion) or the Sony Move (camera tracking colored light).

I foresee an appeal on this succeeding.



Darknyht commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Successfully Wooed Som...:

Polygon has a serious issue with being just impartial journalists. They let their own personal feelings taint everything they write so that even the best Nintendo news has to have a small aside of doom and gloom included. It makes me wonder if someone tied Ben Kuchera and his staff down and forced them to watch Reggie torture and kill Nintendogs or something.

I think Nintendo did exactly what it needed to do at E3. They showed good games for their console and showed that they were just going to push products out with an attitude that it can be patched day one.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo TVii Update Adds New Features and Imp...:

@SCAR392 There is no such thing as a 1080i antenna, that was just marketing speak to get you to buy a new antenna. They all do the same thing and get the same signal. The best antenna I've used so far was built out of a wooden board, coat hangers, copper wire and screws. The signals come in just the same as long as your TV has the HD tuner in it.

TVii was an interesting idea crippled by a slow interface and for me the fact that I rarely watch live television. The sports mini game was interesting, but since the NHL is missing it is of limited use to me. The TV remote button on the gamepad, on the other hand, was great because the gamepad is as difficult as those giant, oversized button, senior citizen remotes to lose in the couch.



Darknyht commented on Nintendo Needs To Cut Wii U Cost To Capitalise...:

It is absurd to suggest a price reduction now when Nintendo is just picking up steam on their own releases for the console which traditionally drive sales of their hardware. This is advice from the same guy that had a perfect storm opportunity to release Rayman Legends on the Wii U at a time where there was literally no other competition on the console and owners were starving for games, and instead chose to delay it to release on consoles that couldn't even make the best use of the best new feature.