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Shenanigans is what I do best!

Male, 16, Canada

...Huh? Oh, I play a large majority of Nintendo games. Don't forget Monster Hunter too, it's very sweet.

Sun 11th May, 2014

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Iggly commented on Review: Flipnote Studio 3D (3DS eShop):

Flipnote is fun to use, though I haven't done much since I'm usually playing MH4U. It would've been cool if there was a Miiverse Community where you could post videos of your flipnotes similar to Mario Kart 8 even if this was only for the New 3DS.



Iggly commented on Nintendo Confirms Another Miiverse Update:

Thankfully I don't follow much people so this doesn't affect me much, though it would be nice to have an option to turn them off like I keep suggesting for the previous updates.



Iggly commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate has Shipped Over 3 M...:

I hope this means future Monster Hunter games will still be on Nintendo platforms even if it means they're not exclusive to Nintendo platforms. Regardless of what I hope, it's very awesome that the game sold well worldwide.