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Shenanigans is what I do best!

Male, 16, Canada

...Huh? Oh, I play a large majority of Nintendo games. Don't forget Monster Hunter too, it's very sweet.

Sun 11th May, 2014

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Iggly commented on Slender: The Arrival Is Stalking Its Way To Th...:

It'll definitely beat the Letter when it comes to horror. ;)

I might get this, though I get terrified easily from jumpscares. Do you think I'd be able to play this until the end without fainting? Just wanted to know so I can just save my money for something else if there's a lot of jumpscares in this.



Iggly commented on Video: Terrifying Giant Mii Heads Promote Hall...:

The Mii costumes would be a great idea for Halloween, if it weren't for the fact you'd probably be seeing me fall constantly due to no holes. :P

Is this for North America only? Or will it also be available in Canada?



Iggly commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special D...:

Does anyone know if the codes expire? I just got one from the Newsletter and I'm still waiting to borrow my friend's 3DS. Worst case scenario, I'll have to put it on my cousin's 3DS if they expire within a week.



Iggly commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Special D...:

I hope every member of the Pokemon Trainer Club receives a code and not a select few. Though if I do get one tomorrow, I still have to wait for a week until I get a different 3DS to borrow. Wouldn't want my cousin to take advantage of my demo. ;)



Iggly commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

The day my mom allows me to buy mature games will be the day I'll be buying this, there's no way I'll be missing out on this even if I'll have to wait 2 years to play this amazing game. I hope Bayonetta 2 does well. :)



Iggly commented on Unused Announcer Audio in Super Smash Bros. Re...:

"Choose a Mii"? I'm hoping this means there will be a mode centered around Miis. [Probably not, it's probably for whenever you pick Mii Fighter] Also I hope this 8 Player Smash isn't a fancy name for Rotation Mode.



Iggly commented on Nintendo Scares Up Pumpkaboo for October Poké...:

@3dcaleb To soft reset, you save infront of the Pokémon/ Person you are receiving a Pokémon. If you dont get the desirable stats, you exit the game and try again.[Or do a button combo to reset, but I forgot what it was]

To know if a Pokémon is shiny, they should be a different colour from the regular version and have a red star. Though I believe you can't soft reset Event Pokémon for shiny versions, but you can soft reset for betters stats/nature.