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Wed 1st January, 2014

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Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's ...:

I always have trouble with games that give you time restrictions, like Dead Rising or Pikmin, since my favorite part about video games is the option to explore. But even with the three day mechanic, I never felt the same kind of pressure that came with it.

This is one of my favorite Zelda games, right behind A Link to the Past. But that one probably wins just due to nostalgia factors. And I for one would love to see more Zelda games in the vain of Majora's Mask - game with the same art style, but different in execution.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Snowboard Kids:

I never played the original, but Snowboarder Kids 2 was an amazing little gem on the 64. I honestly hope that once Nintendo puts 64 games on the Wii U, that it'll bemore than what's was on the Wii. Then again, I doubt we'll see the quantity of the titles on the other virtual consoles, but the 64 didn't have even 20 games on it.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Paper Mario:

This wasn't my first Mario RPG, but I definitely have crazy fond memories of it. The aesthetics, the characters, and the music all combined into one fantastic title. I even found the battles fun. Plus the badge system added an extra layer of complexity to this already decidant cake.

On a side note, the Mario RPGs are definitely some of the best RPGs that I have ever played. I honestly think it has to do with the battle mechanics. The add a little spice so that the game never gets dull.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Sin & Punishment:

I loved this game. Never knew about it until Smash Bros. Brawl, though. But with the release on the virtual console, I had to pick it up. The controls took some time to get use to though.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007:

I loved this game. It was the first FPS that I played and loved it. I can still remember the first time popping the game in and playing multiplayer with my dad and two brothers. I was winning until my younger brother found a rocket launcher. It was definitely chaotic and fun.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover:

@CaviarMeths I believe it was becauses the Great Deku Tree was "sapped" of his energy?

Also for some reason it bothers me to have this long of cutscenes in a 2d Zelda game. I dunno I guess I just prefer the text boxes you can just scroll through and skip. Unless of course you accidentally tell them to repeat it all again...



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Gauntlet Legends:

I had Gauntlet Dark Legacy on GameCube and loved it. I hate I missed out on this, cause the Gaunlet on the NES and Cube were a blast. Nothing like hacking and slashing with a group of friends. Ah those were simpler times.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Wave Race 64:

I played a lot of this and 1080 the year the 64 came out. I think there were only like 6(?) games out by Christmas, and so it was slim picking. I enjoyed this game, but not as much as 1080.

Also I have to agree with some I the other posters, I would love to see this game series revived. I miss random games like this.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G:

I loved playing this game with my brothers. We didn't have F-Zero X so this was our alternative to Mario Kart. Especially when one of my little brothers "friends" stole our copy of Mario Kart. This game is weaponized motorcycles in a futuristic setting. What's not to love?



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Kazooie:

This game and its sequel make me sad that Nintendo lost Rare. Well not just these two games, but these games were classic. I want Nintendo to buy Rare's old IPs, so we can get both on the virtual console, and maybe Banjo in Smash 5. A pipe dream, I know, but isn't that why Super Mario Bros 2 is all about?



Samuel-Flutter commented on Guide: How To Beat Everyone At Super Smash Bro...:

I usually play everyone, but Mario is deinitely my main. They increased FLUDDs capabilities, and I'm really liking that. I'm also enjoying the tweaks to Link's and Pikachu's move sets. Also if you're using the air to approach you opponent, don't underestimate short hops. It seems easier to perform on the 3ds than it was on the Wii.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

@galachef55 Thanks! That makes sense. I figured some lives would be easier to fight with, but when I first heard about the game I thought that only some could fight and some just crafted. I honestly think it would be far more interesting taking on monsters as tailors, cooks, or blacksmiths. So thanks for the clarification.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - We...:

There's one thing that has me confused about this game. Would a Tailor be able to fight monsters? Or is that left up to the more adventurous lives? Because I would love to take on giants ala The Brave Little Tailor starring Mickey Mouse.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Tennis:

While it was certainly a well crafted game and was quite fun, there's one major fault I have it. This game created Waluigi and essentially brought Daisy back from forgotten memories. And while I don't necessarily hate these characters, including them for the sake of including them, just doesn't sit right. Especially while there is a rich universe full of characters. Perhaps if there was more character development to them, I wouldn't care. But as it stands, Luigi's Peach and Luigi's Wario don't detract from the game, but at the same time they don't add anything. This is where the slippery spiral starts and I'm afraid it won't end with Pink Gold Peach and Baby Rosalina.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Mario Kart 64:

My favorite memory of this game, was running around the tracks looking for secrets and shortcuts with my brothers. Like trying to get through the train tunnel in Calamari Desert, or exploring all the paths forwards and backwards of Yoshi's Valley, or riding around Peach's castle in Royal Raceway. Also this had to have my favorite battle mode. Each course was set up for a strategic battle, and there wasn't a time limit or it didn't force you to have computers.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

I have a friend who adores these games. I never got too into them myself. Only playing a few Dynasty games. Although I did have a similar game called Mystic Heroes on the GameCube. I'm definitely looking forward to playing through Hyrule Warriors.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA:

I loved Cruisin USA. My brothers and I played this a ton when the 64 first came out. I would have picked it up for the virtual console too, but you can get the secret vehicles since you don't have c buttons, only a c-stick.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Buck Bumble:

Oh man! I loved this game as a kid. It was hard and sometimes unwieldy, but I always loved the concept. This game is representative of 64 games to me. Just breaking into 3d gaming, there were a lot of crazy, off the wall games that emerged. I really miss those kinds of games.

On a side note, I felt this was a game that used the fog effect/limitations of the 64 very well. Set in a garden, the mist always reminded me of early morning. I mean it was annoying to an extent, but I always thought it was cool.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

Well now my shiny Gengar doesn't look so special. Not sure how I should feel about this. I mean I'm happy about everyone else getting an awesome Gengar, but that shiny Haunter was the second shiny Pokemon I ever ran up on. Now it's like I have a red Gyarados.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Bomberman 64:

My first memories of Bomberman 64 was reading a review or an article in Nintendo Power, that happened to arrive as I left to a cousin's house. When I arrived at their house, they actually had the game. It was my first Bomberman game, and it left such an impression, that not only did I buy Bomberman 64, but I also went back and acquired older Bomberman games, and bought plenty of later ones.

I loved the frantic multiplayer, but this game's single player experience really shown. Trying to unlock all the costumes and collect all the Gold Cards was an impressive and daunting feat. I always hated this never came to the virtual console. Not that I didn't enjoy Bomberman Hero, but this was the definitive Bomberman experience on the 64. It's also probably why I wanted Bomberman in this new Smash.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Feature: The Nintendo 64 Controller and the Ri...:

I can remember my friends coming over to play our Nintendo 64 and having no idea how to hold the controller. And it baffled me at the time. With having played so many 3d games like Mario and Goldeneye, I couldn't imagine anyone immediately grabbing the outside handle and try to maneuver the thumb stick. But that's how life works. Until you do something, that task is foreign to you.

I love the Nintendo 64. It's one of my favorite systems, and housed some of my favorite games. It makes me sad to think that some of it's titles won't come to the virtual console. Personally that was my biggest complaint with the Wii shop.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Nintendo 64x64: Mario Party:

@mystman12 Funnily enough, when the original Mario Party was released, I distinctly remember walking into Toys-R-Us and seeing it mislabeled as Mario Party 3. (Apparently one associate saw the dice and assumed it was a sequel. I laughed, and thought that there wouldn't be three Mario Parties for a long time. Now it's 15 yearsish later, and we have ten.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Feature: The History of Super Smash Bros.:

I have always adored the Smash series. Each game is a masterpiece in and of itself, and usually a snapshot of Nintendo at that moment in time. Each game is a love letter to the previous console. I personally can't wait for Smash four.



Samuel-Flutter commented on Weirdness: Tetris Played With Pillows is Oddly...:

It looks fun and definitely interesting, but I have to wonder if people would like it. I mean if your Tetris pillows could bounce and move, then it would ruin most Tetris players strategy. But honestly I could see myself owning a few of those Tetris pillows.