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Wed 1st January, 2014

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Samuel-Flutter commented on Video: Darunia Rolls and Pounds His Way Throug...:

It's been forever since I've played a Dynasty game, but this game is making me super excited. Of course I suppose that's any Zelda game, but I've been following this since the Nintendo Direct, and I am really loving what I am seeing. It's almost like a love letter to the entire series. Now we just need some Windwaker and Link to the Past references.



Samuel-Flutter commented on One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Will Cram 85 ...:

As a huge One Piece fan, I'm hoping this does indeed come to the west. Living in North America I was always bummed by the fact that I missed out on some One Piece titles that managed to find their way to Europe, specifically the Ulimited Cruise games.