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Mon 2nd September, 2013

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MailOrderNinja commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

@JaxonH Fair enough. I'm really more playing devils advocate as like I said I was buying them anyway and consider it an awesome bonus. My big hang up isn't just that they sell fast, but the items you listed were available for preorder for a substantial time so people who knew they wanted it bad could get in on it. With amiibos selling out in minutes online with preorders no less it all seems a tad engineered and more than just a hot item.

Ah well, I'm just excited to get my hands on it either way.



MailOrderNinja commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

@JaxonH I do agree that people are getting out of hand with amiibo and previously I was fine with the stuff they were doing: a costume unlock or the pointless FP thing for Smash. However, what we are talking about are characters that are playable and actually directly affect gameplay and for figures that have proven incredibly difficult to get a hold of to boot. On top of that the people making Steam made Fire Emblem so I could certainly see them being some neat unlock able side content, perhaps even cheap side DLC. As it stands it's like charging $13 a character and then making it an extremely limited item to purchase. Let's be honest, if MS or Sony pulled this people would be ripping them apart.

This may sound like sour grapes, I assure you it isn't. I have my Marth, my Ike is on preorder and I have every intention of grabbing the other two, and with a little inside heads up from friends at GameStop it shouldn't be a big deal. I'd buy them content or no for their sheer awesomeness and I was already getting Steam so for me they are a cool bonus. But for a completionist who can't get one of the figures for less than $40 and will likely not get his hands on the others? You have to admit it's a bit stupid.



MailOrderNinja commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

@JaxonH That is almost exactly what I told him. I sort of see his point though, Nintendo makes a lot of frankly baffling decisions that pretty much exclusively hurt their biggest fans. His biggest sticking point was Marth, because he unlocks actual content in Steam that usually would have just probably been in there, now these characters are $15 unlockable DLC. I just buy them to look cool, but I'd feel that way if I couldn't snag all the FE guys.



MailOrderNinja commented on Meta Knight amiibo Hits Best Buy in US on 20th...:

I've seen at least one person have the inability to get amiibos, the ridiculous speed that Majora's Mask Collectors Edition sell out and again with Majora's Mask 3DS that it's kind if been the straw that broke the camel's back and he ended up walking away from Nintendo all together.



MailOrderNinja commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Appears t...:

I personally love achievements. Sometimes they add to the experience. I remember playing Assassin's Creed and there was a big plot twist and the achievement popped and said something to the effect of mind blown. I thought it was a neat little thing and see no reason why Nintendo shouldn't incorporate something like that.

Also all this measurement stuff and bragging rights I just don't get where your coming from. I've done a lot of Xbox gaming and I've never heard anyone put someone down for the gamer score.



MailOrderNinja commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Appears t...:

Nintendo already has a unique system set up that I enjoy, it is just segregated by game. I'd be very pleased if I had one universal stamp book from all my games I've unlocked that I could combine in posts and that other gamers could view.

Stamps fit the overall image of Nintendo, they are unique rewards, they are already in place for a bunch of games and they even give a more tangible reward that feeds back into community and let's people with no real artistic ability get in on creating something fun to share.

I don't know how hard this would be to implement, but I'd love it!



MailOrderNinja commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

I don't get Let's Play videos at all. First, if you like video games so much why not just go play them? Who has time to simply watch someone else play a game? Personally it bores me to tears.

Secondly there are far better ways to find out if you like something. Watch trailers, read impressions and be a generally more informed consumer. Besides that 90 percent of the ones I have seen (not many to be fair) seem to be kids who consider theirselves comedians and spend an hour long video making fart jokes or making a character hump a wall during a glitch or something all while telling jokes (usually vulgar) and making annoying sound effects. Watching PewdiePie videos I could see why Nintendo wouldn't want something like that representing them. Some kid is watching a video with someone cursing over a clip of Mario and Mom sees it she's going to think the worst.

In addition sounds like the types of games people love watching aren't the games Nintendo makes anyway so really they wouldn't be affected anyway. I don't question with trends it is still a poor choice marketing wise, but I get it.

Lastly it sounds like a bunch of entitled whiny people who got used to making money off something they really shouldn't be making money off anyway.



MailOrderNinja commented on Nintendo Reportedly States That No First Wave ...:

Looks like there is conflicted information.

I'm a little irked with the amiibo toy right now. Yes, they aren't needed to enjoy a game. Yes, they are just cool collectible toys. However, I'm on a budget and I thought hey maybe I'd buy one of these a paycheck and eventually get them all! Here we are and I already can't buy 2 of them? (Luckily I picked up Marth day one) I don't particularly care about Wii Fit Trainer, but I really wanted a Villager on my shelf at home.

Oh well I suppose, guess I better go pre-order Shulk. Somebody needs to explain supply and demand to Nintendo.



MailOrderNinja commented on Talking Point: The Legend of Zelda on Wii U St...:

The game looked fantastic and I'm sure will be filled with more life and enemies as time goes on, what Zelda hasn't been? What really struck me was how well Nintendo did at awards when they usually don't show up for these things. Not only did they open and close the show, but they showed some really great games and took home some awards. Between this, their stellar Direct format, and the way they did E3, I'm very pleased with their showings. 2015 is shaping up to be a stellar year for gaming!



MailOrderNinja commented on Mario Kart 8 Software Update and DLC Available...:

This is terrible. My Gamepad was acting wonky and I figured it was time so on Tuesday I traded for a new system. Then I went through the process to transfer network ID which Nintendo got done yesterday. Now though there is an error they are working on to allow me to get to eshop. It's torture being so excited for the DLC, but not knowing if they'll have it fixed in time to play tonight.



MailOrderNinja commented on Expect To See More Spin-Off Titles Like Hyrule...:

I think people are missing some key words. The most intriguing and promising thing he said seems to indicate essentially letting third parties make more games for them and for underrepresented franchises as well as spin off games. So we will see Nintendo letting developers use existing franchises to make new games to fill gaps while Nintendo bakes their masterpieces.

As long as they are as good as Hyrule Warriors bring it on.



MailOrderNinja commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

@Miss_Dark That's good to know that their are the options there though. I've always loved Animal Crossing, but found myself wishing there was more gaming type stuff to do within it. This game sounds perfect for me.

Dang you Nintendo and Level 5! Stop making awesome games! I've already got Hyrule Warriors, Smash Brothers and now this. I haven't even purchased Shadows of Mordor yet. My wallet, it aches.



MailOrderNinja commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

I think what people are missing is that he said enhanced graphics. Perhaps the games will play, but not be as pretty as the old 3DS. I'll be the first to point out that the title for the new model is very confusing, but let's be honest the majority of people of a type that are commenting on a Nintendo only news site are going to buy it regardless.

Either way I'll be picking it up. I've never regretted buying a Nintendo handheld.



MailOrderNinja commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@Einherjar I think the 3DS version is going to be a hit at conventions. The few I've attended I've always wanted to play Smash with others, but the lines are either crazy long or they've got every machine playing it blocked off for tournament play. Being able to find people with a version and playing without TVs, systems or controllers is going to be incredibly awesome.



MailOrderNinja commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

From what I've seen so far $20-$30 seems like a fantastic price for all of this content. So far Nintendo has done nothing but bolster my faith in how they handle DLC. I was extremely pleased with the Mario Kart 8 surprise announcement and I'm just as pleased with this.