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Wed 11th Jun 2014

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Haiassai commented on Video: Gaming Historian Pays Tribute To The La...:

Watched it before going to bed last night. Norm does an amazing job with these documentaries and I'm glad he decided to take his time rather than rush a tribute when it was considered relevant to the non-Nintendo community.



Haiassai commented on Video: Check Out a Graphical Comparison for Th...:

Well. After seeing it back to back, yeah... This is disappointing :/ I'm curious to why such a long wait. Just to build hype for the new game plus rally the 3019th anniversary? Well I'm still getting it but Mer.

Curious how much they can change by the release. I doubt much



Haiassai commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Is Rece...:

I truly wonder what it means: it will transfer data to the next game...................... meta mind is perculating. Doubtful but think this next game will be a direct sequel? (Mind you, I have yet to finish TP)



Haiassai commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess Is Recei...:

@JubilifeRival MM is a classic. People often argue which is the best Zelda game—3 names that are always brought out are OoT, ALttP, and MM. MM was just brilliant. TP doesn't have the same classic feel—I have yet to beat it (I stopped at the sky temple and then downloaded Skyrim. Bad idea...) and I hear the ending is quite wonderful. I think the game mechanic just didnt' stand out as much as the masks or the ocarina in games past. That said, I'm definitely purchasing this one!

And I don't get people's hang ups abotu the visuals. Yes, it isn't the best polished HD version we could get—fully agreed—but there is a difference. Run TP on an HD screen and you'll be very disappointed with the graphics.



Haiassai commented on Star Fox Zero Launches on 22nd April, 2016:

That's much longer of a wait than expected, but I'm still excited for the game. The visuals didn't look drastically improved, but the nuances were appreciated. I do wonder if they changed stuff about what one can do in game.

Also, I'm STILL not a fan of the music. Sigh... it sounds way too Marvel-esque



Haiassai commented on The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses...:

No for San Diego? Guess not then.

I don't know how I feel about these performances. Most are arranged mediocrely, having the main melody with stereotypical transitions. On occasion, you get a wonderful arrangement, though, that makes the concert worth it — typically they're in the second half. I just want better arrangements...



Haiassai commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

...this makes me excited.

Though, does anyone know from other iterations: can a console play on the same server as another console or a PC? (e.g., PC with X360) Or are they only compatible within its own console?



Haiassai commented on Valhalla Game Studios is Being Sued Over a Tra...:

I don't know what the degrees of difference needs to be for a logo, but I would qualify that the two look different enough from each other. In the one sense, I can't say this is silly, but these kind of lawsuits do get tiresome.



Haiassai commented on Video: The New Animal Crossing: amiibo Festiva...:

I'm... skeptical. I pre-ordered this because I was looking for new games with friends to play locally on the Wii U. A lot of my friends enjoyed the Hudson Soft Mario Party (gh to the latest iterations). This... looks promising, but I am concerned that my friends may not bite. They aren't Nintendo lovers like I am (though they aren't haters either by any means. They play SSB4 with me and love that franchise). I'm just concerned.



Haiassai commented on Akihiro Hino Explains Why Yo-Kai Watch Has Bee...:

@russellohh hahah I remember Blockbuster only during the 16-bit era, back when I wasn't aware of other venues to rent games (back then, I would borrow my Dad's coworker's systems, so buying wasn't an option). I remember around the N64 days the prices getting too high for my liking but boy that's horrendous.



Haiassai commented on Feature: A Pokémon Retrospective: Generation ...:

I only played Red for the longest time. Because of middle school, I didn't follow gaming as much as my childhood, so I only played what friends had (and friends would never share portables for whatever reason). Then comes two years ago when I picked up Pokemon Y--first Pokemon game I decided to go through since Gen 1. I was utterly lost with so many new ideas.

The question I propose: should I go back to Gen 2 and work my way up to this latest gen? Or should I focus my time on other games, work, grad school, real people, life, etc.?



Haiassai commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

@zeppray that's the most oversimplistic thing I've read here. This is an issue of principles, not consumerism. Taking your idea into analogy, I love Nestles candy but cannot support them as a company for their water exploitation. I will ban their product but complain/protest strategically/openly because I love their product and hope they change.

These talks about culture and "censorship" need to be argued. Age of consent in Japan is vastly differe,t than in the West and it is completely understandable that NOA be wary about a 13 year old in a rather provocative skin. Should or culture change to be okay with Japan's or should it more sexually conservative? These are VERY valid questions that make us who we are.



Haiassai commented on Michael Pachter Thinks Miitomo Will Have Troub...:

@Lord_Redwood to an extent, I agree — there's a reason why Google+ fell to the wayside. Even though the interface was arguably better than Facebook's, the latter had to strong of a hold.

That said, people today are a bit tired of what's on Facebook. I hear many in my generation (21-30) saying Twitter or Instagram or whatever is the new Facebook. People are disenchanted by the facade, ugly opinion posts (especially during this US election), or frivolous garbage that "friends" post on Facebook. People are looking for a new satiating platform. I don't know if Miitomo is it, but it shouldn't be neglected as Pachter believes. I'm curious to see where this goes.



Haiassai commented on Reaction: Nintendo's First Mobile App, Miitomo...:

I'm a minority, but I mentioned to friends that I'm not getting any games for my phone, even if by Nintendo. I don't want every waking hour consumed by games. This app, however, I'm quite open to getting. In very intrigued



Haiassai commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

@crimsontadpoles they did mention that one could eat apples off the trees.

That would be cool, though I would personally love for more interactions with townspeople. I loved Majora's Mask, where every person had their own role in Clocktown. If they could bring multiple towns like that to a grander scale, that would be amazing.

That all said, survival or my idea isn't really a "twist" on open world. People have done that before. I'm curious what would be innovated of an open world



Haiassai commented on Eiji Aonuma is Aiming For an Open World "Surpr...:

In the past, Nintendo's twist on gameplay has been either amazing or lackluster, but I can't think of anything that has ruined the game as a whole. Granted, with Zelda, I don't think anyone wants lackluster. I'm stoked to see what Aonuma has in store



Haiassai commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Yorumi I'd argue that depends on the game itself. Some games don't need voice acting, as GraveLordXD has argued. 2D Zeldas definitely don't need them, nor do many Mario games. But using Nintendo games as an anchoring point, it's accurate to say that Star Fox having voices lifts up the game—be it the SNES version that had a non-English language or the following which had more comprehensive language. Xenoblade Chronicles ESPECIALLY needed voice acting. While the game could do with on screen text, it was such a cinematic experience that you couldn't have the game conceivably without it.

If we treat games like an art rather than a commodity, I think we'd have a different appreciation for it. Music isn't needed in games, but it lifts the Zelda series to a new level. Sound effects aren't needed either, but they give a more cathartic experience in every game. The same goes with voice acting—and the better the quality, the better the art.



Haiassai commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@617Sqn you really have no concept of the working artist. As a teacher surrounded by friends/musicians who audition day to day to land a gig, I am grateful for landing my job. While i love teaching kids, I chose it over the musicians life due to stability. Voice actors are no different. And for the average voice actor, they don't get paid us much as me. We always look at high waged actor and think s/he is the pay standard. That really isn't the case