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Thu 28th February, 2013

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Spectator commented on Community Interview: Give Us Your Affordable S...:

I can only imagine the time and effort put into this game, from the concept down to the marketing. I commend the risk your taking with such an abstract idea from gameplay, to presentation. When this game is released whether the audience is open to originality or not, will you continue to make games as original as this game whether the sales bomb or meet expectations?

Will sales determine the future of your next games or will you end up taking a more conservative approach based on the market, whether it be in the idea, or scope of the game for the Wii U, or leave it all together?



Spectator commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:


You are correct the shear number of exclusive coming out for XBO and PS4 looks great. That being said because Wii U is a year ahead in quality first party exclusives that have actually lived up to the hype, this has benefited Nintendo as a competitive system at the moment. I'm not implying that Sony and Xbo won't overtake Nintendo with knock out punches when it comes to games in the long term, I'm saying at this moment the games that have come out exclusively from these next gen systems have not lived up to the hype. I could continue to play Ps3 and Xbox 360 because I'm not given a software reason, not a hardware reason, but a software reason to buy these new systems because I'm still waiting for ......greatness from these game devs. People have bought these systems in hopes of what to expect, they are just waiting for the delivered goods.

Hopeully games like Bloodborn and so on will actually be as good as advertised, but when you factor possible delays and hyped games coming up short it just keeps Nintendo hanging around because Nintendo track record guarantees their game won't suck most of the time. The real question is what will Nintendo do when they run out of game ideas and have come up with something new after this year.



Spectator commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

If only nintendo could market their wii u better. The best thing going for them is that their first party exclusives games are making the wii u a must have in comparison to the Ps4 and Xbox first party exclusives, which are coming off as underwhelming or mediocre. Wii U may have it's strongest year if Sony and Microsoft continue to release games that can't live up to the next gen hype. I would expect this to change this year as more games come out, but at the moment it hasn't and that favors nintendo. Nintendo is winning the gameplay battle.



Spectator commented on Nintendo Looking To Offer Affordable Smartpho...:

If not careful, could turn into a rush to the bottom, which could turn future quality downloadable games from 3rd party on the 3ds into simple cheap cash grab apps. This could make the 3ds no different from the phone apps store if not regulated.



Spectator commented on Video: TreeFall Studios Releases Its First Eve...:

I give these guys credit for putting effort into their dreams and being willing to become better developers.... that being said, based off the video shown I recommend they improve in all of their skill areas before continuing to release onto the Wii U.

The effort or the talent level is lacking in the series of games that I had just witnessed. I hope to see more polish products that seem more than 5 percent done, or don't waste our time. There are way to many talent developers that would not spam games made at this quality.

Again I like the effort of getting visibility, but the overall quality or lack there of does not justify the attention these games are getting.