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Thu 28th February, 2013

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Spectator commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

I agree with your statement and where the current industry is at. I believe that the exposure and the demand for indie games has risen and continues to rise.I don't believe the impact of small developers is a fad on the industry. I just believe that small companies have been making an impact through out the lifetime of the game industry, there are just more small game companies now. My impression is that small companies are now getting more exposure because of technology, access to a wider audience to market their product, a changing consumer base, and a bloated mainstream game industry that has become less innovated over the pass 10 yrs when it comes to original IPs.

You are also right there is no way that companies can maintain themselves based on the million dollar budgets they put into games, and if they do they usually go the safe route because they know the consumer may not buy the new IP unless its a sequel to something already established unfortunately. The reality, like you said is that the game industry has turned into the movie industry and it is contracting on itself, at the rate there might only be small companies or at least medium sized companies that could be considered stable. Watching companies like Bizarre Creations, HudsonSoft, Radical Entertainment, and so on go bye bye makes me wonder if all the future next gen games will come from just a hand full of companies. It'll be interesting in the coming years what game companies we'll be talking about.



Spectator commented on Industry Veteran Peter Molyneux Warns The Indi...:

The word indie is a nice fad, the reality is that its just a hip word like casual and hardcore. Small independent games from small companies have been around forever,that won't change. Who knows how long the label indie will be used for small independent companies; that won't stop those companies from making games whether they are labeled or not. I'm sure the game industry will come up with a new word to replace or spawn off the word indie once they get bored... just wait.



Spectator commented on Review: Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger (3DS ...:

The developer probably priced it at this point so they can put it on sale later. Get the initial money now and then increase visibility on sale day after a couple months. Its nice to see that the game got a decent score, its hard to get a high rating in this saturated genre. Unfortunately there are just too many hidden object games at a lower price for this to compete. I hope it sells based on the hard work the developers put into it.



Spectator commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Summary - 13t...:

I thought it was a good direct. The only thing I wish was that they had games for next year, or at least some third party we don't already know, because the Wii U looks pretty barren after these games come out this year. I guess they are saving what they have for E3



Spectator commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

Controller is only as good as the games that use it. Right now...... not many games use it yet. Nintendo better get plan B warmed up if they can't convince third party companies to maximize the gamepad. There should be no excuses left this year.



Spectator commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

Castlevania was a great series, that being said the direction Konami is going seems to imply that it will be a while before Castlevania appears on the Nintendo platform again. Major 3rd party companies need to make money, they aren't making money on Nintendo systems, the risks are currently to high.



Spectator commented on Review: Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles (3DS eShop):

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