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ShadJV commented on Quality Of Life Device Not Fit To Be Sold As "...:

Anybody remember the Wii Vitality Sensor? I feel like this is going down the same path. I was looking forward to how the Vitality Sensor could be incorporated in a horror game but admittedly the uses seemed fairly narrow. I never really understood this QoL device so I don't feel too upset over this, but it is admittedly sad that Iwata never got his concept to get released.



ShadJV commented on Monster Hunter X (Cross) Sales Hit 3.2 Million...:

@Donutman I just had a thought...

What if a new MH game is an NX launch title? Especially if it's a hybrid system, as 3 Ultimate showed it could be console and handheld... Either way, what a good way for a third party company to showcase the new system's capabilities? Graphics, online capabilities, etc...



ShadJV commented on Video: Watch The Epic Pokémon Super Bowl Comm...:

But what are they selling?

I mean as a fan I know all upcoming games but I'm not the target of this commercial, they're already getting my money. I see what they're doing but it would be more effective if they at least mentioned one game at the end (Go seems relevant).



ShadJV commented on Zack & Wiki and Super Mario Advance 4 Look Set...:

Wait, we're getting the ereader levels?!? Yes!!! I only got to play one in the original version, I'm so excited!

Plus I missed out of Zak and Wiki - too bad I have Mario & Luigi coming Friday and Final Fantasy Explorers next week. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting both of these, just won't be able to get to them right away.



ShadJV commented on Blind Gamer Completes Five-Year Quest To Finis...:

So Navi DOES have a use!

Seriously though, this is awesome, kudos to him! This takes dedication and patience, and even then it's no easy feat, even with save states. The game wasn't designed to be played without visuals (what game is?) but he utilized audio cues that I'm certain the designers didn't even consider! Using his sword and Navi to feel his way through Hyrule... I wonder what the world looked like in his head? How did he imagine Gohma? What does he think Ganon looks like? What about Redeads, how terrifying is it facing those in the dark? I'd love to see into this guy's brain! He saw Hyrule in a way we never will.



ShadJV commented on The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes Now Gives...:

Geez some people are really dumping on this game. I actually loved it and want more. I feel voice chat would ruin the puzzles, as one person would just tell the others how to do it - yes, there's times I struggle to communicate with my teammates but the moment I do it feels rewarding, and finding a good team then working in sync for a bunch of missions, with nothing to rely on but 8 emoticons... It's just such a cool feeling, like you connected so well you don't NEED words. When I cleared the den of trials with two randoms, after dozens of failures that we all persisted through, we just spammed the happy emotions for several minutes, it was clear we all were so pumped and whoever those two people are, I enjoyed every minute with them, every emoticon filled minute! People need more patience, this game is rewarding if you let it be. Sadly, the abysmal sales will likely mean we won't get another game like this or much more DLC.

I'd love this new update but I have every outfit so it's useless for me...



ShadJV commented on Editorial: Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Tiny Tex...:

@Dankykong Monster Hunter at least it wasn't as relevant, as the stories, quest details, etc were rarely relevant. Once you knew how to get play the game... Well, you can get by with skimming when in town and there is next to no text during quests (which last awhile). Meanwhile this is a story heavy JRPG...

I remember this being an issue with BK Nuts & Bolts and after enough complaints Rare patched it. Fingers crossed...



ShadJV commented on Accusations of Plagiarism Directed at Popular ...:

I mean I've seen a few stages that use a very similar idea to my favorite of stages I made that I planned well before the game even released (it involves a lot of poor yoshis, search NL's stage database of you wanna try it and see what I mean), and while I got annoyed that others got much more praise and popularity for essentially the same idea, I accepted it's just gonna happen. Maybe some people do outright copy, maybe some just have very similar ideas (with so many stages uploaded by now it's bound to happen), fact is... Well, life is unfair, and in a situation like this you can't copyright anything, just happens. I've long since resigned from getting many more stars...



ShadJV commented on Tri Force Heroes Developers Talk About the Eng...:

@InternetBowser I mean the demo is a bad example of the multiplayer because it's free, ergo anyone can play it including people who have no idea what they're doing. At least with the full game everyone payed for it and so the majority will invest time in it and actually know what they're doing. Heck, by now it's quite common that you get paired with people who already know the solutions to the dungeons you're playing.



ShadJV commented on Nintendo Has Quite A Bit Of Maintenance Planne...:

@Aceboss100 wow, people are still in denial? It's late enough in the day they obviously have nothing more to announce. Besides, as mentioned, look who revealed there was news. It was clearly indie related, and there are few indie titles as popular as this (I admit this even though I don't care for it) so an official announcement of this game's release, especially before holidays, is about as big of an indie announcement as Nintendo can get. Sorry, this is all we're getting today people.



ShadJV commented on See All That's Coming in the Tri Force Heroes ...:

@joneslr Yes, they are behind the times with voice chat and while team games like Splatoon are definitely hurt by that, I do believe Triforce Heroes' "chat" system was a design choice. Much of Zelda's gameplay mechanics comes from puzzle solving and outright voicechat with strangers means many players could have strangers tell them the solutions before they have a chance to think them through. The current system leaves just enough room for players to have to do a bit of thinking themselves, and solving them with limited communication adds another element to the puzzles - I love when I see creative ways random teammates online signal what they're trying to do! Granted, this is only necessary in puzzles, lobby voice chat (or at least text chat) would have been nice but yes, Nintendo is behind the times. Adding voice chat at this point is unlikely because they'd have to program it in from scratch, the game simply wasn't created with this feature. I think this is even less likely than two player with dopple mode. But I wouldn't expect either, better to hope for that stuff in a sequel, most we can hope for is more dungeons and costumes for this one.



ShadJV commented on See All That's Coming in the Tri Force Heroes ...:

@joneslr don't hold your breath - that sort of update would take more work than you would think, as the multiplayer doesn't support dopple mechanics. Such an update would be harder than throwing in some additional costumes and levels, as those don't actually change mechanics of any modes. You could play with a friend online and allow for a third stranger to join - you can even do that from the same room, and finding one random player that behaves decently is easier than two.



ShadJV commented on Video: Check Out The Super Mario Maker Door-Kn...:

@Zombo clearly impossible, as Mario can't be playing the stage and building it at the same time, he literally can lift himself up and move himself around. Not to mention is Mario essentially a god now, building the entire world around him? Clearly Weird Mario is god of the Mushroom Kingdom, misleading us with promo art (I mean what gods actually let there be decisive evidence of their existence?) and using Mario and company as mere playthings. Or maybe not a god but at least a powerful trans dimensional being that can mold entire worlds to his own desire... Why else what he be hiding behind doors that clearly bend spacey wacey timey wimey stuff?



ShadJV commented on Video: Learn a Little About Pokémon Snap and ...:

The Pokedex is riddled with impossibilities and I heard a theory that I think is the best to apply here: the Pokedex is more or less written by children so it isn't necessarily the authority most people assume it is. "Alakazam is so smart, it's IQ must be like 5000!!!" "Raichu's charges are like 100,000 volts! That can knock out an Indian elephant I think!!!" Seriously, just have to accept the Pokedex exaggerates a lot.



ShadJV commented on Video: The Game Theorists Explain Why We Shoul...:

I mean, Bowser is still clearly a villain, but Mario is more of a jerk than him. Heck, in Galaxy Mario lands on an egg on a small number planetoid, forcing a newborn creature out, and proceeds to beat it to death. He crushes goombas, practically helpless enemies, under his own weight. Meanwhile Bowser rarely actually kills (if ever).



ShadJV commented on Mario History: Super Mario Galaxy - 2007:

I like to compare the 3D Mario titles with the earlier 2D ones. Super Mario Bros and Super Mario 64 created industry standards in the platforming genre, in 2D and 3D respectively. Super Mario Bros 2 (the U.S. release at least) and Supet Mario Galaxy are the black sheep; some loved them, some hated them, either way they had a very different feel and yet introduced characters that would stay through the series. Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario Galaxy were both climactic moments for the series. They got incredible long term praise and are many times argued as some of the greatest games created. Super Mario World and Super Mario Galaxy 2 took the previous entries and stood on their shoulders to shatter the glass ceiling. They adopted the most from their predecessors but made it bigger, polished it up, and threw Yoshi into the mix.

I realize the comparison isn't perfect but it makes sense to me. I loved Sunshine but Galaxy managed to rekindle fires from Super Mario 64. Sure it was a bit more linear (one of its few flaws, combining it with 64's open ended worlds would be phenomenal) but it captured the Nintendo magic of old.