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United States

Sun 9th March, 2008

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Peter_Lemonjello commented on Okiraku Ping Pong Wii:

With all of the different ping pong options I now have on my wii the only thing left is to go out and get a stupid ping pong table. Until they combine some ping pong with the Wii Fitness Board and add online play, with no friend code nonsense either, I will not purchase another one.



Peter_Lemonjello commented on Major League Eating munches its way to WiiWare:

Nintendo has pulled another switch-a-roo. They release a handful of great games thereby duping some people into purchasing from the wheel barrel full of crappy titles. Nintendo, I demand that you take accountability for your third party publishings or if you don't I will put my wii in the dish washer, pots and pans cycle.



Peter_Lemonjello commented on Defend Your Castle:

I can't believe you are so excited. The only explanation is that you must work for X-Gen Studios. I think this game can't really expand much beyond the basic concept. The article is well written. I suggest everyone saves five bucks and plays the tried and true version, Flash style.