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Tender_Cutlet commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

Saturn stood for everything the gaming industry today does not. Risky, adventurous, shameless displays of technological power and opulence with a firm middle finger salute to the statusquo. With the Saturn died the golden age of gaming to be replaced with the sterile industry we tolerate today.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

Idealistic. If any of this were simple, surely Nintendo would have taken steps towards it by now - they were doing this type of thing with the SNES and Super Gameboy back when Playstation was just a twinkle in Kutaragi-san's eye!. Unfortunately Nintendo's leadership seem totally unprepared for the challenge of turning around the Wii U's fortunes and even less so to counter the media barrage. Choosing to ignore their criticism may be the moral high ground but it's nothing but feckless in the minds of impressionable consumers and journalists who love a public fall from grace.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

Subscribed for ONM for about two or three years during the early Wii era and the magazine did a barrel role after he left the first time. Good luck to him. What will ONM ever do with the monthly print space dedicated to his modelling portfolio? Nintendo better start making more games!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Ubisoft Refuses to Comment on Watch_Dogs Wii U...:

If this is true then I hope it proves to be just another broken heap of bugs lost amongst a library of better sand box adventures on the PS and Xbox systems. I supported that company by buying Zombi U but otherwise haven't since Rayman 2 on the Dreamcast and have no plans to now ever give them another cent of my cash so long as they keep up this pattern of just releasing unpolished shovelware for the time's most popular platform.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Lift in Chinese Console Ban and Market Fluctua...:

The Chinese government might prefer Nintendo's family friendly mission statement but as highlighted in the press, Chinese gamers have been monopolisized by PC gaming since 2000 - ie MMORPGs and FPs...neither genre is Nintendo's strong point. I fear Microsoft, with their links here will attempt to mop up.

Another factor is China's 'family planning policy' which has enforced the majority of affluent Chinese families to have no more than one child...a real spanner in the works when you consider 4 player local muliplayer for the whole family is Nintendo's angle of choice!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Nintendo Launches NES Remix Contest on Miiverse:

When you think how much it would cost to buy each of these NES titles separately on VC and then consider the improved presentation and fresh challenges on offer while still retaining the core feel of the original titles, it's an excellent investment for £8.99 or $15. It's under half the price of the recent Game & Wario title and does the micro-game genre ten fold better. It's also brilliant publicity for some of Nintendo's less familiar early work [also on VC] - a win win situation for both them and their consumer.




Tender_Cutlet commented on PS4 and Xbox One Surpass Wii U Lifetime Sales ...:

Yes the majority of British gamers seem to prefer EA sports titles and FPS's [a la COD] as their software of choice as suggested by sales in this Country. Unfortunately Nintendo do not offer a competitive platform for either.

Eavesdrop on any gaming conversation you hear out in London and you'll likely learn how important graphics and performance specs are over anything like originality or imagination [which sets Nintendo at somewhat of a disadvantage].

[Flame Alert] There is another section of UK "gamer" that seeks from a console more than just a gaming machine but a must-have luxury tech accessory with which comes all the bragging rights and status associated with owning it amongst their circles. These are the same people who covet the very latest Apple phones and laptops, expensive jewellery and designer clothes and buy consoles without stopping to consider what games are available to play on it. There was an interesting article on here recently about Nintendo's non existence market share in Poland - well that general impression of their stereotypical Consumer isn't too far removed from our own here in the UK.

Nintendo will only ever appeal to those enjoying their childhood; with unbreakable ties to their childhood memories or those in close family groups...and I wouldn't trade mine for all the world.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Jeff Willms Wins Donkey Kong World Championshi...:

Donkey Kong is like the FA Cup - the original and most prestigious title in it's field. 'King of Kong' was brilliantly done when considering the premise - [reaching a high score and kill screen on DK] is hardly high octane viewing! Truly staggering to see so many master scores in the same championship - I wish I had the skill and perserevance to pwn an arcade classic.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Suda51: "Nintendo Are Always Very Important To...:

Just me that didn't like NMH then? Personally I found the inventive boss fights not enough to salvage the monotonous trawls to said bosses and desolate free roaming sections. It reminded me of playing another game back on the Dreamcast called Headhunter - yet this game came out 7 years earlier and was more pleasing to the eye on inferior hardware.

All Suda managed to achieve with NMH was taking a tried formula, combining it with touches of his own art style [developed on titles like Killer 7] and trade out the cliched square-jawed no-BS lawman with Travis Touchdown - a douche bag with a rip off light saber - hardly the foundations of an original IP that so many seem to suggest.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3DS):

Hyperstone Heist was a great game - one of the best on the Genesis and 2nd only to SOR2 in it's library of brawlers IMO. It was also the first TMNT console port to use the "shell shocked!" quote when losing a life if i'm not mistaken - found here in the title of this review.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

Like any decent '80s martial arts movie - I'm more comfortable cutting my teeth against other western journeymen than having my donkey handed to me [or my spine broken] by those Oriental phenoms.

[We made generalised cliches like that in the '80s - deal with it!]

Watch the language -Lz

^^ my DONKEY!? ^^^ lmao!! at least censor it to "posterior", "rump", or any other remotely inoffensive reference to one's anatomical back side! Priceless.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:


What if the Wii U doesn't break even?

Nintendo have already claimed they are already selling it at a loss. Nintendo titans have fallen after higher profile failures. The late great Yamauchi-sensei stood down after the disappointing performance of the N64 and Gamecube whilst guru and 31 year veteran, Gunpei Yokoi was made expendable after the failure of the virtual boy. No one is indispensable at this level it seems - not even gulp Miyamoto-san.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

I've no doubt it will last 5 yrs +. Whether it sells enough units in that period to avoid being labelled an also ran within it's generation [like the N64 and Gamecube] remains to be seen - I've seen enough gens now to be confident which way i'd wager.

If we're still both here in 2018, I look forward to saying "told you so" or being told likewise!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

@LDXD that's your problem - seems a rather depressing outlook to me! ;-)

If you decipher from my comments that I favour smart phone gaming - you're wrong.

We cannot ignore the growth in the market for casual, simplistic touch screen mobile gaming - [this gen's Wii]



Tender_Cutlet commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:


I put it to you that the Wii was nought but a progressive scanning Gamecube with an inbuilt modem - developers knew exactly what to do with it but most weren't challenged by it and had already moved on to 1080p...exactly why the Wii U is for now not a challenge to develop for.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Soapbox: The Wii Changed The Face of Gaming, B...:

Think you're giving the Wii too much credit. It was a freak phenomenon that couldn't even last the duration of it's own generation. If it was the "revolution" of which you speak why have everyone including Nintendo and consumers gone completely the other direction? More like a short lived 'revolt'.

The Wii - Resting in Peace and dust under millions of tellys since 2007.



Tender_Cutlet commented on "Uninformed" Store Staff Are Hurting Wii U Sal...:

I think she's spot on. I went into Hamley's GAME on GTA V launch day to buy my copy of that title and whilst faced with an hour long queue for my copy, encountered a fella in front of me asking one of the roaming store staff about the wii U. His situation was that he had an old wii, long since forgotten and he doubted still worked. His kid was now at the age were he wanted to play family orientated Nintendo games with [some of which he still owned] and wanted a new console to play them - he even made it clear that money wasn't an issue! He asked the store rep about Wii U and the features, whether it was worth buying the new console or just another Wii on ebay and the store rep admitted he didn't have a clue about the Wii U, any of it's features - or show any desire to get this Customer's money in the tills. [no wonder I thought the chain has gone under and as this is the last store in central London, God help them!]

Anyway, I couldn't help but intervene and explain to the curious fella in the queue about the Wii U and even the merits of the Wii Mini of which the store rep had never even heard! My point is that Nintendo's marketing of the console has been shocking and whilst the majority of sales assistants in the retail industry are stoodent xbox gamers averse to "casual" gaming and disenchanted by a low wage, Nintendo don't stand a chance getting across to their target consumers without investing in a serious promotional campaign.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Nintendo Download: 26th September (Europe):

Really surprised to read zero love for Zelda II TAOL's release. It's my favourite NES game of all time and if you're one of the few yet to have played a version of it, IMO it's a quintessential 8-bit experience. #IAMERROR