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Tender_Cutlet commented on Rumour: Metal Gear Creator Hideo Kojima Is Lea...:

Konami owns the rights to MGS and can do what it pleases with it. Despite Kojima's best efforts the franchise outgrew its maker some time ago and no amount of convoluted plotlining and new-modern cutscenery will disguise that.

I wish Kojimasan all the best in his future endeavours. He certainly has the nouse to end his career having been known in most circles for more than one IP.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Don't Seethe Too Much Over Xbox One Shovel Kni...:

For me, if your looking for a blast from Nintendo's past, truly in keeping with the retro 8bit theme of the game, i'd like to see Popo and Nana from Ice Climber.

They're Nintendo's own IP, made relevant by appearances in Smash Bros, unlikely to have their own title anytime soon, criminally overlooked while the likes of Kid Icarus and Excitebike get reboots and cameos, and most importantly wield comparably blunt tools to Shovel Knight in the form of their mallets - meaning no awkward change necessary to the game mechanics.




Tender_Cutlet commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Now Launching I...:

Honestly, this was my reveal of E3 and the highlight of my Christmas schedule - more so than Smash WiiU! - I can't wait. It just looks so wonderful. Had a hunch that when they brought Smash release forward, Capt Toad would follow. Now it'll actually feel like a Xmas time release.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Resident Evil Creator Shinji Mikami Is A Fan O...:

I always liked Rebecca's unique fragility in Stars. Rather than just another all-action Jill clone like Claire, she has a vunerability that sets her apart. She is the Beta team medic, not a combat specialist like the others and furthermore the rookie on the team without field experience going into the mansion incident. Seperated from the others and seemingly the only survivor, she not only contends wirh the threat of the undead but also the responsibility to apprehend a convicted mass murderer on the loose. It's her very nature that makes the relationship between her and Billy so interesting, with their requirement to cooperate but her authority and safety always in question. I'm glad he didn't get his way otherwise RE0 wouldn't have been nearly as interesting to play.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Shovel Knight For Wii U & 3DS Launches In Euro...:

Still a day one purchase for me. Been resisting the temptation to spend my eshop credit on DLC for MK8 or Hyrule Warriors waiting for this. All of the above plus the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, it's gonna be an expensive period in the eshop.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

1. FZero GX- just about the finest Nintendo racer from the last 15 years and still looks and plays gorgeous today. In my opinion Sega's finest work off their own platforms.1080p and 60fps online multiplayer would be absolutely insane.

2. Got to consider more GC classics for this like MGS Twin Snakes, Starfox Assault, Tales of Symphonia or the much misunderstood Mario Sunshine!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Video: The 10 Best Zelda Games As Selected By You:

How did Skyward Sword do so well? List should be IMHO

10 Oracles
6 Majora's Mask
5 Link's Awakening
4 Minish Cap
3 Windwaker
1 Ocarina of Time

I would rather vote for the Phillips CD games than have Skyward Sword, Twilight Princess, Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks make my top 10.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Play & Win: UK Mario Kart 8 Tournament - Live!:

Would love to join but my internet connection is sooo poor I get communication errors every third race on a good day! There's no way I'll make 12 races in row without being screwed - thanks Talk Talk! :-( Gonna upgrade to Fibre Optics when I'm more financially sound. Good luck to you guys taking part.

I'm up to 2500 career points now but imagine I lose about 10-12 points every third race when I get disconnected I've probably squandered twice that since launch. I have to finish top three each race just to break even on a session...It's like trying to climb the proverbial greasy pole. Still it makes the climb to the coveted 9999 more drawn out...I assume that is the top score achievable still?



Tender_Cutlet commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

About four 'core Playstation fans are gonna spend £200 on a WiiU to play the sequel to Bayonetta. Let's be realistic. The rest would sooner upload embarrassing baby photos of themselves onto the internet.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

Nintendo "won" because Microsoft and Sony didn't have a killer app either. Zelda wasn't a "reveal", its development has been common knowledge for almost 2 years. Only reveals [unexpected and new announcements out of left field] were Amiibo, Splatoon and Captain Toad.

Ridiculous asking this website who won - bet 99% of us members didn't watch the Microsoft or Sony presentations - reflected in the numbers who voted partially for Nintendo.

Overall I thought E3 was a very average offering this year that will not stand out in hindsight against a year with a big new console or IP reveal from any of the big three.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Poll: Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo Dur...:

Re StarFox: can we be assured it wasn't just a joke of hoax to whip up a bit of on the day fever pitch among the Ninty diehards? They even joked about it during their presentation when morph Reggie pawned the fanboy!

Besides Nintendo seem to have missed that most Fox fans got their latest fix only a couple of years ago with's us F-Zero fans that are due some attention!

Re the showings: I voted Captain Toad as I didn't see it coming at all - I loved the little CT parts in SM3DW and am so chuffed they'd make a full game from this concept. To think how well a CT franchise would have sat on the N64 or Gamecube! I hope that it will be large enough to warrant a full disc release and not just be an eshop download?

Zelda sandbox was a great reveal but as others have mentioned, we already knew it was coming and actually I felt they didn't reveal enough new data.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Mario Kart Month: Nintendo Life's Team Shares ...:

All the above praise is warranted.

My criticisms include:

The tracks are now all TOO wide and not challenging to lap - not enough tough corners - I managed to win the 100cc special cup on my first go without falling off the tracks once [and all this with a wiimote control scheme which I hadn't worked out you hold buttons 1 and 2 to power slide!] Point is not to say how good I am, rather this is the easiest Mario Kart to date in terms of track design. [Remember the learning process involved in mastering earlier MK tracks like SNES Koopa Beach 2, Rainbow Road, N64 Banshee Boardwalk and Double Dash's Yoshi Circuit and Wario Colosseum?]

For the first time in the series, Rainbow Road has not been reimagined for the final race in the Special Cup series. Why?! It was something of a tradition. Besides which I don't believe the N64 version included in the retro Lightning Cup series to be the definitive Rainbow Road circuit or make up for the exclusion of an original version.

The coins are now somewhat pointless, seemingly only serving to cross the palm of Lakitu when he helps you back on track [way fast!] Is anyone stretched enough to see what happens when you have no coins and fall off a track?

Why include such elaborate action replay coding in the game over less demanding content like original sandbox arenas for Battle Mode?

I had hoped to see the return of the ALL TOUR CUP mode last seen in Double Dash - the ultimate test of one's mastery of the game - where all 16 tracks were raced in random order, back to back, in a single championship. Its exclusion from the Wii and now MK8 shows Nintendo's declining interest in making the single and local multiplayer experience as full as it should be - which is a real shame when you consider how little effort it would be to include both 16 original tracks and 16 retro tracks already on the disc in two all tour championship packages[original and retro]. Whatever Nintendo's reason for dropping it, I believe the 16 race series to always be relevant - real life racing series such as F1 and CART have a similar number of races in their season - while if you manage to tank one race in a championship, there's only so little fight back one can do with 4 races per trophy while clawing back a large points deficit over up to 15 more races can be much more exciting.




Tender_Cutlet commented on Talking Point: The GameCube Controller Adapter...:

Awesome move. Can't help thinking that, had the WiiU been shifting Wii console numbers, Nintendo would not have given us old faithfuls a 2nd thought. Still while they're at it - why no support for N64 controllers? Famicom and SNES pads got support on Wii but not the Ultra despite having a presence on the virtual console. If the VC does eventually relaunch in full then one of these adapters for all the different controllers would be a real boon.

Also with this GC connection now possible, will they look into the GBA link features? They could even redo the Tingle Tuner feature to Windwaker HD with a firmware update!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Poll: A Tale of Two Blockbusters as Mario Kart...:

@Luigifan141 "I couldn't care less about a company who makes cash cow games like Ubisoft."

Even the most diehard Nintendo fans should not be able to say that looking someone in the eye!

Have you never experienced such charity-conscious publications as Wii Play, Party, Sports, Sports Resort, Sports Club, Fit. Fit U, Music, Nintendogs, Nintendogs & Cats, Brain Training, Maths Training...every Mario game with a NEW in the title...???

...and all this selfless R&D at the expense a new Metroid, Star Fox or F-Zero game!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Though about everything except getting on the wrong side of you! ;-)

Come on...they're ALL fictional characters - Peach is from the Mushroom Kingdom and likewise not an earthling despite being admittedly more humanoid than her anthropomorphic citizens, the piantas. One could argue that in the Mushroom Kingdom Nintendo has created an Atlantis of countless diversity with all species living in harmony, save for a few disgruntled Koopas!

If, as in the original piece by Casey, one can get away with counting Toads as humans and white, what discounts piantas as black? Afterall they're both just anthropomorphic vegetation!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Haven't read ALL the above comments but surprised if noone's mentioned this already...was playing Gamecube today - a couple of runs on Mario Sunshine and Double Dash and look who I encounter...Untitled
No! Surely not a Mario game full of black characters so appropriately forgotten by all those looking to make people born into majorities feel bad about themselves!
What ever next? a Mario Kart game set within an community of majority black and ethnic characters? Never happen? Well it 2003...

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"Oh but he's not a playable character in Mario games!" I hear you cry?...moral of the story is if it bothers you that much you can always try Baseball...




Tender_Cutlet commented on Nintendo Hosting Two Big Evening Presentations...:

Well let's think this through - Nintendo's strategy nowadays is play it safe - despite all the coverage Smash has thus far received they still plan on giving it 50% of their live presentation time. Clearly the other 50% will only be dedicated to blockbuster franchise Nintendo know is a guaranteed hit. Of their franchises, the likes of F-Zero, Metroid and Star Fox have never broken through to the masses - only the Super Mario, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Pokemon and Zelda franchises have managed to break the 50million sales barrier over their lifespans. Therefore it's a safe bet that a new 3DS game with this much of an exclusive PR platform would likely be from one of these sure-fire franchises.

Now, they've already done MK7 recently so we can rule a new MK 3DS out. A new Pokemon is already known to be on the way and would they be so discreet if it the conference were about the followup to last year's X and Y? DK isn't the draw he used to be back in the 80s and 90s as proved by Tropical Freeze not seeing more fans adopting the Wii U system. That leaves Mario or Zelda...

We recently had Link Between Worlds so we can discount a brand new Zelda title. I'm concluding therefore the conference is one of three things-

The safe [predictable] option is a presentation on the new Pokemon titles. The surprise option would be a sequel to Super Mario 3D World on 3DS. Or the long shot option would be the announcement of the remake of Majora's Mask that fans have clamoured for since Ocarina 3DS. Either way, I wouldn't expect any groundbreaking announcements in terms of software.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

Mario is short, plump, mastachioed, simple, working class and Italian...though in 30 years i've never felt or heard any of my Italian paisani complain that this constitutes Racism...pathetic use of the race card from Casey Malone.

Lui e' un pagliaccio che cerca di essere notato.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Satoru Iwata Speaks Of The Need To "Redefine" ...:

Not sure many of us would be on sharing a passion for hanafuda cards...Nintendo dabbled in the past with 'entertainment' media as far removed as the hotel industry but since realizing success in video games never looked back. The point is Nintendo should stick to what their good at - something that Yamauchi came to accept when video games took the company global. QOL reeks of a gimmick and final desperate throw of the dice from a naturally over cautious CEO finally fallen foul of his share holders. If they really want to make things other than software, they should focus more on toys and hardware accessories! New DK Bongos please! :-)



Tender_Cutlet commented on Myth Becomes Reality As Atari's E.T. Cartridge...:

Got hoax written all over it. I could buy three squashed copies of the game for tuppence on eBay and claim I unearthed them in my back yard. The games so bad you'd have trouble disproving it! Now a photo of a heap of them or a container full would be more conclusive. It's not as though judging by the condition of these so called finds that the game could have biodegraded over these 30 years - which brings me on to another rant entirely, if there really is a landfill site full of ET carts, Atari should be made to get over there and clean up their mess - that type of poopoodoodoocacapoopledoople might have been ok in the 80s but with evidence that their dumping is still polluting the environment they should be forced to clean up and incinerate their corporate excrement!



Tender_Cutlet commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Saturn:

Saturn stood for everything the gaming industry today does not. Risky, adventurous, shameless displays of technological power and opulence with a firm middle finger salute to the statusquo. With the Saturn died the golden age of gaming to be replaced with the sterile industry we tolerate today.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Talking Point: Important Steps to Bring the 3D...:

Idealistic. If any of this were simple, surely Nintendo would have taken steps towards it by now - they were doing this type of thing with the SNES and Super Gameboy back when Playstation was just a twinkle in Kutaragi-san's eye!. Unfortunately Nintendo's leadership seem totally unprepared for the challenge of turning around the Wii U's fortunes and even less so to counter the media barrage. Choosing to ignore their criticism may be the moral high ground but it's nothing but feckless in the minds of impressionable consumers and journalists who love a public fall from grace.



Tender_Cutlet commented on Recently Departed Official Nintendo Magazine E...:

Subscribed for ONM for about two or three years during the early Wii era and the magazine did a barrel role after he left the first time. Good luck to him. What will ONM ever do with the monthly print space dedicated to his modelling portfolio? Nintendo better start making more games!