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Male, 20, Canada

I am half Japanese and I own a NA and Japanese version of the Wii U and 3DS. I am a fan of The Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem and Monster Hunter series. My Mii's name is かずお(Kazuo).

Sat 31st August, 2013

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yokokazuo commented on Eager Splatoon Players Aim to Make Sense of th...:

I've been on there trying to figure out some things and was kind of surprised when I saw Alex on there. While I have seen some symbols that appear to be based off of other languages like English and Japanese (in some areas of single player, I've seen what look like Japanese stop signs), it seems like for the most part that the language is just made up.



yokokazuo commented on Video: We Get Artistically Destructive With Th...:

I'm not really a roller user, but I really like the speed of this. Don't really run and brush anymore and just swing it to cover s lot of area near me as I move forward. My best score with it so far is a little over 1200 (including the bonus).



yokokazuo commented on Guide: Use these Splatoon Tricks & Advanced Te...:

@rjejr in splat zones, sometimes it is better to take the long way if the other team isn't really close to winning. If your whole team is almost taken out and it looks like your teammate is in danger then it may be best to not jump to them which could get you killed and take you longer to get to the Splat Zone.



yokokazuo commented on Weirdness: The Second Player Can Have Motion C...:

@leo13 when you go into the battle dojo and it says press ZL and ZR on the controller, make sure you are holding down and B before you press them. Then when on the weapon select screen press a button on the Wii Remote (they say 2, but I think any should work).

Also make sure that both controllers are synced to the Wii U.



yokokazuo commented on Splatoon Global Testfire is Confirmed for One ...:

@rjejr I can't remember if the prices had increased to $65 before Mario Kart, but I do remember paying $65 for Smash Bros. Wii U's are $330 and I think I saw PS4's for $450, but after doing some checking I'm seeing some bundles now ranging from $400-$500



yokokazuo commented on Poll: Did The Splatoon Global Testfire Hit Its...:

I had almost no problems, the last session it took me a couple tries to connect, but other than full rooms I had no problems. I think i ran into a laggy match maybe twice out of all of them, but they weren't even that bad.



yokokazuo commented on Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Includes Discoun...:

I wish this was for NA too... It's $70 retail and download in Canada. I could get this on my Japanese Wii U for almost $10 less! (Only thing holding me back is I would need another hard drive, although that would push me to get Xenoblade X too)



yokokazuo commented on Video: Did You Know Gaming? Tackles the Monste...:

I hadn't even heard about Monster Hunter until Tri was mentioned in Nintendo Power, but since then I've been hooked on this series. I personally hope that we see under water battles return again. I even go back to 3 Ultimate sometimes despite havin 4.



yokokazuo commented on Guide: Improve Your Wii U's External Hard Driv...:

I didn't know about this for awhile when I got my external hard drive and because it kept going into sleep mode, it would sometimes not load when I was returning to the home menu from some games. I think I just heard about this late last year.



yokokazuo commented on Mewtwo 10-Man Smash Glitch is Stopping Some Fr...:

Someone from SmashBoards quoted this from the smash bros subreddit which seems to be a good explanation of what caused the glitch.

"This happened to me. It says I have a GSP of zero.

This is likely because your "total score" is actually subtractive in the 10- and 100- man smash. What it does is, after completing 10 or 100-man smash with every character, it adds up all the times and displays your total time. You can then whittle down this total time by getting better scores with various characters.

But because of Mewtwo, the definition of "every character" is wonky. So the GSP for this "total time" just displays as zero. And I guess if the game detects a GSP of zero, it detects this as trickery, and won't let you go online.

I imagine that this glitch only effects people who have actually completed either 10- or 100-man smash with every characterm including Mewtwo."

Also it appears that it is only the 10-man smash and that all other modes are okay according to another post from the SmashBoards. Although it would probably be safer to not do any Multi-Man Smashes.