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DTFaux commented on Weirdness: Super Smash Bros. amiibo Modificati...:

I feel conflicted about the game glitch video. If I was younger or had my guard down, it'd probably scar me for a good, long while... But watching it in motion just had me ROLLIN'!!

And I actually hope "Alt amiibos" aren't officially gonna be a thing, because I just KNOW I'm gonna want those too. But I do like the idea of customizing your own. I'm actually tempted to make the Gold/Silver trainer cap for my Pikachu now.



DTFaux commented on Guide: Getting the Most out of Your amiibo wit...:

It's good to hear that they can supposedly still learn new tricks at their Lv. 50 cap. And it's impressive how well they adapt up to the point where fighting them becomes an up hill battle for yourself. My Lv. 50 Mario actually 3-stocked me once, and the other matches where I do win, it's such a struggle just to get a hit in, he blocks and capes almost perfectly.

I really hope amiibo tourneys will become a thing. It'll be a whole different level of hype and excitement seeing the things you train fight for you.



DTFaux commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U GameCube Controlle...:

Glad I pre-ordered mine then. Honestly, I didn't need it, but lord knows everyone has those friends who cant/refuse to play unless they're using a GCN controller.

It's kinda ironic that this adapter actually prevents folks to adapt. :V I acknowledge the benefits though (8-player Smash and especially tourneys).



DTFaux commented on Meta Knight amiibo to be Best Buy Exclusive in US:

@Yoshis95 Dirty is having a million and ten pre-order bonuses available at 7 different outlets for the same game (that may or may not have that DLC publicly available at a future date). Dirty is forcing the delay of a multi-plat game on other consoles so you can get it on yours first/at the same time.

This is more arbitrary, as while the exclusivity for something like amiibos is unnecessary, you at least still have the choice/ability to go to these stores (or buy online). The main folks effected the worst by this are those who have a vendetta against these big chain stores (for hopefully good reason), and those who want to save a couple bucks on bulk shipping.

Edit: All this said, I'd rather these figures not being held exclusively by store.



DTFaux commented on Captain Toad Producer Says Nintendo Never Full...:

IIRC, wasnt it also confirmed (or mentioned) some time ago that Yoshis and even Kirby are genderless? And that we just give them the s/he pronouns because calling them "it" is just too weird for us?

But also, considering the Tomodachi Life incident, and how much of a hot-button issue the mere mention of gender/race/sexuality is on the internet, I don't blame them for trying to be ambiguous about this.



DTFaux commented on Poll: Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?:

I'll likely get all of them whenever I can afford them. I like the idea of having a long shelf full of these amiibos stretched across an entire wall. On top of that, lord knows what features will be available in future games. Might as well get all of them.

My first (and possibly main) will be Mario, though.



DTFaux commented on Little Mac Is Officially The Least Successful ...:

I think part of what did Little Mac in was his reveal trailer. It built him up to be so OP that noobs forgot about the FREQUENT emphasis that he has a poor recovery (and I bet fewer even knows he has a wall jump).

Though I do wonder how much better his chances are of winning once folks have a C-Stick they can mash on?

@Luffymcduck I'd argue that Little Mac's aerial moves are the most hilarious to land, only because most folks don't expect it to happen. But you can actually get a few KOs with a well timed f-air, or if you really wanna disrespect, fall with your opponent spamming your neutral air.

Most Little Macs (rightly) anchor themselves on the ground, but the ones that are not afraid to leave the ground are the ones people should fear most.



DTFaux commented on Review: Flapp & Zegeta (Wii U eShop):

The kicker is that negative reviews on purposely-made, less than stellar games probably helps them more than it hurts them. We live in an age where folks are willing to pay hard earned money to see just how bad/how much of a clone these games are.



DTFaux commented on Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal Demo Available N...:

Been playing the demo for a bit. So far, it feels kinda basic: Keep running as one character until you need to switch to one with a specific ability.

I guess I'm definitely part of the "Gotta go FAST!" camp. Will we ever see a play style like Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Rush or the Unleashed daytime stages ever again?



DTFaux commented on The Original NES Duck Hunt Is Coming Soon To T...:

@vamkar Yeah, at this point, Duck Hunt should get the KI:U treatment. And with the incredibly low chance of us ever seeing Banjo-Kazooie on Nintendo consoles ever again, what better team to do a new open-world platformer/collect-a-thon game with?



DTFaux commented on Video: Catch Up With Nintendo's Super Smash Br...:

I was in the very first match of the tourney. I wont lie, I'm kind of a bit bitter that of all the stages to fight a Kirby in (I was ready for just about any character and stage BUT him and Paper Mario). Especially considering it seemed that most of the following matches had decent platforms and/or little transition.

Salty Johning aside though, it was an overall fun time, watching the matches were pretty hype, and if Nintendo ever hosts another tourney, I hope I can make it to the Nationals again! Fingers crossed for Wii U Open



DTFaux commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

In retrospect, perhaps it wasn't the best idea to paste Isabelle's model over a Felyne's animation. :V

But man, either Capcom REALLY likes money, or they really NEED money to be doing so many cross-overs in, what is basically, their best selling franchise.



DTFaux commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

I see folks getting paranoid going "What else might've been cut from the Wii U version??", but I'm pretty sure the answer to that is, "Not much else, really."

Think about it, the only things Smash 3DS/Wii U seems to share are characters rosters and a couple of stages. Aside from the roster itself, how would the 3DS limit what exclusive stages, modes, and songs the Wii U version would have? Those would be considered INCENTIVES to get the Wii U version.

Additionally, if we had to sacrifice one character for a PORTABLE SMASH (something of many kids' dreams since the N64 days), so be it. And yes, I'd have gladly given up my 3 Brawl mains (Mario, Yoshi, Capt. Falcon) for Smash on the go. Heck, until a couple of months ago, Capt. Falcon didn't even seem like he was gonna make the cut and I was willing to cope.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Announces Super Smash Club for Canada:

I was mentioning on another site, it seems like we're one step closer to officially endorsed, nationwide tournaments (almost like the E3 invitational and Comic Con tournament).

If Nintendo really wanted to, they could push annual competitions on nearly the same level as the Pokemon World Championships. I mean, tourneys like EVO already exist, might as well get folks jumping into your own boat.



DTFaux commented on Demo for Super Smash Bros. 3DS Announced for N...:

@Bowser1027 @metace13 Now that I'm done I can tell you my ultimate secret that might've helped me: The first 4 numbers/letters of the NA codes seem to be all the same "A05V". So having them pre-typed saves you all that extra time for the other 12 characters. Also, if you make it through to the download page, click the bottom right corner like there's no tomorrow!

Best of luck to everyone else, and thanks to those so far who've been generous with their codes!



DTFaux commented on Dan Adelman - Nintendo is "Very Much Aware" of...:

I'm also in the camp that's sure we'll get a unified account sooner or later. There's no way they're not working on it as we speak, but I can imagine that one thing that's stopping Nintendo is on how to implement such a system while preventing folks from abusing it. I've seen a good amount of people who have no problem sharing an account with tons of people if the system allows it.

If we do get this system, I hope folks don't complain if it comes with some kind of DRM or rule that you can only link one 3DS/Wii U at a time.