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DTFaux commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

@DualWielding If it helps, most folks have said that by the time the NX is actually going to release, the Wii U will have already lived the "average" console cycle (4-6 years). This probably also explains the N3DS being a stop-gap until the next gen (many folks have mentioned this too).

Really, it all just seems par the course.



DTFaux commented on Reaction: The Nintendo 'NX', and Why We Think ...:

I commented in another article that with all the other branches Nintendo is pushing (amiibos, QoL, and now the DeNA partnership), it seems like they're trying to get a foot-hold on new ways to make money when consoles and portables [inevitably] merge together.

I really hope the speculation of the NX being a unified system is true. I cant see many reason why they shouldn't do it from a convenience standpoint.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

Like many, here's hoping this NX is the "fusion" rumor we've been hearing for a while now. It only seems like the next natural step as portables get that much closer to consoles in terms of power. And I can imagine a dedicated system that sits at home and you link up your portable "accessory" for cross-saves and as an extra controller (a la Smash Bros Wii U/3DS).

And while it will be the end of an era (like how the DS ended the Gameboy line), this might bring about the unified account system and cross-buy we've all been waiting for.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

Ooh, this makes me a bit nervous... but I guess as long as their portable/home consoles arent neglected...

And maybe this is Nintendo acting proactively. Between amiibos, their QoL stuff, movie/TV show rumors, and now this, maybe they're trying to find more ways to bring cash in as they're [supposedly] gonna merge their portable and console in the next gen.



DTFaux commented on New Nintendo 3DS XL Charging Cradle Goes Up fo...:

I imported one around the NA launch of the N3DS XL. It's far from necessary, but it looks sleek and saves space on any surface due to it's vertical design. My favorite thing is being able to see if you might have gotten a streetpass or spot pass through that little notch on the bottom left of the stand.

It's a bit snug to slip in with a strap or charm attached to your N3DS XL, and I've yet to test if it fits with one of those official protective silicon covers (I'd imagine it would, though).

I've used this more often than the one that came with the OG 3DS.



DTFaux commented on Weirdness: eBay Trolls amiibo Fans With Gold M...:

It's always funny seeing folks going "That's just supply and demand". But the issue with the concept of "Supply and Demand" is that if it was a commodity with no supplier or no set price, then sure, let the market do its thing. But the suppliers (Walmart) exist, and the MSRP ($13) is set so that the providers get a profit while staying accessible to the general public, not just who has the most money to throw away. That keeps the market free AND fair.

To scalp [new products] is to wedge yourself into the already established market, purposely creating supply shortages to drive up the demand and cost. That's straight up sleazy, and is only not illegal because there's no rules in place. Of course setting such rules would be a conflict of interest in ebay and/or retailers' bottom line.

I bet Nintendo could set some kind of rule or embargo against ebay/retailers, but they would just take Nintendo to court saying how it's unconstitutional to the free market or something.



DTFaux commented on Review: Mappy-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

I'm glad you guys noted that Mappy had a web series. And while the ShiftyLook site that hosted it is down (which is a darned shame, their content was pretty cool), their Youtube page is still up with episodes of Mappy, Bravo-man, and a few episodes of Wonder Momo.



DTFaux commented on Super Smash Bros. Soundtrack Release Has Been ...:

Electronics, sure. Toys, ok. But music CDs? How bad does it have to be where you have to delay shipment for an easily mass produced and (what is essentially) semi-obsolete medium?

I'm not even mad or disappointed. Just really, really curious.



DTFaux commented on Complete First Season Of Donkey Kong Country T...:

God, I loved this show when I was a kid, and I love it now just because of how charmingly STUPID it is in retrospect. :V You only get that kind of legit sincerity in 90s cartoons, if it was done now, it'd be for the sake of irony.

The songs alone are enough reason to watch the show, whether you wanna laugh at or jam out to:

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DTFaux commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

@Grumblevolcano I think the only issue it would solve would be for the folks who are looking for functionality over form. But it'd have to be A LOT of cards to meet demand of casual buyers and collectors, while also circumventing scalpers who would just buy them in bulk.

I'd personally welcome the cards. I could imagine they'd be a little cheaper than the figures ($3-$5?), and a deck is much easier to carry around as opposed to a case of figures.



DTFaux commented on Feature: Tales From the Front Line of amiibo C...:

As someone who's been trying to 100% the Smash line here in North America and is just about to complete Wave 3, I can attest to how real (and voluntary) the struggle is. If not for a few of the dedicated forums, I likely wouldn't have gotten all of them at MSRP (though I had to drive quite a ways for a few of them).

I suggest to anyone and everyone that if you even think you might-possibly-maybe-probably but probably not-although you guess you want an amiibo, just preorder ASAP. It'll save you a lot of gas, time, regret, and possibly money.

I also recommend preordering in-store at your local Gamestops because while they might not be the first to release, they seem to be the least likely to cancel orders. Also, if you order online, do not order two of the same amiibo on the same card/order. Looking at others' horror stories, they seem to have theirs cancelled if the big chains find out they wont have enough supply.



DTFaux commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

@DarthNocturnal Yeah, "I'm really feelin' it!" has kinda been a thing barely a week (if even that much) after the Shulk Smash 4 reveal video launched.

IMO, it hasn't reached "The cake is a lie" or "Over 9000!" levels of obnoxious yet, but that's probably thanks to Shulk and Xenoblade still being pretty obscure outside of the dedicated Nintendo/Smash fanbase.

But just wait until more folks learn about Reyn. V:



DTFaux commented on We're Really Feeling It With These Xenoblade C...:

If Nintendo refuses to get rid of region lock and NoA refuses to bring the standard size here, I wonder how much longer until some "renegade" finds a way to get the NA firmware working in/on an imported N3DS? Because price permitting (and warranty be darned), some folks would be willing to pay for that kind of stuff and would just import the faceplates themselves.



DTFaux commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

I can bet you anything the share holders pushed Nintendo in this direction...

As someone who fell into the F2P model (though refused to pay out the pocket), the good feels of playing for free can be quickly replaced with stress and compulsion; constantly loading up a game to see how much time was left before I could play again. It wasnt until one game (a city building-type game) told me I had to wait almost an entire day before I could make more progress was when I woke up and swore off majority F2P games that had a timer and fuel-based system that have little-to-no external rewards.

There are few games that can justify dictating when people can play, and even their time-based limits dont cut you off from accessing other parts of the game (Pokemon and Animal Crossing).



DTFaux commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

After looking at his How-To video, I give him credit on the effort (and debunking before things got out of hand). But it's still pretty jerkish that he did it, no matter how impressive it was. And this is coming from a guy who didnt care either way if the rumor was real.

It's not like we dont have a worldwide recognized day dedicated to stuff like this...



DTFaux commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

The only F2P game from Nintendo I'm looking forward to right now is that Collectable Badge Center game. I'm really hoping that with the N3DS finally out in all territories, maybe we can expect that in the immediate future?



DTFaux commented on Rumour: Rayman Could be Planned as DLC in Supe...:

If any of Ubisoft's character was to join the ranks of Smash, it would be Rayman, hands down. And I could bet his moveset would be pretty cool, considering the lack of limbs.

That said, I dont think Rayman necessarily deserves to be part of the roster. Between Ubisoft and Nintendo's relationship, and the barely-there legacy/history of Rayman (who was pushed aside in favor of the Rabbids for a good while) , I dont see how he can share the same screen as Sonic, Megaman, and Pacman. I'd say Bomberman deserves a spot before Rayman ever does. </spiel>



DTFaux commented on Video: Nintendo Releases Slightly Peculiar "Ne...:

I remember some folks saying that one Majora's Mask UK commercial felt pretty retro, but I think these N3DS commercials really takes the cake right now.

The minimalistic live-action, mascot character shenanigans, the actor being way outside of the primary demographic range, and the serious tone of the music. It definitely feels like a commercial more fitting 10+ years ago as opposed to today. And that's what probably makes them so charming to me.



DTFaux commented on Reminder: There's Still Time to Hit a New Nint...:

Part of me thinks these GameStop midnight launches were purely an afterthought. Otherwise a lot of us would've had the option to order ship-to-store. But it's fine. Got Next-Day shipping going on, so I'll be hunting monsters and masking Majoras by this time tomorrow~



DTFaux commented on Twitch Plays Pokémon Celebrates Anniversary ...:

With that input section going so fast, I feel like I'm watching a Gameboy version of DDR. V:

And I see a donation ticker coming up every so often. I wonder where the money goes to? If it goes into the streamer's pocket, they're gonna be SUPER rich by the end of this play through.



DTFaux commented on Video: Nintendo Aims to Wow North American Vie...:

@VeeFlamesNL IIRC, the site was originally made to promote the cartoon show that aired in the US on the Fox Box (formerly Fox Kids), along with whatever game was released at the time (Nightmare in Dreamland, AIr Ride, etc.). The name of the site itself is based off a few lyrics of the English opening of the cartoon.

By the looks of it, they use the domain to direct folks to the latest Kirby games, now. And I guess the reason why it's not just is because that leads you to a site that sells vacuums (ironically enough).



DTFaux commented on Poll: Which Nintendo Franchises Should be Prod...:

One thing I've learned about game/show development is that just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD. But alternatively, anything can work with proper execution. Only tip I would give is that if the IP you're using is full of mostly non-human characters, DO NOT try to force it into live action or hybrid format. It rarely ends well...

And speaking of can, but probably shouldn't, would anyone be down for a new Bubsy Bobcat cartoon? Because I've been looking for an excuse to have people hate me. :V



DTFaux commented on Rumour: Nintendo Plotting amiibo Super Mario C...:

My immediate thought when I first heard this news was a very stern "Nintendo, NO."

No doubt this is real, but question is, just how are they gonna distribute them? I think it's SUPER wishful thinking that these are gonna be Gold/Platinum CN prizes when it's already been said that they're gonna be digital games... but that sure would be an awesome way to go out with a bang!

If they DO happen to be CN prizes, I believe they're gonna make it much more of a challenge to obtain them. Like, "Have been a member of Club Nintendo since 20XX and have reached Gold/Platinum status X amount of times." With everyone cashing in their coins now, I highly doubt they're gonna just reward 2014-2015 G/P members.



DTFaux commented on Apex 2015 Ends With The Conclusion Of A Bitter...:

When you go that far out your way to call out your opponent/rival on the world stage, losing is NOT an option. At least Mang0 was smart enough to just put money on the line; he can always make that back. But a bit of Chillin's "street cred" will forever be in Leffen's hands until Chillin' beats Leffen in the brackets (frendlies dont count without something on the line). And even if he DOES win, it'll be bitter sweet because he'll never get the original Fox color back.

This does make for some quality drama, though. Like something out of an anime. V:



DTFaux commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

@mjc0961 From personal experience, I got a copyright claim from Capcom for LPing Asura's Wrath. I also got a CC from EA when doing SSX 2012 and Ubisoft/Universal when playing Scott Pilgrim. So Nintendo isn't the only one, only the biggest "offender" right now.



DTFaux commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

The more I think about it, the more I realize the copyright claim system on YouTube is kind of BS as a whole.

Like, it's one thing if companies don't want you to upload and monetize content featuring their games/movies/music at all, then they could have the entire video shut down (and some do). But instead, most allow you to upload their content and they take all the money, no matter how much/little actual content you use.

While the user may have infringed on copyright(s), they should still rightfully be able to claim revenue for the work they DID make. And it's not impossible for there to be a system that can reflect that.

For example: If I made a fully animated music video to, say, the song, "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, and there's a copyright claim but no video takedown, I think I should still be able to get SOME money for the animation I painstakingly spent weeks/months to make it, based on the views it received. And I'd have absolutely no problem with whoever the song's publisher is getting a cut of it. Let's Plays or even game related anything should be able to work the same way: Take a cut for the length/amount of gameplay, but leave some to the uploader for whatever voice work/editing they've done.

As it currently stands, the system sits on 100% of the companies' side, leaving very little on the side of the "little guys". And even if we wanted to pay most of these guys for the right to use their content, it's darned near impossible to get a response from these companies unless you're big or famous.

The internet space, creatively and commercially, is completely different from radio/audio, TV, and film. It's the first REAL place where individuals that don't have the money or man power that the other industries require to do ANYTHING and still reach a lot of people actually have a chance. It's never too late to be able to give the "little guys" a bit more leeway in the things they can create, rather than push the whole "My way or the highway" that Nintendo and others are doing by the day. Even if it's something like sitting in front of a mic and playing video games.



DTFaux commented on Target Won't Be Restocking Rosalina amiibo, Se...:

I managed to get a Rosalina for myself yesterday and just got back from a 45 minute ride (both ways) to get one for my brother who unfortunately missed out (and BOY, if he wasn't my brother...).

I can't believe I ever thought store exclusives might actually work in the peoples' favor... I don't know which one is worse, the fact that TRU actually might not be able to fulfill peoples' orders now, AFTER reinstating them due to cancellation the first time, or Target picking up a Mario character of all things, being flaky with pre-orders, and then saying she wont be restocked after the fact... And freakin' Best Buy hasn't said anything about Metaknight.

Is this ever gonna get any easier for us?



DTFaux commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

Man, I'm trying to register the rest of my junk and of course the site becomes finicky now... and I'd hate to sit and wait until later today, because when good physical CN stuff comes in, they DON'T stay around for long. And I'd REALLY like to get that new Smash poster set or the messenger bag.

Also, I wonder what software will be available for Platinum members? I can't imagine much better stuff considering all the higher tier games available now. Maybe multiple games?



DTFaux commented on Another Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter Batt...:

@Snugglebutt Some people take their Smash game pretty seriously and (ironically) just can't adapt to using other controllers. I can juggle the CCP, Wii U Pro, 3DS, AND GCN controller, but I know some folks who will straight up refuse to play Brawl/Smash 4 or will be extremely salty if they can't use a GCN controller. The adapter isn't without it's benefits, though.

Smash is a really popular game among big groups (parties, conventions, family/friend get-togethers) so 8-player smash came right on time. More people can play and the turnaround rate is much faster than with just 4 players. The other benefit is tournaments where having so many wireless signals might cause some latency issues and de-syncing personal controllers can really eat up time when you just don't have it. The adapter fixes all of that.

I do wish Nintendo could better support/produce the official adapter, because there's so much potential for more 6+ player games and just GCN VC in general.



DTFaux commented on Fry's Electronics Cancels Some New Nintendo 3D...:

I've said this about the Toys R Us amiibo incident and the Best Buy incident: You know it's a bad sign if you can't even count on pre-orders anymore...
Surely these companies are receiving some kind of ballpark estimate of their stocks before opening for pre-orders, right?

Folks can say what they want about GameStop in other situations, but they've been coming through for folks pretty well regarding pre-orders. Though, when your primary trade is video games, you're bound to take it more "seriously" compared to stores which only treat it as a sub-category of entertainment (if even THAT).



DTFaux commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

The more I think about it, the more it seems like the matter of LPs (as frivolous as some might feel about it) should be taken up to the higher courts. This format of entertainment clearly shows that:

1) A market exists for them
2) That market is VERY profitable [for the few that can get a substantial userbase]
3) Movies and music have their own defined rules concerning copyright and fair use, so video games should too.
3a) Due to the lack of definitive rules surrounding video games and LPs (and lengthy reviews), game publishers are allowed to make the rules, leaving video makers no wiggle room at all in such a moral grey area.

Until the FCC/Supreme Court/Whathaveyou chimes in, and I might've mentioned before, I think it would save everyone the headache and paperwork to just ditch the program and contracts BUT keep a concrete revenue split (when the content ID system spots it). That way, LPers get a share for their commentary and publishers get a cut for the game that's being played.



DTFaux commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

As a cartoonist/animator, an LPer, and overall content creator, I can see where both sides are coming from in wanting to make money and protect their property.

What REALLY gets me about the "free advertisement" argument, though, is that it's essentially saying, "[I assume] I have the power to better your sales/profits, so I should be getting paid 100% to show how much fun I'm having!" But if your message is so important, then making money shouldn't be necessary, right? Of course not, because you know you CAN make money and you want to KEEP making money on something you have no legal grounds on, so you play the "poor little guy" card to protect your profits.

And I'm not saying that creators/entertainers don't deserve to make money, because as an artist, making a living off of my creations is a HUGE dream of mine. But you can't expect to keep all of the profits (or get mad when you don't) if you ARE using someone else's property in a non-critical or parody way (which are protected under "fair use").

All that said, it might be in Nintendo's best interest to ditch this program, but keep the split revenue sharing through content IDs. Also, if any of these LPers are smart, they'll do like Game Grumps and push other trades for when/if the Let's Play bubble ever pops. Companies don't have as much room/power to shut you down for parodies/animations/skits/music/etc.



DTFaux commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:

@joey302 An issue with Wii U VC right now is that it seems to only be reserved for Nintendo consoles, so unless it's a Sega game released on GBA or Wii, we might not be seeing it unless a remastered version popped up. Though I can't see why Sega can't push for it either, save for Nintendo stopping them. They managed to get a handful of Game Gear games on the 3DS VC and then promptly stopped.

@DracioKoi I think it was originally just 3 games. But yeah, Mario and Sonic 2014 and Lost World were passable to decent (IDK about the sales). But after something like Sonic Boom, I just can't imagine Nintendo would care to team up with Sega again for an exclusive partnership like this unless there was promise for better quality. It's almost hilarious how no one was bragging about the 3-game deal the closer we got to Sonic Boom's release.



DTFaux commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:

@joey302 I think Nintendo's issues more falls on the sides of physical production than game development. I mean, if they can take the time to work with Tecmo-Koei to make a Zelda themed Dynasty Warriors, I'm sure they can give a little time to Sega (even if it was just consulting on Nintendo's end).

As for Sega moving their classics on current gen consoles, that will only do so much. Especially considering a lot of them can be found on Steam and Apple/Android/Amazon market for so cheap, that really cuts down on their values and viability. Doing things like the 3D Classics and remasters does help breath new life (and justify higher prices), but they can't live on legacy alone without making new installments on those classics. And none of that will matter if their new games can't even hold up some standard of quality.



DTFaux commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:

Man, I dont wanna be an arm chair CEO, but I think Sega could greatly benefit from not only doing a temp partnership with Nintendo like they did a while back, but let Nintendo help with development itself. If there's literally anyone that can give Sonic (and other IPs) the turnaround they need, it's Nintendo (also Platinum, WayForward, Retro, Next Level Games, etc.)



DTFaux commented on Majora's Mask Edition New 3DS XL Available for...:

@Henryhill The kicker is that NoA DOES have an online store, but you have to go out of your way to get to it, for one thing. And then most of their stuff are just refurbished systems and accessories anyway.

They must have a really good thing going with the major retailers if they'd rather deal with BB, TRU, Walmart, and GS's shenanigans, rather than just go through their own store...



DTFaux commented on Not Everyone is Thrilled That Metroid Prime Tr...:

You know, reading the comment of the reseller kinda makes him seem like a pretty cool dude. While legit surprised, it's not like he was cursing Nintendo's name or acting entitled. Heck, he even said that he could've cancelled the auction, but took the winning bidder into consideration. That says a lot about his character.

I'm pretty neutral about resellers getting screwed over in this situation, because this is an old limited edition product. Chances are, most of the items sold are used farther down the line (as they should be) and weren't bought up en mass by one person JUST for the reseller to profit off of desperate fans on launch day.



DTFaux commented on Best Buy Cancellations of Majora's Mask 3D New...:

$50 off a New 3DS XL is a pretty good deal, but folks ordered the MM version for a reason. It's amazing how pre-orders, the one thing you should be able to count on, cant even be fulfilled between the TRU amiibo situation last year, and now Best Buy with the N3DS XL this year.

These companies need to reform and solidify their pre-order policies NOW before the next limited/high demand item is announced.



DTFaux commented on Rumour: Wave 3 amiibo Release Dates Revealed f...:

Some Toys R Us around NA are putting out Bowser, Shiek, and Toon Link early right now.

But your mileage will vary. I was able to find and get them from my local TRU here on the east coast, but my brother over on the west coast walked out empty handed being told that they couldn't sell any to him until the 30th.

EDIT: Not my photo post, but proof enough -



DTFaux commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

@komodo182 According to the NA page, it says that there will be more games AND prizes available in February. So if you or anyone you know is sitting on a lot of coins, I'd say hold out just a little longer to see if these other prizes will be any better than what's available now.

With any luck, they're not gonna be crazy expensive.



DTFaux commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

See, if CN was just going away, I'd be super devastated. I'd rather have a "meh" CN than none at all... But hearing that there's gonna be a new program in it's place, more prizes coming next month, and Flipnote 3D (FINALLY!!) really lessens the blow.

I wonder what this new program is gonna be called? More importantly, I hope the new rewards are worthwhile. If nothing else, I hope their "Select members" shenanigans goes away in place of actually rewarding the more loyal members.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

You know what this is? It's Operation Rainfall in console form. Seriously, having the choice of bringing things over to appease the few/many and they choose NOT to because they think the market doesnt want or need it?

If only there was a way NoA could've tested the water and raise notice for the standard N3DS... Perhaps some kind of program for their biggest fans/consumers... Maybe something Europe has done and proven to work... If only such a program existed!



DTFaux commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

As a whole, the Direct was pretty good. Lots of good news, games I'm definitely picking up, and even old Wii games available for download (and for so cheap too!).

It's just that invested so much of my hopes in hearing New 3DS news, that the omission of the "regular" N3DS really put a damper on the overall good news. Positively speaking, the XL is the "better" version in terms of screen size, but I was looking forward to better portability and customization.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Anime Channel Will Bring Free Streame...:

NoA actually still has Nintendo Video up and running, as opposed to other regions, which I believe were shut down last year. That said, most of the stuff on it are forgettable or can easily be found via YouTube or other parts of the net. And on top of that, you only get 4 videos at a time.

I'd much rather receive Pokemon, Kirby, and other animes to watch over what's on Nintendo Video.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Reveals New Range, Details and Compat...:

I can bet you anything that the Mario lineup wont be as impossible to find as the Smash ones. But I wonder if the prices will be any different?

@Tiredman IIRC, I think they said that whether you have the Smash version or the Mario Bros. version, they both work exactly the same. But say you use your Smash Bros. Mario amiibo and it has that Figure Player data on it, you'll have to delete it in order to use the Mario Party 10 amiibo functions.



DTFaux commented on New Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed for 13...:

Super excited about the N3DS finally hitting NA and MM and MH4 releasing on the same day(!), but super disappointed that it's ONLY the XL. I understand that if NA could only get the regular or XL, then the XL is clearly the better end of the deal... but the faceplates!

With all the cards put on the table now, I'm gonna hunt down a preorder for the MH4 bundle. With no blue XL, that silver and blue is the next best option for me.



DTFaux commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

With the way this year kicked off, hearing this news is like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert.

I'm still keeping fingers crossed for the Ambassador program to hit NA's shores (I might be obsessed at this point), but a concrete release date for regular N3DSs would be the next best thing! Everything else would just be a bonus~