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Mon 25th March, 2013

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readyletsgo commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

@Snader yes I totally hear and understand that argument. But the main areas of sales are eupore, America and Japan. Google play and Apple store are mainly Europe America and to a lesser extent Japan I think(?). It's where the money is. I'm in Ireland, most of our broadband is rubbish at the moment except for Dublin and cork but there is an upgrade coming for us so speeds will be faster. I could say the same for the rest of Europe and America. MS did it and went back on it. I would think Ninty would have worked out a new system for this. Download is where the money is €1 games make millions every month. DeNA are looking to make €25 mill a month. Everything to me just points to download only. Sony and MS next system will be download only in years to come I'm sure of it. But Ninty have a chance to get into this new market in the home/handheld market before the other two do.

I feel it in my waters.



readyletsgo commented on Talking Point: The Pros, Cons and Questionable...:

July release in 2016, would be a bit silly in my eyes as most people are in holiday/festivals/sunshine mode, but Ninty have done strange things over the years so I wouldn't put it past them.

I do remember Iwata (or one of the big wigs) talking about Apple's OS last year and how he envys it in how streamlined it is etc. Take that with Amazon market place rumour and android rumour and the NX could be a new system yes, but with Nintendo's own mulity platform OS that works perfectly on the WiiU, 3DS, phones and pc's along with this new '3rd pillar' NX so everyone can ease into Nintendo's OS and eventually move over to the NX between July'16 and July'17.

They did say that with the mobile games they are working on with DeNA could be ways to push people to the NX or wiiu/3ds ie Nintendo products.

So then that makes me think the NX is gonna be an all digital system, no discs, with full Nintendo network username accounts working across everything like the PS3 PS4 VITA and PC.
Kinda like the OUYA with a standard controller but much better thought out and full backwards compatibility with WiiU (with gamepad compatibility) Wii (with a port for the little sensor you already have), GameCube, n64, snes, nes, gb/c/a, 3ds and ds. So all the back cat download only. Since everyone and their mother can run emulators on android I think Ninty will make one emulator for each older system so every older game runs perfectly with no hiccups. I can see that happening.

Then with a full NX game launch of say 8 1st party games and as many as possible 3rd party games too, download only. I know a lot of people hate download only, but I guess we are a very small minority now. Money is in download. Cheaper downloads.

But this system will HAVE to come with at least 1TB of internal storage from the get go. I can see them launching something like this for €199 since there would be no moving parts like disc in it etc.

Just a thought.

I love my physical media to bits as much as the next guy on here. But Ninty have one chance here and I think that's what's gonna get people to buy. Download only but Ninty OS like Android or iOS which will be very hard to hack. And they could start to release newer faster versions of a NX every 2 years.

Also, most people on here seem to forget that Ninty lie ALL THE TIME. Just remember that when they deny something then a year later it's true.

Anyway, that's my contribution, don't distroy me please. Just my thoughts.

Also, Zelda U will also be Zelda NX in 2 years time ;p



readyletsgo commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

@abe_hikura yeah, this is it. I never played Other M, I heard it was not up to Prime standards, and in fairness I still see new copies in Gameslop for no more than €10 max. So it bombed.

I would say, if Ninty try another stab at Metroid it will be on the 3ds, something different from the normal Metroid, maybe call it Federation Force? See how that goes with the bigger wider audience on the 3ds then take it from there.

I see what they are doing, and I agree with them as a very small side business idea, not much to lose on it.



readyletsgo commented on Rumour: Former Rare Composer David Wise Is Wor...:

Is DK a massive selling for Ninty like Mario? If it is then it's a new DK for the WiiU or 3ds. Or DKR2.

Idk, I still need to play tropical freeze , its super hard, and I have waaaay too many WiiU games to get through without being stuck on one for ages :) that's a good thing.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

Hmm, I kinda find it hard to believe that Nintendo would present their new system (privately, behind closed doors etc) to publishers at such a high profile show like e3 (a leak of it would clearly happen, in my eyes anyway), they prob have been presenting the NX to publishers privately over the past 3 months.

Also they may be impressed with what it is, sure. But if it doesn't fly off the shelves in the first 6 to 8 months then they will lose 3rd party support again in the first year, so it better be a beast of a system with a standard controller.

No more gimmicks Ninty, please!



readyletsgo commented on Splatoon Holds Its Territory in the UK Charts:

Feck Splatoon and Batman! I'm loving Lego City on the WiiU right now. I urge everyone to go out and get a copy. Such a fun and extremely funny game.

Wish it sold better on release so we could get a sequel on the WiiU (or even on the other systems), but I guess with Lego Dimensions coming, that's never gonna happen :(



readyletsgo commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

@Sinister I agree, a serious change up needs to happen in Japan HQ. No matter how many times Nintendo fans say it doesn't matter, it does.

E3 is not for the hard-core per-say, it's for the general media who will write articles in news papers for people who have no interest in gaming but maybe their kids do. So these parents would have read the papers the next day about Nintendo failing with the WiiU, Sony doing great with the ps4 and the Xbone having BC with all their 360 games (it's not true, it's only 20 odd games right now but that's what General media will say).

So what I'm saying is, if Nintendo think they are separate from Sony and MS in competition, they they should not be at E3 at all.

Sure we all know what's coming by Xmas, but they sure didn't get that across to the general public of the planet (yes the world watched E3, not just the state's) so no sales for WiiU this year because of that.

I would love to see/hear how Nintendo's stocks looked after Tuesday, bet the boomed.



readyletsgo commented on Star Fox Zero Started Life Way Back On The Ori...:

Well, it sure does look like a bad Wii game to me. Not much of any detail in the graphics. I expect much more from them in this, their last gen HD'era tbh.

Nintendo have CRAZY amount of catching up to do on whatever the NX will be.



readyletsgo commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Woww, over 463 comments of hate! Well, I agree, terrible show. WiiU is dead from May 2016, NX will be E3 showing in June 2016. And as I have been saying since the delayed Zelda U. It will be made for the NX and will NOT come to the WiiU at all for Christmas latch 2016. They would be stupid to do a release of it on the WiiU and NX cause no one will buy the NX at launch then.

Mario tennis? Give me a break. That should be on a sports mix disc now a days.

All pants. Think I'll be giving the NX a year or two before I decide if I get whatever it is as Nintendo are CLEARLY out of touch with what we want.

Thank God I have a ps4 and xbone.



readyletsgo commented on Yu Suzuki's Shenmue 3 Could Yet Come To The Wi...:

Maybe. I'll get it on ps4 at some stage in 2018 I'm sure.

Also, I really don't like the new site layout, here, or on pushsquare. Can yous please change it back to the way the site was? It's way too busy on my phone and that's where I read your sites.

Please :)



readyletsgo commented on The First Mother Game Is Finally Coming To The...:

@ECM haha I hear ya! Mother 3 is not going to happen this week or this year! Prob in 3 years to push the NX.

Ironically I just started the Mother 3 fan translate this week so I won't be getting Mother 1 for a long while (too much grinding). Great game so far.



readyletsgo commented on Rumour: ZombiU Is Shedding Its Wii U Exclusivi...:

Well, it's such a great game. Wonder how it will turn out on the other two systems. Could make potential for a sequel.

I do find it hard to believe Ubisoft haven't made any profits from this game by now. It looks rough as hell, so not a massive dev team. It sold well at launch for a few weeks. And a year later it's always on sale for €20 or €10 on the eshop. Loads of people would buy it then with at least a small bit of profit to be made 3 years later.



readyletsgo commented on Mighty No. 9 Signature Edition Will Not Be Ava...:

@wishm that would be amazing! Mighty No9 Amiibo. I would buy them all. But would it happen.....?

I'm getting the physical copy for my WiiU as I don't really like DL games and also can see it will be worth a good bit in the future even without this statue. WiiU games will be like dreamcast games in the future, amazing and hard to find the best ones.



readyletsgo commented on Playtonic Wants Yooka-Laylee To Eclipse Banjo-...:

People are going to hate me, but I withdrew my pledge a few days ago. Not because I don't want the game but I want a physical copy for the WiiU, and I have a feeling it's gonna deffo happen. Look at mighty no 9, so glad I didn't back it for a DL copy and now have it preordered for the WiiU in Sept for €30. Hope the same happens for this next year.

And I don't care how big this game will be, it could be only 5 hours but amazing and I would be happy with that, but longer would of course be better :)



readyletsgo commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@BertoFlyingFox 'If you do drop them next gen, good riddance.' Lol are you serious?

I've been with Ninty since the NES years (like a lot of people on here). I've supported them a very long time each gen, but times changed over the last 20 years and Ninty just don't care about 3rd party devs. I love my Ninty games as much as I love 3rd party games, but this gen they are really losing me and it would seem most of their fans. Whatever about this dev, they are one of many devs who gave up on the WiiU, don't be a fanboy and be in denial about it.

And of course Ninty could afford the development costs on a system as stronge as the other two, they have the most money and are the most stable out of the 3. They are just so tight fisted with their money and have this idea that they are separate from the other two when clearly, they are not.

If they made the WiiU as stronge and as easy to develop for as the ps4 and xbone, there would be pretty much the same support from 3rd party now as the other two.



readyletsgo commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

I hope Nintendo are listening to all the devs out there this past few years and make the next system as strong as the other two (or stronger depending how long this 8th gen lasts, the WiiU my be stronger than the ps3, but it's a generation late) and easy to develop for, just like the other two. That won't stop Ninty from making their own 'different' games at all, but they seem to believe this, I'm sure mk8, smash, dk, sm3dw etc would all run the same on ps4 and xbone.

Catch up Ninty or I'll be finished with you next gen. Kinda sick of this.