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Mon 25th March, 2013

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readyletsgo commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

@BertoFlyingFox 'If you do drop them next gen, good riddance.' Lol are you serious?

I've been with Ninty since the NES years (like a lot of people on here). I've supported them a very long time each gen, but times changed over the last 20 years and Ninty just don't care about 3rd party devs. I love my Ninty games as much as I love 3rd party games, but this gen they are really losing me and it would seem most of their fans. Whatever about this dev, they are one of many devs who gave up on the WiiU, don't be a fanboy and be in denial about it.

And of course Ninty could afford the development costs on a system as stronge as the other two, they have the most money and are the most stable out of the 3. They are just so tight fisted with their money and have this idea that they are separate from the other two when clearly, they are not.

If they made the WiiU as stronge and as easy to develop for as the ps4 and xbone, there would be pretty much the same support from 3rd party now as the other two.



readyletsgo commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

I hope Nintendo are listening to all the devs out there this past few years and make the next system as strong as the other two (or stronger depending how long this 8th gen lasts, the WiiU my be stronger than the ps3, but it's a generation late) and easy to develop for, just like the other two. That won't stop Ninty from making their own 'different' games at all, but they seem to believe this, I'm sure mk8, smash, dk, sm3dw etc would all run the same on ps4 and xbone.

Catch up Ninty or I'll be finished with you next gen. Kinda sick of this.



readyletsgo commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights The Planned Connectivi...:

Well with Sony and MS copying most of what Nintendo have done over the years I think it's well overdue that Nintendo copy their online crossbuy stores achievements etc. I would have no problem paying say €10 a year for just that, I don't need 'free' games like ps+ or gold at all, just one MASSIVE linked account like the other two to get Nintendo up to date and then work from there.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Download: 14th May (Europe):

Pretty bad week even with new IP STEAM. Enough with the mega man games already and where are the n64 games? I guess from here on out if they are going to continue the VC, all games are being ported to the 'NX' now.



readyletsgo commented on Video: Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Launch...:

Meh, this is the first 'first party' WiiU game I will not be buying since launch.

I'm not a fan of Kirby anyway, but the whole idea of this game just, annoys me for some reason, and very late release for Europe/PAL regions is ridicules.



readyletsgo commented on Three New Nintendo 3DS Bundles Heading to Euro...:

Nice boxes but already have one and loads of faceplates along with MH4 and XC.

@Grumblevolcano it's so easy to replace, I just don't get the moans over this. I had a 32gb card in my old 3ds, ordered a micro 32gb card before I got my N3DS, copied everything over to the new card via my computer, took seconds, popped the 32gb card into the N3DS and did the transfer, took about 10mins overall. It's an annoying Ninty way but it's by no means difficult at all.

Edit: You could also just get a 32gb card for €20 max, take the crap 4gb card out and done, if you don't have to do any transfers. But yeah they should include min 32gb card with each system now a days.



readyletsgo commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

Meh, I think it might be time for Ninty to give up on the VC at this stage. Prices too high, emulation is going no where no matter that ya think or say about it, and I would think now, the money they make from a VC sale isn't worth the hassle overall.
They should just do a one time massive release on disk with loads of nes/snes/n64 etc on one disc for the WiiU and one for a he 'NX' and so on. I'd buy that every gen from here in out and no waiting around.

But at the end of the day there are loads of ways to play your old systems, be it on the original system, on a pc or table with a wireless nes/snes controller that work really well, or a dedicated game tablet with buttons.

It's a losing battle sadly.



readyletsgo commented on Legend of Kay Anniversary Set for Budget Retai...:

How come they didn't say when it will be released? It was due to be released in May but changed that date to June 30 a few weeks back. Has it been delayed again since no date is said by them here?

I'll totally pick this up for the WiiU of course. Hopefully WiiU owners support this port so we get more from this franchise on the WiiU in the future.



readyletsgo commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

Hmm, that is something I just would not buy even if Nintendo did make something along the lines of this.but he is just thinking out loud, and there is nothing wrong with speculation tbf.

But iwata did say the NX is a dedicated gaming system so it'll either be a home or handheld console, or both, or neither and be something completely different.



readyletsgo commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

@evosteevo finally, someone I can agree with on here. I'm ready for it to drop too. It's a year and a half away but I can't wait and hope it's stronger than the twins, as I guess they will be around longer than any gen previous so would give Ninty a good chance with a similar system in strength. They need those 3rd party games so I don't buy them for my ps4 :)



readyletsgo commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

@BLPs yeah I know third pillar an all that..... GBA to DS. 'Third pillar' talk is just to cover their butts in case it fails also.

I'm hopeing the NX is stronger than the ps4 and xbone, has a proper controller like the WiiU pro controller as the main controlle. (1 controller, drop the motes and gamepad) but has all Ninty exclusives. Is that too much to ask?