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Mon 25th March, 2013

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readyletsgo commented on New Euro Wii U Premium Bundle Contains Mario K...:

@Splatburst yeah, most people see it as a last gen system at the end of the day. Time for Nintendo to bite the bullet bill and sell the system at €159/199, get the system into homes around the world, promote the cheap price and the games will sell themselves, profit! But they won't do that. Keep it at a sky high price no one will pay (except for the small hardcore (prob about 6million of us) fan base).

But again, they have given up on the WiiU (quite rightly too) and are now focusing on the NX behind closed doors for a possible launch late next year, just hope they get the pricing right.

I haven't turned my WiiU on all summer, Splatoon and Mario Make just didn't hold my attention long enough, now waiting on Project Zero and XCX and that's kinda it. I'll get Star Fox and Zelda on the NX at launch ;p .



readyletsgo commented on Nielsen Game Rank Lists the Most Anticipated G...:

@davetheshrew you seem to be hardcore like most people on here, but I really don't know how you have missed any news about Xenoblade CX, Nintendo have been talking about it on sites and directs and things on YouTube and interviews etc since before the launch of the WiiU. They have really dragged the arse out of it for 3 years with 'hype'.

Its what most people who own a WiiU (myself included) have been waiting for, been a long 3 years. Do a search on Google and you'll see millions of articles online about the game tbf going back to 2012.

Don't know how you haven't even heard of the name Xenoblade. Look it up. You may love it it or hate it but give it a bit of research.

I preordered it months ago. I never played Xenoblade on the Wii but I sure did hear/know about it at the time, due to it having a tiny print run at release and selling for crazy amounts. So I never picked it up. Might get XC on the Wii at some point as I did have the 3ds very but couldn't play it on the small screen. And didn't fancy playing a 200+ hr game on a handheld.

But I can't WAIT for XCX.

Sorry for the looooong rambling post



readyletsgo commented on Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash Could Possibly be the La...:

I have never played a Chibi robo game. But I think I'll try the first one from the GameCube.

I totally preordered zip lash with the Amiibo ages ago though. So looking forward to that.

What's the 3ds game like that wasn't released in Europe? Worth a go?



readyletsgo commented on First Impressions: Taking A Shot At Fatal Fram...:

I can not wait to get my copy. If you are in Europe you can get a copy from for £55. I ordered a few weeks back when it was £43 thank god.

It's gonna be one of those VERY hard to find games in a few years.

Thanks for the preview NL!!!



readyletsgo commented on Retro VGS Crowdfunding Campaign "Dead In The W...:

The fact there was no prototype and they are asking for €350 up front? That's a mega failure right there.

The way the gaming world works now (including Nintendo) is that devs can fix bugs in their games well after release. With this, you would have to wait at least 6 months after an indie game is released on every other system and phone to get it on cart bug free (which is pretty much impossible, sure look at all nes snes Megadrive etc games with bugs, and they had loads of people testing those games before release back then). And even then you'd miss out on any DLC released after you get it on cart.

Very bad idea overall. I listened to gamester81 talking to the guy (can't think of his name) and it just sounded all bad. Pat the nes punk talked about it too in-depth and just, no.

Glad it failed. People learned with the OUYA. And in reality it's the big 3 and pc. No room for anything else sadly.



readyletsgo commented on Reminder: Club Nintendo Closes in Europe on 30...:

@MJKOP a friend of mine got 2 ringtones today. Tried to download to her HTC one but couldn't so she's gonna try later tonight on her laptop.

I thinks it's something to do with the site being pretty old and just not working properly with new phones. The site hasn't really changed in 10 years to be fare.



readyletsgo commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

@Dezzy yeah I understand that. Most games have terrible voice acting tbh. But what Will is saying is video games are getting more cinematic, so voice acting will be up there with movies. I guess they are just covering themselves for the inevitable future of big budget video games with very good voice actors.



readyletsgo commented on Video Game Voice Actors Contemplate Strike Act...:

They deserve as much money as the role applies
What do they get now? like what does the dude who does Mario's voice get compared to the guy who did Joel's voice the TLoU?

I do think if a games makes it to 2 million in sales then there is a reason for that and it could be for the stellar voice acting and those voice actors should be paid their 'bonus' or whatever they are looking for.

Remember the writers strike, back in 2008/9? God tv and movies SUCKED for a long time then! That's why that show Heroes completely lost its way at the time of season 2 and never came back from that.

I don't want that happening next year with games. Pay the guys.



readyletsgo commented on Retailers In North America Merge Wii U & 3DS L...:

That's a HUGE Nintendo display! Is that the same in a lot of American stores?

Gamestops main shop in Dublin got a cheap makeover last week. Looks completely defferent now. The white shelving is all gone, now it's wire shelving for the whole shop and everything is more flat I guess but it makes the shop look twice the size and can fit more PS to the left, Xbox to the right, pc and limited edition box sets down the back and behind that, Nintendo, a low display so you can't see it when looking around unless you are looking for pc or special edition big box games. And it's basically loads of 'sealed' Wii games (self sealed I'm sure) a couple WiiU games and a few 3ds games. Think Nintendo is now more deader in Ireland than the UK. Makes me sad. And the prices for Nintendo in Gamestop, Nintendo are a premium sure, but why do gamestop add €10 or €20 on top of these premium prices?

Ah sure, I buy all my games in smyths or online new, CEX ftw second hand



readyletsgo commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

@Newb yeah pretty much. Am done with Mario for sure, since U, I just buy Nintendo games cause they are Nintendo games at this stage of the game. I'm quitting them I think. Spend my money elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that in my eyes, I might be back, but, Ninty aren't the only great developers out there now on one system.



readyletsgo commented on Don't Count Nintendo Out, Says Former Xbox Bos...:

@DBPirate unless the NX is overall stronger than the ps4, I'm not feeling the optimism you are feeling. And, I doubt it will be as strong.

I've kinda given up on Nintendo past few months and I've been with them since the NES, like a good few people on here. WiiU has been a massive disappointment to me. SMM, boring. Starfox delayed (rightly so), Zelda delayed (in sure it'll be great on the NX), just the magic that was on all the systems from NES to GCN, it's gone, they surely are a toy company, their games are nothing like they used to be (except for Galaxy 1&2 ), just seem watered down, kinda meh, SM3DW was, one of the most boring Mario games ever, to me, my opinion.

But yeah, I'll be giving whatever the NX is a two year window before I decide if I want one or not, this time round. They really do need 3rd party support. Cause without, I'll stick with Sony for the foreseeable future, they have 3rd party, HD remakes, and some of the best 1st games. Microsoft can take a run and jump lol. Never use my xbone.



readyletsgo commented on Talking Point: Star Fox Zero's Delay Could Be ...:

@kensredemption dude, really? What ever about starfox, the WiiU is in the toilet, can't you see that? Sure it has the best games out of the big 3, but, it's not selling. It's a fail, since Jan 2013, sadly.

Ps: I have so many amazing WiiU games it's stupid but the rest of the planet don't, what does that say? To me it says the worst selling system from Nintendo.



readyletsgo commented on Haptic Feedback Patent Could Hint At Full Touc...:

Hmm, interesting. But it's probably, as the article says, just a patient for names sake.

Looks like a tablet as others have said. But it might be incorporated into whatever the NX('s) is(are).

I'm convinced NX is a number of different devices at this stage. All with same OS. Much like Apple or Microsoft. Which Nintendo did praise Apple for that at the end of last year, start of this year? Clues



readyletsgo commented on Apple Just Announced Its Own Wii, Almost A Dec...:

Why are people freaking out? Apple see an open in the gaming market for motion controls for the casuals. It'll sell well again.

I won't be getting it, but others will. I just hope Nintendo don't have some new gimmick for the NX and just stick with a standard controller this time around.