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Mon 25th March, 2013

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readyletsgo commented on Video: Mother 4 Fan Game Gets a Crazy New Trai...:

@KnightRider666 thanks man! Yup I have a gba sp and micro and a ds. Just had a look on uk there, 2 copies, just bought one and worked out to €28 including post.

Now it says it's new but I have a feeling it won't come in the ds box and be second hand but yippy, I get to play Mother 3 real soon too!😊



readyletsgo commented on Character Art From Forthcoming Disney Wii U Ti...:

Please be a new 3rd party exclusive for the WiiU!!!! Or multiplatform release which INCLUDES the WiiU along with xbone and ps4.

WiiU needs new different games.

Anymore word on the Legend of Kay rerelease? I see on it's coming to the ps4 also now. Dated for June.



readyletsgo commented on Xeodrifter:

@BornInNorway81 yeah, it's coming to steam now. So when's it coming to 3ds in europe? Will it come to the WiiU since its coming to xboner and ps4



readyletsgo commented on Reaction: Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is an Impres...:

So will there be any kind of special edtion on the game?

I can only find one place to pre-order this game at the moment,, any information coming for this and codename steam? Big games, not much info (for the followers of Ninty I mean).



readyletsgo commented on Former Sega of America CEO Talks Out on the Co...:

I do agree they should be making a massive new disc based IP, every year. Have your Mario's and zeldas etc. But work on something like a cinematic game like the last of us, see where it goes, if it works, continue, if it doesn't, drop it and move on, spend the money.

Now I dont mean like Sony where they make loads of IPs each year and forget about them, just one a year. They need more real life IPs in my humble opinion, as the audience is completely different form even 10 years ago.

And I know they could come up with some amazing storie. Of they worked with different studios.

Think I'm just sick of Mario Zelda Kirby, bright colourful IPs all the time from Nintendo. Expand your catalogue.

PS: I only mean for home console. handhelds work amazing with Mario's et., but, different overall audience there to the home market.



readyletsgo commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Sales Meet Capcom Ex...:

I just bought mh3 for the 3ds and I will get Majora's next Friday along with mh4u, plus my n3ds too. I really want to get into mh, and I have a feeling mh4 is going to do well, not Majora's Mask well, but, well enough in the west that it will be recognized..



readyletsgo commented on Cult PlayStation 2 Title Legend Of Kay Is Gett...:

This is crazy! I JUST sold my ps2 copy last week! I played about a half hour, liked the look of it and all but I just needed to get rid of my ps2 and games as I'm never gonna Ger around to play them with the WiiU and 3ds and one or two games for the ps4 in my backlog.

But! I hope this is true and is a proper remake not just an upres like ps3 games were.

Will buy in a heart beat if it is!

Nice one, good news day :)



readyletsgo commented on GameStop Source Suggests That Super Mario amii...:

@FernandoMachado got it in one!

Only want toad myself. The rest of the Mario's look just, generic and bla.

Anyway, I have sonic, mega man, Wario, Pac man and Ness all preordered and I think that's it for me. Pointless little figures really, but nice to have. Along with Marth, villager, rosalina and Wii fit chick :)