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Mon 25th Mar 2013

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readyletsgo commented on Dementium Remastered Launches on the North Ame...:

Sounds great! Hope they don't forget about Europe, again.

On a side note, I wish devs would announce games maybe 3 or 6 months before release instead of two or three years before release (just like this).

It's just annoying, this will come out in the US on the 3rd, everyone in Europe will read reviews, watch some videos or even full walkthroughs of the game, then it might get a release here in Europe in 6 months or so and we will have lost interest and not get it, so then devs look at the poor sales figures and think that us Europeans are not interested and then the cycle begins all over again.

/rant, over.



readyletsgo commented on ​Hardware Review: Gamepad Digital GPD XD:

@RupeeClock thanks for that link!

I saw this in a funstock email a few weeks back and loved it. Glad to hear the emulation is good.

Can I ask, what is the dreamcast emulation like? Is it worth the asking price or is it just as bad as always?

I just ordered a One Plus X phone yesterday which as 3gb ram, which might make a difference, and I also have the newer 8bitdo fc/snes Bluetooth controller.

Ugh, two minds!



readyletsgo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess Is Recei...:

@Xenocity I finally got around to playing g TP for the first time in January just gone, kept putting it off for years cause of what people say about it.

And, I loved it, prob my favorite Zelda to date!

I'm totally getting this and can't wait to play through it all over again.

I think it's just automatic that people say it's not the best Zelda now.



readyletsgo commented on The Final Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate DLC Update...:

I still need to start MH3U & MH4, I'm way behind. I'll pop the disc and cart into each system and grab all the updates now, and start one of them next year I think. I'm still working my way through OoT with MM waiting to start!

I'm a slow gamer



readyletsgo commented on The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is Knock...:

Ah! So that's why there was a massive bump in xbone sales last week (compared to every other week). I'd say shops in Japan reduced the price of the system in preparation for the release of Halo 5 since its in the charts there.

I want God Eater. Never played the franchise but what I've read and even just the name of it has me sold on it



readyletsgo commented on EA Will Evaluate "Any And All Opportunities" W...:

God I don't really care about what EA have to say tbh. I'm just DYING to find out what the NX is already. I'm totally ready for new Nintendo systems! Of course I have a WiiU since launch, but it never really gets turned on over the past year in my place, just lost interest in it.

But we prob won't hear anything about it till the new first quarter which is in March or April right? Then e3 with a launch in October.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Shares Suffer Major Drop as Investors...:

This 'gamec' sounds naff tbh. I can't see many young people picking up on it when they have snap chat or whatsapp or any other billion message apps out there.

Sharing private informationl/things? I'd say it will be heavily monitored, so kids h& teens won't use it for what they REALLY wanna use it for.



readyletsgo commented on Vital Wii U and 3DS Releases Join the Million-...:

@IceClimbers I only found out last week that Japan got like 5 or 6 other WiiU monster hunter games on the WiiU. That's crazy isn't it? We only got the port. Wonder if capcom would ever port a few of them over to the west on WiiU or maybe on NX just as a 'lets see' download only kinda thing.

And they come in black boxes! Nifty



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Reports Profits as System Sales Show ...:

Well, it's profit so that's good! and Splatoon and SMM will shift a lot of systems this Xmas I think.

My 6yo nephew is screaming out for a WiiU past year. In two minds weather to get him one or not. I'll have a word with his dad cause like, that's something the parents would buy for him for Christmas, not an uncle lol.

Anyway, looks better now than it did last year for Nintendo. Those software sales numbers are crazy amazing good.



readyletsgo commented on Fresh Project H.A.M.M.E.R. Details Reveal Shig...:

@gatorboi352 agreed. He was great back in the nes snes n64, start of GameCube era, but he is stuck there where as most if not all developers have moved on and realise what their audience want in a video game, yes violence and blood and stuff, and god forbid, an actual story too!

rant mode

I know this story/game is nearly 10 years ago and that goldeneye story (Miyamoto wanting characters to shake hands with bond in the credits of the game ( rolls eyes) is near 20 years ago but Miyamoto is way behind and I have a feeling most people in Nintendo can't wait for him to retire and move on with his life so new fresh young blood can make games for kids and most importantly, the real fans of Nintendo who are in their 30s, 40s and 50s now.

rant mode over

But he was right with this, them making cgi cut scenes before there is an actual game even started? But I think anyone dealing with a budget would do the same and slap them on the wrist for it.



readyletsgo commented on Sega: Recent Sonic Games Haven't Been "Accepta...:

Eh, didn't Sega say this last year when Boom came out? Pretty sure they did.

Just do 2d sonic, tails and knuckles. No extra characters!! no voice acting, 2d 2d 2d. Maybe even use the same game engine from sonic 2 and 3 and CD. 2d 2d 2d. 3ds exclusive...... ;p



readyletsgo commented on A Teaser Site for Xenoblade Chronicles X Has J...:

Really looking forward to this and I'm not big on JRPGs much at all.

NL should do a poll on everyone who visits this site on weather they will pick this up or not and weather they will pick up physical copy or digitally. Interested to see these numbers before it launches