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Mon 25th March, 2013

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readyletsgo commented on Video: This Is What Watch Dogs Looks Like On W...:

Since I'm not getting smash (no interest) I'm gonna re-pre-order this now. When do reviews come out for it?

I know it won't happen, but, I would love if Ubisoft added in little Nintendo touches to this version since its taken them ages to port this game over. I know they don't care about the WiiU, but as a last stitch effort to grab some sales from people (and there is a lot of them) who don't want smash.

Anyway, preordered, who's with me! :)

EDIT: Ok I bought it along with CoD Ghosts, I've heard kinda good things, total €69 including postage from amazon. My first CoD with Watch Dogs, I'm good to myself :)



readyletsgo commented on Sonic Boom Exploit Allows Players to Skip Larg...:

@ZeroZX_Dev yeah that's what I think. This could be sonic 06 all over again. Not touching this with a 10 foot barge poll.

Sure didn't it come out months ago that Sega are working on a new sonic for ps4 x1 and WiiU for the past while? remember reading that on here at some point.

Anyway, Sega know this is a pile of glitchy puke, hence, no review copies for anyone. Just bring back the sonic advance and generations formula, they were perfect. Stop trying to change sonic when you get it right Sega.

Sonic's dead.



readyletsgo commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

Retro mag is great. So glad its got another year, and now with stickers! :).

But I know a lot of people will jump on me about this but I feel that the indie market is too flooded with these pixel/low budget games, yes some of them are amazing, but I find now that I just don't care about them anymore, on the eshop, psn (especially since most are free on psn), it's just over kill, anyone can make games, and that great! but there is a hell of a lot of 'crap' out there now.

I will just stick with my AAA platformers fps puzzlers action/adventures etc from Ninty and Sony from now on. The bubble has to burst soon I think.



readyletsgo commented on Shovel Knight is Getting a Cross-Buy Discount ...:

Gone off this for months now. Which I'm sure they have lost lots of sales in Europe with this massive delay re ratings. If I do buy it it will be on the 3ds for the 3d but it will be in a sale

And this is not cross buy, this is called a discount.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Boasts New 3DS is its Best-Selling Re...:

Well that's good news that devs wwant to develop for the 3DSn.

More games are always a good thing, either on cart or Indies on the eshop.

@Mikeopferman I hope they release a new Zelda and Mario (3d land 2) for the new 3ds, and a port of the prime series would be amazing since Xenoblade is being ported I don't see why not :) or even n64 and GameCube VC/port could happen with the 'C' stick there.
It would give the handheld a few more years before a successor would be really needed.

I love the SNES button one. Totes gonna get it to replace my XL next year.



readyletsgo commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

@Peach64 do you think there could be a health tech crash like the video game crash in the 80s in the future? Like, Nintendo joining in in 2016 but how many other companies will join between now and then, market could be flooded.

Just a thought.

I do think a crash with video games might still happen, as the market is flooded with app games and android consoles. OUYA is a great idea, I have one, but I don't hear anyone talking about it or the other 100 android consoles. I'm probably wronged lol



readyletsgo commented on Satoru Iwata Outlines Nintendo's First QOL Pla...:

Finally some word on what QoL is. Took a while. Lol

I could see the benifits of this, I'm the same as most people that I have a lot of broken sleep but I need to know a hell of a lot more about this before I ever consider it.

But yup, they are taking on Apple and MS and Google play apps etc with these type of products, no doubt about it.



readyletsgo commented on Review: Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones (Wii U...:

@BoltedArc I have a LOT of VC games to still play, bayo1&2 to start, New Mario kart tracks coming, hyrule warriors is taking me a while to get through, all the indie games I've bought this year to play, watch dogs next month, smash the month after and, oh yeah, other games on other systems. Also life gets in the way too Such as work so I can support developers lol. Curve can wait a while in my eyes.



readyletsgo commented on Capcom Offering Spooky Savings In North Americ...:

@akaDv8R best version hands down is the Wii version. Would love to see RE5 with those move controls for the WiiU with new content while RE:R2 comes out for other systems. I know people don't like 5, but to me it's a damn fine action game.

RE:R is best on 3ds, end of.

I REALLY want a port of RE4 on the N3DS next year.



readyletsgo commented on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Rushes Towards 2 Mil...:

@Morph yeah I think they might just have to make 'fusion' next. Home consoles are just not as popular as they once were.

On a side note, I think Microsoft will be pulling out of Japan after the one, they are shocking numbers for a new system. Would love to see the weekly numbers for Europe and America too. I'm sure ps4 would be at the top but where would WiiU and xbone be each week.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Returns to Profit as Wii U Sales Show...:

It's better than no sales I guess and they are back in the black which is most important, can't say that for Sony no matter how well the ps4 is selling, and I have one. Oh well, I'm happy with my WiiU and 3ds for the moment.

I think Zelda will be the last big game from them for the WiiU wheather it comes summer next year or winter or start of 2016 I'll be happy with what has and will be released.

2015 is shaping up to be a great year to own a WiiU anyway.

I just can't help and wonder what their next home system will be. Will they go down the twins route and make a super HD system with just a standard controller like the pro? or, will they make another gimmick? Will they keep the Wii name or come up with something completely different? what will it look like (i know that's not important, but I like system shapes and design's )? Will it connect to their next handheld? Will they drop the ds name? Will it be a hybrid of home and handheld? Or will they just skip the next gen and stick with handheld seeing as that seems to be the trend in Japan (and the west recently) for the past 4 or so years?

So many questions I wanna know the answers to lol.



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Download: 30th October (Europe):

@Hathers1953 ugh oh, SPAM ALERT!

Nothing for me this week. Just finished Evil Within and now back to hyrule warrior's and bay1&2 will not be opened fir a while. Then new Mario kart stuff and then watch dogs and smash. So many games!

I'll add stealth Inc 2 to my watch list, still have to play the first one on the vita.



readyletsgo commented on Poll: Buying Bayonetta 2 - eShop Convenience o...:

HMV and xtravision here in Ireland refuse to sell new Nintendo stuff. Only stuff from the WiiU launch. Surprisingly gamestop have the two games in one box and the single game for sale, hidden away of course so you have to ask.

Smyths toy store who have everything Nintendo all the time are not selling it for some reason.

I got my bay1&2 from Amazon for €42 due to the mix up they had in Sept. I'll get it hopefully by Tuesday :)



readyletsgo commented on Nintendo Download: 23rd October (Europe):

Bay 1 and 2 on disc. DKC 1 on WiiU and DKL 1 ON 3DS.

Bay will have to wait as I am obsessed with The Evil Within right now. Freaking love it. Like re4, but with better graphics, which isn't important I know, lol.